June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 26]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 23, 2009

With thoughts of not wanting Yukito to hate her, Kotori kisses Yukito on the cheek. The two Kaiji-s ended up blushing. Yukito is about to hug her but Kotori backs away so he hugged thin air. [Lol, poor guy] Kotori backs away because she is really thrilled that her heart is beating really fast. She is really happy that she wasn’t afraid at all like before. She wonders if it is all just her imagination. She then goes into shock when she sees Yukito who seems to be hugging himself -> thin air. Kotori reprimands herself for doing such strange things again. Kotori apologizes and asks if she has surprised him. Yukito says maybe. Kotori is worried what she should do. Yukito looks at her and asks why she did that. “Why did you kiss me? You obviously never did that before.” This made Kotori’s eyes widen. She becomes embarrassed at the way Yukito is looking at her with those kind of eyes. He repeats his question why. She tells him that she wanted to use a different way aside from words to convey her ‘like’ feelings to him. Yukito holds her hair and would probably go for some more lovey-dovey when the bell rings. They freak out because the break will soon be over and they haven’t eaten their lunch yet. Yukito has forgotten about his bento box that he opened it. Kotori sees his ‘Doraemon’ bento and exclaims that is really something. Yukito quickly covers it and shouts for her not to look. Kotori asks if Yukito made it. Yukito exclaims that it is made by his brother and it is a prank on him. Yukito tells her that his family is cutting down on costs so they are forced to eat bento boxes. “Ah, will you make me one? A bento box--” There is no reaction from Kotori so Yukito comments that he is just saying it [don’t take him seriously]. To his shock, Kotori agrees to it. Blushing, Kotori says that she would want to make him one. She asks him if there is anything that he doesn’t like to eat. Blushing Yukito stutters while saying that there is none. Yukito thanks her. The bell rings again so they get ready to go back to class. On the way back, since Kotori seems to be thinking of something, Yukito asks her what the matter is. She says that for her, that kiss she initiated made her heart beat really fast. She asks if it is the same for him. Yukito blushes and turns around. He says, “You tell me.” Kotori thinks that it seems he is evading the question. Kotori is really happy about what the kiss she initiated since Yukito didn’t refuse her, smiled at her and even wants a bento box. Kotori blushes even more and thinks, “It seems like I’m a real girlfriend.” She then panics that she never made a bento box before.

At Yukito’s house, Masaya opens the bento box and it is empty. He wonders if Yukito ate it or threw the contents away. He wonders what kind of bento box he will make tomorrow. Yukito tells him that he doesn’t have to make him a bento box tomorrow. “Compared to that exaggerated bento box, a snack is much better.” Masaya asks what about his lunch money. Yukito smiles and says that there is a way for him not to use money and his girlfriend is going to make him a bento box so there is no need for Masaya to make one for him. Masaya looks surprised with cold looking eyes. Yukito smiles and happily goes out the room. Masaya looks a bit tense as he says that Yukito suddenly said his girlfriend will make him a bento box. At Kotori’s room, Kotori calls up Natsume to ask her what kind of bento box she has to make in order to make boyfriends happy. Natsume says that is quite difficult. Kotori looks at a bento box cookbook and thinks that she wants Yukito to become happy. Natsume suggests that she just buy those microwavable frozen bento as her dishes. Kotori asks won’t Yukito know about it. Natsume assures her that Yukito won’t realize it and it will be alright because the frozen foods are very delicious lately. She also tells Kotori that a high school guy’s taste isn’t that discriminating. Kotori sweatdrops. Natsume says that it is really good because it seems that her relationship with Yukito is quite good. Kotori says it is true. She asks Natsume if she felt that way. Natsume says she does and she actually wondered if she had done too much meddling but right now, she can relax. Since Kotori is puzzled, Natsume reminds her about setting them up to go watch the movies with Abe’s help. Kotori says that it is okay because it is thanks to them, her distance with Yukito has become closer. Natsume is glad to hear that and that even if she and Yukito aren’t the same but they are really suitable for each other. “So, gambatte [do your best] ♥” Kotori thanks her. After hanging up, Kotori blushes about Natsume saying that they are suitable but then, she has to worry about the bento box. She is shock when someone asks, “..you, already have a boyfriend?” Lying on her bed, a guy is happily smiling at her direction. Kotori shouts to her brother as to when he was there and what is he doing there. Looking at the cookbook, her brother asks her if she is planning to make a bento box. “Can you really make one? And, who is this guy whom you plan to use a bento box to make him happy? Do you really have one? He is a 2D guy, right? Is he a living guy? That guy...” Kotori angrily pushes him out and shouts, that is enough, get out, he is an ordinary guy. Her brother asks if it is a Memories of Falling in Love guy. Kotori exclaims for him not to interfere [in her affairs].

Next day at school, Yukito is quite energetic and glittering as he tells his friends that they should hurry to PE class else they will be late. His friends wonder what happened to him. Yukito then asks Abe if one will actually do that if one wants to convey ‘like/love’ using one’s body. Abe blushes and says that even if Yukito says that he likes him, he still.. Embarrassed, Yukito shouts that isn’t what he meant. Yukito says if it is really like that, inviting him to go in some narrow place then in order to convey the feeling, she would kiss him. “Is it really like that? Is she trying to tell me that she would want things to progress quickly and be..is that it?” He imagines Kotori telling him to do more than a kiss. Flustered, Yukito is asking himself if it is really like that. His two friends wonder what Yukito is trying to confirm to himself and he is really acting strange. The homeroom teacher calls out to Yukito and says that it is good that he is there. Holding a cloth-wrapped ‘flowery’ design with pig pin bento box, the teacher tells him that his brother just came to school and says that he forgot to bring it. He also tells Yukito to properly thank his brother later on. Yukito is really embarrassed as he exclaims why his brother has to specifically bring it to school. He is so embarrassed that he doesn’t want to take it especially seeing that cloth wrapping. The teacher is puzzled over what Yukito is reacting about and just tells him to get it already since it was delivered specially for him. Abe comments to gloomy Yukito that his brother really loves to tease him. Yukito opens the bento box and it is filled with potato chips. He remembers telling his brother that a snack would be better. Gloomily, he can only curse his brother. Later on, Kotori opens the bento box she made for Yukito. It is a character bento box. [I don’t know who the character is but he seems to be the typical huge guy..kind of reminds me of Goda, that big bully guy in Doraemon.] Kotori wonders if it will make Yukito happy and it seems he likes character bento so she made one for him. A chibi Yukito is exclaiming that he never said he likes character bento. Kotori is still a bit embarrassed to give it to Yukito. Just then, Abe calls out to Kotori to ask her if she has seen Yukito’s bento box which was specifically brought there by his brother and it is quite admirable. This made Kotori lose confidence that she can’t win against that kind of bento box. In the end, she gloomily lies to dismayed Yukito that she didn’t make one for him. She apologizes since she did promised him but she didn’t have enough time today. She tells him that tomorrow, (perhaps), she will definitely do her best. Yukito forces a smile and tells her that it is alright because he did suddenly just ask her to do it and he will eagerly wait for until then. Yukito with tears in his eye gloomily walks back to the classroom. Kotori wonders if it is really okay because just by looking at the bento box that Yukito’s brother made, it felt like whatever she make is a waste of time. She wonders if she can also make a cute and delicious-looking bento box. She then frantically wonders what she should make tomorrow. In the classroom, Yukito is gloomily eating the chips. His two friends say that Yukito still ate it. They give him a something from their bento boxes. Soon, the other guys also start giving him a part of their lunches because they feel sorry for him even if they don’t know the situation. Soon, he has a second bento box. Yukito is touched by what they did but then, he gets angry since most of them are suppressing their laughter – laughing at him. ^^;

In a different school, some guys are talking about going on a group date but they lack one person because one of them has to go to cram school. Masaya volunteers himself. They ask if he would really go for didn’t he say that lately, he has family matters. Masaya smiles and says that it is okay. Back at the Kaiji-s’ school, Kotori and Natsume have cleaning duty. Natsume complains that cleaning duty is troublesome especially since they have exams next week. She asks Kotori if she has already studied. Kotori says that she hasn’t. Kotori tells Natsume to just sweep a little then go since she still has work afterwards. Natsume thanks her and says that she’ll just go throw the trash then she’ll leave. Kotori tries to erase the blackboard but she can’t reach the top part. To her surprise, Yukito takes the eraser from her then erases the blackboard for her. Kotori blushes and thinks that it is the same kind of heartbeat as before. He then gives the eraser back to her. He asks if she is on cleaning duty. Kotori says that she is. Yukito sits on the chair and says that he’ll wait for her. “Occasionally, I want for the two of us to go home together.” Kotori blushes and says okay. Yukito also blushes. Yukito is imagining the two of them – while walking home, he tells her to come near him then the two kisses as Yukito tells her that they continue what happened in the afternoon. Yukito starts giggling to himself while Kotori is embarrassed since he is looking at her. At Masaya’s group date in a fastfood restaurant, the girls are saying that Masaya is really handsome and he should be quite popular especially among the girls in his school. They say that since he is popular, surely, he already has a girlfriend. Masaya says that if he had a girlfriend then he won’t be going on a group date. Masaya’s smile disappears when one of the girls mention that it seems Masaya has a younger brother according to some classmates. The other girl asks if they look alike. His younger brother should also be handsome because Masaya, the brother, is handsome. They would want to see Masaya’s younger brother’s picture and if there is a way for them to see him. Masaya mutters, “Younger brother..?” He then has a flashback: Some girls are saying that Yukito looks similar with Masaya and he is quite cute. “Masaya’s younger brother is like a mini version of Masaya. We also want one in our house.” Then a girl [ex-girlfriend?] told Masaya, “I’m sorry, Masaya. I’m very curious about your younger brother..perhaps I have fallen for him.” [Gah..poor Masaya] End flashback.

Masaya is deep in thought and looking quite gloomy that one of the girls has to call out to him before he snapped out of it. The girl tells him that she wants to know his email address, birthday and surname. Masaya wonders if he should say it. The girl insists that he tell her. Masaya says that as an alibi in order for them to see each other again, he will only answer one question. “Which one do you want to know?” The girl is about to ask something but the other girl also wants to know something from Masaya. The other girl calls the girl, Anzu, being cunning. Masaya mentally thinks that if this goes on, this month of May – those who are attracted to him will be now 28. He thinks that’s a lot. He then smiles to himself. The two guys noticing his expression think that Masaya looks quite scary when he is doing that even if they don’t know what he is thinking about. Harada passes by them. She sighs. She sadly laments, “..today, he isn’t here again..Where are you? Kaworu..” Back at school, Kotori keeps the cleaning materials in the room. Yukito asks her if she is finished. Kotori says that she is. Yukito says that her hands are full of chalk dust. Kotori says that is true. She then playfully wipes her hands on his shirt. Yukito exclaims what she is doing. Then, it seems she did it again. Soon, as they go out of the school, they are both laughing. At the gate, they notice some commotion. A guy is grabbing a girl and they are quarreling. To Kotori’s horror, the girl is Matsushima. The guy is grabbing Matsushima and tells her that they aren’t finished talking. Matsushima exclaims that it hurts and they are finished talking. She scolds the guy for being annoying. Yukito exclaims that it is Matsushima. He wonders out loud what’s happening and why they are there. Matsushima’s expression changes into a happy one upon seeing Yukito. She exclaims that it is great that he is there. She clings on him and asks for his help. She exclaims that she already broke up with that guy but he kept on bothering her. The guy calls out to her as Risa [I will be using her name instead of her surname from now on] and says that he won’t accept it since it is a one sided break up. “I want you to give me a clear explanation about it.” Risa exclaims that he’s so annoying. Pulling Yukito’s arm towards herself, Risa declares, “I’m currently going steady with him! Why don’t you just give up!” Kotori is shock and thinks, “What?!”

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