June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 24]

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Kotori is still flustered over what Yukito did to her. She wondered what was that just now. The next thing she knew is that she is already outside walking with Harada. She is confused as to what happened that Harada tells her that she is staring at nowhere for some time when they are going to see that Memories of Falling in Love character lookalike guy. Harada explains that the guy is from a top national high school and she only knows that he is working at that café so he is probably there today. Kotori remembers that afternoon, Harada told her that she is a fan of the game and she is going to bring her to see someone who looks like a character in that game. Harada happily looks in the café and says that it seems he isn't there yet. Kotori remembers what happened with her and Yukito that same afternoon. Her brain froze and she looks like a zombie that Harada tells her to quit having that scary kind of expression. Kotori snaps out of it then apologizes that she can't see the guy today. Harada asks why when they are already in front of the store. Kotori tells her that it is because a lot of things had happened that day. Harada shouts what does Kotori meant by that and she will be embarrassed if Kotori suddenly becomes like that especially since she had carefully planned this. They were interrupted when 'Ohara' asks what Harada is doing there. Harada happily calls out his name. To her shock, Kotori calls him, 'Kaiji-bro'. Yukito's brother greets Kotori and says that they have met again. Harada is confused and surprised. She looks at Kotori and asks why is the meaning of that and what is happening. “When did you know each other? And also, what is this 'Kaiji-bro'?” Kotori tells her that the truth is she knows him just yesterday and he is Yukito's brother. This totally freaks out Harada. Harada says that wasn't his surname, Ohara. Yukito's brother tells her that because of re-marrying, his surname has changed but it is too much of a hassle to change it for school records, etc so he kept his old surname. Harada believes him then to her shock, Yukito's brother laughs and says that he is just joking. “Sorry, Harada. During group dates, I never tell my real name and it isn't because of you, that I didn't tell you but..well, no matter how I'll explain, I did lie to you, sorry about that.” Harada is totally stunned as she mutters that the one is lying got lied to. Then, it seems that Harada's soul is flying away as Kotori calls out to her. =P

In the garage, Yukito looks at his brother's motorcycle. Then, knocks it with his fist and he ends up with a painful fist. ^^; He remembers Kotori shouting, 'no' then looking scared of him. He also remembers Natsume telling him that she finds him pitiful so she is going to tell him that Harada is going to bring Kotori to see some guy from a different school who looks like Hikaru and surely, Yukito also knows who Hikaru is. She had informed him that they will be going after school. Yukito looks a bit sad then scratches his head. Then, he seems to realize something. In a fastfood restaurant, Harada is playing her DS. In the Memories of Falling in Love game, she is 'Aiko' and the other guy character she is dating is Kaworu. Kaworu asks why she is opposing him, could it be that she likes him. ['Opposing' like perhaps, everything that Kaworu say/did, she is against it.] Harada blushes and shouts she isn't. She is embarrassed when people are looking at her. As Aiko, she denies that she has any feeling towards him and that he is like any other guys out there. Harada says that men are all crazy. Kaworu holds Aiko's hand and says that he isn't like any of those other guys so why don't she look at him in the eyes and say that again. Harada is moved by what he said. She is given three choices: “a. I like you, Kaworu.. b. Ah, look up in that sky, there is an orange colored object. c. My curfew is 5 o'clock, I'm going home!” Harada sits up and blows as she calms herself before choosing because it isn't easy to find Kaworu, the hidden character again. Harada sighs and says that she has no luck with men. Someone then tells her that she dropped her book. She looks up to see a guy looking just like Kaworu. She exclaims his name then quickly covers her mouth. The guy asks what is it. Blushing, Harada says that it is nothing then she apologizes. She notices that the guy is holding a Memories of Falling in Love guidebook/walkthrough. She quickly snatches it from him and shouts, “No!” [Probably embarrassed] The guy says that she is really great for how did she know that his name is Kaworu. Harada blushes as she looks starry-eyed at him. In the women's toilet, someone is saying that 'he' surprises 'himself' and maybe 'he' also has talent in that aspect [acting]. It is Kaworu looking at the mirror. “I didn't expect for Harada to be easily fooled like that. Isn't it too easy?” 'He' removes his wig and says that no matter, 'he' guess that with this, Harada won't be minding Kotori's business anymore. Kaworu turns out to be Natsume. After sighing, She puts on a different wig -long and curly- and says that it will be troublesome if she meets Harada nearby. Then, she changed her clothes back to her school uniform.

Outside, everyone is looking at Natsume who looks really pretty. She goes to the counter and orders two big french fries and one strawberry milk shake. Working as a cashier in that restaurant, Ryosuke [formerly Kera, sorry, I got his name wrong before ^^;;] welcomes her then just stares at her. Thinking that he didn't hear her, Natsume repeats her order. Ryosuke says, “By the way, if I ask for your phone number, will you be angry? Ah, I'm Ryosuke, nice to meet you.” Natsume can only say, “Ha?” At the streets, while walking together with Kotori, Yukito's brother asks what happened to Harada that she quickly said that she wants to go home. Kotori didn't answer and just think that it is most probably that she was totally shock by what was said a while ago. Yukito's brother says that he has a lot of things that he wanted to ask Harada but then, forget it. Kotori thinks that now, she is alone with Yukito's brother and if Yukito knew this, it will be quite troublesome. She becomes flustered upon remembering again what Yukito tried to do earlier. She thinks that even if she tried not to think about it, it still keeps coming into her mind. Yukito's brother says that since she has come, why don't they go have fun somewhere. Kotori declines and says that she is going home. He asks, “Really? It seems that you are taking precautions [towards me]. I'm just kidding. Did something happen between you and Yukito?” Flustered, Kotori says that it is nothing. Hikaru asks if that is true, then he says that her expression is like she doesn't know what to do. “If it is anything regarding Yukito which you want to know, you can just come and ask me because I'm the one who is always with him so I'm the one who understands him the most.” Later on, Kotori is walking home alone. She wonders how she is going to face Yukito the next day because at that time, she ran away so meeting again will be quite awkward. “What will I do if he wants to break up with me because I ran away? Why am I so afraid? We had already kissed a number of times, and I feel so happy that I can't sleep. But, at that time--” She thinks that maybe it happened because his foot slipped and since Yukito doesn't look the same like he used to, maybe he is just a bit gloomy then. She hopes that it is all just her imagination regarding what had happened.

She keeps telling herself this until the next day. Then she meets Yukito, who is waiting for her, at the school's hallway. Kotori looks nervous as she tries to happily greets him a good morning. Without much reaction, Yukito greets her back. Kotori is a bit surprised to see Yukito blushing a bit then walks away. Then, Abe greets Kotori and asks if she didn't come to school with Yukito. She just tells him that she overslept. Kotori thinks that it is best that Yukito didn't mention anything about yesterday then she wonders why she is so bothered by it. Then, she is surprised when Natsume asks her if she is going to eat together with her boyfriend again. Kotori smiles and asks why she said that for today she wants to eat with Natsume. Natsume notices Kotori looking flustered as she says that is nice if they can eat together. Abe then asks Yukito if he is going to eat with his girlfriend. Yukito asks why he said that with such certainty. Abe just says that it is just his gut feel. Yukito says that it doesn't matter because lately, she has been eating with Natsume. Abe looks a bit worried about him then, he tells Yukito something. Outside, Natsume invites Kotori to watch a movie with her after school. Kotori agrees to go. Natsume asks her if Abe and others can come with them. Kotori says that she didn't know that Natsume and Abe's relationship is that good. Natsume tells her that it isn't about their relationship being good or not but yesterday, they had an opportunity to chat with each other since Abe can easily talk to anyone. Natsume says that seeing Abe, she also wants to get to know more of their classmates. Natsume explains that it is because she only recently come to school for classes. Kotori is convinced as she tells Natsume that if it's Abe and others, it will definitely be fun and there's no problem at all. Natsume is glad about that.

After school, Kotori is surprised to see Yukito waiting at the gate. The two blush. Yukito asks why is she there. Kotori tells him that her friend got called by the teacher so she was told to wait for her at the gate. She asks him why he is there. Yukito says that he was also told to wait at the gate by Abe who went back because he forgot something. Kotori then shouts Abe's name out loud. This made Yukito ask her what's up. Kotori says it is nothing but she agreed to hang out with Abe and others and she was told that if Natsume comes a little late, Kotori can go ahead with the other friend. Yukito asks if she is going to the theater before the station. Kotori says that is right. Yukito already realizes that they were set-up. Kotori is surprised and asks if he is also going there. Yukito tells her that Abe told him that they are going to watch a movie. Kotori realizes that the friend Natsume/Abe meant is actually Yukito. She wonders why they did that but Yukito interrupts her thoughts by saying that they should go. He tells her that those two probably thought that they are having a quarrel so they have arranged this since Kotori is avoiding him. This stuns Kotori. To her surprise, Yukito grabs her hand then runs off with her. Yukito stops at a promenade then Kotori tells him that she won't run away. He tells her that before she told him not to avoid her but now, she is the one who is avoiding him. Kotori tells her that it isn't 'avoiding'. She thinks that it is rather, she doesn't know what to do. He tells her that what he did yesterday was something that he wanted to do for if one goes steady, one would have also thought about that. He says that it is wrong for him to do that so suddenly and he really wants to touch her a lot since he feels that he has to do his best since other people are minding their [couple] business. “So, if you reject it that way, it makes me depressed..” Kotori looks surprised when Yukito touches her face. Kotori thinks that before when Yukito hugs her, kisses her and even his warm hand can make me feel quite excited and she feels that it is really sweet. Yukito kisses her then hugs her. “But..now..”

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