June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 74]

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The chapter starts with a scene of Mei together with Kento. Mei says, “I’m sorry, Rihito-san, although I really like Rihito-san but it seems that it is only infatuation. I want to go steady with my childhood friend Shibata and be together with him for the rest of my life!” Kento also apologizes. After a pause, Rihito smiles and says, “...I understand.” Narration: “No matter when, I will always be praying for your happiness, because I’ll forever be Miss Mei’s butler.” Mei, together with Kento, waves goodbye as they walk to the sunset. Rihito just looks at them. [The author wrote the title of the series then, Fin below. =P] Rihito wakes up in a start. It’s all a dream. He is pinned down by some rubble. He wonders where he is then notices the head of the Mei doll at the side. “That’s right..because those two butlers decided to finish off Kento and Miss Mei so I detonated the bombs that I planted earlier in order to thwart them. How much time had passed? I should quickly go to Miss Mei’s side. Ah..damn..I can’t move my body..and..I think I broke 2-3 of my bones...I can only wait and be rescued..” Rihito exhales. “I also don’t know what happened to those two butlers..no, what’s more important is Miss Mei..has Kento found Miss Mei..is she alright now..Miss Mei..” After a pause, Rihito thinks, “Calm down and think, even if I didn’t do that, there are still many other ways that can hinder those two butlers..my heart is in disarray [/confused] when it is involves Miss Mei, so confused to the point that I hate it.” Rihito falls asleep. “Confused..confused..--” He dreams of hugging/kissing Mei. [I think it is during the Lucia/Shiori arc since Mei is in a gown.] Blushing Mei looks at him. “Miss Mei..?” Mei says, “I’m sorry, Rihito-san...although I really like Rihito-san, but...” Rihito curses that he kept on having that dream lately. “It hurts..” [It’s most probably, because he’s pinned down.]

There is a scene of Mei and young Kento during junior high. “Those two met ordinarily as classmates..” Then, a scene of Rihito and Mei. “While we met as ojousama and butler...” Someone says, “That is fake love” The scene changes into a butler who is lecturing the other butlers. The butler-teacher whom I think is Sakuraba tells them that inexperienced ojousama-s will have a favorable impression of them, of the opposite sex, who are serving/waiting on them. “That is but natural..but do not let this favorable impression confuse you. Even if you feel that you like the ojousama, that is just fake love. That is just the unconditional trust that you gave them which is mistaken for love. Wait until the ojousama-s find their true partners and they will graduate from being with butlers but there is no need to be miserable [and watch as they go], you only need to continue on becoming loyal butlers, then the bond between you and the ojousama-s will never disappear..!” [I guess Kento skipped that lesson =P ] Rihito thinks, “...it’s such a boring class..just listening to it made me think that cocoon has grown in my ears. Even if that is the case, I still reminded myself, because I’m the grandson of the S butler, Shibuya Hideto who had committed a taboo. Compare to anyone else, the more I should become a ‘loyal ideal butler’..but I have met Miss Mei..” Remembering the time when Kintaro told him to sleep with Mei, Rihito thinks, “Hmph..he ought to have really anticipated my response, but when he got a grave illness, he finally said the truth..” That is Kintaro saying that a butler is not enough. “Butler..” Rihito ‘sees’ Mei in a wedding gown, smiling. This startles Rihito. “This is bad..consciousness..starts to become fuzzy..from the..non-stop bleeding..in this ruined place..also, if there is no water then..” Rihito cringes in pain. “[I’ll] die.” Rihito breaths hard. “I’m not afraid of death..even if I’m no longer here, there is still Kento, Miss Mei should be alright..Kento has already become a fine [young] man, even if I’m not around, the two of them can work things out together...”

Rihito imagines Mei holding on to Kento and happily looks at him. Rihito goes into a foul mood as he clenches his fist. “Whom am I kidding..” Rihito tries to free himself. “I really want to see her..Miss Mei..” He remembers being told that it is just fake love. Rihito shouts, “Shut up..! I..” He thinks, “Who cares if I’m mistaken about that fake love, I li..[Miss Mei]” [It’s pretty much a confession] To his surprise, someone lifts up the pillar and exclaims, “Mei ♡ I found you..” It is Tami whose smile froze upon seeing Rihito. All gloomy, Tami puts down the pillar and says, “I’m mistaken..good night.” Rihito starts shouting, ‘hey’ at him. Kanzaki tells Tami that Rihito also needs to be rescued. “In Japan, it is called, ‘Samurai’s comradeship*” [*In Chinese, it’s ‘qing yi’ = feeling + justice/righteous] Tami asks, “Qing Yi?” [*feeling + fish; a pun] Kanzaki gives his hand to Rihito as he asks him if he can stand up. Rihito asks why they are there. Kanzaki says that they heard everything from those two. Rihito is surprised to see Irufan’s two butlers all tied up. They hear some sounds of helicopters. Kanzaki says that they finally have arrived. Daimon rushes to them and asks why they [Kanzaki + Tami] are there. Kanzaki tells him to treat Rihito’s wounds first. Ryan looks at the side where Tami and Irufan’s butlers are. He asks what happened to those two. Claris and Izumi ask where Mei is and if she is with Kento. Rihito exclaims, “Search for them..quickly organize a search team!” Afterwards, a soldier tells them that they understand the situation but they cannot do anything about it. Claris angrily protest what he meant by that. Izumi asks why. The soldier says that it is because of the sand storm. “There is an enormous sandstorm in the desert which started this morning in front of the palace. Everything will all be rendered useless whether it is helicopters, land vehicles, or other machineries. If we recklessly search, I’m afraid I cannot even guarantee [the safety] of our own lives.”

Claris says that is such a fast decision to make for isn’t their crown prince also in danger so they should more serious in... The soldier laughs at her as he says, “We have other princes. It’s okay even if His Majesty Irufan also..[perishes].” Claris and Izumi are surprised-displeased to hear that. Claris angrily shouts that talking with them is useless. When they are alone, Claris asks Izumi what they should do next. “How about getting Rika to ask the king to give the order so that we can use the army?” Izumi says that there is no need to do that. “We can’t just rely on orders...if they originally have no intention to search, then it will only just stall things.” To her surprise, Daimon and the other butlers including Tami are all dressed as Daimon says, “Miss Ryuunoji, we are all prepared to depart, and just awaiting your orders!” Izumi tries to protest but Daimon tells her that if they back off just because of this little thing then, when he returns back, Miruku would definitely denounce him. Claris tries to talk to Ryan about it but Ryan just winks at her and tells her, “Isn’t it very embarrassing for a knight to just look on and not help a lady in distress?” Blushing, Claris says that he is right. Izumi tells them not to force themselves for courage and recklessness isn’t the same. Kanzaki replies, “But as butlers, there are times when, even if we know that it is reckless, we would still forge on ahead.” Izumi and Claris are surprised when bandaged Rihito goes out of the helicopter. Rihito says, “What kind of butler would one be if he couldn’t even protect one’s own ojousama.” Izumi and Claris protest since he had multiple fractures. Rihito just looks determined as he thinks, “Miss Mei, I’ll quickly save you--”

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