June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapter 37]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 25, 2009

Hanabi cannot believe that Mii called her a love idiot. She shouts to Mii that is too much. Mii exclaims isn’t it so for she already said it yet Hanabi still randomly think about other things so Hanabi really is a love idiot. Hanabi exclaims that Mii just said it again. Mii says that she thinks that it is better to let go off of that guy rather than for her friendship with her becomes troublesome. Hanabi innocently asks if she can let go. Hanabi remembers telling Chika that she’s going to let him go. She thinks that if it is her, she can’t. This made Mii angry since Hanabi is asking that question. Mii tells her that it isn’t zero - what she feels for Chikai is currently ‘this’ much. She gestures using her hand. Hanabi’s thoughts are confirmed but Mii tells her that she likes ‘glasses’ this much. It is bigger than Chika’s. Everyone is surprised as Mii says, “Luminasi— ‘Glasses’ can give me what I want and give me what I don’t want. That’s how it is. Geez—so troublesome!” Mii goes up the stairs and the others follow her. They didn’t notice that Luminasi Mei is eavesdropping on them. Mei mutters that there is progress. Walking at the open hallway, Mei exclaims that her fortunetelling is quite effective. She passes by Chikai and Shinichi who are walking the opposite way. Chikai comments that kind of fragrance/ makes him want to hug her. Shinichi exclaims he’s quite vulgar. [Ah, the ‘hug’ word can also mean ‘have sex’] While eating, Hanabi wonders if she really just doesn’t understand it. She wonders if she is Mii and that happened [saying wanting to let go] and the other party is Shinichi, would things be the same. She begins to feel sick as she gloomily tries to think about guys = dislike. Her brain goes blank because she cannot even imagine other guys. She wonders what’s wrong with her. She wonders if Mii chooses this easy way out because she doesn’t like trouble. She wonders if even one knows one’s feelings, one can still do it that way. Later on, Atsumi tells Hanabi that, for Hanabi, if she likes something, she likes and if she hates something, she hates. Hanabi exclaim, perhaps but then, she is wavering a bit regarding this matter. Atsumi tells her that right now, they should work since their products are going to be sold out soon. Hanabi looks ill and says yes. She is currently surrounded by guys. Hanabi freaks out as she tries to avoid the guys around her who were busy selling their products.

Finally, their products are sold out. Hanabi looks exhausted and tired that Atsumi has to ask her if she is feeling okay. She looks at Mii-Chikai’s booth and notices that they have also sold out, too. She is looking at them when Atsumi tells her that they should clean/pack things up while talking. Atsumi asks her what the size of the problem is. Then, she mentions that Kareshi’s product is quite popular. “To let go or not, also depends on the feelings at that time. No matter what happens, even if one doesn’t understand, if feelings are thrown in the situation, one would not want to let go.” Hanabi says that she knows but still..! At the fortune teller site, it turns out that the mascot of the principal is actually the principal. ^^; He tells Mei that place is really majestic yet really fun. He asks Mei if she is tired. Mei says that she’s okay. “This is her mission luminasi.” The principal says that it is really splendid including her voice. She then notices Hanabi together with Atsumi. “And it is still in progress..” Hanabi protests to Atsumi that even if it is just a small tinny-tiny moment of awareness, can it really progress to ‘like’. Atsumi says that she thinks so. Mii, together with Kareshi, says that Hanabi is still talking about that and it seems her understanding is really poor. Hanabi turns around and says that it is because she doesn’t understand. Mii says that she is the one who can’t understand why Hanabi can’t comprehend it. This shocks Hanabi. Mei is looking at them behind the bushes using her telescope. Chikai stands behind her and says, “Ami..” Mei asks what it is. Mei quickly backs away from him and exclaims how he knew. This made Hanabi and others realize that the two are there. Mei is aghast. Chikai calls her Ami again. Hanabi thinks that Chikai’s hair is all messed up because of his bandana. Then, she thinks this voice, Ami? Mei says that there is no helping it since she has been discovered. Mei finally reveals herself as Princess Ami. The girls are surprised that it is teacher Ami. Ami tells them that they didn’t realize that Luminous [Luminasi] Mei is just part of her name. [She used part of the kanji surname into English which means ‘bright’ then the other part of her name as Chinese ‘pretty’ = Mei]

Hanabi cannot believe it. Atsumi says no wonder the fortune telling is very accurate that they believed it. They ask her why she did it. Ami says that they, cute soldiers, are still at that side, chasing after love when it is so simple yet they make it so complicated. She tells them that they are still some 10+ year old brats. She asks if having some misgivings prompt them to see the truth clearly. Hanabi thinks that this is the first time she heard Ami said that. Mii says no matter if it is truth or not for there is an idiot who still don’t get it even if she told her already. Hanabi is shock and tries to protest. Ami says that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t understand. Pointing at Mii, Ami says that she also doesn’t understand this girl. Ami screams out in pain when Mii bites her finger again. Holding her finger, Ami says that it is okay not to understand because different people have different kinds of love. “There’s no wrong [way] concerning this, for no matter if it’s tough or gentle, the point is to make the other person to like oneself. In the same way, one knows and there are some parts one still doesn’t understand, but only then one truly understands the things [affairs] in this world.” Chikai then says, “About that..” He goes to Mii then bows. “I’m sorry..” This surprises Hanabi.

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