June 14, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapter 87]

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During lunch, the girls, together with the two guys, are eating together at the roof. While talking, the girls are calling each other by their first names. Maria asks if Ayu is going to a specialized school. Ayu says yes, she plans to go to a school that specializes in cosmetics [/putting make-up]. Maria says that it really suits her, and what about Tomoyo. Tomoyo says that she hasn’t decided on it yet. Ayu urges Tomoyo to go to the same specialized school as her where Tomoyo would specialize on making clothes and stuff. Tomoyo exclaims that is a good idea and Maria should also take the entrance exam so that they all can be together in one school. Ayu tells Tomoyo that Maria won’t be studying after graduation. Maria affirms it. While they were talking, Shintaro quietly watches them. He thinks that when he notices it, the surrounding has already totally changed and, he always has that kind of feeling. Yuusuke asks Maria if it is true. Maria says yes, she wants to work or perhaps.. Shintaro interrupts and asks if he can also call ‘senpai’ as ‘Maria’. Maria tells him no. While Shintaro is pouting over this, Maria explains that it is because he is some sort of younger brother to her so it doesn’t feel right for him to call her by her first name. Shintaro thinks that he’ll drop this topic for originally, he has been regarded as some sort of ‘outsider’ alien before, but now, he also manages to enter Maria’s circle [of friends]. Shintaro sadly thinks that it is also the same when his parents abandoned him. To his delight, Maria asks Shintaro if today, she can go to his house. Putting on his best flirty and sparkling pose, Shintaro starts to unbutton his shirt and says that of course, she can and Maria finally had that kind of thinking. “I will definitely give you a night that you won’t forget.” To his dismay, Maria says that she wants to see John. Maria buttons pouting Shintaro’s shirt and tells him that she wants to inform John about her aspiration [after graduation] and it would be better to talk with him first about it. Flipping open his cellphone, Shintaro suggests that they also call Maria’s grandparents. He tells Maria that John has been visiting them at their company but they won’t talking with John so if Maria is coming, there is a reason for them to see each other. “Because you guys are ‘family’.” This made Maria blush and mutter, “‘Family’..” Shintaro smiles and thinks, “See, I can make someone happy, but, why.. do I always feel that I’m outside the circle..”

At the train station, Maria asks Shintaro if it would be better for her to have brought some gift. Shintaro laughs and says that there is no need for they are father-daughter. Shintaro tells her that she is nervous. Maria dismisses it as nonsense for why would she be nervous in seeing John. Shintaro tells her that it isn’t John but her papa.. Maria blushes in surprise about this. Then, they see blushing John carrying a bouquet of flowers to welcome Maria. The father-daughter look nervous as Maria accepts the flowers. Shintaro happily looks at them and thinks that they are such a sincere father-daughter. “Senpai used to be always alone but now, she also has a family. This is thanks to me who had drawn them together.” At the church, Maria’s grandma happily holds Maria’s face and asks how she has been and she has been thinking of her. Holding her hands, grandma tells Maria that when they told her that she is coming, she went to this place to cook for them. “You should come here more frequently.” Grandpa appears and tells Maria that she is mistaken about ‘home’, why is she here, instead of at their place? Maria blushes over this. While grandpa pouts, grandma tells Maria not to mind him for he is just being difficult. As Maria and her family are talking, Shintaro thinks that although there is more or less a bit of friction, but he understands because his family’s friction is greater but he hopes that Maria can replace him in creating a family circle that he doesn’t have. Soon, everyone is eating dinner. While serving the food, John tells Maria to eat more since she is thin. Maria tells him that she has been eating and her body weight is also very standard. Grandma comments, that Maria’s mother had also said that when she’s losing weight. While Maria is blushing that her mother also said that, grandma asks if she is properly eating nutritious foods and if her living expenses aren’t enough, she should tell them. To John and grandpa’s surprise, Maria declares that there is no need for them to give her money again and afterwards, she’ll give them money. Maria tells them that she wants to pay them back little by little the money that they gave her so she plans to go to work after graduation.

John tells her to stop [talking] for a while. John tensely says that there is no need for her to do this and there’s no need for her to be shy [/polite] with them if she wants to continue her studies. Maria insists that she isn’t being shy. “Before, I didn’t know that it was you guys who were taking care of me. And, also about mother’s issue, I have also totally forgotten about it. Last time, I even made everyone to experience pain so I want to compensate you guys.” Grandma tensely asks what compensate is she saying. John tells her to wait. He puts his hands on the table and asks her what kind of work she will do. Maria says that any will do. While John is in disbelief, grandpa happily says that is very good. She can go to their place and work there. She can also live together with them. Grandma seems to be happy about this idea. To their dismay, Maria bluntly rejects the idea by telling them not to spoil her. John tells her to properly think about this since this is her future. Maria asks why John is opposing when she thought that he would be happy for her. While Shintaro tries to say that is enough and calm down, John tells Maria that he wants her to do what she truly wants to do and if it is that, he will support her. While the others try to break the argument, Maria insists that she wants to return the money. John insists that isn’t what Maria truly wants to do. Maria shouts that this is what she truly wants to do for she wants to repay their kindness [/repay the favor]. John shouts that in this world, there is no one who could be called parents if they are to make their daughter repay the favor. John looks tense over his outburst as Maria and Shintaro look surprised. Maria looks flustered and runs out. Grandma tries to call Maria but Shintaro tells her that it is alright, he’ll chase after her. While running after her, Shintaro thinks that the first time he heard Maria sing, he felt her pain as if she is calling out to someone. Pain and loneliness, as if saying ‘who will come to my side’.

“My family is a broken one. Just because I wasn’t able to do the exam well, my father would lose his temper and beat up my mother. *Just when the father is about to beat the mother* I obviously was protecting mother. *Shintaro punched his father and told him to stop. He turned to his mother to ask if she is alright. Shintaro looked surprised by her expression.* But, I made mother to also become scared of me. I was abandoned but senpai still has John. I want her to know this a bit, and draw them until they are together. *sees Maria by the esplanade* If only this person can sufficiently attain happiness, I feel that I’ll also be satisfied.” Shintaro calls out to Maria and tells her to go back home. Shintaro happily tells Maria that it is an amazing thing for a father-daughter to have a quarrel and even if occasionally, one is angry.. To his surprise, Maria interrupts him and says, no, she isn’t angry. “It is because I’m happy and embarrassed. *Shintaro looks flustered at blushing Maria* I felt that my parent’s love is quite great... *covers mouth* But I was always thinking of owing money and returning the money back... Ah- how should I say it..” To her surprise, Shintaro starts singing randomly. He tells Maria that if she doesn’t know how to say it, then she should just sing it. Maria starts singing. Shintaro looks at her in surprise and thinks, “Ah- it is such a happy singing voice.” Maria is surprised to see Shintaro looking teary-eyed. She calls out to him and asks what happened. Shintaro wipes his tears and somewhat laughs it off. Shintaro feels really happy because Maria is blessedly happy but there is already nothing else that he can do, and he is once again placed outside the circle. Shintaro is surprised when Maria suddenly pulls him to her shoulder. While Shintaro tries to call out to her, Maria says that even if she doesn’t know what’s going on but he can just painfully cry and let it all out. “I am your elder sister, so at any time, I can lend you my shoulder. Always until death, I will always sing for you.” Shintaro happily cries over this. There is a scene of Maria, Shintaro and her family together. Narration: “In the end, I’m still the younger brother, right, senpai? But this is also very good because ‘family’ is a circle that cannot be severed throughout one’s lifetime.”

Scans by 17kkmh.com

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