June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 31]

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The two Kaiji-s are shock to see each other in the fastfood restaurant where they are working. They wonder why..then realize at the same time, “Abe?!” Kotori realizes that the friend whom Abe is referring to is actually Yukito. Yukito remembers Abe telling him that a friend of his [Abe] is going to work in their store. Flashback: Abe has told him that it is the first time for that girl to work so she is a bit nervous so would Yukito look after her. Yukito replied that it’s no problem. Abe said that is good and he’ll be troubling Yukito [to take care of her]. End flashback. Yukito darkly thinks, “What•is•he•saying ‘troubling you’? That Abe! What is he thinking--” The two Kaiji-s are aghast as they look at each other again and both think that this situation is very awkward. Kotori looks down as Yukito starts telling her on how things work in that place which isn’t hard at all and if there is anything that she doesn’t understand.. They were interrupted when someone calls out, “Kaiji” The two answers, “Yes.” Then they blush as they look at each other. A glasses guy tells the newcomer Kaiji to come with him and for Yukito to continue on with his work. Yukito didn’t protest and he just says that he’ll leave it to glasses guy. Kotori is somewhat sad about this. Glasses guy calls out to Kotori again and tells her to hurry to his side. Kotori goes to him. Glasses guy tells him not to daydream and as the cashier, she should first memorize the menu in her head because if she’s slow, it will just irritate the customers. Kotori says okay. Kotori becomes tense when glasses guy continues to say that he’s going to explain how they operate only once and she can look at the manual only once, for her to remember it all. “I really hate repeating the same thing a lot of times so I’ll say it only once.” Kotori can only say, okay. Glasses guy says, “I won’t care about you if you forgot and try to ask me about it again. I hope you will do your best and not to bother the other people around here.” Some of the workers are talking to themselves about feeling sorry for Kotori since she was ‘caught’ by Yamagami who has a habit of making things difficult for the newcomers. “And today, because the boss hasn’t arrived yet, he has become more arrogant. Will that girl be alright? She seems quite naive.” Yukito overhears them but he just passes by quietly.

At home, Kotori rests on her bed since she is dead tired and her body hurts. She mutters that she managed to survive until the end. “Working at a fastfood restaurant is harder than I thought..continuing like this, will I be alright..” Looking at a menu flyer, she thinks that she hasn’t even memorized the menu yet though looking at the flyer, it seems easy. She becomes tense when she remembers Yamagami telling her that he’ll say it only once so if she forgets it, he won’t care about her. “This is bad! No matter what, this is bad because if I don’t remember it, that expert will definitely lose his temper on me.” She then calms down a bit and thinks, “I was really shocked..I didn’t expect that Yukito will also be there..It’s really obvious that whenever I see him, I’m at a complete loss [on how to react/what to do]. But, somewhere in my heart, I still felt a bit happy...does Yukito thought the same way, too..could it be that I’m the only one who felt this way..” The scene changes to angry Yukito who says, “Abe..why you..” After opening the door, Abe welcomes him and asks if he is only going to work in one of his jobs, what about his other part time jobs. Flustered Yukito tells him not to talk about that first but rather what’s going on and what he is plotting. Abe apologizes for being meddlesome but he thinks that they [two Kaiji-s] should properly talk to each other face to face. Yukito asks him what he meant by that. Abe says that upon seeing Yukito like that [when he hugged him], he felt.. Yukito asks what he felt. Blushing, Abe looks away and wonders out loud what he felt. “You said that you are going to get a [motorcycle] driving license and will buy a motorcycle. I think that it is very good for you to do your best in attaining those goals, but..do you know? After you guys broke up, Kaiji is getting the other guys’ attention. Don’t you think that lately, she suddenly became cute? While you don’t feel any threat as the [summer] break passes by, there is a possibility for her to be taken away by some other guy.” Yukito says that even if he said that, but Kotori still resists when kissed so it isn’t that easy. Abe admits that it is a really huge obstacle and for a guy, that is such a blow [to one’s ego]. Yukito understands what Abe is trying to say but the current him doesn’t have the courage to ask if Kotori did went to his house after that rainy day. Flashback: Yukito asked his brother if Kotori came to his house. Masaya just said, “Who knows. If you are really curious, why don’t you go and ask her yourself.” End flashback. Yukito thinks, “But, if there is no basis and I’ll continue on having a blind expectation, and added to that, I’m still worried that perhaps, I might be rejected by her again. At least, right now, I was able to act normal in front of her, if I’m not careful, and I showed a bad attitude again, I might just hurt her again..”

His thoughts are interrupted when Abe notices Yukito’s bracelet. “Is that a wish bracelet? Do you wear that before?” Yukito wasn’t able to answer. Abe asks what he is wishing for. Blushing, Yukito denies that he has a wish. Since Abe is smiling because he doesn’t believe him, Yukito tells Abe not to smile like that since it’s disgusting. Abe teases Yukito by asking if he had a wish, what would be his wish. Yukito knows that Abe is trying to entrap him so he refuses to tell him. Abe happily says that he didn’t expect for Yukito to have a cute side. This surprises Yukito as he looks at the braclet. Yukito declares that he won’t tell Abe and he won’t let himself be Abe’s pawn. Abe says that he’s stingy. The next day, Kotori’s brother asks if she is also going out. Kotori says that she is. Her brother asks why she is wearing her uniform when it’s already vacation time. “Do you have some club activity?” He then realizes something and asks, “Ah~~~is it that, Is it extra classes~~~ I understand, I understand, I understand” Kotori darkly says that he’s deliberately doing that. Her brother pats her head and says, “Breaking up with your boyfriend, then, having extra classes and part time work, to pass the summer..it’s such a miserable [summer] vacation. Compared to a [younger] sister like this, [your] brother is going to the beach for some romance with Mamii.” ← his girlfriend. Pouting, Kotori says, “Ah~~ Really~~ That’s nice. How annoying.” Her brother asks her what’s with her attitude. “It’s rare for me to want to share and give you a portion of [my] pink aura from the happiness of [my] romance--” Kotori looks away and mutters, “Really- it only made me feel disgusted..” Her brother questions her for saying it’s disgusting and starts shouting that their father nor Mamii never said that about him. Kotori starts walking away and saying that he’s too noisy and there’s no need for him to worry about her. At the shoe lockers, Kotori thinks that the beach is nice and during summer, there are a lot of events at the beach yet she has no plans at all. “If we didn’t break up..ah, no, why am I think of such unnecessary things again. What’s important right now is money! Money! I need to earn money! Money--” She is surprised when someone is standing in front of her. It is Yukito. Kotori is flustered and tense as she thinks that they are in the same place again. Yukito opens the shoe locker. Yukito is slightly blushes and after gathering his courage, Yukito smiles and asks her if she is also taking extra classes. This surprises Kotori and she says, “Ah? Ah..yes. You too, Kaiji?” Yukito says yes and it is because he did badly in the midterm and final exams. Kotori tells him that she, too, and basically, she was totally annihiliated.. Smiling, Yukito says, “But, for us to be together [because of it], it’s quite laughable, right?” A bit sad, Kotori just agrees.

In the classroom, the teacher says that after the class, they will have a short quiz and anyone who can answer all of it, can go home. Someone complains about having to answer everything but no one complains again when the teacher threatens that if they continue to grumble, he’ll add more questions to the test. Kotori is in deep thought as she thinks that there is really some sort of unimaginable consistency [being in sync?] between her and Yukito but their feelings haven’t made any progress. “Just now, he acted quite indifferently..I guess the reason is because we have already broken up..” Yukito is looking at Kotori who is sitting in front of him. He glumly thinks that Kotori still calls him, ‘Kaiji’. After class, Kotori sighs in relief that it’s good that this time, it [quiz] is OK. She can now concentrate on her work though she didn’t expect that there will be a short quiz. Going out of the school, she sees Yukito, with a bicycle, is waiting for her. Kotori comments that it is a rare sight and asks if he rode on a bicycle to school. Yukito just says that it depends on his mood for there are times when he wants to ride it. Kotori is surprised when Yukito asks, “Are you also going to work? For your convenience, I’ll bring you there.” Then, the next scene is Kotori riding behind Yukito on a bicycle. Kotori laments that she wasn’t able to refuse again. She tells herself that she shouldn’t keep on doing this else, she’ll waver. “Ah? Ha? Could it be that he’s doing this because he wants me to waver? Could it be..deliberate? No no, since it is Yukito, there won’t be a repeat, for him to trick me thrice..he did say that it’s because it is convenient, so it’s good that we just happen to be going to the same place...yes, it’s only because of convenience..it’s definitely that...” Kotori is blushing when she is surprised by Yukito asking if she is listening. Kotori apologizes for her absent-mindedness and asks him what he just said. Yukito asks if she will be alright regarding the work. Kotori asks what he meant. Yukito says, “I was only thinking that you obviously aren’t good in a job wherein one has to entertain customers [public relations] so why do you still want to work..” Kotori says that he is right. She thinks that she couldn’t tell him that the reason is because she doesn’t want to think of him. Yukito asks if Kotori wants to buy something. Kotori says that he is right. She darkly thinks that she can’t say either that she wants to buy Memories of Fallling in Love 3 game. Kotori asks, “Yuki..ah..Kaiji? Are you also working because you want to buy something?” This surprises Yukito [probably by how she called him again]. He replies that it’s true and it is some sort of motorcycle. Kotori just repeats, ‘motorcycle’. Kotori sadly thinks that the conversation is cut off again. “It has become rare for us to talk like how we used to..” She notices Yukito’s bracelet. “..is that a wish bracelet? Did Yukito wear that before? What is it? What could he be wishing for? What could be Yukito’s wish.. My wish..”

They arrive at the restaurant. A couple of male co-workers comment that they came together. The two whisper to each other that the two Kaiji-s are definitely that. One of them tells Kotori that their [2 Kaiji-s] relationship is quite good. Another guy says that they are quite curious since the first day. “Are you guys going steady? We really felt something peculiar between the two of you.” As Kotori struggles to say something, Yukito tells them that they aren’t going steady. “This girl and I are just classmates, we are only ordinary friends.” Kotori seems disappointed with his answer. The two guys cannot quite believe it that they kept on asking if it is true. One of the guys asks Kotori about it. Kotori says that it is true. Smiling, Kotori says, “It’s true! I and Kaiji are only classmates!” It is Yukito’s turn to look glum. One of the guys says, “Is that so, we were mistaken. Then, would you exchange emails with me? Since we are working in the same place, it is a must for us to exchange [emails] so that we can contact each other.” The other guy also wants to exchange emails with her. Kotori agrees. Yukito just goes to the dressing room. While frying some French Fries, Yukito darkly thinks, “Why are they asking that girl’s email address! Why is it like they are close [/intimate with each other]! Why is that girl so popular!” A girl calls out to him and reminds him to smile because his face looks too scary. Blushing, Yukito exclaims, “Yes, Haruna-sempai.” Yukito then goes back to his dark state and monologue, “Yes, I’m no longer her boyfriend, it has nothing to do with me. Kotori is free to exchange emails with whomever she wants, I don’t care! What is the reason why I’m here? Yes, I came because of money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money is life! I will be patient!” Yukito wasn’t careful that some of the oil splattered on his hand. Then, he notices that Kotori is being reprimanded by Yamagami about already telling her to ‘remember after he said it once’ just as he said yesterday. “How could you still make a mistake about the orders [menu]?” Kotori apologizes. Yamagami says that is why he hates newcomers and [teaching them] is a waste of time. Preparing to leave, Yamagami says, “Forget it, I’ll do this. You just go and bring the ingredients to the cold storage.” Kotori says okay. She is a bit depressed but to her surprise, Yukito passes by and says, “Don’t mind it.”

Later on, Kotori is heading to the dressing room when she meets the two other male co-workers. They tell Kotori that they are going ahead and if she is also going off work. Kotori says no, she is just on a break. They bid her goodbye. Then, Yukito enters the room. She calls him and timidly says, “Kaiji..that, just now, thank you, thank you for comforting me..” Blushing, Yukito says that it is nothing and it’s no big deal that she has to thank him for it. Kotori didn’t say anything and seems very shy. Yukito asks her what’s with that for she is creating an awkward ambiance. Kotori notices his arm [near wrist of his hand wearing the bracelet] and asks him what is that reddish spot. Looking at it, Yukito says that he got splashed by oil but normally happens when one is frying things. Kotori asks if he is also on a break. She says that there is a first aid kit in the resting area and she can help him treat it. Surprised, Yukito tells her that it is nothing but a small injury. Kotori insists because his skin is peeled off and it might get infected. After treating it, Kotori is now putting a bandage on it. When she looks up, she notices that Yukito is looking at her. She asks, “Huh? Sorry, did I hurt you?” Blushing, Yukito looks away and says she didn’t. Still looking away, Yukito tells her not to mind what happened earlier. Kotori is puzzled. Yukito informs her that Yamagami is like that with anyone especially newcomers.. “It is because of his attitude that some people have resigned..when I’ve started, I was also always scolded by him..then later on, I naturally get used to it..” Kotori is touched as she smiles at him. [He didn’t see because he’s looking away.] Kotori thanks him.

The next day, at the resting area, the staff are gathered together. They have a problem because today, three cashiers are absent. Haruna says that she heard it is because of a cold* and they just confirmed that those people really can’t go to work. [*it is cold caused by extreme heat and being wet, according to Eastern medicine. It usually happens in summer.] Another guy says that there are a lot of people have that contagious cold. A guy mentions about a concert at a nearby theater. “With that situation, then, there will be a lot of customers...” Someone agrees that there are a lot of events nearby. but unfortunately, it is also the rest day of the ultra-fast Yamagami. “Speaking of that, the only one left to be cashier is Miss Kaiji..” They all look at Kotori. She asks, what. One of them suggests that the one who makes and packs the food, to work simultaneously as the cashier. Another one says that even if is like that, it is still quite tiring. “After the concert, the place will be overflowing with customers and normally, we don’t know how to use a cashier.” Someone replies, “But, that also can’t be helped. In any case, we are a huge type of store so it is necessary that we open up some more cashiers.” Kotori starts to become nervous and thinks, “Basically, that means that I’ll be the only one who’s going to be the cashier, right?” ← she has been working for only three days. Yukito then notices Kotori looking gloomy as she sulks at the corner of the room. Yukito asks her why she is doing at that corner and what happened. Looking aghast, Kotori tells him that it is nothing. Kotori starts to think that she might bungle on her job since she is still couldn’t do it well. “Everyday, I’m only just being scolded... Will I be able to listen careful to the customers’ orders? Or, due to panic, I’ll list the wrong items..if I’m too slow, I’ll just make the customers angry.” She becomes stiff as she imagines Yamagami with a cold expression, pushing his glasses and saying, “Miss Kaiji? Didn’t I told you?” like he usually does. Yukito worriedly asks what’s wrong with her since the color of her face really looks awful. “Could it be that you have a cold?” Still tense and aghast, Kotori insists that she is fine as she tries to psyche herself that she can do this. Yukito doesn’t believe that she is okay based on how she looks.

Yukito pulls her out the room and holds both of her hands. This surprises Kotori. Yukito tells her to take a deep breath. After some hesitation and Yukito urging her to do what he said, Kotori did as told. He asks her if she feels less nervous now. Kotori says yes. He asks her if she became uneasy because of what the others were talking about. Kotori finally admits that is true. She is surprised when Yukito puts his bracelet on her hand. Kotori is about to say that it is his when Yukito smiles and says, “Don’t be nervous, it will protect you. It might become a bit chaotic later on, but everyone knows that you are a newcomer. Do not pressure yourself too much, until then, there’s also me, let’s do our best together.” Kotori blushes and is moved by what Yukito said. She looks at him as he goes to his station. At the cashier, Kotori looks at her watch and it is 20:45. She thinks that it will be overflowing with customers soon. She starts giving herself a pep talk. “Even if there are a lot of customers, I won’t panic! When asked, I will be lively with energy! I will not panic while entering the menu. I will properly enter it! Okay!” She snaps out of it when someone calls out to her. She turns around and smiles sweetly [with eyes closed]. “Ah..yes. Welcome, can I ask what you need--” The guy tells her that the concert will be ending soon and the place will be overflowing with customers soon so just opening one cashier might not be able to cope with the situation. Kotori asks, “Huh?” The guy turns to look at her. Both are surprised to see each other. It is the Kousen guy. One of the workers knows him as he calls out to Keigo.

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