June 14, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapters 26 - 27]

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At the apartment, Yuka tells Yuki and Saaya that she will be walking Yutaka back [to the station?]. Yutaka thanks the two for entertaining him and bids them goodbye. The two just smile as Yuki says not to be too polite and he can go back there anytime. After Yuka and Yutaka left, the two’s smiles disappear. Saaya says that Misaki already knows [/understands] about them and it is alright even if they break up. This surprises Yuki. She tells him that she cannot use Misaki as an alibi anymore and she ought to grant Yuki his freedom. Yuki asks if it is okay. Saaya says that she doesn’t know for she feels uneasy and afraid just at the thought of breaking up. “Yuki knows everything about me including my bad sides. Even if it is like this, nice Yuki still accepts me. I’m always pampered within your embrace. Maybe, it is like what Yuka have said.. I had become dependent on you. *teary-eyed* Even if I had mutually fallen in love with someone else, I also won’t know if that person will treat me, just like how you did. I don’t have self-confidence on that. It will definitely not go smoothly..” Yuki pats her head and tells her to relax for she is really outstanding, beautiful and charismatic so a lot of guys will like her, and would love her so much more than him. Saaya hugs him and asks if he will always be her best male friend. Yuki assures her that he will or rather, for him, she is a special existence and this won’t change, ever. “Is this good?” Saaya says, ya.

Back at the room at the inn, Chitose is really nervous. Her heart is beating loudly. She blushes in surprise when Shun holds her shoulders and somewhat puts his face on her head. [Not sure if he kissed her or something.] This immediately made Chitose push him away and tells him to wait. She asks isn’t it too early to sleep and shouldn’t they watch some television first. Shun looks at her and says, okay. Blushing Chitose exclaims that’s great, then it is decided, that they watch the television first. While watching the television, beside the futon bed, Shun glances at Chitose who has a blank expression. Chitose is wondering what to do for she is really scared, embarrassed and at her wits’ end. Shun sighs and thinks that Chitose isn’t watch the television at all. Then, he notices something on her chest. Shun calls out to her and asks about that necklace but Chitose doesn’t respond. This made Shun angry that he called out to her, ‘Hey’. This snaps Chitose out of it and exclaims, “Ah, yes!” Shun asks her if that necklace she is wearing is the one he gave her on Christmas and she should take it off while at the onsen. Chitose says that yes, it is the same one. She decided to wear it since this is a rare occasion and she has been wearing it since this morning. Shun asks if that is so. Looking at her necklace, Shun tells her that he just choose it randomly so he doesn’t have any impression on it. Chitose tells him that it seems like a butterfly pendant. Suddenly, they notice how close they are at each other. From touching the pendant with his finger, Shun then puts his whole hand on her chest.
Just when Shun is about to lean and kiss her, Chitose backs away and tells him to wait. As she moved back, Chitose hits her head on the post behind her. Shun sweatdrops as Chitose bends down holding her head in pain. Shun goes to her and asks if she is alright. Chitose quickly backs to the wall and exclaims that she is alright. Holding her hands to her chest [as if to protect it], Chitose nervously says that it seems she is perspiring again so can she go back and take a dip in the onsen again.. Shun is angry that he shouts that enough with her chattering. Rushing towards her, Shun grabs aghast Chitose’s shoulder and carries her ala princess carry. He shouts for her to quit dilly-dallying. Chitose closes her eyes thinking that she will be dumped on the futon but to her surprise, Shun gently puts her down on the futon. She looks at serious Shun then they kiss deeply. Soon, disrobed Chitose is in her underwear. Chitose feels Shun’s hands on her back and he starts to unlock her bra and remove it. Chitose blushes really red. Shun looks at her and is about to kiss her but he is surprised to see Chitose crying while closing her eyes. Somewhat flustered, Shun sighs and puts Chitose’s yukata back on her. This surprises Chitose that she opens her eyes. Chitose calls out to Shun, who is already sitting at the side, away from her. He tells her that in the end, he cannot do it upon seeing her painful expression. Quickly wiping her tears, Chitose apologizes and tells him that she is okay. “Please continue..” Holding up his hand to her, Shun tells her to forget about it, he cannot do it anymore. “Sorry.” Chitose looks at him and tells him that didn’t he said before that even if she doesn’t want to do it, he won’t stop. Shun confirms that he did thought of that before that once they are in that situation, he might not be able to stop himself. “But I never thought, to my own surprise, that I’m quite sensitive.” Chitose apologizes. Shun says that it is okay, and he is also sorry. Holding his throat, Shun asks if there is something to drink there since he is thirsty. Chitose quickly offers to make some tea.
Soon, after the tea is prepared, Shun tells Chitose not to be so gloomy. Chitose says that but still, she is sorry since even if she obviously decided on this, she unconsciously cried. Chitose exclaims that next time, she will go for it again. Expressionless Shun asks her if she wants to test it again, after all, there is no problem with him. Shun looks at eager Chitose who ends up looking thoughtful, then shivering aghast. Chitose apologizes and says that she cannot do it. They were surprised when the phone starts ringing. Shun answers it and says, okay, he’ll go down. Shun blankly tells Chitose that they have visitors. Chitose is equally puzzled who it is for only her brother knows where they are. The two are surprised to see Yuki and Saaya. To their surprise, teary-eyed Saaya quickly calls out to Shun. She rushes to Shun and hugs him. Looking at Chitose while holding on to Shun, Saaya exclaims, “I’m sorry, Chitose! I’ve always pleaded with you irrationally.. I’m really sorry. But, favor, please give Shun back to me..” [-_-#] Chitose goes ‘huh’ while Shun looks a bit tense-surprised. Looking really puzzled as she looks at Yuki and the other two, Chitose asks what about Yuki, and what is doing on. Yuki has a lame ‘shrug’ type of expression. Shun quietly looks at Saaya and he looks a bit flustered. Since some people are looking at them, Shun suggests that they go in the room to talk. Chitose agrees with him. She looks at Yuki and blushes as Yuki smiles at her. In the room, Saaya and Yuki freak out upon seeing the messy futon. Saaya exclaims if they already did it. While Chitose blushes, Shun sweatdrops and says, no, it was unsuccessful. Saaya and Yuki sigh in relief. Then, Yuki grabs Shun and shouts that since he said it was unsuccessful, up to what part did they progressed. This made Chitose exclaim that they didn’t do anything and they shouldn’t talk about that anymore, but rather, they should tell them first what’s going on.
As they all sit at the table, Saaya told them that Misaki already knew about them and understand them. She admits that she ‘woke up’ when Yutaka said not to make the thing with Misaki become a painful memory. “He obviously is a really good friend.. if it is because of him that we are in pain, then won’t that be crueler for him? So, I had finally decided that I’m going to end this kind of current situation. I’ll leave Yuki, and start anew.” Chitose and Shun just look at them. Chitose then asks why they are there. Yuki exclaims that is because.. Flashback: After hugging with Yuki, Saaya told Yuki that they go see Chitose for doesn’t he want to see Chitose earlier then he should go right now. Yuki seemed touched by what Saaya said. Saaya also told him that she will also go with him for she wants to apologize to Chitose up front and Chitose ought to be at home. Later, Tadashi scratched his head and apologized to the two that Chitose isn’t at home. They asked him when Chitose is coming home. Tadashi said that there is no harm in telling them. While thinking that this is quite interesting, Tadashi told them that Chitose is coming home tomorrow for she went together with her boyfriend to the onsen. The two looks shock. Yuki looked somewhat tense over this then he is surprised that Saaya is freaking out and shouting that no, that thing absolutely shouldn’t be. Tadashi is surprised-aghast when Saaya shouted at him as to where that onsen is, and which inn they are staying. At the streets, Saaya shouted for Yuki to hurry for Atami ought to be near by and they have to go before it is too late. Yuki is surprised at how frantic Saaya is. Saaya is frustrated that she cannot contact either Shun or Chitose on her cellphone. Chitose seemed to have forgotten her cellphone and Shun has left his cellphone at the place where one’s belonging are put while one is in the onsen. Yuki naively asked Saaya if the guy she is talking about before of liking yet she gave up on him is Shun. Saaya shouted at him that it is and wasn’t he even conscious of it a little bit for she thought that Yuki would more or less, be a bit suspicious. Yuki sweatdropped and said that he didn’t, not one bit. Saaya angrily shouted at Yuki for being slow-witted. This puzzles Yuki for she is venting on him [/turned traitor; not sure, it is a bit blurry] End flashback.
Yuki tells the two that is what happened and how things ended up like this. Soon, there is an awkward silence. Chitose breaks the ice by happily saying is that so, and, since it isn’t easy for them to just go there, why don’t everyone stay there and tomorrow, they can go sight-seeing. Shun asks her how she is going to resolve the room for the inn is fully booked today. Chitose says that they all stay in the same room and just pay a bit more money. Shun says that it definitely won’t do for they only booked for two. Chitose says it that so then, what should they do. To their surprise, Shun says, “I have it. How about this. I and Saaya will go back. Kaneshiro and Yuki can stay here.” Shun asks Saaya if she is okay with this. Saaya blushes a bit and says, yes. Chitose tries to protest but Shun tells her that the onsen ticket is her brother’s so she should use it. Confused and freaking out, Chitose continues to protest for this way, she would have really wronged [/offended] him. “That.. that, ah! That’s right! Akaishi-kun and Yuki-kun can stay here..” The two guys sweatdrop. Shun shouts, why. Yuki shouts that he doesn’t want to. After dressing up, Shun tells the others that they are going ahead. Yuki calls out to Shun and apologizes for not noticing even a little bit about the thing between him and Saaya. Shun somewhat smiles and says that even if he said those things to him before at the roof, it is inevitable, he’ll give Chitose back to him. Holding Saaya to him, Shun says, “Let’s make it an exchange, I’m getting Saaya back.” Saaya blushes over this. Yuki says okay, and thanks him. Yuki tells Shun to take good care of her. Shun says, same to you. As they leave, Saaya happily bids Yuki and Chitose goodbye. After they left, Chitose is blushing as she thinks that it seems that without thinking or noticing, things turned out like this. Yuki calls out to Chitose who blushes as she looks longingly at him. Yuki then lightly taps her head which puzzles Chitose. Looking away, Yuki exclaims why she would suddenly go on a trip with Shun that it made him worried to death about her. Flustered Chitose exclaims that it is because she doesn’t want to be a hindrance to him and Saaya so she wants to ensure her relationship with Shun as early and as quickly as possible. Yuki says is that so. Touching her face, Yuki apologizes. “But, it is alright already. I only belong to you, Chitose and Chitose, also only belongs to me.” He cups her face with a longing expression towards him. Then, they kiss.
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