June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 23]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 25, 2009

Kotori is still shock that the guy whom she met on the train before is actually Yukito’s brother. Yukito returns her phone and says that she forgot it and that must be why she returned to get it. Ohara then asks if she is called Kotori. [since Yukito called her by her name] Yukito asks him, “What about it?” Ohara says that it is nothing then exclaims to Kotori that it is such a coincidence that she is his younger brother’s girlfriend. Blushing, Kotori thanks him for what happened in the train before and she didn’t think that he was Yukito’s brother. She apologizes for not properly thanking him before. Ohara says that it is nothing, it’s just small thing. Yukito can no longer take it that he quickly gets between them and says, “That’s enough.” Yukito tells Kotori that it is already late so she should quickly go home. Kotori says okay. Before she can leave, Ohara apologizes to her for Yukito for saying such unpleasant words and he’ll leave Yukito under her care. Kotori blushes.

In their house, Yukito asks what Ohara meant by ‘under your care’. Yukito comments that it’s quite disgusting to hear that from him. Ohara says what of it, it is just a greeting. Going upstairs, Yukito tells him that if they meet again, he [Ohara] shouldn’t talk too much. Ohara just says, yes, yes. Then, he smiles. Going into his room, Yukito thinks that he isn’t sensible to meet in the house that his plan is ruined because the two met each other. He looks at his bed then sits down on the floor. He says that ‘Ana’[peacock] is there awhile ago. Closing his eyes, he stretches his arm and imagines Kotori is sitting beside him. He then berates himself for daydreaming like that. Then, he hears a motorcycle outside. He looks out the window and sees his brother on a motorcycle. Ohara is about to put his helmet on when Yukito calls out to him. Ohara looks up and just smiles. Yukito is shock and tense as he says, “That guy..” Ohara then rides his motorcycle away. Walking home, Kotori imagines what Ohara said ‘under your care’ is the same as what Hikaru said in the game. She becomes really happy about it. She then thinks that if she gets married to Yukito, then Ohara will be her.. She then blushes for thinking that and that it is still too early. She is surprised when someone calls her name. It is Ohara in his motorcycle. Ohara asks her where she lives. “It’s quite dark already so it’s dangerous. I’ll drive you home. Hop on. ♪” Kotori is surprised by this.

In class, Kotori dreamily looks at the picture of Ohara on her phone. Last night, she has asked to take his solo picture to commemorate the meeting. Even if he offered if she wants to be in the picture, she declines. Kotori quickly closes her flip phone when Yukito gloomily asks her from behind as to what happened afterwards yesterday. She wonders if he has seen the picture on her phone. She asks, “Yesterday?” Embarrassed, Yukito drops the subject. She then says that about yesterday, she is really shock that his brother is someone she knew and after saying that it is dark and dangerous, his brother is quite considerate to drive her to her home in his motorcycle. Yukito gloomily asks what happens after that. Kotori is aghast upon seeing his expression. She wonders why he is angry. She just tells him that his brother just told her, nice to meet you/I'm under your care. Kotori starts to become nervous as she wonders if he is angry because he has looked in her cellphone and saw all the pictures of Memories of Falling in Love in her phone. Kotori then gloomily asks if he looked into her phone. Yukito says he did. This shocks Kotori. Then, Yukito asks that if he said that, what of it. Kotori is blushing as she nervously asks if he saw it or not. Yukito then says why she has that kind of expression as if it's the truth. He tells her that he didn't look at it and all the pictures in it are just Memories of Falling in Love. Kotori exclaims how did he know. The two looks aghast at each other. Yukito tells her it is infuriating since it's true. I think she asks if he wants her to give him one of the pictures. Yukito says that there is no need.

After a pause, he asks if she knows of her brother before. Kotori says she does from riding the train one time, his brother had helped her. She tells him that after that, she didn't get to meet him again and she doesn't know his name. “I didn't know that he is Yukito's brother but it's really great for in many ways, we seem to be connected. Now that I think of it, it is like fate..” She stops upon seeing Yukito looking downcast. Elsewhere, Harada is really happy that Ohara answered about when they would meet. Her friend asks if it is that Ohara guy whom Harada plans to meet with Kotori. Harada happily says that she is going to trick Kotori to go out and meet with Ohara then secretly take a picture of them together then let Yukito see it so that the two Kaiji-s will have a quarrel. Her friend asks if it will go smoothly especially since exams are coming soon. Harada says that it is okay and just lend her notes to her. Her friend asks if that is okay. Ohara gets an email from Harada who wrote that it's really great that he agreed for she wanted to surprise Kotori who is a fan of his and she is really happy that he is helping her out. [Harada has put in a lot of ♥ in that message ^^;] Ohara laughs and wonders what evil plan is Harada plotting. A friend asks Ohara if he is going on a group date with girl/s from that place again. Ohara says more or less. His friend says that he's really great for having free time when he is already in third year high. His other friend says that he is envious of Ohara since even if he goofs around, his grades doesn't go down. His friend tells the other friend if he knows that Ohara changes his name when joining group dates even if he is already quite popular. The other friend asks why since it will be quite troublesome. The friend says that if the other party isn't Ohara's type then, he won't tell the other the truth. The other friend asks Ohara what if the other party is someone whom he is serious with. Ohara says that won't happen because this is only a past time [for fun]. The two friends say that he is hateful and infuriating.

During a break, at the hallway, Kotori shows Ohara's picture to Natsume. Natsume tells her that he really looks like Hikaru and no wonder Yukito looks like a character in the game. She then notices Kotori looking gloomy so she asks her what's up. Kotori says that it is nothing but she is just a bit worried since Yukito seems strange a while ago. Natsume asks her what happened. Kotori says that it is because she wasn't careful and she said a lot of things about Yukito's brother. Kotori laments that it is her sickness to talk a lot and only realizing too late that Yukito doesn't like his brother. She thinks that they had a good time yesterday at Yukito's house. She berates herself for being stupid for being to excited about the picture and even imagining about getting married. She wonders why Yukito doesn't like his brother when his brother seems to be a nice guy and it is no big deal to her about her and his brother meeting. Looking out the window while holding a thin booklet, Yukito asks out loud if [she?] has realized it. His friends asks what he is saying and sighing about. Crumpling the booklet, Yukito says that he has lost and why he didn't walk Kotori home that time. He is angry at himself for not thinking that. His friends are puzzled over what it troubling Yukito. Yukito says that it is much cooler if it's on a motorcycle. He mutters that if he rides on a motorcycle, then he'll also be cool for isn't a motorcycle cooler than a bicycle. His friends ask if he is asking them. Abe holds his hand that is holding a booklet and asks if Yukito is planning on getting a motorcycle that is why he is reading that exam sheet. Blushing a bit, Yukito says that if he rides on a motorcycle, then she will be more infatuated with him. His friends look at each other, then tell Yukito that one can't take the license test if he is below 16 years old. They tell him that he is still 15 and isn't he a bit too impatient. Yukito becomes gloomy about this as he mutters, “I know.”

He then overhears Kotori telling Natsume that she will just delete the picture. Natsume asks why since it's a waste. Kotori says that if Yukito sees it, it would really bother him. Natsume says that she is thinking too much and that Kotori is just his fan. Yukito becomes gloomy when Natsume says that if the other party is that narrow-minded then she can't go steady with him and would think Yukito is a narrow-minded person. Natsume tells Kotori that everyone has that someone whom one idolizes about so it's okay. Kotori says if that is so then.. Natsume tells her that it is fine. Yukito looks gloomy as he walks behind them. He is shock to see his brother's picture on Kotori's phone. An arrow says that he minds. Natsume then tells Kotori that she learned from a strategy guide that there is a secret character in Memories of Falling in Love if one fulfills all the conditions. She says that it is Hikaru's younger brother. Kotori exclaims that she didn't know about that. She asks if Natsume has tried it out. Natsume says she did and no wonder it is a hidden character, he isn't easy to find. Kotori asks if he looks like Hikaru. Natsume says that she thinks that he isn't bad. Kotori says that she is really curious that she'll try it out. Yukito becomes gloomier and gloomier. He returns back to the classroom. His friends ask where he went for they were looking for him since he suddenly disappeared. Yukito asks how many days are there before it's Aug 27. They ask if it's Yukito's birthday..it's around three more months. Yukito becomes gloomy as he exclaims that he can't wait until he's 16 years old.

While everyone is preparing for lunch, Harada calls Kotori out. Natsume notices this. Outside, Kotori is a bit nervous and wonders if Harada is going to talk about things regarding Yukito and Natsume again. She is surprised when Harada asks if she wants to meet a person who looks like a Memories of Falling in Love character. Kotori is totally shock that Harada is talking about the game. Harada says that she also likes the game. She apologizes for not daring to say it before and she is envious of Yukito for being able to say that she likes the game. Harada claims that she wants to be the only one who likes the game since she likes the game more than anyone so the situation for her is that Kotori is a rival in her love for the game. She says that is why she is quite cold with Kotori before but upon seeing how Kotori and Natsume become good friends because of the game, she feels that it's not bad that she can also talk with someone who is also a fan of the game. She has this fake smile and tells Kotori to laugh at her if she wants to. Harada is thinking that this is disgusting for pretending to like the game. Kotori is still shock that Harada is actually a fan of the game when she despises the game. Harada says that she has met a guy from another school who looks like a character in the game. Harada offers to make them meet each other as her apology for what she did to Kotori before. She tells Kotori that he is like the hidden character. Kotori exclaims that Harada knows the hidden character and is she talking about Hikaru's younger brother. She asks Harada if she has found the younger brother and how she did it because she doesn't know about it even if she has played the game a lot of times. She exclaims that Harada is great for finding that character. Looking nervous, Harada asks Kotori again if she wants to come. Kotori thinks that since Harada found the hidden character then she must really be a fan of the game because before she thinks that Harada is just lying. She rationalizes that there are also times that she doesn't want to reveal that she is a fan of the game. She wonders if Harada is telling the truth or not. She thinks if it is Hikaru, what would his suggestion be. She imagines Hikaru saying that someone who likes the game isn't a bad person. Kotori blushes as she looks at Harada who looks aghast and asks her if she is going or not.

Kotori says that she is going. This made Harada happy. Kotori wants to bring Natsume along with her because Natsume also likes the game. Harada refuses and just says that her relationship with Natsume isn't that good and she isn't ready yet so, she'll just apologize to Natsume afterwards, then she'll go with her. Kotori just says okay. Looking from behind, Natsume wonders what Harada is telling Kotori. She thinks that Kotori is just too nice of a person. While Yukito is eating a bomb onigiri with Abe, Natsume approaches him and says that since she pities him, she will tell him something. Kotori walks back to the classroom as she still can't imagine what just happened but then, she thinks that everyone can get along with each other if they talk about something that interests them. She then notices that lunch break is going to be over soon and wonders if Natsume already ate ahead of her. Yukito calls out to her, 'Ana'[peacock]. Yukito tells her that they eat together and he already told this to Natsume. At the stairs, the two are eating in silence. Kotori says that it has been a long time since they ate together. Yukito lamely just says that it is true. Kotori thinks that something is wrong. She wonders if he is acting weird because of something she did and not something she said. She is about to ask about this when Yukito asks, “Ana--Do you like me?” This surprises Kotori. She blushes and asks why he asks this all of a sudden. Looking downcast, he asks her how much does she likes him. Kotori repeats what he said. He suddenly holds her down. This stuns Kotori. Yukito looks serious as he bends down to her neck. This made Kotori shouts no. I don't know if she slapped or pushed him away. Kotori is flustered that she quickly runs downstairs and thinks, “Why?!” while holding her lips.

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