June 14, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 100]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 8, 2011

Narration: “Let me privately tell you my secret that I have not told anyone before, Mei-ojousama..” Young Rihito is riding on a train. He looks stoic as some girls whisper to each other that he looks handsome. Rihito wonders why he is going to that place. Rihito removes his butler pin and looks at it. Flashback: Someone asked Rihito if he really doesn’t want to be Shiori’s butler anymore. Rihito apologized and said that Shiori.. A vase filled with roses is shattered on the floor. Shiori accused a maid of attracting Rihito’s attention. She shouted at the maid of being brazen and a wretch for doing that. Kneeling down to Shiori, Rihito tried to explain that it isn’t like that and the maid is only.. The maid timidly told Rihito not to say anything more because if he defends her, she is afraid of what kind of punishment Shiori might give her. Shiori looked vividly angry but when Rihito called her name, she calmed down. She went and hugged Rihito to apologize. She tells him that she will be a good girl so please don’t hate her. “If it’s only you, Rihito, I will listen no matter what it is. After grandfather dies, I will inherit the Hongo family so until then, I’ll give you anything. So, please don’t leave me all alone.. Please stay by my side forever..” Rihito looked flustered-sad. Later on, Kintaro told Rihito that Shiori depends on him excessively that it made him very worried. He asked Rihito what he plans to do later on. Rihito told him that he already talked about it with his parents and he will go to England where his uncle [mother side] is. Kintaro asked if he doesn’t want to be a butler anymore and it isn’t easy to attain one’s cherished dream of becoming the world’s youngest butler. Rihito looks surprised-flustered but he just timidly said yes. Kintaro said, really..then he won’t force him because this is his life. End flashback.

When the sun is setting, Rihito arrives at the train station. He overhears someone talking inside the station that the lodging is at a remote place, 10km to the east and there is no bus coming anymore [at that time]. Rihito decides to walk. While carrying his luggage, Rihito walks on the road. Soon, the full moon is already high up in the sky. Rihito wonders what he is doing for right now, he should be boarding a plane for England in Narita airport. He then notices a group of people talking that he wonders what happened. He approaches them and tries to ask if there is a Shibata living nearby but they suddenly exclaims who he is and is he a stranger. He somewhat freaks out that they are saying that he looks very suspicious. Someone calls out to the police that they found a suspicious person. Rihito tries to tell them to wait, he is only.. Then, Hideto, Rihito’s grandfather, asks if it is Rihito. The policeman asks if Hideto knows him. Hideto laughs and says that it is his grandson. He has forgotten that Rihito is coming to see him today. The others start to walk away and accuse Rihito of creating a disturbance but Rihito sweatdrops and thinks that they are the ones who did [for accusing him]. While Rihito tries to tell his grandfather that it wasn’t able to contact him before he went there, Hideto grabs his shoulder and tells him that Rihito came at a good time and no wonder he is his grandson. His grandfather shows him a picture of young Mei and tells him to help them in finding her. Rihito looks surprised over the picture. Then, he asks who the idiot-looking girl is. After a pause, grandfather tells him that she is Shironome Mei, a girl who lives near his house. He says that even if she is going to be 7 years old soon, but because she is petit, she looks like a kindergarten kid. “She said that she is going to get some crabs and went out but afterwards, she cannot be found anywhere. Bring your luggage at my house then quickly team up with the other groups to find her! No problems, right, please [help]!” Rihito tries to protest but his grandfather already left.
Rihito sighs and goes to his grandfather’s house. He thinks that his grandfather is usually calm and composed so it is quite rare to see him like this. Inside the house, Rihito observes that it looks like his grandfather is living a simple life since the house is simply decorated. He wonders if his grandfather doesn’t want to show off that he used to be a S-rank butler. Then, he notices something sparkling on the bulletin board. It is his grandfather’s S-butler badge. He is shock that his grandfather will use it as a thumbtack/drawing pin. Looking at the pin, he wonders what the heck his grandfather was thinking when that is something the golden badge that all butlers aspire for. Rihito thinks that it won’t matter if he wears it for a while. Rihito puts it on and looks quite proud. He is interrupted when the phone starts ringing. He answers it and it is his grandfather who shouts at him as to what he is doing. He orders Rihito to quickly go help in looking for Mei. Rihito wonder if his grandfather has clairvoyance powers. Running off, Rihito thinks that if one is to look for crabs, it should be this direction. His thoughts wander to the time when someone asks, “You don’t want to be a butler anymore?” Flashback: Rihito’s mother said that even if his grandfather and father are butlers, it doesn’t mean that Rihito has to be a butler, too so she won’t hinder him. His father said tat he can promise this to Rihito, that is if he wanted to become a butler again, he will absolutely not saying anything that will humiliate Rihito. End flashback. Rihito wonders what his father meant by that for he is already a ruined butler of an ojousama so how could a person like him still have a face to show [others/serve some other master]. Then, Rihito steps on some twigs that made him snap out of his thoughts. He starts to wonder where he is for he went to the woods, opposite of the sea side where he planned to go. He is very upset that even if he isn’t familiar with the area, yet as a butler, how he could commit such a huge blunder. He wonders if it is because he is very tired but no matter if one’s heart/thoughts and body, [one must].. and besides there is still the full moon. He berates himself for finding an alibi. “Where is this place, what am I doing..”
Then, he hears someone singing, “Mei’s hitsugi” [<- Hitsugi = sheep; Shitsugi = butler] Rihito wonders if one is saying butler so he turns to the direction of the voice to find a little girl talking/singing to herself. She is singing that no matter where, she will accompany the sheep even if she will go to school. “Even if everyone laughs at me, I will still be with you. Even if the teacher drives you away, I will still be with you. Why does hitsugi-chan likes Mei? That is because.. That is because Mei also.. likes.. hitsugi-chan.” Crying Mei trips but Rihito catches her and carries her ala princess carry. Rihito becomes surprised that Mei feels really hot and her body is weak so he should quickly bring her to the doctor in the town. Breathing hard, Mei asks, “Uncle.. who are you?” Rihito goes into a shock for he was called an ‘uncle’ when he is only 14 years old. It is explained that for Mei, anyone who is taller than her and wears a Western suit is an ‘uncle’. Mei weakly repeats who he is. Narration: “I originally want to tease her a bit.” Rihito answers, “Weren’t you calling me a while ago? I’m Mei-ojousama’s shitsuji. Mei thinks he meant hitsugi that she pouts and calls him a liar. To his surprise, Mei says, “..but..thank..you..” before falling asleep. Narration: “‘Thank you.. Always until now, it has been like a dream, and my feet are very heavy like lead. But right now, my whole body is invigorated. It’s alright, this golden badge on my chest, will protect us.” Carrying Mei, Rihito runs out of the woods and remembers what his father told him that if he wants to be a butler again, he will absolutely not say any humiliating things [to Rihito]. Seven years later, Kintaro calls Rihito and tells him that his son, Shutaro, who left home, had passed away. Kintaro has called Rihito from England to go see this girl. “Right now, her name is ‘Shinonome Mei’.” Rihito looks surprised at the picture and Kintaro notices this. Narration: “This is really unbelievable.. is this what is called as decided by fate?” Mourning Mei asks, “Who are you..?!” Narration: “This time, it is no longer borrowed.” Wearing his own gold S-rank butler badge, Rihito smiles and says, “I am Mei-ojousama’s shitsuji.”
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