June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 28]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 25, 2009

Continuing from before, Yukito asks Kotori if she wants to break up. After a pause, Kotori says, “..ya..” [It’s actually just a groan sound which means yes.] Yukito says, “...then that’s it...” Kotori goes into shock for saying ‘ya’. That night, the two Kaiji-s are looking at their respective cellphones. Both were thinking, “S/he didn’t call back..” Both are flustered. Kotori wonders if they are going to break up just like that. She thinks that it is the first time she has seen Yukito with that kind of expression [serious and probably somewhat scary] before she answered [about the break up]. “What now, if this continues, we will really.. but why do I have to apologize.. It’s obvious that Yukito doesn’t understand me, I felt that it’s quite hard to say something, and judging from the situation, we will definitely fight about the same thing again..but, things ended up this way..” Yukito thinks that Kotori should have been totally surprised by that but then, he is also shock when she said that she doesn’t feel ‘excited’ when he kissed her. “..what, I’m the only one who thought that there is progress [regarding our relationship]..” The two looks at their cellphones. Later on, Kotori holds her phone down while Yukito tosses his on the bed. Yukito feels tired. The next day, Kotori goes to school with a heavy heart. She is startled when Abe calls out to her. Kotori greets him back when she notices that he is staring at her. She asks him about that but Abe says it is nothing. Kotori wonders if Yukito has told Abe about what happened yesterday and what she should do because she doesn’t want to hear about it from him. To her surprise, Abe, who seems having a hard time to tell her something, just asks her if she has seen Yukito today. Kotori asks why he asked. Abe quickly says that it is nothing and she should forget about it. This puzzles Kotori. After the school bell rang, the homeroom teacher is checking attendance. There is no reply when Yukito’s name is called so the teacher asks if he is absent. Kotori is somewhat relieved until Abe tells the teacher that Yukito said that he’ll go to the clinic first before going to the classroom. The teacher asks if Yukito isn’t feeling well. Abe says that maybe Yukito didn’t have enough sleep. Kotori is a bit flustered when the teacher wonders out loud if Yukito plans to skip class but then, it is strange because lately he hasn’t been doing it. To her surprise, the teacher says, “Then, Kaiji Kotori, one of the two Kaiji-s, go get Yukito.” Kotori exclaims, “Huh?” Pointing to the door, the teacher tells her to go quick because class is starting.

Walking at the hallway, Kotori can’t believe that things ended up that way. She thinks that she doesn’t want to see him or to be looked at that way again by Yukito. She wonders how she is going to greet him. She is then surprised to see Yukito but his hair is back to its original color. She tries to tell him something while she is still in shock and wondering what it meant -> why he colored his hair back to its original color. Yukito seems to be also surprised then his eyes looked cold which scares Kotori. She closes her eyes when Yukito uses his finger to lift up the necklace with the bird pendant from her neck. Yukito smiles and says, “What are you wearing?” The two look at each other before Yukito lets go of her necklace and walks away. Kotori is totally flustered while holding her hands near her collar/necklace. She realizes that Yukito is serious [about the break up] because he changed his hair back to brown. At a fastfood restaurant, Kotori is surprised when Natsume asks her if she is alright. Kotori seems to be out of it. She quickly assures Natsume that she is okay. Natsume says that it is really a surprise to know that they broke up and everyone else is shocked about Yukito’s hair color. Kotori just agrees that it is indeed a shock. Kotori thinks that Yukito’s attitude has also changed back to when they’ve just met. She remembers Yukito telling her not to mind others and only look at him. “Changing his hair color back to brown means he doesn’t think that way anymore..” Natsume laments that Kotori doesn’t look like she is okay. Kotori insists that she is because originally, when they went steady, there are no real feelings nor do they really go out in dates. “I’m also not good in expressing myself that Yukito surely thought that I’m really boring..I think that compared to me, other girls are more suitable for him. ..Honestly, he looked happier then. [with Risa]” Sad-looking Natsume touches Kotori’s face and tells her, “Do not say it like that. You do not need to force yourself like this..” Kotori agrees with her and thanks her. Natsume darkly says, “But, it seems it is because of that..you just said, ‘he looked happier then’..so, the reason why the two of you broke up has something to do with another girl..ah..that blind idiot..” Kotori is puzzled by Natsume’s reaction. Someone approaches them then asks, “Ah, what is it, you haven’t changed one bit for your face still looks really gloomy.” Ryosuke greets Kotori, “Hi.” Kotori is surprised while Natsume just looks at Ryosuke. Kotori exclaims, “Ma..saki?! it’s you again...why?” Ryosuke asks why she is saying ‘you again’ for that is what he wanted to say to her. He tells her that he works there. Kotori exclaims is that so. Ryosuke says that’s right. “Oh ya, why are you so gloomy again today? Could it be that you were really dumped by Yukito?” Kotori didn’t reply but she just looks gloomy and dark along with Natsume. Ryosuke exclaims, “Eh..? What is it? What happened? What’s with that mood..Ah..Could it be true?! Forget it, although I’m not sure what happened.” Showing them some coupons, he says, “Use this to revive your vigor.”

Kotori holds three food discount coupons given by Ryosuke. Kotori darkly says, “This is..” Ryosuke also gives some to Natsume, around 15 coupons. Natsume tells him that she doesn’t need that many. Ryosuke smiles and says, “It’s because I want you to come here many times. About that, have we met each other before?” Natsume darkly tells him, “...No-pe. Do not talk with me, Gorilla.” Ryosuke just keeps quiet and seems to mutter, that is alright. Kotori is gloomy that she only has three coupons. “This..is like what happened before.” She remembers a coupon girl giving Risa coupons because she thinks that Risa and Yukito is lovers and Risa shouted to Yukito about it. Kotori closes her eyes after remembering it. Later that night, in her bedroom, Kotori sadly looks at her bird pendant necklace and wonders what she will do with it. She remembers Yukito asking what she is wearing. “I’ve unconsciously worn it since I’ve already made it into a habit...but, for Yukito, it isn’t the same anymore..” She opens her box filled with Chupa Chups lollipops and puts her necklace in it. She then puts the box underneath her bed. “Even if, keeping this no longer has any meaning..but, I still don’t want to throw it away because, if I throw it away, then my connection with Yukito will disappear. Although, doing this will only hurt me..” She tries to cheer herself up by exclaiming that she is going to play her Memories of Falling in Love game since lately, she hasn’t been playing it. “In order not to think about Yukito, I’m going to let Hikaru comfort me.” She then gloomily thinks that even if she thinks about it, there won’t be any result and also, things won’t be the same anymore. “..So, it is like this..I’m not suitable to have a real love life..I’m more compatible with virtual characters..that’s right, it’s like that..it’s too early..going into a relationship is too early [for me]..one cannot just casually have a boyfriend..I haven’t used the techniques in Memories of Falling in Love Ah..I should have joined the gaming club...--! No, that will just make my prospects decrease..[= no future] ..I shouldn’t. [be like this?]” Then, her stuffed toy dog bumps into her. Kotori looks at it and asks, “You..you come to comfort me, right?” There’s a note saying that this is all from Kotori’s viewpoint. She looks at Keshikeshi [formerly Ken-ken; I’m using it as pronounced in the raws. Also, Keshi means opium =P ] who ‘says’, “Look into my eyes. Do you know how long we have been living together? Come, tell me all of the things you want to say.” Kotori mutters, “Keshi-keshi.” She then imagines Keshikeshi as some naked good looking guy with a collar who is under the sheets, saying, “I just can’t leave you alone, come here. I will tightly hug you.” Kotori screams, “Keshi-keshi...” Then, hugs the toy. There is a long “...” [which I think Kotori is thinking that she’s an idiot unless it is Keshikeshi =P]

At school, the homeroom teacher comments that it seems that Yukito is late again and it can’t be helped. Kotori just sits in class with the desk behind her empty. At the hallway, the girls are gossiping about the break-up <- they haven’t been seen together lately and for them to go steady is actually quite unexpected. Kotori becomes gloomy about this and thinks that since then, she hasn’t met Yukito again and the times when she sees him around has also decreased. She then sees Yukito laughing and talking with a couple of girls. She quickly turns around and leaves as Yukito watches her. She thinks, “That’s not it. I don’t want to see him because I’ll see that kind of scene so I deliberately avoided him.” After school, Kotori gloomily walks home and thinks that today is finally over. “Speaking of that, it has been a long time since I went home alone. Natsume has work today. Usually, it is either with Yukito or Natsume...perhaps it is because I’m already used to going home with someone, so it feels..No..I’m not one bit lonely..How could I even be lonely-ah-ah-ah” She is surprised to hear a couple of guys joking around about something. She looks up to see Yukito and Abe walking ahead of her. Kotori is flustered and thinks, “Ah..geez, why is it like this, if I continue like this, I’ll soon catch up with them. I always go to the station through this road...should I slow down my pace or maybe I should just turn and go to a bookstore to pass time..? Honestly, I want to keep on watching him from behind, even if it is just his back..please do not look back..” Someone interrupts her thoughts by calling out to her, “Ah..can I disturb you for a moment?” She turns around to see a guy slightly blushing at her. She wonders who he is. She asks, “You are..?” The boy suddenly exclaims, “Ah, about that, I’m really sorry for suddenly disturbing you. I’m Kozumi High’s freshman, Shitara..” He gives her a piece of paper and exclaims, “This..” A bit surprised, Kotori takes the paper. The boy is still blushing as he says, “Although I know that you have a boyfriend..but if your feelings [for your boyfriend] has changed and you’ll contact me, I will be very happy..Goodbye.” The boy runs off. Kotori opens the piece of paper and reads, “I saw you before when I was going home in this road and I’ve always been curious [interested in you]. If it is okay, please contact me. Shitara Keigo. 090-XXXX-XXXX. XXX-XX@XXX.CO.JP” Kotori blushes and exclaims mentally, “Is..is this..Kya-ah-ah-ah?!” At the corner, Abe asks Yukito if he just saw that. Yukito looks flustered.

At school again, blushing Kotori looks at the note and wonders what she should do about it. “Is this the legendary..that..that thing..what..what should I do! No matter what, it should be better to send an email, right? Ah..but..Natsume, come quick~~~” She looks at the note again and thinks, “I never imagined that a male student from another school would have a good impression of me. Can..can this be true. This is the first time that this has happened to me...This person doesn’t know that I’m only a pure otaku [geek] girl..” She exclaims in surprise when her homeroom teacher slightly hits her on the head with his folder. “Can I hold you for a moment, Kotori Kaiji of the Two Kaiji-s? Although I’m sorry but from today on, together with that Yukito, can you be my class representative?” Kotori’s eyes widen and she protests, “Se-sensei! Why is it always me..shouldn’t other people be also okay?” Looking up, her teacher says, “Huh? Because..you guys are Two-Kaiji-s? I feel that it should be like that.” Kotori is speechless and mutters, “Sensei is really baffling.” Walking at the hallway again, Kotori thinks, “Why is it like this again..” She remembers her teacher telling her that for the time being, since the first period is his class, she’ll go to the clinic to get Yukito and then, both of them will go and prepare the materials listed on the piece of paper. Kotori laments that now, she can’t avoid what she wanted to avoid. Looking at the list [of stuff which I can’t read because it’s blurry], Kotori thinks that even one person can prepare all of it. After thinking, she goes to the clinic. She pulls away the curtain to see Yukito sleeping on one of the beds. “He’s really here..what now? Although he told me to wake Yukito up..until now, I haven’t really looked at Yukito’s face..it’s because when we are going steady, I’m too shy that I always look somewhere else..really..it’s a very normal face..speaking of that, this situation has happened before, too..” She remembers looking at sleeping Yukito when he suddenly holds her hand. [That’s in chapter 3] Kotori blushes after remembering what happened before. She turns around and decides that she be the one to do everything [get the things in the list]. Before she can leave, she is surprised because Yukito is holding her hand. She turns around and sees Yukito opening his eyes to look at her. Blurb: “Will this be the opportunity for them to make up?”

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