June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 80]

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[First of all, I like volume 11’s cover. I really think this author should write a vampire or gothic series soon. =P] Narration: “When I’ve said, ‘I’ll do everything perfectly and show you guys..’, the me then is actually very afraid! For a person like me who has a tendency to miss the point... can I actually totally balance studies and love life? But, in order for my parents to acknowledge my relationship with Tsubaki-kun, I must exhaust my utmost effort in studying! As long.. as I can be number one in this term exam!” On the board, it is written that the exam will be held for four days with an average or three subjects per day. “Then, mama will definitely--” Tsubaki opens her eyes to see her mother worriedly looking down to her. Tsubaki is surprised-puzzled to see her and asks why she is there and she [Tsubaki] should be at school. Tsubaki looks surprised when her mother tells her that she is in the clinic and this morning, she fainted near the shoe lockers. Her mother is saying that Tsubaki hasn’t been eating properly these past few days and yet, she is studying late and visiting him.. Tsubaki quickly sits up and asks what time it is. “How much time is left in the exam? It’s good that I came early to school to study..” Tsubaki’s mother is surprised that Tsubaki is more concerned about that. Her mother looks sideways and says that just now..it was said that the last part of the exams for today has already started. Tsubaki holds the blanket tight in disbelief. She bends down and covers her face in the blanket. “Why do I always drop the chain during crucial moments, it’s always like that..” To Tsubaki’s surprise, her mother says that is why she told Tsubaki to break up with that guy. Flustered, Tsubaki tries to tell her mother that it isn’t Kyouta’s fault. Thinking that Kyouta will be blamed for everything, Tsubaki throws away the blanket and tries to get up. Her mother tries to stop her but Tsubaki says that the exam has just started so she might still be allowed to take that exam. Tsubaki becomes dizzy that she falls on the floor. Her mother exclaims that she is so weak so how can she take that exam. Tsubaki exclaims that she will, and she’ll show her that she can. “I’ll definitely be number one! So that you’ll acknowledge me and Tsubaki-kun..” Tsubaki’s mother holds her and helps her stands up. Then, her mother withholds her hands from Tsubaki and asks her daughter if she takes the exam now, won’t it be impossible for her to become number one. “You already missed two subjects so right now, it will be meaningless for you to go. Do not act like a kid, will you? I’m going to talk with the teacher right now to make you rest here until you feel better!” After her mother leaves the room, Tsubaki just stands there before weakening and sits on the floor to cry.

At the hospital, Kyouta checks his cellphone and there is nothing from Tsubaki. He thinks that it has been four days since Tsubaki last came and could it be that she won’t be coming during the exam period. He looks up and sighs that it will be another long day. He becomes surprised when the nurse calls out to him and says that it turns out that he’s there. The nurse calls out to a ‘Miss Hibino’ to come this way. Kyouta blushes a bit in surprise. He looks away and starts saying that if Tsubaki cannot come, she should email him to tell him so.. He stops midway when he turns to see that it wasn’t Tsubaki but Tsubaki’s mother. She asks him if he is Tsubaki Kyouta. She introduces herself as Tsubaki’s mother and thanks him for caring her daughter. [<- being polite.] Still surprised, Kyouta greets her. She exclaims that he really got into a serious accident. Kyouta bows to her and says that he is indebted to Tsubaki who always visited him and she has been a great help. He tells her that suddenly she stopped visiting the past few days that he is worried about her and, did she catch a cold. To his surprise, Tsubaki’s mother tells him Tsubaki collapsed from overwork at school. She fainted on the first day of the exam week that she wasn’t able to take the exam of even one subject. “Right now, she is at home resting! Before..there is also a night when she didn’t come home and we couldn’t find her.. Tsubaki-chan isn’t a person who would do such a thing. I’m totally frightened out of my wits.” Kyouta realizes that Tsubaki didn’t contact home that night. He is surprised when Tsubaki’s mother tells him that she opposes their relationship. “But that child.. even said that she’ll do everything perfectly so that she’ll be allowed to go steady with you. From then on, she started to do things as if her life depends on it. And in the end.. *tearfully worried* Even at home, where she should be resting, she still won’t stop studying..” Flashback: Tsubaki’s mother entered the room with a tray of food. She found Tsubaki sitting on her desk, studying. She told Tsubaki that she should be lying in bed to rest. Tsubaki said that upon going back to school, she has make-up exams that she couldn’t sleep. She smiled and said that she thinks that she can still get the university’s recommendation. “Just watch, I’ll strive harder and do it perfectly!” End flashback. Tsubaki’s mother laments that Tsubaki has once again clench her teeth and always endured it all. Her mother says that she is worried that something bad will happen to Tsubaki’s health later on. Kyouta looks flustered as he clenches his cellphone tight. Tsubaki’s mother then says, “Tsubaki-kun, actually, I came here today, is for a request, if I may be so bold to ask...”

Later on, Tsubaki appears in Kyouta’s ward and happily says that it has been a long time. She apologizes for not being able to visit him and she just cannot get some free time during the exam week. Kyouta says that he knows and she should at least email him. Tsubaki apologizes and says that as an apology, she is going to give this to him. She holds a small container of tamagoyaki [Japanese rolled omelette]. Kyouta brightens up and asks if it is Mentaiko [<-marinated roe of Pollock (source: wiki)] cheese tamagoyaki. While Kyouta is happily praising it, Tsubaki smiles happily. While offering him a pair of chopsticks, Tsubaki tells him to eat it. To her surprise, Kyouta promptly falls back in bed. He tells her that he cannot use his right hand so chopsticks aren’t convenient for him. Tsubaki apologizes and is about to say about using.. when Kyouta tells her that she use her mouth to feed him and it will definitely be delicious that way. Tsubaki blushes really red. She tells him that it is also a good idea if she uses the chopsticks as a stick to skewer the tamagoyaki for him to eat. Kyouta insists that he wants to eat it mouth-to-mouth otherwise he won’t eat it. Blushing, Tsubaki tells him then, do not eat it. Looking away, Kyouta says okay and who is the one who didn’t send an email for a week, not caring even if he died. Tsubaki is aghast by that. Soon, she is holding the tamagoyaki on her mouth and tries to feed Kyouta with it. Kyouta takes a bite and says that it is delicious this way. Kyouta bites again then starts kissing her. [Hm..probably French kiss] Tsubaki wonders why it kind of feels like Kyouta is biting [her]. Kyouta then asks, “How was the exam..” This startles Tsubaki that she accidentally knocks the food container down on the floor. She quickly picks it up and tells Kyouta that she is startled that he suddenly asks her a question that is totally unrelated [to the situation]. She turns to him and happily smiles. “Ah..the exams went smoothly...” Kyouta looks serious. Tsubaki continues to happily tell him that at long last, the exams are over. And afterwards, she can come and accompany him everyday. “About the tamagoyaki, I’ll just make a new one for you..” To her surprise, sad looking Kyouta looks downwards and says, “No need to.. afterwards.. don’t come anymore..”

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