June 13, 2011

Honey Hunt [Chapter 24]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 15, 2009

In magazines and showbiz shows, the talk of the town is J-pop's popular artist h.a.'s Q-ta's 'love call' in a television program last night. They wonder if the person he meant is Onozuka Yura. Fans are excited and happy as they are curious who the person is. The news reporters are waiting for Yura at a television station where she will be promoting her CM with Haruka for a talk show.

At the office, Keiichi bows and apologizes to Maki about what happened. Maki tells him that he just happened to drop by there. Keiichi says that he already called to apologize to the producer and the other company yesterday. He apologizes for any trouble that it could have caused Maki. Ryouko and Yura are watching from the door. 

Ryouko tells her about the hassle because Q-ta is from a rival company and in showbiz, there should be no obstacles – one shouldn't fall in love. Yura apologizes but Ryouko tells her that this time, it is the other party who broke the rule but then, the responsibility falls on the manager and it is a bit of embarrassment on Keiichi's reputation. 

Maki muses that he is quite surprised since it seems that the other party is Minamitani Q-ta. He laughs that Yura is really quite capable. Keiichi just says it seems so. Yura is feeling guilty that Keiichi is bowing his head because of her. Ryouko is worried about the talk show that Yura has to go to later on and that this situation might be troublesome to Haruka.

At some apartment, Q-ta is watching the television. The announcer says that Q-ta's staff refuses to confirm the situation to the media by saying that it is a private matter. The announcer says that there is no confirmation yet from Yura's side. Q-ta wonders why they are making such a big deal about it.
 Then, the door bell rings, Q-ta thinks that it is his manager.
After multiple rings, while going to the door, Q-ta calls out that he [thinking that it was his manager] doesn't have to ring it too much because he didn't go anywhere nor called anyone. He looks at the peephole and is surprised to see Haruka. He opens the door and says that he's quite surprised and how did Haruka know where he was. 

Haruka tells him that he had asked his manager. Q-ta mentions that it is the first time that Haruka took the initiative to see him. Q-ta then notices the glum look on Haruka's face. Blushing a bit, Haruka asks him if he is serious with Yura. Q-ta looks a bit surprised and tries to ask if he also likes Yura.

But, Haruka interrupts and tells him not to talk about him first but rather answer his question if he is serious with Yura. Q-ta tells him why he is asking if he is serious or not because since from the start, he already told Haruka that he had proposed to Yura. After a pause, Haruka asks when they started going steady.

Q-ta thinks out loud that since the onsen that day, it started around that time but afterwards, they didn't see each other much so it is a bit hard to say if they are indeed going steady. Haruka asks why Q-ta said that on the television if he seriously likes Yura. “Do not destroy that girl's acting career.” Haruka tells him that this is Yura's debut and everyone is gradually paying attention to her.

He shouts at Q-ta as to what he was thinking that he created that kind of disturbance and what would happen if that kind of disturbance would lead to the cancellation of her television dramas. Q-ta sits down and says then Yura will have lots of free time and they can see each other. Haruka is shock by what he just said.
Q-ta says that he hopes that she quit her work and be always by his side. He tells to 'I-can't-believe-what-you-are-saying' Haruka that if Yura can give up her work for him, he would be very happy about it that he will accept full responsibility for her. “But, that is, if Yura also wants it that way. Even if she isn't an actress, it doesn't matter to me. I like Yura as she is.” 

Haruka looks troubled. Haruka tells him that Yura has been doing her best in acting in order to be recognized as an actress by her mother and by Q-ta but it seems that Q-ta doesn't understand this at all. “I li-...like that girl being an actress!” Haruka quickly leaves then thinks that Q-ta doesn't know anything yet he manages to take away Yura. “I'm really such a big idiot.”

On the way to the station, in a car with Yura, Keiichi calls Nakazono regarding what happened regarding Yura and says that they are currently going to the talk show to promote the CM. Keiichi says that it is all because his managing skills isn't that good. Yura feels guilty about this since she remembers Ryouko saying that Nakazono might be turned off by what happened. 

Yura thinks that it isn't easy for someone to specially choose her for a job. She begins to wonder if she might lose it, not only her new work, but all of her work as an actress. She also thinks that for Keiichi, she isn't worth of any value and he won't need her anymore. “I won't want this to happen again – being protected by him.”

Nakazono tells Keiichi that he knows Keiichi is having a hard time but then, it seems that popular Minamitani Q-ta is quite capable. Keiichi didn't reply. Nakazono tells him to just observe the situation and he'll talk with those at the top again. “In the meantime, it is 'reserved', goodbye!” [That reserved could be 'put on hold'.] 

Keiichi informs this to Yura that Nanozono is still going to talk with the other group and in the meantime, it is reserved. Yura didn't reply and thinks that is how it is. Keiichi then asks her if she is really going steady with Q-ta. This surprises Yura that she shouts why he is asking this all of a sudden. Keiichi tells her to answer him honestly about the true situation.
Yura blushes as she can't believe that she has to tell this to him. She stutters while she tells him that she still thinks that it is like a dream but if they can continue on going steady, she will be very happy. Keiichi says that perhaps it is okay. He tells her that he has an idea as to what she should do in the recording. “Believe in me.” 

Yura is surprised. At the station, the media are waiting for Yura outside. Inside, wearing their uniforms that were used in the CM, Yura and Haruka are being interviewed. The host say that they are going to ask about some behind-the-scenes stuff regarding the new CM and of course, some private questions.

The host says that there is one big important question that the audience is dying to know. Ryouko who is watching the program says that here it comes and she hopes that everything will go smoothly with Yura. Keiichi is just watching from behind the camera. The host asks Yura that yesterday night, h.a's Minamitani Q-ta mentioned about a 'girlfriend' named 'Yura' which made everyone wonder if it is Onozuka Yura. “Going straight to the point, are you going steady with Minamitani-kun?”

Blushing, Yura says, “..yes..I am.” The host and everyone watching the show including Ryouko are shock that Yura honestly said it and wonders if it is okay. The host then asks when did they start going steady. Yura says they started just recently. The host comments, so it is true because Q-ta's side has not confirmed it.
The host asks if she has seen what Q-ta has said on the television. Yura is looking down, embarrassed, she says that she did, she accidentally saw it. Flashback: In the car, Keiichi told her that if she was asked, she should reply like, how she did right now, use her own words to honestly tell them. Yura asked won't that make things troublesome. 

Keiichi said that they aren't sure if the other party will be angry. Yura told him of her concern that he will be apologizing to other people on her behalf again. Yura said that she doesn't want that to happen again and if she did that, all her tv drama work might be canceled. Keiichi asked, “Then, can you lie and say, 'It's just a rumor'?” End flashback.

The host then asks Yura if she was surprised about the confession on the television or she is happy about it. Yura admits that she is surprised by it and she wonders if that is okay. “But..but..about that..” The host asks if she is happy. Yura says that she is. “For right now, I still feel..like it is all just a dream. But..but, about that, if we can still go steady, I'll be really happy..I'm sorry.” 
Yura mentally tells Keiichi that she couldn't lie. Keiichi overhears some women saying that Yura is so cute and her face is all red that even she is born past [year] 90, she hasn't lost her innocence. The other woman agrees and says that in the CM, Yura is quite composed. Keiichi seems pleased to hear the reaction. 

Haruka interrupts the interview by apologizing and tells the hosts not to talk about what happened yesterday anymore and let him say something, too. The female host says that he is Q-ta's brother so has he heard anything from Q-ta about the two's relationship. Haruka looks away and says how should he know when his relationship with his brother isn't really that good. “Hey-- don't mention that guy anymore!”
Everyone is laughing as a staff holds a card to show a CM. The host says that after the commercial, they are going to ask Haruka some private questions. Haruka protests that they should ask about their CM. Yura just continues to blush and look down. She thinks that it is all thanks to Haruka that they changed the topic but she has finally said it and that is the only way she knows how to say it. “I'm sorry, boss.”

Keiichi thanks Haruka's handler/manager since Haruka manages to divert those private questions from Yura by getting the topic back on track. The woman says that it is how it should be and that she knows that currently, they are trying to explain things but she is quite nervous if it is really okay to say it so honestly.

“But she gives me such a pure feeling, she's so cute. Just like this, Yura and Minamitani-kun can be publicly-recognized lovers. Keiichi says that it basically true and although they did it in such a 'romantic' way. [I'm not too sure about what Keiichi said, he looks somewhat sad.] In his hideout, Q-ta is watching the show. He remembers Keiichi saying that Yura is his while she's an actress and Haruka saying that he wants Yura to be an actress.

Q-ta is in deep thought as he mutters, “..actress..huh..” After the shooting, a man tells Yura that she did great and thanks to her the mood is quite lively. Yura thanks him. Then, she looks around, looking for Keiichi. When she spots him, she quickly runs to him and holds on to him. She apologizes for saying that they are going steady and what will happen if other problems come up.

She tells him that she should have been a bit vague about it. Keiichi smiles and tells her that no, if she did that, then, they won't receive this many faxes from fans supporting her. Yura notices that Keiichi is holding a lot of papers. Two persons happily tells Yura that they have a lot of emails after Yura explained things and it seems like the machine is going to explode because of the huge volume. 
Yura reads some of the response – they are telling her to do her best, they support her, etc. She was told that about 80% supports her and everyone thinks that it is better to be straight-forward compared to hiding it then gradually going steady. Yura can't believe the support that she received. She asks Keiichi if he expected this so he told her to answer that way. Keiichi says he didn't for he just watch over the others' reaction about last night and he decided to test that out.

She is surprised when Haruka lightly hits her head with a folded paper and tells her that she did well. He says that she did well and he's going ahead. Wanting to follow him, Yura tells Keiichi that she'll go ahead and change her clothes. Keiichi tells her that he'll wait for her at the lounge. Yura runs after Haruka because she wants to thank him. 
Yura calls out to Haruka at the hallway and thanks him for diverting the topic during the talk show. Haruka says that he didn't do it for her but rather, it is because of work. Yura thinks that she knows he'll say that. Yura says that nevertheless, if she was the only one being interviewed, she might not be able to do that. “It's all because of Haruka-kun, you have helped me a lot, so I will say thank you.” 

Haruka calls Yura an idiot for saying that she is going steady, so honestly and unexpectedly, Keiichi also permitted it. Yura protests that it isn't so but rather, Keiichi told her that she can use her own words to tell the true situation. Haruka then says that Q-ta will still continue on doing crazy things according to what he thinks regardless of what might happen to her work because Q-ta doesn't care about her work. 

Yura doesn't believe him because Q-ta has encouraged her and told her to do her best. Haruka tells her that she really doesn't understand because that guy said that it will be nice if she gives up her work, and stay by his side. Yura asks how did Haruka know about that. Haruka says that if she thinks he is lying then she can go ask Q-ta himself. He tells surprised Yura, “That guy really don't understand you. I..I'm more..”

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