June 14, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 47]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 7, 2011

As Yukito is holding her waist, Kotori blurts out, “I..” Then, she looks away wondering what she is going to say. Then, she stutters about his hand. To her surprise, Yukito looks at her then quickly backs away. He casually says that it’s time for them to go to work. Kotori goes, huh, that Yukito asks what is it. Kotori also plays dumb by saying that it is nothing. As they walk, blushing Kotori begins to wonder if it is deliberate since he won’t look at her or maybe it is an accident that his hand is on her waist [<- ah, it moved up from her waist to the point that it is almost at her chest ^^;] . At the restaurant’s locker room, Yukito looks at his hand and thinks that what he did was dangerous since it seemed unnatural. He blushes and wonders what Kotori tried to tell her. Is she going to refuse since it is a bit improper? But then, they are already going steady for a length of time so maybe she is just surprise by it. He plans to create more situations wherein they are alone for that to naturally happen since the mood is good. He happily thinks that way, there will be more lovey-dovey. As he is walking at the hallway, Haruna calls out to Yukito and gives him a ticket to her school’s cultural festival. She asks him to bring Kotori along with him to enjoy it. Looking at it, Yukito remembers that Keigo had asked Kotori to this same, school cultural festival. [<- I think this is the prologue to the special chapter of Real Kiss which I wrote on March 10, 2010] Later on, Yukito tells Kotori to go and rest a bit for there are few customers today. Kotori says okay. At the lounge, Kotori is eating what seems to be a hash brown. She blushes for she still feels where Yukito held her before. She wonders why she keep on thinking about it when Yukito has held her tightly before. While hugging herself with legs up and moving about [<-titillation], Kotori thinks that she’s abnormal to keep on thinking about Yukito’s hand. Then, Keigo enters the room to see Kotori’s leg up from behind the sofa. It made him exclaim what kind of situation is that. This surprises Kotori that she sits up and blushes while calling out Keigo’s name.

Keigo asks her if she is practicing for something. Embarrassed Kotori tells him that it is nothing and she didn’t know he is there. Kotori then wonders if that kind of problem, would be okay to ask another guy about it since he’ll know as to what Yukito wants to do but then, it isn’t a bit suitable to ask Keigo about it. Her heart beats when she notices Keigo looking at her. Keigo asks her about if she is going to the cultural festival that he mentioned before. Kotori wonders what to do for even if Keigo said that Yukito can come, she felt that she won’t be with Yukito alone for a long period of time [during the festival]. Kotori apologizes to Keigo that she cannot go. In disbelief, Keigo asks if she has already plans. Kotori stammers and says yes, some things. Keigo laments that he is really anticipating that she’ll go. Kotori apologizes to him again. Disappointed Keigo says, is that so. Then, he sits beside Kotori. He asks Kotori if that thing she’s eating is their new product and is it delicious since he hasn’t eaten it yet. Kotori says yeah, it’s very delicious. Sparkling Keigo says, “Then.. *mouth open* ..ah~~” Kotori blushes in surprise over this and asks him what he is doing. Keigo tells her that if she feeds him then he’ll forgive her. This surprises Kotori that she asks why. Keigo urges her to quickly do it. Flustered Kotori tells him that she couldn’t. Keigo teases her that it is okay since it is just one bite. While refusing him, Kotori thinks that if she did that with Keigo, things will become very dangerous. Holding the food to him, Kotori tells Keigo to eat it himself, she’ll give him half of it. Keigo looks at it and seems to refuse [but I think he ends up eating it while Kotori is holding it]. Just then, Kotori freaks out since Yukito comes in the room and sees them. From Yukito’s line of sight, it would seem that Kotori is feeding Keigo.
While walking home, Kotori thinks that Yukito has seen that awkward incident. She looks at Yukito’s direction and tells him that she only wanted to give Keigo half of it and it isn’t like she is feeding him. Yukito tells her that he doesn’t mind it. Kotori doesn’t believe him based on his expression. Yukito says that Keigo is taking advantage of the situation to make her do that for he knows that she won’t take the initiative to do that kind of thing. “I believe in you.” Kotori looks surprised then timidly says yes. Yukito mentally tells himself that he doesn’t mind it for he is a cool-headed guy. He is surprised when he felt a nudge on his sleeve. It is Kotori who then clings on his arm. Yukito blushes over this and thinks that he thought that it is no good but he didn’t expect Kotori to take the initiative to get close to him. “Is this an okay signal!? I don’t know which one is it. But..” Then, to Kotori’s surprise, Yukito tells her that Haruna invited them to her school’s cultural festival and he already agreed to go. Because Kotori is quite surprised, Yukito asks if it isn’t convenient for her. Kotori nervously smiles and says that it is nothing at all. She wonders what to do for she just told Keigo that she won’t go. Yukito is thinking that like this, they will have more time to be alone and it is a good omen. Of course, he can also show off to Keigo. Whereas, Kotori is worried if they are alone for a long time, won’t that weird mood come out again. At home, Kotori is at a daze while holding her pillow tight. Human Ken-ken holds up her chin and asks her what the matter is since she looks depressed. Kotori calls out to him and tells him that she doesn’t know either for the current her, she doesn’t know what she is thinking..maybe it is just her imagination but today, when he [Yukito] touched her chest..
Ken-ken looks dark that Kotori stops and calls out to him. Ken-ken tells her to continue. Ken-ken looks displeased when Kotori tells him that usually, she is happy when Yukito hugs him and her heart would beat fast when he kisses her and there are times when she wants to have another one but when Yukito touched her chest area, it really shocked her. She doesn’t know how to say it but it felt different from usual though she doesn’t really hate it. “I just don’t know what to do. There are times when I specially took the initiative to get close to him, is this strange? I’ve always thought of ‘if I didn’t move, what would Yukito do’ kind of things.. After that thing, I’ve been thinking of wanting to know and not wanting to know..” Ken-ken holds Kotori’s shoulder and takes out a 5 yen coin with a string attach. [<-pendulum] Waving the pendulum [to obviously hypnotize her ^^;], Ken-ken tells her that Yukito did that isn’t because of love but for a different motive. “If you do not know, then it is okay not to know.. forget about that.. You’re becoming sleepy.. You’re becoming sleepy..” Kotori feels drowsy and falls asleep as Ken-ken holds on to her. He tells her that is right, it isn’t necessary for her to know, right now.. While Kotori sleeps, Ken-ken exhales with a lollipop as a replacement for a cigarette and mutters that Kotori is entering the adult stage. Then, there is a scene of Kotori sleeping on the bed with dog Ken-ken beside her. At school, everyone is looking at some cosplay clothes for the cultural festival. Natsume asks Kotori what she plans to wear. Looking at a maid uniform, Kotori says that she is interested in dressing up as a maid. A girl tells her that they have several maid uniforms but since it is quite popular, they should start reserving it. Kotori is surprised when Yukito suddenly puts his arm on her and asks what they are doing. He then says that those uniforms are for the cultural festival. To Yukito’s surprise, Kotori quickly removes his arm around her. The two look at each other. Thinking that she cannot help doing that, Kotori tells him that he suddenly came out that he surprised her. Yukito nervously says is that so, then he apologizes. Kotori asks what he is going to cosplay as. Yukito says that he hasn’t decided on it yet. Feeling that the mood is quite awkward, Kotori suggests that he cosplay as Hikaru. Yukito seems puzzled. Kotori says that is right, since he is black haired now, maybe it suits him to be Sakuraba more. Then, Yukito exclaims that it is that shoujo 2D guy. Kotori sheepishly asks if he knows. Yukito angrily says that he does but since it has been such a long time, he has forgot about it.
Somewhat pleading, Kotori tells him that she said before that Yukito is definitely a match. Flustered Yukito says that he doesn’t. Kotori offers to provide him the outfit. Yukito refuses and tells her that no one knows about that guy and, only she and Natsume knows about Hikaru. They are surprised when someone says that someone else also knows. Gesturing to herself, Harada exclaims that there is one, [<- referring to herself] and what is Yukito saying for that guy is famous so don’t belittle people. Harada starts raving about irresistible Kaoru and tells Yukito that those who hasn’t played the game won’t know how good that game is so why don’t Yukito be nice and cosplay as Kaoru. Yukito exclaims why he has to. Kotori is surprised over this that she asks when Harada started to be so into the Doki Memo game. Suddenly, Harada holds a maid uniform and puts a ‘female ghost’ costume to Kotori. Harada tells her that she’ll have this and Kotori can have that. Kotori is puzzled until a girl tells her that choosing the maid uniform is over. Harada tells Kotori that it has no meaning if a lot of people do maids, Kotori should do the horror cafe by dressing up as a demon/ghost. Kotori cries over this and goes after Harada to decide on it through jankenpon [rock-paper-scissors game]. Yukito just looks at them and thinks that because of Harada, he forgot what he is supposed to do and his feelings are a bit subtle. While holding a flyer, Abe happily calls out to him and tells Yukito to join it. It is a flyer about recruiting volunteers with no qualifications and everyone is okay/can join. It also guarantees that the teacher won’t get angry to a certain degree to whatever they will perform and they are free to choose the number of people for their performance. Abe asks what they will do. Yukito says that it doesn’t concretely said what, is it a band type? Abe happily puts his arm around Yukito and says that’s right, they should do that. Yukito wants to think about it but Abe keeps on insisting that they join. Abe happily tells them that they will become center of attention, popular with girls and Yukito can make his girlfriend see his cool side which will surely make her be infatuated with him. Looking at the flyer, Yukito says, attention, popularity and infatuation? “Of course, I’ll do it, Abe-kun!” Abe also smiles and says, “Right on, Kaji-kun!”
At the restaurant, Kotori laments that the awkwardness is gone but she didn’t expect that is what’s waiting for her in the end – she still lost to Harada. When she enters the lounge, she overhears her coworkers saying that guy is quite handsome and why is she shy about it. Kotori asks them what’s going on. A guy tells Kotori that he is looking at a picture of Haruna’s boyfriend since Keigo always says that he is very handsome so he [guy] wants to verify it. Haruna mutters that Keigo is such a loudmouth. Kotori asks if it is that ‘arrogant looking, do not know what he’s thinking’ boyfriend. Haruna muses that Kotori remembers it quite well. Kotori says that she would also want to see what he looks like. Haruna shows the picture on her cellphone to Kotori. Kotori says that he really looks handsome. Haruna tries to be ‘shy’ that her boyfriend isn’t that handsome to boast about. The guy then asks why that picture seems like a stolen shot if she didn’t mind it. [<- stolen shot so that it won’t seem like she plans to brag about him?] After work, the two Kaji-s are walking home. Kotori mentions about seeing the picture of Haruna’s boyfriend and he is particularly handsome. Yukito says that he would also want to see that guy. Kotori says that they’ll be able to see him when they go to the cultural festival. Yukito says yes, if they went, they’ll be introduced by Haruna. Kotori is relieved because it seems that Yukito isn’t going to invite her to some other place and it would be nice if they can happily talk like this. Then, she hears someone saying to someone to give that to her too because she wants to eat it. Kotori recognizes the voice and sees that it is Haruna together with her boyfriend. Yukito asks if that other guy is Haruna’s boyfriend. Kotori says that he probably is. Yukito says the guy is quite considerate for it seems he went to fetch Haruna. The two Kaji-s blushes when they see Haruna’s boyfriend feeding Haruna with a biscuit. Haruna happily laughs and her boyfriend pulls her hair over her ear. They look at each other’s eyes then kiss. While hugging each other, the two walk away. The two blushing Kaji-s look at the couple in surprise then they look at each other. They blush. Then, they hug each other simultaneously to copy Haruna and her boyfriend. After a pause, the two sweatdrop and say that it seemed that something is off, as if they are just walking arm to arm. “Occasionally resisting, occasionally not, what is this feeling.. *looking at each other* ..still wanting to progress each other’s contact, one more step?”
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