June 13, 2011

Honey Hunt [Chapters 25-26]

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Haruka chickened out from confessing and just tells her about the probability of Qta just playing around with her. To Haruka’s shock, Yura thought that Haruka thinks that she isn’t compatible with Qta because she doesn’t have sex appeal. ^^; She stops herself from crying and tells him that even if she is scared of him a bit, she thinks that he is a good person. 

Haruka wasn’t able to explain properly since Yura has to hurry off to the dressing room. Shaken by what Haruka said, she got a call from Qta who apologizes for what happened. She told him that she’ll forgive him if he comes to see her. Even if Yura take back what she said about being angry, Qta says that he will try to see her as soon as possible if they meet, she’ll let him ‘have her’.

She is blushing when she goes to meet Keiichi. It seems that the news regarding her relationship helped her and didn’t destroy her potential jobs. Yura is elated that Keiichi gives her permission to go steady with Qta with three conditions of not letting it affect her work, not to cause too much trouble like that one and not to go out at night on her own. And, her happiness is complete when Qta is waiting for her at home.

Then, after some lovey-dovey words about Qta wanting to be with Yura the person and not the actress, they go to her room and had sex. In some karaoke bar, Haruka tries to call Yura but he can’t contact her. Shin tells him that it is unavoidable if someone else got her first but then, he can ‘steal’ the girl or just ‘wait’ which will end up hurting him. Haruka denies liking Yura. 

Shotaro teases him about being jilted. Shin suggests to Hiroto to contact Nanase to get Yura there but Hiroto said he already did that but he didn’t get a reply. Nanase wanted to see Hiroto but he is doing this favor for Yura and he doesn’t have the face to see Haruka. He is just relieved that Keiichi isn’t coming home today. Well, Keiichi has other plans. He decided to drop by before going out again. He sees the light open so he thinks that Yura isn’t sleeping yet. Then, he sees Qta coming out of the gate.
On bed, Yura hears a noise so she quickly puts on a coat and asks if he/Qta forgot something. She is shock to see Keiichi. Keiichi calmly asks why she is just wearing that [and he’s probably stopping himself from saying, hey, I can see part of your chest ^^;] Yura just makes up an alibi that she has just going to bed [and is about to change clothes, I guess].

Keiichi acted casual as if nothing is wrong and goes to his room. Keiichi composes himself as he is amazed with himself that he handled that well. Before he leaves, he tells some things to her about work. Yura actually thought that Keiichi didn’t realize anything had happened. ^^; Outside, Keiichi meets with Nanase. 

Keiichi is somewhat reprimanding him but Nanase ask Keiichi to just let those two getting along together. Keiichi says that he doesn’t approve of it. Nanases asks if he doesn’t approve as a manager or as a man since Keiichi isn’t treating Yura as an ‘important product’ but as an ‘important girl’. During some script reading, Yura learns that her drama will directly compete with her mother’s. 

Yura simultaneously thinks about winning against her mother and that night before with Qta. Then, she meets with her mother at the station and they talked. Her mother tells her that her father will be coming to Japan for work next week to discuss about Yura going to college and custody rights. His father doesn’t approve of Yura living alone. 

Yura tries to protest that she has lots of work. Her mother tells her if she is talking about those offers, it is all thanks to Qta and surely Yura knows that instead of being known as ‘the daughter of Onozuka couple’, she is now known as ‘Qta’s girlfriend’. Her mother tells her to just give up and live a normal life. 
Yura protests that it isn’t so for Qta chose her and she chose Qta unlike her parents, she didn’t chose them. She had used her own hands to get something precious to her. She tells her mother that she wants things to be like this wherein she can depend on herself in obtaining precious things to her so can she please tell her father that she doesn’t need parents.

She didn’t realize then how much those words hurt her mother. Then, Qta calls her on the phone and tells her that he will be free next week so how about they meet in his house. She agrees. The last narration says that she is so happy that she forgot something important and later on, it will become something that she will deeply regret.

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