June 14, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 81]

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Tsubaki is speechless after Kyouta told her that there’s no need for her to come again. Tsubaki asks him why. Kyouta seems surprised [/was thinking of something] then he tells her no [but what he meant is], later on, he will be doing his recuperation exercises [/physical therapy] so even if she comes, he won’t be there so there’s no need for her to come everyday. Relieved Tsubaki says is that what it is but then, it is okay for her to just see him so there’s no need for him to be concerned about her. Kyouta says that isn’t what he meant. Lying back down on the bed, Kyouta tells her if she wasted an hour in going there and she wasn’t able to see him, it will just bother him a lot. Tsubaki says is that so and that incident might happen. Tsubaki suggests about meeting on a week with two rest days [/weekends] since she has no class, and they can coincide it during the time when he isn’t going to have his therapy. Kyouta hesitantly agrees to that. While pulling up her sleeve, Tsubaki winks and happily asks if there is anything else he would want her to do. “Please do not be shy and just tell me if it is laundry or whatever it is.” Looking away, Kyouta says that he doesn’t need anything else though actually, he is tired and would want to sleep for a while, so sorry but can she go home first for today. Tsubaki is disappointed to hear that, but she can only apologize for troubling him. While picking up her things, Tsubaki tells him that she’ll come back on Saturday and next time, he ought to use the normal way of eating the tamagoyaki [egg omelet roll]. Just when Tsubaki is about to leave, Kyouta cannot endure it anymore that he sits up and calls her. “I suddenly remembered something important. Can you come here for a moment?” Surprised, Tsubaki asks what it is. Kyouta continues to urge her to come to his side. Then, he pulls her to him to kiss her. He smiles and says that he’ll wait for her on Saturday. Tsubaki blushes. She smiles and says, ya. She waves goodbye and left. Kyouta looks sad-thoughtful and probably angry because of his clenched fist. At the faculty room, Tsubaki asks her teacher what is the result of her make-up exams. Her teacher says that it is really good that based on her score, she is number 1 but regrettably, since it is a make-up exam, it cannot be counted into the official grade records. Tsubaki seriously asks her teacher that if she continues to work hard, can she get the recommendation into an elite school. The teacher says that if it is that school, whose public lecture she attended before, then there is no problem at all. The teacher is surprised when Tsubaki declares that she won’t be going to that school for she wants to get the recommendation of an even higher level university than that school. Tsubaki thinks that if she can get a university recommendation that will fully satisfy [/ is recognized by] her mother, and this way, her mother will approve of her relationship with Kyouta.

At home, Tsubaki’s mother asks her to help prepare dinner. Tsubaki dutifully did as told. In the kitchen, her mother looks pleased to see Tsubaki that she comments that it is great that Tsubaki has regained her health since she has been extremely worried that time when Tsubaki fainted. Tsubaki tells her mother that she is alright already. Her mother casually says, “It seems that Tsubaki Kyouta can be reasoned with.” This made Tsubaki exclaim in surprise that her mother realizes that she said too much. Thinking that this could be the reason why Kyouta suddenly told her not to come again, Tsubaki asks her mother if she went to see Kyouta. “Why did you do that on your own?! What did you tell Tsubaki-kun?!” Her mother exclaims that it is because Tsubaki totally won’t listen to her so, she could only go and ask Kyouta about it. Flashback: Her mother told Kyouta that if he treasures Tsubaki, can he advise her [/say this in place of her] to stop forcing herself since this situation cannot continue on. “Do not let that child continue on hurting herself like this, [to the point wherein she would collapse], I beg of you..!” End flashback. Tsubaki is flustered when her mother told her that she did that for Tsubaki’s sake. Back at the hospital, Kyouta tries to walk with a clutch but his left foot lost balance that he fell down on the floor. Soon, a doctor is assisting him and checking on his bandaged right foot. Kyouta apologizes and says that he thought that he can walk already. The doctor says that he still cannot do that because his muscle hasn’t recovered enough for him to use a clutch to walk. The doctor tells the nurse to bring a wheelchair for Kyouta. Flustered Kyouta says that he cannot bear it anymore wherein he is a burden to Tsubaki. The doctor says that he understands his feelings on wanting to get well as soon as possible but he has a serious bone fracture. The doctor also says that he thinks that it will take about half a year for Kyouta’s foot to recover to its original state. Taking away the clutch, the doctor tells glum Kyouta not to recklessly fall else it could worsen the injury and it might not heal as it was before. After the doctor left, Kyouta holds the arm of the wheelchair and mutters, “Half a year..huh..” He hits the wheelchair’s arm in frustration.
Suddenly, Tsubaki calls out to him and asks what happened, does his injury hurt. He is surprised to see her and says that it isn’t Saturday yet. Tsubaki says that it is because she just learned that her mother went to see him. Flustered, Tsubaki asks if he knew that she didn’t take the exam before. Kyouta tells her, ya. Sitting down beside him, Tsubaki happily tells him that her make-up exam’s results are pretty good and it seems that she can go for a higher university recommendation than that other school so later on, even if she comes to visit him everyday.. Kyouta is surprised by this that he quickly interrupts and asks her, “When did you start putting an elite university’s recommendation as a top priority again? Didn’t you decide not to chase after a university’s reputation and just decide on what you really want to do in the future?” Tsubaki says yes but she thinks that it won’t be too late to think about it when she is already studying in the university. Kyouta grips her wrist tight and sternly tells her that is wrong, she only wants her parents to recognize him. Tsubaki looks surprised as she tries to say that..that is.. To her surprise, Kyouta says that right now, everything that Tsubaki has been doing is totally all for him and even if it makes him happy [and he understands her feelings] but for him, she is forcing herself. Next time, she might fail in the test or in the end, if she wasn’t able to get that recommendation and be miserable about that, he would be more miserable than her and he doesn’t want that. Tsubaki tries to tell him that it won’t happen because she will strive even harder in her studies. Gripping her wrist tighter, Kyouta exclaims that he doesn’t want to become a stumbling block to her future and he absolutely doesn’t want to see that kind of ending. Tsubaki mutters that it hurts. Kyouta calms down and lets her go. He tells her that if that happens, he will be filled with guilt that he won’t be able to continue on going steady with her just like now. Kyouta hugs surprised Tsubaki and exclaims, “Please Tsubaki... calm down a bit and think things over!” After a long pause, Tsubaki confides that she is obviously at fault that he got into an accident but after hearing him tell her to stay at his side, at that time, she is really happy. “I thought that no matter what happens, as long as I’m at your side, I think that I can do a lot of things for you [and be your strength].. but, I was mistaken.. if I cannot even take care of my own affairs, in the end, I’ll become your burden [and not your strength]!!” Looking straight at him, Tsubaki smiles and says that she will do her best in finding out what she wants to do. Kyouta smiles and says, yes. Tsubaki looks away and apologizes for always not doing things well. Kyouta says that he should be the one who should apologize, for getting himself into an accident. Tsubaki complains that actually, she really doesn’t want this. Kyouta says that he doesn’t want this either. Tsubaki sadly says, “But right now..” Kyouta adds, “It is the only thing to do..” They look at each other then hug each other tight. “In the meantime.., we’ll separate [/cool off] for a while, right?”
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