June 13, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter -6 ]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 6, 2010

Punishment -6: No Moon [Reminder: Mutsuki literally means ‘no moon’] At the library with her knights, Anis tells Mutsuki that she has always been curious as to who is the one who gave him the name ‘Mutsuki’. She thinks that they already know that his real name is Kuesu before he lost his memories. Sparkling, Mitsuru says that will be him. Anis goes into shock over this. Mitsuru tells them that Mutsuki cutely asks him to help give him a name. Looking dark, Mutsuki tells Mitsuru not to continue talking about that else he’ll.. Unfazed, Mitsuru tells Anis that before, on contrary of hating, [Mutsuki is overwhelmed] by the radiance he emitted. “That is Mitsuru style.” To Mutsuki’s irritation, Anis happily tells him to quickly tell her for she wants to know. Flashback: This is approximately 5 years ago. He went to investigate about the Black Rose family clan, which has not existed for a long time, in a faraway European country. In the end, he found himself in a ruined ancient castle. Looking around, young Mitsuru thought that it is totally collapsed and could it be that someone had painstakingly destroyed it to remove any trace of it. While Mitsuru is thinking that it is an extinct clan, part of the wall fell down and revealed a black coffin with a crest. There is a chain wrapped around the coffin which seemed to have broken. He is surprised when he saw a pair of eyes peering out from the slightly open coffin. Then, the coffin’s lid is removed by a young long blacked hair man who asks, “Sie sind..Sind sie mein Herrscher..?” [<- translation: Are you..my-- 'Dominion’..?] End flashback.

Sparkling Mitsuru happily says that at first, Mutsuki isn’t fully awake, so he was mistaken and so, he chose Mutsuki’s name. Mutsuki angrily says that it would have been okay if Mitsuru had just denied it from the very start. Shock Anis tells him that it is the other party who is wrong.. While Kaede is laughing over this, Seiran asks about the name. Mitsuru says, “That name..is the name..of my beloved horse that had died. Because the hair is the same..” Furious, Mutsuki holds on to Anis and starts to form his whip. He says, “In the end, I ought to kill you..” Anis angrily shouts for him not to use her blood. So, there is that thing between those two. Flashback: Narration: “That is loathed by the moonlight, with an overwhelming darkness [/dark color], this ominous, beautiful beast. Can I dominate this magical beast..while still seeking for my ‘Dominion’..aspired for ‘Rose Princess’..!” Still looking surprised as he looked at Mutsuki, Mitsuru muttered that so, he lost his memories. “..okay, I’ll give you a ‘name’, [it’s] Mutsuki. *offering his hand to Mutsuki* Pay your unconditional loyalty to me.” Narration: “Together with me, pay the highest unconditional loyalty to the pursued and adored, still not found rose--”

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