June 14, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapters 73-76]

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Shin looks at his bandaged hand and thinks that the pain hasn’t subsided a bit. While a kid is asking Yuusuke to play with him, Yuusuke asks Shin if he is okay and does his hand still hurt. Shin somewhat smiles and just tells Yuusuke not to worry, he’ll just go out for a while for some fresh air. While walking out and looking at his hand, Shin wonders if this means that his hand hasn’t healed yet. He has only been using his left hand to play the piano for a short time yet his fingers [on the right] are still not flexible. Passing by the chapel, Shin wonders why he didn’t notice this before. Just when he realizes that it is because lately, he is only thinking about Maria’s issues, Shin sees Maria in the process of slapping John. Shin quickly shouts for Maria to stop because even if she slaps John, it is of no use. Maria looks at him and hesitates. Shin pleads for her to forget about it. Shin thinks that seeing Maria in so much pain, he just didn’t take it [his hand] into account. Overtaken by rage, Maria continues to give John a slap. Shin rushes to her to stop her but he hesitated after remembering John telling him that his tendon could be damaged. While closing his eyes, John manages to evade the slap. John opens his eyes and apologizes to flustered Maria that he didn’t mean to avoid it but it is because his body’s instinct is really good that it moved on its own. [<- probably since he used to be a soldier] “This time, I won’t avoid it, so please hit me.” Shin shouts for Maria that is enough but Maria tries to hit John again. John evades it again. Maria kept on angrily trying to hit him but John kept on apologizing that he doesn’t mean it but his body is moving on its own. ^^; Shin quickly goes to Maria and tries to hold her. He tells her to stop, calm down and even if she does that, it will not change anything. To Shin’s surprise, when he touches her shoulder, Maria immediately hesitates and stops. Shin wonders if it is because Maria wanted to protect his hand. Just then, Shintaro, Yuusuke and kid are there. Shintaro tells Maria not to hit her father for it will just hurt her more if she harbors bitterness in her heart. He says that he knows that kind of feeling since his parents beat him up and then abandoned him. All of his relatives avoided him and he has no place to stay. It is John who took him under his care so for him, John is his very important father. “I do not want for senpai to always hate John.” Shin shouts that is his own wishful thinking. Shintaro shouts that John has always been watching over and protecting her. Maria is surprised when Shintaro says that her mother and John even exchanged letters. Shin tells him to quit making things up. Shintaro exclaims that it is true for John treasured and kept all those letters. Those letters even recorded Maria’s growth. “Please, senpai, talk properly with John--” Shin shouts for him to quit saying more and not to force Maria. Everyone looks surprised-flustered. Thinking that he doesn’t want to see Maria’s pained expression, Shin asks them for some time and let the two of them be alone for a while. Shin thinks that he only wants Maria to live a calm and peaceful life yet why can’t this even be fulfilled.

When they are alone at the chapel, Shin asks flustered Maria if she is alright. Maria somewhat smiles at him then holds his injured hand. He tells her that it has been re-bandaged. He assures her not to worry and he’ll have it checked at the hospital. Maria looks worriedly at him that Shin keeps on assuring her that it is okay. Shin cannot bear to see her like that especially if it is about him, and he wants her to smile. She is surprised when Shin suddenly welcomes her to a church music exhibition. He opens the piano and starts playing. He tells her that this piano isn’t bad at all and he is pretty proud of his one-hand playing of Ave Maria. He tells Maria that other songs are accepted so what does he want to play for her. Shin starts playing Amazing Grace and says that she used to sing that. He asks if she still remembered that when she just transferred school, she sang that alone. “When I heard that beautiful voice, I returned to the classroom and found you..” The others hear the piano music and it made John cry. Blushing Shin says that he’ll confess that perhaps, that time, it was love at first sight. This made Maria blush, too. He starts playing variations to it like jazz and ballad style. Shin blushes really red when Maria finally smiles. Then, Shin tries to play it symphonic style but he unconsciously uses his right hand. Shin winces in pain and to their shock, Shin’s hand is twitching again. Shin just nervously tells Maria that they should go out on a stroll and there ought to be a nice park nearby. Shin begins to worry that he might not be able to play the piano anymore. At a covered esplanade, Shin comments that the wind is cold and it’s because they are the seaside. Shin tries to act normal but he is becoming afraid since it isn’t normal for his hand’s pain to keep on increasing. Then, that kid, Ryu calls out to Maria. Holding some letters, Ryu accuses Maria of making John cry so they should apologize to John. Yuusuke arrives and tells Ryu that everyone has been looking for him. Snubbing Yuusuke, Ryu exclaims that he knows that Maria wants those letters, the ones that John received. Maria is surprised by this. Ryu exclaims that if they don’t apologize, he is going to throw all of those letters to the sea. Yuusuke shouts for him not to do that for those are the letters of Maria’s mother.. Ryu shouts for him to shut up. They are surprise that Ryu is already over the railing and is holding the letters to the sea. Yuusuke shouts that he’ll fall but Ryu won’t listen and continues with his threats. Then, Ryu loses his balance. Maria rushes to pull back Ryu and Shin also tries to grab Maria with his right hand but he hesitated. Maria and Ryu fell down to the sea below. While Yuusuke shouts to Maria, Shin is appalled at himself that he would suddenly choose to protect his hand rather than Maria.

Diving in the water with Ryu, Maria quickly holds Ryu tight and thinks that she should quickly go up since the sea is cold that it doesn’t make her feel good. They surface. While Ryu is shouting for Maria not to hold her tightly, Shin prepares to go to her but Yuusuke tells him not to go because of his injured hand, and if they both go, they won’t be able to save them. Shin tries to protest that it is just a small injury but Yuusuke tells him that he’ll save them and Shin is the one responsible to pull them to safety. Shin is flustered over this. Yuusuke jumps down, and then, he swims towards the two. Yuusuke takes Ryu from Maria and tells her that he’ll bring Ryu to the shallow waters. While Yuusuke tells Ryu, who is thrashing about, to calm down, he turns to Maria to tell her to go to the shallow waters. Instead, Maria decides to go back and get her mother’s letters. She wants to know what is written in them concerning her. What does her mother think of her? Did she feel that because of her [Maria], her life is filled with pain? While swimming down in the water, Maria loses breath and remembers the time when she told her mother that she doesn’t need friends because her mother doesn’t have friends. Then, her mother cried out that she is all alone is because of Maria. “At that time, I realize that I’m a child who shouldn’t have existed. If there is no me, then mama will definitely, still be living right now. I’m sorry, mama.” Then, Maria opens her eyes and sees her mother hugging her. After removing Maria’s necklace, her mother throws it up to the waters. Maria thinks that her mother has come to fetch her so that this time around, they can die together. Meanwhile, Yuusuke exclaims to Shin who is holding Ryu that it is no good, it is too dark that he cannot see anything. He shouts at Shin if he can see anything from his side. Anxious Shin starts to mutter where she could be when he notices something sparkling in the waters behind Yuusuke. Shin realizes that it is Maria’s cross. While he shouts this to Yuusuke, Shin starts going to that direction. Yuusuke tells him not to come near since it is deep there and he’ll go save her. Shin is flustered again over his helplessness. He can only worriedly wait as Yuusuke dives into the water. Then, Yuusuke surfaces with unconscious Maria. While Shin is asking if Maria is alright, Yuusuke notices that Maria isn’t breathing. Shin looks stunned as Yuusuke gives Maria a mouth to mouth resuscitation. Maria then throws out the water she has swallowed. As Maria opens her eyes, Yuusuke asks if she can hear him and she should breath slowly. Shin looks on and then, he looks away. Maria realizes that she is still alive. Relieved Yuusuke tells her that it is alright.

The two are surprised when Maria voices out ‘Mama’. Maria sadly thinks that she is left alone again and she made her mother leave on her own. Yuusuke asks her what happened. Maria looks flustered. Shin asks Yuusuke about the necklace. Yuusuke tells Shin that he got it. Yuusuke gives it to him and Shin thanks him. Putting the necklace back on Maria, Shin tells her that just now, it floated on the water so it is quite baffling since it is made of silver. “In the dark waters, it is thanks to it that we were able to find you. It seems that there is someone specially wanted to tell us that you are there. It’s definitely, your..” Maria remembers seeing her mother throwing her necklace up the water. Maria suddenly grabs Shin’s shirt and ‘shouts’, “It’s mama, it’s mama who saved me. Ah, Meguro, tell me that it is mama who saved me.. *Shin looks flustered* Tell me.. Tell me that I’m not hated. *Shin hugs her tight as she cries* I want to believe.” Then, Shintaro and John arrive. Shintaro exclaims if Maria and Ryu are alright. He then asks Ryu about the letters that he took. Shintaro didn’t finish his question since they see all the letters scattered in the sea. Shintaro shouts at Ryu who cries that it wasn’t deliberate. It is because they made John cry that he wanted to tease them a bit. Shintaro calls him a fool because those were letters written by Maria’s mother and now, there is no way of knowing what’s written inside. Shin and Maria are surprised when John says, “‘I gave birth to a child and named her Maria.’ That is her first letter. After that incident, I wrote to her everyday and later on, she gradually started to answer them. ‘Because you always continue on writing apology letters, then I will also write back something about how the child is growing up. This is my vengeance in order for you not to forget us.” Maria looks sad since it is for vengeance so her mother.. Then, to her surprise, John says, “Today, Maria held my hand. If I look at it in detail, the shape of her fingers is like mine. Today, she starts talking. Today, she starts to sing and her voice is like an angel’s! Today, she remembered a lot of songs. Wait until I’m in the mood, perhaps, I will make her listen to Amazing Grace as you suggested. Today, Maria had a fight with someone, it seems that she got angry because some people said bad things about me. I’m not the same with Maria who is very strong. It is probably because I’m weak so she became strong. Even if the other party is an adult, she totally won’t cower away but would face that person head on. She can tell the other’s innermost weakness to make them waver and hate her [Maria]. But in my opinion, Maria being unskilled in that area, is quite cute.’” Maria looks surprised by this while John looks sad.

John continues to say, “You mother’s letters are filled with love for you. You were always being deeply loved by your mother.” Maria looks in surprise and thinks, “How can this be.. All of a sudden, from the mouth of the person whom I detest the most, comes out the words that I really wanted to hear. Perhaps, he is lying, perhaps those letters fundamentally do not contain those.. but..” John looks flustered that he starts to climb up the fence. Shintaro asks him what he is doing. John tells him that he is going to get the letters for he wanted Maria to see those letters with her own eyes. Everyone is surprised when crying Maria suddenly says, “I believe.” Narration: “Other from that sentence, I wasn’t able to say anything else. Only to sing. Just, only to sing.” Flustered John starts cries, too. Soon, back in the church, Maria is taking a bath. She remembers what John said about what her mother thinks of her ‘bluntness’ towards others. “-Ah, mama, I’m a bit afraid. I’m afraid of the things that I would say whether they will hurt someone else’s heart again but..” Maria says ‘ah’ and hears her own voice. Then, Maria somewhat smiles. Outside the bathroom, Yuusuke is surprised when Maria suddenly calls out to him using his full name. Maria apologizes for the long wait and tells him to go in and warm himself. She is surprised when he says that she startled him. Yuusuke says that it is because it has been a long time since someone called his full name and only Maria does that. “It’s really great that your voice is back.” Maria thanks him for saving her when she’s in the sea. She tells him that she heard this from Shin. Yuusuke asks her if Shin said anything else. Maria is puzzled so Yuusuke drops the subject and says that it’s nothing. Maria asks what that other thing is and did she cause any other trouble. Yuusuke smiles and says that it’s nothing. He keeps saying that and Maria notices something. Maria says that he’s lying for the water has buoyancy so they ought to have floated up. Yuusuke laughs and says that it is exposed so he’s going to take a bath. Before he can leave, Maria tells him that his expression just now, it appears when he is telling a kind [/white] lie. She notices Yuusuke looks aghast that she wonders if she said something that she shouldn’t say. Yuusuke darkly tells her not to continue on in this direction. Pointing at her, he tells her that occasionally, she should pretend to not know and give the other person some face, in that way, she’ll be cute. Maria calls him stupid. Yuusuke happily tells him that guys are very stupid. Narration: “Ah, mama, this guy.. will make the loser me into someone cute. Then, there is..”

Sparkling Shintaro puts his hand on Maria’s shoulder and says that after taking bath, then seeing her wearing his shirt, it seems as if they are a couple. Maria pushes his face away and tells him that she is just using it as temporary clothes to wear so please don’t imagine that he’s a gift to women. While Shintaro is telling her not to be shy, Maria notices a lot of books on the bookcase and asks if those are all John Cross’ books. Shintaro says yes and those are for all of them [kids] to read. John collected all of them so that they [kids] can read all kinds of books. Shintaro happily says that if one reads them all, one will become quite intelligent. Maria says that based on the contents [/subjects] of the books, it is quite similar to the books given to her before she went to school. The caretaker will always bring her new books every week so she isn’t bored even if she is alone. She had asked the caretaker who brought the books but she is only told that someone asked her to [give it to Maria]. “Could it be..” Shintaro confides to her that the first time he saw her was a year ago, with John by his side. It is on the television during the choir competition when she sang Amazing Grace. Flashback: Shintaro commented that Maria is amazing and isn’t that the song that John likes. To his surprise, John bitterly cried. That is when John told him what happened in the past, about his daughter and what he did. End flashback. Shintaro admits that from the start, he is interested in her that is why he enrolled in Touzuka. He apologizes for always hiding this from her but he likes her and he really wants the person he likes to make up with John. When Shintaro is becoming really flustered, Maria slaps him lightly and calls his full name. Shintaro is really happy when Maria thanks him that he wants to hug her but Maria pushes him away. Narration: “Ah, mama, even if this child likes to be pampered, but he is always able to notice the most important things. Furthermore, mama, I have a lover. He really likes to worry, a bit ruthless [/cool], but, he is really, very dependable--”

Maria goes to the chapel to see Shin there. Shin turns around to see her. He looks flustered and tells her that it makes him uncomfortable. He calls her stupid for not calling out when she came. Maria pouts and says that she already got her voice back and he is already picking a fight. She tells him that speaking of that, why is he there wasting time and since it is inconsistent with his nature to be there, she had a hard time looking for him. Aghast Shin says that the poisonous tongue has resurrected. Maria asks if it is better for her not to be able to talk. Shin says that actually she is cuter that way [not talking]. Maria sarcastically apologizes for not being cute, and because she got her voice back, she won’t be cute again. Shin says that she is really not cute. He smiles and says that even if she isn’t cute, but this is better and he is relieved. This made Maria blush. Maria tells him that it is because of him that she isn’t cute. Just when she obviously can talk now, there is something that she wanted to say. Shin asks her what it is. Maria says that she missed the opportunity and she cannot say it anymore. Shin asks why. He holds her face with both hands as he urges her to say it. Maria thinks that she wants to call him by his name ‘Shin’. “And afterwards..” Maria tries to change the subject by telling him not to use his right hand but it ends with Shin giving her a kiss. Maria thinks, “..tell you ‘I like you’ many, many times..” Suddenly Maria looks shock that she pushes Shin away. She covers her mouth and says that Shin suddenly puts his tongue in and is that normal for she thought kisses are just touching of the lips. Flustered Shin timidly apologizes for being impatient. Maria tells him that she doesn’t hate it but she’s only worried about his right hand. Shin seems to look glum when Maria worriedly tells him to go to the hospital to check if it has gotten worse. She starts telling him that she will help him, then she’ll put her energy in it to cure it. Shin tells him that compared to that, there is something he wants to do with her so can she free her Sunday. Maria blushes really red because she remembered he told her that they will continue with ‘lovey-dovey’ [before] when she gets her voice back.

The next day, Maria and others are leaving while Maria wonders to her mother what is she to do [about what Shin told her]. While Shintaro is asking the others if they left anything, Maria thinks that there is a kind of kiss that she doesn’t know and she wonders if her knowledge about this stuff is enough. She looks at Shin and thinks that she thought that if one is naked with the other, things will go smoothly. “At this time, it would have been better if I were to talk about this with mama then I would be able to inquiry what I should do. Ah, mama, have you ever felt this kind of feeling? Have you ever fallen in love?” She looks sad as she remembers the newspaper article about her mother being raped. Her thoughts are interrupted when John calls out to her and tells her that if she has any problems, she can contact him anytime. John then urges Ryu who is clinging on to him to apologize. While Maria is saying that there is no need to apologize, she looks up and sees the name of the church, ‘Gospel Marianna Church’. [<-Sorry, it is Marianne before ^^;] Maria says that her mother’s name is Anna. She asks John if the name of the church is based on her and her mother’s name, that is why it is called Marianna. John blushes really red that Maria realizes that it is true. She suddenly asks if John is single. John timidly says yes. Maria asks, “Is it because you do not have any plans to marry that is why you became a priest? Do you..really loved mama?” John looks surprised then sad. He tells her that he knows that he doesn’t have the right but as they communicated through letters, he has fallen for Anna. Maria brightens up and mentally tells her mother that she doesn’t want to go home like this. Maria exclaims that she is going to make him meet her mother’s family. John says no for they do not want to see him. Maria grabs his sleeve and tells him not to say anymore and just follow her. Yuusuke tells Maria that she is reckless for wasn’t her grandpa in a poor health condition. Maria says that it is even more, bad for the health if they continue on blaming themselves for they always thought that her mother died is because they abandoned their own daughter. When they reach the factory, they are surprised that there are many people there. It turns out that her grandfather is being carried into an ambulance.

Soon, they are in a hospital where Maria learned from the rescuers as to where her grandfather will be brought. At the waiting area, grandmother sees her and calls out to Maria. Maria asks about her grandfather. She tells Maria that it is still unknown since they are still reviving him. She tearfully narrates that it happened suddenly this morning. His heart has always been not good and was told that he has to get operated on but her husband won’t listen nor rest. From the time Anna died, he won’t stop working. Maria tries to calm her down but her grandmother keeps on crying about what is she to do if he dies. “I will be left all alone without my husband and child.” Maria shouts at her that she isn’t alone for she still has her. Grandmother looks surprised and calls Maria’s name. Maria says that there is also John. It is only then she notices that John is there that she asks why he is there. Then, the doctor comes out and tells them that the surgery is really needed so they ought to properly talk with the patient about this. In the private room, grandmother timidly calls out to her husband that Maria and John are there. Maria gets angry when her grandfather closes his eyes and tells them to go away for he doesn’t care whatever reason it is that they came. His wife shouts at him but grandfather continues to say that there is no use to curry favor from a dying stubborn old man. “I won’t have the surgery! It doesn’t matter if I die!” He is surprised when Maria says that no wonder her mother is very stubborn because she has an equally stubborn and willful father. “You are treating this dying from sickness, as your punishment for abandoning mama. This way, you can free yourself! Totally not even thinking of the feelings of those who’ll be left behind! By not curing your own illness, what is that going to be atoned. You’re really such an idiot. Doing this is only running away. *tearful while John tries to calm her down* Grandfather, a person like you, it would be good if you just go and die as you wish!” Maria turns and angrily runs out of the room with John following her. Grandfather and wife is surprised as he mutters that Maria just called her ‘grandfather’.

Shin comes forward and tells them, “Please, protect that girl. Later on, she will definitely encounter all sorts of happiness, be enveloped by friends, then one day, after she graduates.. she’ll go to her coming of age ceremony, wedding ceremony, meeting all sorts of people, and one day, become a mother..” Shintaro tries to interrupt that he will make Maria happy but Shin quickly covers his mouth and continues to say, “Of course, there is also a possibility that it will not turn out like the kind of happiness that I thought of, and perhaps, she will go and live a life that is totally beyond what I can predict. So please, ‘live on’ and protect her life. *calm yet somewhat smiling sadly * Then when that girl is striving, I would want her to have her family’s encouragement. *grandfather looks flustered* Sorry for saying such arrogant [/rude] words.” Shin bows to them then leaves. Yuusuke follows him out and calls out to him but Shin keeps on walking. Shin only stops when Yuusuke holds his shoulder and tells him to wait. He asks Shin what’s up with him. Shin says that it is nothing. Yuusuke says that before, it feels like he would be protecting Maria but this time, it seems like he is asking someone else to do this. Yuusuke worriedly asks what happened and what he is thinking but Shin didn’t answer and just walks on. Outside the hospital, by the garden, John calls out to sad Maria who is sitting down. Maria says that she did it again, she just got her voice back and yet she hurt someone again. “I didn’t plan on forcing grandfather. I obviously want to cheer him up, and not to blame himself anymore, that is why I came.” John asks if she brought him there to see them for that reason. John blushes when Maria stands up and thanks him for the many books that he gave her. “After mama died, the one who asked a caretaker to come to take care of me is you, right. *There is a scene of the caretaker telling her that next week, someone else will come* Grandfather provided me a place to live as well as my living expenses. *There is a scene of an older guy [<-probably grandfather] giving young Maria an envelope and asking if she is alright* Even if I said that I want to buy an apartment then, sever relations but every month, money is still regularly sent and it is definitely grandfather. Thanks to John and grandfather, I am able to live without any inconveniences. I’m very grateful to you people. *John looks flustered and her grandparents are eavesdropping by the tree.* --I, obviously wanted to convey these to you guys, that is why I also brought you [John] along..”

Maria looks up in surprise that she asks why John is crying. This made Maria pat his head and says ‘Nice..nice..’. [<- Ah, it is like comforting a kid.] Maria remembers Shintaro telling her that John cannot sing Amazing Grace alone and it is strange since he is a priest. Maria starts singing Amazing Grace. She thinks, “‘Amazing Grace’, this tender melody.. ‘the me who has gravely sinned, this ugly heart can also be saved and redeemed’. It’s that kind of song..” Maria starts coughing for her voice has again.. To her surprise, John starts to continue singing horribly. Maria realizes that he is tone deaf then she smiles and thinks that it seems as if he had placed his hope within this song yet he always hasn’t sang it before. “It’s enough, John, thank you, my father..” Maria smiles tenderly at him and says that it sounds awful. She then hears something that she turns to the side to see her grandparents at the side. Her flustered grandfather tells Maria that he will undergo the surgery and he was lectured by her friend. After recovering from her surprise, Maria asks if it is Shin. Her grandfather says that he doesn’t know what his name is. Grandfather says that yesterday, they met for the first time yet he [Shin] said so many rude things, it is that black haired guy who lectured him and even said to protect her. Maria blushes over this. Grandmother looks pleasantly surprised while grandfather is puzzled over her expression that he asks her about it. Grandmother goes to Maria and asks if that guy is her boyfriend. Maria blushes and says yes. While grandmother is delighted, John and grandfather are shock especially when she said that she’ll go on a date with him this Sunday. While John is totally speechless, grandfather is exclaiming for her not to go to any indecent places. Grandmother is happily telling Maria that it is great. Narration: “I thought that there’s no problem anymore. I thought that later on, I only have to support Shin in getting his hand well, and then, there will be no problem anymore..” There is a scene of Shin looking at his bandaged hand while standing in front of the surgery department.

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