June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 30 -31]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 10, 2009

Hanabi says that she didn't think that the one Sasa likes is a guy. The two girls overhear it then left the gym. Hanabi then says, “But..” Hanabi and Sasa are surprised when there is an echo saying “But..” Hanabi tries it again and says, “Ah..” It happens again. Sasa says that maybe the microphone is open. Hanabi quickly goes out to the gym. She is relieved that no one is there who could have overheard them. Sasa then asks what she is saying earlier since they were interrupted. Hanabi admits that at first she was shock as to why is it a guy. Hanabi smiles and says, “But, Sasa is Sasa.” Sasa smiles back and says that before he was 'sharp'. [I don't get it but I think he means like delinquent because Hanabi is imaging a delinquent with a butterfly/folding knife.] He tells her how he met the store's boss. Flashback: At the store, Sasa is looking around the gifts. The boss asked what he is looking for. Sasa said something for his girlfriend and anything will do because he doesn't know what would be nice to give to her. The boss told him, “If that is your attitude then giving her anything, it will be just the same. Why don't you just buy anything you like? Smelly brat.” End flashback. Hanabi comments how could the boss talk that way to a customer. Sasa agrees because he thought before, what's with this guy but he went to the store many times and he gradually learns what is it about this thing called 'being considerate'. “I also wanted to become a person like him.” Hanabi agrees and says that the boss is really kind. Then, Hanabi realizes who the boss reminds her of. “I just realized that it is Sasa-kun. 'Sasa-kun' is brought about by 'boss'. This is so complicated..I think Atsumi's love is more cruel [compare to hers?].”

The next day, on the way to school, Hanabi overhears some students gossiping that Sasa is gay. Hanabi is shock as she wonders why they know. She overhears the others saying that they don't know from whom did the news come from but someone said that they heard it from the gym. Hanabi realizes that they were overheard on the microphone. Hanabi rushes to the guys' classrooms. She is a bit aghast with all the guys there who are wondering if she is there to confess. She remembers Sasa's smile then musters her courage and goes to Sasa's classroom. In Sasa's classroom, Sasa is just sitting in his chair while the other boys are teasing and taunting him – they always thought he was gay because Sasa looks cute like a girl but then, it isn't just the appearance, and if it's Sasa, they would be okay with it. They then ask if it is a 'mutual relationship' and exclaims that is quite disgusting. They were interrupted when Hanabi shouts that it isn't true, and it is just a rumor. “The person that Sasa likes..is generally a manly..very cool-looking girl! Not a guy..” Hanabi becomes quite ill with all the guys there. Sasa goes to her and covers her eyes. Sasa tells her that it is okay and she should go back because he didn't do anything wrong. Hanabi protests that isn't what she meant. Sasa says that isn't also what he meant. He thanks her for going there all by herself. He smiles and tells her that he'll also go to that place where she got her courage. [That's quite literally but basically it's like saying he'll borrow her courage.] Sasa leaves as Hanabi thinks about courage to resist hate and courage to confront. At the hallway, Mii and Kareshi are trying to cheer up Atsumi that they still don't know for sure and it could just be a rumor. Atsumi says they are right but then, it is too shocking. Atsumi smiles and greets Hanabi. From Atsumi's reaction, Hanabi realizes that Atsumi knows about it, too. Atsumi notices Hanabi's somewhat flustered look. Hanabi apologizes and says that rumor has spread all over the school is because of her. Atsumi is surprised and asks what she meant. After Hanabi told them what happened, Kareshi says that the microphone being on isn't Hanabi's fault but being alone in that place with a guy that her friend likes is quite inappropriate/makes people uneasy. Hanabi exclaims that she didn't think too much of it. Hanabi thinks that it's because she knows who Sasa likes. Atsumi is about to cry as she tells Kareshi not to say it anymore because Sasa is Hanabi's only male friend. “If I'm Hanabi, I'll also help him with the chairs.” Hanabi apologizes for not thinking.

Looking flustered, Atsumi shouts, “What I really want to know is..although you know about that regarding Sasa, why didn't you tell me earlier?” Hanabi is surprised. Then, Mii suddenly says, “There are also times..that some things cannot be talked about.” Then, uncomfortable moment among the friends. Hanabi thinks that she never thought that things will turn out that way. Later on, at class, Hanabi's group are still forming plans regarding their product. They ask who is good with cute things. Someone says Hanabi. This totally shocks Hanabi that they decide how about Atsumi do it in this kind of situation. [I think because they know Hanabi is scared of guys.] Atsumi then leaves and says that she is going to the clinic. They wonder if she is okay and if it is okay for Hanabi/someone not to go with her. Hanabi just looks sad. Chikai is looking at Hanabi's direction. Shinichi tries to strike a conversation with Mii by telling her that their preparation is going smoothly. Mii looks darkly at him that he retreats. Shinichi calls to Kareshi as glasses girl. Kareshi tells him that he also has glasses. He asks her what happened with Mii since she is colder than she usually is. Kareshi looks flustered and says that she can't explain. Kareshi gets angry when Shinichi accuses her of being stupid and her glasses are just for decoration. ^^; [Glasses = intelligent] To everyone's surprise, Chikai pulls Hanabi's collar from behind and drags her out. [It's like he's holding a dog/cat =P ] At the hallway, Chikai asks her what happened. Hanabi just looks down. Chikai tells her that he is asking because Shinichi has pestered him about it. Hanabi sadly says it's nothing. Chikai looks at her but she looks to the right. Chikai looks at her to the right, she looks at the left as he repeats what she has said. This made Chikai angry. He then says that she 'left his appetite hanging' since she told him to keep himself busy during Nanayo store. “How cunning. Could it be that you said it and that's it. You only put effort in asking me to do that. Then, I'll also do my best to become depressed.” Hanabi shouts that he shouldn't and he should be lively. Chikai fixes his jacket then asks Hanabi if she just putting effort to ask/say him that again. He says that she's quite cunning. Chikai heads back in the classroom. Hanabi clenches her fist and runs off.

Shinichi tells Chikai that Mii and others are acting strange, He asks if he asked Hanabi what had happened. Chikai said that he already asked. Mii and Kareshi overhear them. A couple of guys are at the door of a clinic planning to enter because there is a girl inside and the nurse isn't inside. Hanabi runs and hits them with her body. The guys exclaim what she is doing but they got scared of Hanabi's scary, ill-looking face as she calls them stinky guys. Atsumi comes out the door and asks what she is doing. Hanabi asks if she is alright. Atsumi says how can she be alright. Hanabi is about to say something when Atsumi shows her all sorts of food that she bought on the bed. Atsumi sadly says that there is no longer any meaning in dieting because whether she's fat or thin, it's totally impossible. “Because I'm a girl..” Atsumi cries and Hanabi hugs her to comfort her. Holding her breasts, Atsumi cries that it is so obvious that she's a girl because she has that kind of breasts. Hanabi cries that it's true for they are super breasts. Atsumi says that 'because I'm a girl' and 'obviously a girl' is contradictory but Sasa has surpassed the sex condition/barrier and liked that person. “I cannot..fight against that. It's a mountain..that I can't overcome.” Hanabi thinks that she cannot tell Atsumi that Sasa liked a girl before since she cannot be irresponsible and say it then make Atsumi hope that she has a chance with Sasa. The two girls go out of the room and see Kareshi and Mii who are going in their direction. The four then head back together to the classroom. Mii breaks the silence when she darkly says that this is too troublesome. “Thinking things again and again [is troublesome], no one is at fault, right?!” Kareshi says that since Hanabi knows who Sasa likes and she is Sasa's friend so of course, there is no reason for Hanabi to think that it's inappropriate for her to be alone with Sasa. Atsumi says that they had blamed Hanabi for not telling them those things about Sasa but then, they wouldn't have been her friends if she is the type of person who tells others about stuff regarding her friends – Kareshi having a boyfriend and Atsumi liking Sasa. The girls return to the classroom. The others ask if Atsumi is okay. Atsumi says she is. Shinichi nervously greets Mii who asks him what is it. Shinichi is rejoicing since Mii is back to her usual self. Hanabi notices that Chikai is looking at her. She slightly smiles and to her shock, Chikai pulls up his collar and looks away. The rest is scenes of the others – Atsumi smiling, Sasa studying/thinking, Shinichi happily talking to Mii while Kareshi and Masato thinking, looking downcast. Hanabi thinks, “I've heard adults say that love is insignificant but for us, it isn't so.”

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