June 14, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapter 25]

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Cover page: “This pair of hands, perhaps, I shouldn’t hold them.” At the station, Chitose’s eyes brighten up upon seeing the Shinkansen [bullet train]. Shun asks if it is also her first time. Chitose happily says yes and she is really looking forward to ride on the Nozomi. Shun flatly tells her that this isn’t Nozomi but Kodama since Nozomi is on a different line. [Ah, from what I understand in wiki, Nozomi is a faster train than Kodama.] After a pause, Chitose says that it doesn’t matter. She takes his hand and says that as long as it is the Shinkansen, it doesn’t matter. “Let’s quickly get on it!” Inside the train, Chitose looks around and happily says that it is pretty much like what she has seen on the television. She happily sits down and recline the chair. Then, she pulls down the food tray in front. Pointing at the window, Chitose asks Shun if they can see Fuji Mountain on this side and when will they see it. To her shock, Shun says that they won’t see it because Fuji Mountain is on the back side of Mishima whereas they are going to the front side of Mishima to Atami [coastal hot spring resort in Shizuoka prefecture. Source: iguide.travel]. Chitose cannot believe it that she is a bit disappointed to hear that. She perks up and says that anyway, she’ll get a chance to see it next time. Chitose happily looks out the window and says that they are near some place [I cannot quite read] and the train is really quick. Shun just looks at her. Soon, they are in Atami station. Chitose happily says that it is the first time for her to be in Shizouka prefecture. Shun looks at his watch and says that Atami is quite near that it took only 50 minutes for them to arrive there from Shinagawa. When Shun starts to look for the hotel’s car, Chitose tells him that they still have time so why don’t they go sight-seeing. Holding a pamphlet, Chitose happily says that she wants to go to the herb garden and eat rose ice cream. [She probably meant, Akao Herb and Rose Garden]
Meanwhile, Yuki and Saaya are waiting at Yuki’s place. Saaya asks him why Yuka wants to talk with them. Yuki says that it seems that his sister is going to introduce a new boyfriend to them. Saaya asks why them. Yuki says that he doesn’t know. Soon, they hear the door opening and Yuka inviting someone in. Yuki, together with Saaya, goes to the door to greet his sister and the visitor. After inviting the guy in, Yuka asks them if they still remember this guy. The two look surprised then, recognizes him as Yutaka. Yutaka says that it is great that the two of them are quite healthy now. Then, the two look somewhat tense. They are soon talking while having some tea at the dining table. Yuki comments about Yutaka being in the same school as his sister. Yutaka says that it is true and their school is so big that they never met each other before until now, on their third year. Yuka says that it is a miracle for Yutaka to be able to recognize her. Yuki asks them if they are currently going steady. Yuka says yes. Yutaka says that five years ago, he already likes her. Yuka tells them that she also likes him. She confesses that part of the reason why she always goes to see Yuki at the hospital is to see Yutaka even though she wasn’t always fortunate enough to see him. Yuki just smiles while sweatdropping over this. Yuka sadly says that in the end, only Misaki died. She found it really awkward how to act towards Yutaka that they didn’t even exchange email addresses so their relationship just ended like that. Yutaka admits that he really regrets it but fortunately, they were able to meet again. Since he still likes Yuka, he confessed to her right away. Yuki and Saaya are happy to hear that and they congratulate the new couple. Yuka says that there is also something that is bothering her a bit that she always wanted to ask them. “Weren’t the two of you forcing yourself on getting steady [with each other]?” The two look somewhat surprised. Yuka continues to that if she is mistaken, then she would want to apologize first. “But, before it is okay, though lately, it seems that Yuki and Saaya’s relationship isn’t based on love. It would seem more like an obligation. Even if it isn’t an obligation, is it dependence? Or perhaps, stubbornness? Whether it is Yuki or it’s Saaya, going steady for Masaki-kun’s sake and the matter wherein only the two of you survived the surgery, were you guys harboring feelings of guilt? Staying together forever and cherishing the memory of Misaki-kun..is this how you two plan to atone for it?” Yuki and Saaya just become quiet and somewhat flustered.
Yutaka smiles and tells them that until now, they still cherish Misaki, for that he is very happy and grateful to them. “But, it isn’t necessary for you to have feelings of guilt. Misaki knew about the two of you.” Yuki and Saaya look surprised over this. Flashback: Misaki told his brother that those two are going steady but they are considering him that is why they didn’t tell him about it. “Since it is Yuki, then I’m able to accept it though I feel a bit down about it!” Yutaka asked him about telling those two that he already knows about it. Misaki said yes but if he did that, it might trouble them [since they hid it from him. Ah, I’m guessing that because it is blurry in that part.] Misaki smiles and said that he’ll just keep on pretending not to know until they themselves tell him about it. Later on, Yutaka and probably his mother called out to Misaki and asked where he went. Misaki told them that he is quite startled to see those two kissing. “I want to quickly get well and also find myself a cute girlfriend. Haha, about the surgery, I will do my best!” End flashback. Yuuki and Saaya are quite flustered for it turns out that Misaki already knew about it. Yutaka tells them that it isn’t Misaki’s wish for them to force themselves to go steady and he [Yutaka] thinks that Misaki would only wish for their happiness. Someone exclaims that since only the two of them are alive.. Yutaka says that it is inevitable and it isn’t their fault. “Do not make Misaki into your painful memory.” The two are surprised by that remark. Yutaka tells them that Misaki would be very happy if they only remember the time during the hospital wherein they got along together and had really fun while playing. “And also, remembering that he is your very good friend. You guys should [just] remember those beautiful memories.” Saaya covers her mouth as she becomes teary-eyed. Flustered Yuki just looks downwards. Back at Atami, Chitose is delighted to see their Japanese-styled room. Shun asks if it is also her first time at an onsen. Chitose happily says yes. He asks if there are no onsen at Okinawa. Chitose tells him that there are some but she has never gone there before and it isn’t like this kind of hotel since it is more of a health [spa] type of hotel. Grabbing her yukata [/robe], Chitose happily says that they go take a dip at the onsen. Soon, Chitose happily takes a dip in the outdoor onsen by herself. Shun is sitting quietly at the men’s bath with a couple of other guys. He thinks that Chitose is a bit stupid that she got excited over the Shinkansen and the onsen that she totally forgot about the goal of this trip.
Later on, Shun is standing outside the hall. He thinks that anyway, being lively is better than being nervous. Rosy-cheeked Chitose soon comes out and sees Shun. She asks him if he was waiting for her. Shun says that it is because she has the key to their room. Chitose apologizes to him about that. While walking together, Chitose happily says that it feels great especially the outdoor bath. Shun then blushes a bit as he looks at Chitose. He thinks that this is bad because even if it is Chitose, he finds her a bit sexy after taking a bath and wearing a yukata. He then looks at Chitose’s chest and thinks “Ah..I really want to put my hand in! No, no, it will be really bad if I got impatient and frighten her. Endure, I have to endure!” Chitose asks Shun if he is already hungry. She tells him that it will be dinner time so they should eat their dinner. Shun nervously smiles and says yes. Soon, their dinner set is on the table. Chitose happily eats a sashimi* and says that it is really fresh. [*very fresh raw seafood, sliced into thin pieces, and served only with a dipping sauce. source: wiki] She looks at the other food and wonders in vexation as to what she’ll eat next. Then, she decides on something and happily picks it. Shun just looks at her and thinks that Chitose is totally oblivious over other people’s confusion. He feels really envious of simple minded people. “But then, this makes her really cute. Generally, Yuki must have also liked this side of hers. Soon, they are walking back to their room. Chitose happily says that she is so full and dinner is really delicious. Shun just says, ya. Chitose thinks that Shun’s reaction is quite cold. “Is it because I had been thinking that everything is quite rare and overly excited about it that it made him feel a bit troubled? But, if I didn’t pay attention and concentrate on all the fun and interesting things in the trip, I will think about that thing tonight, and I’ll feel..” Then, in room 501, Shun opens the door then just stands in front of the [bed/]room. Chitose asks what happened, and why won’t he go in. She peeks in to see that there are two futon [/beds] prepared for them. Chitose blushes really red in shock. Somewhat backing away, Chitose says that the hotel staff had already spread out the futon but it is a bit early and it isn’t even 7pm yet. She then says that it is probably because it is dinner time so they prepare the futon while no one is there. “But, even if that is so..” She stops when Shun calls out her name and seriously tells her to come in. Chitose blushes and looks at him. She mutters, “Ya..yes.” She quietly goes in and Shun closes the door.
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