June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 63]

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Idol manager and high school student are about to leave but they were informed that there is some problem with the helicopter and it can only leave the next day. So, the two decide to stay at the school for another night. The manager notices that something is troubling the high school student. The student says that he felt that he had seen that guy from England before. The manager tells him that he is the younger brother of Mei's butler, Shibata. The student recognizes the surname that he quickly apologizes to the manager and says that he is going to greet him. After he runs off, Chinese butler calls out the manager and asks if he is Toujou Shinnosuke-sama. Toujou turns around and asks how did he know. At the dorm, Kento exclaim his shock that Mei still lives in that run-down dorm. Mei says that it is no big deal. She then asks why he is bringing his luggage with him. Kento tells her that from now on, he'll be her butler and of course, he is going to live in the same room. Rihito quickly gets in between and tells Kento that there are many, other vacant rooms there. Mei wonders why she was suddenly nervous about. She looks away and tells Kento to go and stay in some other room. The two stops Mei from entering. Rihito tells her to wait there for a moment. Kento says that they should at least close the door and window. The two enters inside to find Sakuraba waiting for them. He tells them that he was ordered by his master to prepare something. He bids them a good night and left. The two brothers quickly look at the extra room and opens the door. They see a double-deck bed with sheep design. =P There is a note from Sister Rose telling the two brothers to get along with each other. Kento is surprised. Rihito is not amused. Mei lets out a laugh. Kento angrily shouts what she is laughing about. Mei says that it is because of the bed and it's like for kids. Rihito scolds Kento for talking like that with Mei.

They were interrupted when they find that Tami and Kanzaki are checking out the bed. Rihito tells them that as rivals, would they please leave because currently, his mood is really bad today and if it is ordinary times, he would have served them tea. Kento asks Kanzaki if they will have to fight each other. Kanzaki says that he is just looking after Miss Tami. Tami declares that 'he' will become Mei's husband. Mei then tells Tami that there is something that she really wants to tell 'him'..“Girls cannot become husbands..!” Tami is shock while the two brothers are speechless. Tami asks Kanzaki if this is true. Kanzaki says that girls cannot. Kento says that if 'he' is a girl. Rihito says that if he's 'girl-like'. Tami looks dark and says that he gives up. One of Mei's husband-to-be is eliminated. They hear a knock and it is the student who apologizes for coming there so late. He asks Kento if he is really Shibata Kento. Kento says that he is. The student says that Kento has changed and that he is from Momo high. Kento exclaims if he is Nakata Kanata. He is being snubbed since Kanata is now happily talking with Mei who also remembers Kanata from that school. Kanzaki comments that Kanata from Mei's hometown, same level as her. Rihito is just quiet. Kanata happily tells Kento that he is happy that Kento still remembers him. Kento darkly says that how could he forget since even if he wanted to, he can't. Mei asks what happened. Kento tells them that it is during a baseball game, he is the best among everyone else. He wants to show off to Mei who is watching at that time but unfortunately, Kanata is a good pitcher that Kento can't hit any of the balls and this team lost that game. He can't believe it since Mei is right there watching.

Kento is surprised when all the other ladies + butlers comment that he is pitiful and an idiot. Kento asks since when were they there. They say that they just came because they are quite curious. To Kento's shock, Mei and Kanata have forgotten all about it. Mei asks Kanata if he is still playing baseball. Kanata says that he stopped playing after entering first year high because he is busy work at a noodle house. Mei says that her family used to have a noodle house, too. Kanata invites her to come and eat at their place next time. Kento is furious and he challenges Kanata to a baseball game in order to determined who's the winner. Kanata says okay but they need nine players. With a smile and gloomy aura, Kento tells the other butlers to help him out. Arabian prince says that they'll help Kanata. Kento shouts to Kanata that this time, he'll definitely win. Mei asks Rihito if it is okay for the situation to turn out like this. Rihito says that it is not a bad idea and they might know the opponents' strength. The fiancées are teaming up to help Kanata. Mei then asks Kanata wasn't he suppose to leave. Kanata says that there is some problem with the helicopter so he is staying there for a night with Higashi [manager]. Elsewhere, Toujou is talking with Chinese butler. I think Toujou is some sort of adviser to the Ryuunoji family and that there are still people who neglects Izumi even if she was able to fulfill all sorts of important responsibilities but because there is 'eccentric person/monster' that Hongo Kintaro used as backing, no one can defy him. Chinese butler says that 'monster' will soon disappear and if that happens, Izumi will.. Toujou looks serious. Chinese butler says that in order to avoid that, Toujou has to become a part of Hongo family. [I'm sure I didn't get that right but then, maybe it will become clearer later on. ^^; Basically, Chinese butler made Toujou join in the duel for Izumi's sake. I'm a bit confused with this 'monster' thing.]

While taking a bath, Mei thinks that things has turned out quite strange and it seems that Kento has not become mature as she thought and in the end, it seems that he isn't that satisfactory. She also thinks that she didn't talk much with Kanata before yet he seems to be a good guy. She wonders if it will be fun everyday if that kind of guy is her boyfriend. She then shouts, what the heck she is thinking. In the room, the two brothers overheard her. Kento asks Rihito if he actually stays there everyday and eavesdrop on Mei while she is taking a bath. Rihito just says that as a butler, he prepares for everything. Rihito asks what he was doing these last four years. Kento says he is in Kanzaki's team. [I don't get it ^^; but it seems that Rihito is just teasing him.] Rihito asks if he is already at his limit. Embarrassed, Kento tells him to quit making a fool out of him. Rihito then goes out. Kento wonders if it is Rihito who is at his limit. He is surprised when Mei comes out of the bathroom as she says that it feels comfortable after taking a bath. She sees Kento then accuses him of being a pervert. Kento exclaims in shock. Rihito enters and asks what happened. Mei tells him that Kento is a pervert because he is standing in front of the bathroom. Hugging Mei, Rihito tells Kento that he's quite indecent. This made Kento want to kill Rihito. Kento offers to dry Mei's hair. Mei thinks that he is doing a good job. Rihito offers to cut Mei's toe nails. While holding her foot, Mei thinks that Rihito is holding her leg a bit too high than normal. He is teasing Kento who tries to control himself upon seeing Mei's leg. Kento tells Mei to her legs are swelling a bit so he'll massage it. Mei blushes and exclaims, “..ah ah!” Kento grabs Rihito's necktie and shouts where the heck is he touching Mei. Rihito says that he is just massaging. Kento shouts at Mei to not exclaim strangely like that. Mei is embarrassed that she shouts that it is enough and they should just go to sleep.

In the butler's room, the brothers in pajamas played jakenpon. Kento lost. [I think he's on the top..for Rihito to bug him from below? I would actually want to sleep on top. =P ] On her bed, Mei notices that Rihito has been acting differently ever since Kento came back. She blushes and tells herself that she should go to sleep. The two brothers aren't talking for a while. Kento says that Rihito still makes him hate him. “Good night.” Rihito smiles and says that Kento is also still hateful.

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