June 13, 2011

Honey Hunt [Chapter 23]

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Sitting with Keiichi, Yura is being interviewed by a woman regarding her excellent performance about a girl who has unrequited love. Yura thanks her. The interviewer asks her if Yura is also the same as the character who is in a one-sided love. Yura looks down and says that she doesn't because when she was young, she studies at an exclusive girls school so she weren't able to have that kind of experience.

Yura finishes the interview and thinks that she has decided to do her best at work and restrain herself from love in the meantime. Looking at his watch, Keiichi tells her where they would head off next. Yura shouts that she will do her best. In the next interview, Yura was asked how is she balancing school and suddenly being busy with a CM and a drama.

Yura says that it is a bit hard lately. Next, it is to talk about a CM with someone. Since it is late, Keiichi suggest that they take the subway train. While walking through the station, some girls are asking if she is Yura Onozuka then they tell her to do her best and they are watching her tv program. Some are saying how cute she is. Yura happily thanks them.

In the train, Yura tries to tell Keiichi about those girls earlier. Keiichi tells her to speak softly. She apologizes and says that people no longer call her as the daughter of Yukari or Onozuka's daughter. The interviewers don't ask her about her parents anymore and it is all about her work. She feels great and she wants to keep on doing her best.

Suddenly, her cellphone rings. She realizes that it is the phone where Q-ta calls her up. She really wants to answer it especially since it is a call and not a message but she doesn't want Keiichi to discover it. She is then surprised when Keiichi says that they are going down the next station. She just closes her eyes and thinks that she'll return his call later on.

Elsewhere, Q-ta thinks that she isn't answering. His manager tells him to change his clothes and prepare for the screen and sound test. Q-ta just says yes. He remembers Yura telling her that her scheduled is filled up but he just wants to hear her voice. His manager tells him to greet a certain person then he'll have to go to a talk show.

Q-ta tells him that he isn't good with talk shows. His manager says that Q-ta still can't lie but he should just concentrate on [promoting] his new album for this is the time to publicize his new work. Q-ta just says yes but thinks that he really wants to see and talk with Yura because it's quite abnormal not being able to see each other.
Meeting with Director Nakazono [guy with glasses, knitted cap + beard], Yura learns that she will be the leading actress in a mini-series. Yura asks about the audition. Nakazono says that before they thought of that but in the end, they decided to just use her. Keiichi asks what about the producer. Nakazono says that they will get the reply later on but he thinks that it will be approved if there is no other objections.

He gives Yura the script to check it out. He says that as the Udon Girl, she is really interesting so they want to use her again. Yura happily thanks him. She thinks that it's great for people to say those words to her and she is really happy to get a role. At the dressing room, Yura is busy reading the script when Keiichi calls out to her and tells her to quickly go to the dressing room and read that later on. 

Yura apologizes and says that she is really happy that she wants to quickly finish reading it. She exclaims that if she did her best, she can finish reading it in 10 minutes. He tells her to read it at home for what she should exert effort on is the work that currently lies in front of her. “In all types of work, you mustn't disappoint the people who trusted in you.”

Yura says that he is right. She apologizes and says that she will quickly go. Keiichi smiles at her when Nakazono mentions that he wants to take Keiichi picture since he didn't expect Keiichi to have that kind of expression of 'Geez, Yura's so cute'. Keiichi says that it is because Yura is their important actress. Nakazono says is that it, it's not interesting.

Then, Keiichi goes to thank him for the drama and 'he'll be under his care'. Nakazono comments about Keiichi being so formal. Yura goes to the dressing room and thinks that it isn't easy to get a lead role and she got scolded again so it seems that it is still a long way before Keiichi recognizes her. 

Yura bows and greets out loudly in front of the door of the dressing room. Haruka is already there while the dressmaker is taking his measurements. The dressmaker says that she just finished Haruka's. She asks Yura to wait for her to change the measurements on her summer uniform. Haruka blushes a bit and greets her. 

Yura greets him back. The dressmaker tells them to stay at the lounge for a while and watch tv. She apologizes for the wait and she'll call them later on. Haruka says okay, then he thinks that he was really surprised to see Yura. Yura wonders if she should tell Haruka about her and Q-ta, then tell Haruka that there is no need for him to tell her things regarding Q-ta for she can just ask Q-ta himself about it.
She feels so embarrassed to tell him that they are going steady. Then, she remembers that she has to return Q-ta's call. Haruka starts talking to her about the interview at a variety show tomorrow with her. They then say their courtesies, 'I'll be under your care'. Yura thinks that she has to endure not calling Q-ta because her work isn't finished. “Next time, I'll talk with him again. Then, tell him that I got a lead role. I hope that he will be happy for me.”

While walking to the lounge, Haruka wonders what else he should talk about that is quite normal. He then says that he is scared of live shows because it makes him nervous. This made Yura also nervous. Haruka thinks that he just made Yura scared when he just wants to say to her is that 'With him around, it will be alright'. 

Haruka blushes and thinks that he can't say it. He then notices that she is holding a script so he asks her about that. She is a bit embarrassed that she didn't notice that she is holding it with her. She tells him that it is a script for her new drama with Nakazono. Haruka is awed with her and praises her that it is really rare for Nakazono to make use of an actress consecutively. “You are really great, Onozuka-chan. I'm envious of you.” 

Yura smiles then starts laughing. This surprises Haruka and asks why is she laughing like that. Yura says that it is like a dream for someone to praise her like that. “I'm so happy that..I feel like crying..” Haruka thinks that she is so cute that he feels like crying. He mutters that he would want to shoot that drama with her. Yura didn't hear him so she asks, “What?”

He says, “Speaking of that, can we..be together..” Before he can finish what he is saying, they are already at the lounge and the television program is on a program which guests h.a. The two ends up watching the television. The people with them, are exclaiming that it is really h.a. since he rarely appears on the television and maybe he is promoting his new work.

In the show, Q-ta introduces himself and greets everyone. The host then mentions about his new single, 'Being in Love' which he used all his effort in making. Q-ta says yes. Haruka is angry that Q-ta has interrupted his talk with Yura while Yura realizes that Q-ta called because of this show.
The host says, “But, regarding love, for someone like Minamitani-kun who is talented and popular, it shouldn't be too difficult. You probably don't have any love problems.” Q-ta sighs and says that he has [problems]. Yura notices a couple of girls saying that Q-ta is cute. The host thinks that Q-ta is lying that he asks what kind of problems would he have then.

Q-ta laments, “My girlfriend is a new actress so when I wanted to see her, I can't.” While looking at the camera, Q-ta waves and says, “Yura! If you are watching this, give me a call next time.” Everyone is stunned as the host just says that is quite an explosive news. He then tells for Q-ta to sing his song. Haruka can only say, “Girl..friend? Who?”

Everyone there are looking at Yura as they say new actress named Yura..could it be Yura? “Yura and h.a are going steady?!” “No way..that's great!” Haruka's fears come true when Yura mutters if it is okay to say that since that show is a nationwide broadcast. Yura is blushing while on tv, Q-ta is singing. 

Keiichi then grabs Yura to him then with a smile, he tells everyone there that it is just a normal friendship. He tells her that they should go for her outfit is now ready. He then leads her away. The people are still talking if it was a deliberate arrangement when it really feels as if it is true but the audience will certainly believe that it is true.

They wonder if the business office will be okay and will Yura be troubled. A couple of girls notice that Haruka is there. They ask Haruka that since they are brothers, maybe he knows the real situation between h.a. And Yura. Haruka is flustered as he puts his hands on his pocket. He just says, “I don't know...I didn't hear anything about it.”

While walking, Yura asks Keiichi how did he know about the show, did he saw it. Keiichi says that the people from the office called him up. After the show/announcement, the whole office's telephones are ringing non-stop and all sorts of people are calling to ask about it. Ryouko and others can't keep up with it.
Looking a bit nervous, Keiichi says, “..lose to Minamitani-kun. If the situation isn't quickly contained then perhaps your work will be quite problematic later on.” He tells her that he has postponed the outfit fitting and she should quickly go home. Then, his phone rings and he tells someone that he has already told everyone the real situation and says he will quickly do that..sorry. 
Yura notices that Keiichi looks really nervous and it seems the situation is really bad. At the dressing room, he says that he is going to send Yura home then he has to go to the office. He tells her to leave it to the others to explain things. Yura apologizes and says that she didn't know the situation is really bad. She didn't continue when she sees Keiichi is looking at her.

She thinks that he is angry again and this time, he will definitely discard her. To her surprise, Keiichi pats her head and says, “It will be alright, no matter what happens, I will protect you.” He lightly presses her head down and prepares to leave. He tells her that he will tell Nakazono the real situation and she should get ready to leave. 

Yura is blushing then touches her hat/head where Keiichi touched it. In the car, Q-ta just got a call. His manager angrily shouts at Q-ta that while he is lecturing him, Q-ta shouldn't answer his phone. The manager is almost in tears since he doesn't want to go to the office. Q-ta motions his apology and playfully sticks out his tongue at his manager.
Q-ta talks on the phone and says, “You're really something, you quickly got my number.” Keiichi says that is the power of an adult though this is a bit rude. Q-ta says that it seems that he is angry. Keiichi says, “Of course, what are you thinking? Suddenly saying that..” Q-ta replies, “It's alright to say it. Anyway, Yura is mine.” 

Keiichi answers back, “No, she is mine.” This stuns Q-ta and even, Keiichi. Keiichi then says, “Ah..no, what I mean is..during the time when she is working as an actress. Goodbye.” Q-ta still looks stunned as he holds his phone tightly while Keiichi wonders, “What am I..saying...”

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