June 13, 2011

Futsumashi na Yome desu ga [Chapter 4]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 18, 2010

[This is the last summary for this series because I've lost interest in it.]

Riene turns around to face Satsuki. She tells him that the first time they met is also a rainy day like today. Satsuki looks surprised. Riene then realizes something in shock. She quickly goes back to the corner and apologizes for coming out to face him. Satsuki remembers that he told her never to show her face to him again. He thinks that she still abides by what he said before. Riene tells him that since he told her not to appear before him, she would just stay behind him, whether it’s down on the ground or above the sky. Upon seeing him in danger, she cannot just look on without helping him. Satsuki mutters that for him, it would be better if she goes in front of him [rather than sneaking around behind him]. Riene continues with her story about the first time they met. When she came to know of things, she finds herself at a monastery so that is the only world she knew. Satsuki asks if she learned the spells from the monastery. Reiene says no, the Spell* Masters, who were residing within the monastery, have taught her. [*I’ll sometimes interchange Spell and Incantation but they are the same meaning.] Flashback: The monastery is surrounded by high walls and it is forbidden to go outside. A boyish looking young Reiene wanted to go out someday and she wishes for it every single day. “Then, one time, there is this Incantation IDIOT MASTER who casted a spell to change my body.” A suspicious man with an eye mask called out to Riene to come and poof, he changed her. “Although I’m only an experiment for some spell but after being changed into a wild boar, I have taken this opportunity to escape out of the monastery.” End flashback. Satsuki is surprised as he asks, “Wild boar? Could it be..” Riene continues with her story by telling him that she doesn’t know how far she ran but because it is the first time she head to the outside world, she is so excited. Flashback: Everyone is surprised to see a cute little boar walking in the streets. Boar Riene is surprised when someone suggested that they bring her to the health care [<- I think like wildlife protection center] but the other person asked won’t it be killed there. Boar Riene started to run away when someone suggested that they grab it and make wild boar hotpot.

Then, she met some delinquents [<- Hashiba] who think of making her into a soccer ball. They kick her around and boar Riene started to regret for running away from the monastery. Satsuki came and shouted for the others to stop it else it will die. Hashiba exclaimed for him being so arrogant in saying that when he is just Satsuki. Soon, it started to rain. Bruised Satsuki asked boar Riene if it is alright. He hugged her and is delighted to find out that it is still alive. “By a girl..or rather a boy, I was [saved and] taken home.” End flashback. Riene smiles at Satsuki and says, “And that person is Satsuki. The name given to me by Satsuki is Thunderbird.” Satsuki is surprised by all this. Riene continues to say, “Even if the time we spent isn’t long, but everyday, we were together..*sleeping together* I really like the sweet mixed veggie pancakes that Satsuki’s mother make. *Satsuki’s mother bring out the pancake with toothpicks on top* [<-toothpicks = candles?] Very warm..truly warm..The me who doesn’t have a family now have a friend and a family. *Satsuki reads a book with Thunderbird while Satsuki’s parents are around him*” Satsuki says, “Wait a minute, Thunderbird died while trying to protect me from a car accident. *Thunderbird jumped to push Satsuki to safety* I buried it with my own hands. *Satsuki and Aki buried bleeding Thunderbird with a little stick as a memorial on top of the ground.*” Riene tells him, “I didn’t die!” There is a scene of Thunderbird crawled out of the ground. Holding up her fist, Riene said that she is dead for some time. “But, I still have one breath left! Afterwards, someone came and took the weak me.” The guy, who turned her into a boar, took her and said that she’s really hopeless. Riene darkly says, “It is that darn Master.” Satsuki thinks that Riene really hates that Master. Pointing to the ribbon on her hair, Riene asks if he still remembers that ribbon. It is the ribbon that Satsuki tied up on memorial stick. Satsuki looks surprised then he remembered that he did tie up a ribbon on it. A bit flustered, while remember being with his little boar, Satsuki says, “..That is because..I really like that Thunderbird.” Riene is really happy to hear this. Satsuki then clarifies to her that sweet mixed veggie pancake is a crepe. [It is a bit blurry here but I think that his mother couldn’t make it thin enough or that is his mother’s style of crepe.] Remembering Thunderbird, Satsuki somewhat smiles and says, “So, it’s like that..still..alive huh.” He thinks that it’s really good that Thunderbird is still alive.

Riene happily goes to him and hugs him. “Satsuki!” Satsuki is surprised by this then to his horror, Riene starts groping his buttocks. ^^;; Satsuki immediately punches her away as the mood is totally gone. Satsuki angrily reprimands her not to reckless grope someone else’s butt. “Why don’t you change that pervert habit of yours!” Crying Riene holds her face and mutters that Satsuki’s defense is so tight. Pushing up his glasses, Satsuki tells her that if she can change that pervert habit of hers, she can come back. Riene tells him that he said that he hated her..really detest her. As the sun shines behind him, Satsuki says that is..there’s no other way. “And, there is still about that marriage spell. You should think of a way to break it. If you want to go back, then you can just come back.” Riene is really happy over this. At home, lying down on his futon, Satsuki angrily complains that he already told her yet why didn’t she come back yet. He even had mercy on her.. “I don’t care about her anymore! *looks at the table with some food wrapped in cling wrap* I even made a rare sweet mixed veggie pancake. The me, who is heavily in debt! Speaking of that, it is also too strange for a person to turn into a wild boar! What the heck is this spell stuff. Thunderbird and that girl aren’t a bit the same for Thunderbird is more..more..” Satsuki becomes speechless and gloomy as he remembers that Thunderbird likes to peek in his shirt, peek under his dress and steal his underwear. He is always puzzled when Thunderbird kisses him, and stares at him while he is dressing up. [Hehehe..^^;] Satsuki gloomily thinks, “That’s right, THAT PERSON IS AN ALIEN. Right, I’ll think of her as an alien. I won’t think of it again..I.” Later on, at night, Satsuki sits up and looks at the ring. He darkly mutters, “Alien..huh. Must have mistaken it with some domestic animal.” [<- I don’t get it. The only thing that came into mind is alien and cattle abduction for experiment-type..because of Gintama ^^; Also, I think it is the spirit in the ring who is talking or the possessed Satsuki type since the speech bubble is different..double circles for the speech balloon.]

The next day, Riene is leaning her head on the post near some garbage bags. Passing by her, some people wonder what she is doing near the garbage. After a while, Riene’s stomach starts to growl out loud. Riene is actually in a mental struggle. “I want to touch Satsuki, I want to rub against his face, I want to smell his scent, I want to OOXX with him. I should say that if I don’t touch [him], I’ll DIE!!! *Riene cries upon remembering that Satsuki would allow her to return if she can get rid of her pervert habit* It’s like waiting to be pronounced a death sentence--! I cannot do it I cannot do it I cannot do it I cannot do it. That kind of defense method is too vicious! It’s too cunning! God, help me get rid of that defense!” A pretty girl from Satsuki’s school is looking at Riene. She holds out a Natto-chocolate bar [Natto is fermented soybeans and geez, what does that taste like] and says that if she doesn’t mind, she [Riene] can eat that. Noticing the girl’s huge chest, Riene takes the bar. The girl starts walking away. Riene happily eats the bar and mentally thanks the boobacious bishoujo. At school, the pretty girl is talking with Fumikura that it really surprises her because that girl [Riene] is around their age yet she is already a homeless freshman student. “Where could her parents be? –Hey, Kyou, are you listening?” [Fumikura is a surname] Kyou notices her and apologizes. The girl tells him that Satsuki is sitting in front of him so did they talk already. Kyou says that they totally didn’t and even if they did, Satsuki would only just say ‘ah ya’, ‘really’ type of casual sounds. The girl says is that so. Removing his headphones, Kyou says that it’s no big deal for it is normal to be like that when one reaches high school and it seems that Satsuki is really close with Kamina. The girl says that it is quite lonely then.. She stops upon noticing something. She then says that in the next class, they are going to a different classroom so she’ll go on ahead. Kyou bids her goodbye.

After she left, Kyou is surprised when someone holds on his head and says, “Hi, bro! That brilliant smile of yours is quite cute today, too. I also want to have a cute [younger] twin sister ♡” He makes a side comment that in high school, Kyou’s twin peaked with an outstanding body and became excellent in everything including grades and sports. Kyou just says that expectation exceeds as well as disappointment. [<- don’t know what he exactly meant but I’m guessing he meant his friends to have a high expectation but they will be just equally disappointed when she rejects them.] One of his friends asks if Kyou and Satsuki’s relationship are okay already and it is quite unexpected. Thinking that they have overhead, Kyou says that it is from a long distant past. They look in the classroom to see Satsuki sleeping on his desk. Kyou’s friends say that Satsuki is very unapproachable, very arrogant and sleeping again. Kyou remembers young Satsuki happily calling out to him. Kyou sadly says that he wasn’t like that before. They ask what but Kyou dismisses it as nothing. Then, his two friends ask Kyou to lend them some money for this month. Kyou says that they already borrowed money from him for next month yet they haven’t returned the money. They tell him not to haggle about it. “We are friends, right?” A bit flustered, Kyou looks surprised about this. Meanwhile, some old teacher is reprimanding Hashiba and friends. The teacher screams, “What’s up with that hairstyle! There is even an arrow in it! A papaya? William Tell? Newton’s Law? If the homeroom teacher is a good-for-nothing, then the students are also good-for-nothings! What’s with this class! And speaking of that, your homeroom teacher, he kept on cheerily talk with the female teachers, women in the cafeteria and even the students’ mothers! Outrageous! Totally outrageous! Geez! You guys just stand there!” He angrily stomps away to leave.

The delinquents mutter that what he said at the latter part has nothing to do with them. Hashiba looks at the back and says, “Don’t hide, homeroom teacher.” Daiki stands up behind them from the room’s window and asks if he is already noticed. “Ah, Ryofu, that’s quite a modern hairstyle ♪ That arrow is shot by Kamina.” Ryofu angrily says that he couldn’t get it out. [Ah, how can you sleep with that? ^^;] Daiki says that it is definitely because they bullied Satsuki and ever since before, if Aki got angry, he can be really frightening. Hashiba says that it seems Daiki is familiar with Kamina. Daiki says pretty so and he’s very familiar with him before. “When I was in college, he and Satsuki [with Thunderbird] would always go to play at my apartment. I would get them to watch an adult video that I passed off as an anime show. I made Satsuki cry [and Aki dark]. How nostalgic..” Ryofu angrily shout for him not to talk about it in a nostalgic way. Hashiba tells Daiki that he’s siding with Kamina. Daiki denies it by saying that as a teacher, he is fair in regards to students, not siding with anyone but not applicable to androgynous [/gender bender; not sure if I got that right but it is either that or he is biased with girls] ☆” Someone angrily shouts for him to shut up. Daiki flicks Hashiba’s forehead and tells them about the bullying, he really wishes that they graduate soon and they ought to just stand there for their punishment. With that, Daiki left them. Holding his forehead, Hashiba complains that it hurts for Daiki unexpectedly used a lot of strength in it. Looking at the side, Hashiba says that compared to them, that side is nastier. He is referring to Kyou’s friends who want to borrow money from Kyou. Kyou says that he really couldn’t resist them so is 30,000 enough. His friends happily say that no wonder he is a young master and it is such a huge help. The last scene is a long curly haired woman, Mergui, singing some ‘I will eradicate ghost and evil spirits from this world’ song while walking in the streets as she pulls her luggage. Her face isn’t shown as she then says, “I have arrived ♥ Sister has arrived, my foolish younger sister Riene!”

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