June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 64-65]

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Mei and Kanata are surprised that the butlers and student butlers have team up to finish making a baseball field. Kento happily says that it’s not bad. Mei reprimands him that it is all because of him saying about defeating a fianc‚ when Kanata isn’t even trying to be her fianc‚. Mei is puzzled when Kento says that Kanata will participate based on his sixth sense. While Kento is called away, Mei notices Kanata musing that he didn’t imagine he can stand at the pitcher’s mount again. Mei asks if he really wants to play baseball again. This prompted Kanata to tell her about his family background wherein his father passed away, her mother is sickly and they need to support a younger brother and a sister so he can’t just continue playing baseball. Mei looks a bit sad about this. Kanata assures her that nevertheless, he is very happy even as he works in a ramen store and delivers newspapers. Mei smiles and agrees with him because just by looking at him he is happy. She says that just like her father said before, doing what one likes to do and being together with the people one likes is a person’s luxury. The other ladies and butlers comment about the nice atmosphere between Kanata and Mei. Kento is shaking in anger/jealousy. They wonder why an ordinary guy like Kanata was chosen to become a fianc‚. Sister Rose comes to explain. After her butler tells them about Kanata’s family background/situation, she tells them that Kanata is Mei’s soulmate. Miruku goes to explain what a soulmate is. Kento laughs the idea off because if they are mutually attracted to each other then, they should have been together before he came. They inform him that it is because of Kento that fate used in order for them to meet. Kento is a bit stunned by this. He is about to go interrupt the two but Rihito stops him and tells him that as a butler, one mustn’t interrupt the ojou-sama’s love life. He asks Kento if he doesn’t have any consciousness about this when he is already at the last stage [before S] and a butler. Kento is surprised and becomes sad. He says, okay. Fujiko tries to cheer him up by saying that [soulmate] isn’t the same as love. Kanzaki notices Tami looking at the direction of Mei and Kanata. Kanzaki[?] comments that those are the eyes of the enemy.

In the transfer student dormitory, Kanata greets Shinnosuke and apologizes for making him participate in the contest when he is very busy. To Kanata’s surprise, Shinnosuke tells him that he has formally joined to become one of Mei’s fianc‚. He whispers to Kanata to quickly get out of that place after the contest because this is a dangerous place contrary to what one thinks. Kanata is puzzled by that and wonders why Shinnosuke joined. Chinese butler passes by and asks Kanata if he already has a ‘desire’. Kanata says that he isn’t interested in Hongo’s wealth. Chinese butler says but he knows that Kanata is worried about Mei and this is also a kind of ‘desire’. Kanata exclaims that he didn’t thought of it and also Mei is someone whom Kento likes. Chinese butler says that if Kanata wins this competition, Mei will be his and only he can save Mei. He informs Kanata that he should know that this kind of world isn’t the same as his outside world since it is filled with desires, conspiracies, jealousy and hatred. “Would a pure hearted person like Miss Mei really find happiness here? In the end, the Shibata brothers are just dogs of the Hongo family and they cannot save her from this place. But, you can do it. If you win once against Shibata--” After Kanata left, Chinese butler is giggling. In Irfan [Arabian prince; closest that I can find based on the Chinese name] room, it is filled with Mei stuff – Mei stuff toy, models in different outfits, pictures, etc in short, he is a Mei otaku. He learns about Shinnosuke joining the competition and thinks that he was probably incited to join. His ‘light’ [hair] butler wonders why there is a need to have many competitors. He says probably to get those ‘Shibata brothers’ out of the way. Irfan says about his other theories about a shortcut to all of this and wonders if a bribe would do. [Sorry, if it is a bit unclear since I can’t figure out if he meant himself or talking about Chinese butler] He says that it is easy to read those who are moving but the troublesome ones are those who aren’t moving like what that American Damien [nerd guy] is thinking. His butlers go out of the room. ‘Light’ butler comments that he really doesn’t understand what is happening to the prince’s room and he doesn’t know if he is intelligent or an idiot. ‘Dark’ [haired] butler says that he thinks that the prince is scheming something. In some place at the park, Rihito’s [don’t interfere] and the others’ words [fate; soulmate] echo in Kento’s head. Kento wonders if Rihito will deliberately lose so that Mei will be with the one whom she likes for her happiness. He is surprised to see Mei in a cheerleader outfit calling him that the game is about to start and everyone are already in the sports field. Kento exclaims why she is dressed that way. Mei asks him if she looks cute. She tells him that the girls have decided to cheer for the guys. He asks her if she is going to cheer for him. Mei thinks for a while and says if he meant a specific person, it will be for Rihito. Kento can only angrily shout, really! Mei blushes and looks at him. She tells him that Kanata really likes baseball but because of various reasons, he wasn’t able to play anymore so it seems he eagerly awaits this competition. She also tells him to do his really best with all out effort in the competition to make this a great ballgame. Kento asks if it is okay if he wins. This surprises Mei.

She exclaims that of course he should win because if he loses then she’ll have to become Kanata’s bride. “Don’t you mind that, Shibata?” Kento exclaims, “I absolutely mind that.” She smiles and tells him, “Do your very best, Mr. Butler.” This made Kento all hyped up and he doesn’t care if Kanata is her soulmate, he isn’t going to give Mei to Kanata. Soon, everyone is in the baseball uniforms. Some six year ojou-samas and foreign students are invited to watch. Mei’s friends are in cheerleading outfits. Mei thinks that the current her is no longer the same as when she was first year because now, all the strongest butlers (+ princesses) are her comrades. Kento looks at Kiba and wonders, strongest? Rika and Fujiko try to stop Izumi who wanted to replace Kiba. Kento thinks that if it is possible, he also wants Izumi to replace Kiba. The fianc‚s are all ready with ‘gold’ character on their gold uniforms because Irfan picked the most luxurious character/kanji. The butlers just have ‘butlers’ on their uniform. Mei ‘knees’ Irfan’s face when he tries to pull up her skirt. Kento sees Kanata who looks really serious. He tells Kento that they should make it a really great ballgame and he isn’t going to give Mei to Kento. This surprises Kento. Kanata throws the ball to the pitcher and everyone is amazed at how good he was. Mei starts to worry and asks Kento if it will be alright. Kento tells her not to worry because they have a S butler. He then looks around, wondering where Rihito is. Kento is surprised when Rihito asks if the game hasn’t started yet. Kento sweatdrops and asks why he hasn’t changed to a baseball uniform yet. Rihito asks why he should when this is Kento’s fight. Kento exclaims that nevertheless, they need nine players to play. Pause. Rihito then asks, “Is that so?” Everyone sweatdrops. “S butler Rihito unexpectedly turns out to be a baseball idiot!!!” Irfan thinks that they can win this.

Everyone is raving at how great Rihito looks in his baseball uniform. Mei sweatdrops and thinks that even if Rihito looks like an athlete, but the truth is..Rihito doesn’t know anything about baseball because he didn’t think it was essential to know it as a butler. Rihito asks some questions about the baseball field and Kento teaches him. Kento starts to become tense since it turns out that only him, Aoyama and Daimon really knows how to play the game. The others don’t really play the game either. Soon, the game starts. Mei wonders why Irfan is out of it – in a daze. It turns out that Sister Rose made them change their outfits to white because gold is too painful to the eyes. Rika comments that not wearing glittering outfit is so old fashioned. Irfan has heard this and before he knew it, he has strike out thrice. Mei and others happily cheer for Kento. Irfan freaks out and wants to try again but his butlers stop him. Aoyama comments that Kento is quite capable. Rihito is still busy reading the baseball manual. Soon, it is his turn to bat but then, he got strike out because he hasn’t finished reading the manual – don’t know what to do? The fianc‚s are happy since they think that there is nothing great about Rihito. Mei is getting nervous and starts imaging what it will be like for her to be with Nakata. She then tries to drive away those thoughts. Miruku is laughing that no one can escape the attraction of one’s soulmate. Kento tries to calm himself and pitches the ball but Kanata manages to hit it. Mei wonders if it is a home run but thankfully, Tami caught it. Soon, it is the 8th inning and no one has scored yet. The audience is wondering up to when someone will score and if it will last until dinner time. With thoughts of not wanting to give Mei to Kanata, Kento throws the ball and Kanata wasn’t able to hit it. The next one was hit but no one is in the outside field..Kiba falls down and girlie prince’s butler didn’t know where to go. In the end, the fianc‚s group manages to score a point. Things aren’t looking good because the opponent scored a point in the 9th inning, the next one to bat are Aoyama, Daimon and horrors, Kiba. Aoyama and Daimon seem to want to subtitute Kiba while Izumi wonders substitute him with whom.

Nakata tells Mei that after the competition, he is going to take her away from the academy. Kento shouts what foolish things Nakata is saying. He exclaims that Mei has decided to go into Hongo family and go to that school so how could she just easily quit school. Nakata exclaims about the hardships Mei has to endure by being in Hongo family and she is more suitable to a normal life. He also exclaims that surely Kento also think that way and just because Kento became a butler, has that made him change his mind. “Even if I’m not like any of the others who have money, but I know what is true happiness. You do, too, right, Mei?!” Everyone tensely wait for Mei’s answer. Mei becomes determined and jumps down the field. She shouts to Kiba that she is going to substitute him. Mei smiles at Izumi who nods and allows the substitution. Kento freaks out and tries to get Rihito to stop Mei but Rihito just asks why he has to do that since there is no reason to stop her. Nakata is surprised as Mei holds the bat. Mei apologizes to Nakata and says that she wants to stay there. Nakata asks if a rich person’s life is happier. Mei smiles and says, “Yes, it is quite fun/happy and at the same time hard but regarding that, no matter where I am and what kind of life I lived, it is all just the same to me!” Kento is surprised by this answer while Rihito just smiles. Nakata is speechless. He looks at [I think] Chinese butler then apologizes to Mei since he still wants to win. Mei looks serious and says, “..I understand.” She thinks that she doesn’t want to lose. Soon, the other ojou-samas’ are shouting at Kanata about ladies first, being seriously playing against a girl, in short, don’t bully a girl. The butlers sweatdrop. After Mei, the next one to bat is Rihito then Kento. Soon, Mei is out/scores. Sakuraba says that it is ‘visitor’s ball’. [No idea, probably Kanata did go easy on her] and Mei also has no idea what happened but she goes to the next base. The ojou-samas are happy with the outcome. Kento comments that Nakata has decided to try and win against the two of them [brothers]. Kento is a bit nervous since Rihito wasn’t able to hit a single ball yet. Rihito gets ready and shouts, “Then, Mei-ojousama, what do you want me to do? Please give the command.” Kento sweatdrops. Mei happily exclaims, “Of course, it is to send that ball flying away like lightning!” Rihito smiles and says, “Yes!” Kanata gets ready to throw the ball.

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