June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 66-67]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 11, 2010

While flustered Hanabi looks down at Chikai who is by the river side, she muttered her confession. Nanpa looks at her and wonders if she just said something. Hanabi thinks that she is obviously there yet the distance is too far and her voice couldn’t reach him. Cleo sees Nanpa. She barks and is about to rush toward him but Chikai holds her leash to restrain her. Turning to look at Chikai, Cleo thinks that he’s too cruel [to do that]. Hanabi says something. She wipes her tear then walks away. Cleo barks at Chikai <- asking him why when they rarely meet and he’s too cunning since only he and Hanabi get to talk with each other. “Eh? Chikai doesn’t seem to be saying anything. Could it be for humans..what Hanabi said just now..you weren’t able to hear it?” Chikai looks away as Cleo looks above, thinking of Nanpa. While Hanabi and Nanpa are walking back, Nanpa is complaining why it became like this when they went out to play yet Hanabi doesn’t look happy which makes him feel really unsatisfied. He then looks at flustered Hanabi. Narration: “So called distance implies that one couldn’t convey to the other. It isn’t a space wherein one can mutually convey with each other..from one person to the other person..” At Alon store, Gen is fixing the display of his products outside. Sasa passes by him and calls out to him to apologize for his rudeness that time before [when he shouted that he’ll decide what to choose and not to sympathize if he is hurt by his choice]. “If I made you unhappy about it, I apologize. Please forget about it.” Sasa stops walking when Gen says that he won’t forget. “I won’t go and forget about it. But, I want you to hear out something as to what attracts and arouses me. *smiles* It’s my very beautiful wife.” Sasa looks a bit flustered as he turns to look at Gen. Walking in the school corridor, Atsumi brightly smiles at Sasa. Then, Sasa somewhat smiles before smiling brightly back at her.

There is a scene of Hanabi sadly looking down to Chikai who is walking with his friends at the hallway below. Narration: “It is impossible to have a good ending if one is to keep maintaining this kind of situation. For one step closer, what does one have to do? For one step closer, fighting for one’s greatest happiness.. Compared to now, I have to bring forth lots and lots of effort.. Yes, that is what I’ve been praying for--” There is a scene of everyone doing their projects in school. At home, Kareshi’s mother asks if Kareshi is looking at the albums again. Kareshi says yes. Her mother comments that she has been looking at them more frequently lately. Kareshi says yes again. Kareshi tells her mother that from the time of her mother’s wedding to the time she and her siblings were born, it is obviously that life is becoming more and more difficult yet her parents always have a smile on their faces. Her mother asks if Kareshi thinks that they even have the time to be sad and depressed. Kareshi just says ‘[you did a ] good job’. [<- said after a hard day’s work] Her mother smiles and says, “About this, hardship is really hardship. Never ending housework, accompanying the kids, working part time. Your father is working nonstop from morning till night. But, because I’m with your father that I was able to have enough strength to do it all. If it is ‘for myself’, perhaps sooner or later, I would have totally exhausted myself. Because it’s ‘for others’, so I was able to keep on having this strength to go on.” Kareshi looks surprised about this.

The scene changes to Mii who is doing something with the tool bag that Shinichi gave her. Her mother says that she has always been carrying that tool bag. Mii tells her that it is a ‘small convenient tool bag’ and actually, it isn’t that convenient at all and she didn’t use any of the tools on it. She tells her mother that the chain is broken. Mii thinks that she only has to slip the bead in the hole to lock the chain but she couldn’t do it. She becomes very frustrated that she throws the chain away and exclaims that it is too troublesome when that guy obviously was able to do this kind of thing easily. She seems to be trying again to put the chain again. She mutters that it is easy for Shinichi to do that troublesome type of thing. Then, at her room, Atsumi weighs herself on the scale. She looks flustered, surprised and teary-eyed. Narration: “It won’t do if it’s only the brain. It won’t do if it’s only the heart. It also won’t do if it’s only the body. One has to use the brain, the heart and also the body..in going for love.” Hanabi looks surprised when her three friends exclaim, “It’s decided..[time to] Move!” Then, the three girls head out of the classroom. Hanabi looks at them and thinks, ‘[What about] me--?” Hanabi fixes her bag and thinks, “I couldn’t move. –no, I know. It is I do not want to move.”

At the shoe lockers, Kareshi calls out to Masato. Masato asks if she is going home already. Kareshi tells him that she wants to tell him her answer regarding his proposal. Flustered and surprised, Masato asks if she’s going to do so, here, right now? Kareshi bows to him and says, “I’m sorry.” Masato goes into shock while the other guys look at her wondering what’s up. Kareshi continues to say that she understands what Masato is saying wherein after marriage, they will attain both of their parents’ love and they will compliment what the other person lacks. “It’s a very blissful situation but that will only give us the foundation of having the same class. If we marry, you will have to strive really hard in order for it to be okay.” Masato shouts back that it is okay. Kareshi says that it isn’t only that, marriage will bind you. “Your ‘striving hard’ will become like an existence of fulfilling your obligation. Can the current Masato undertake that?! No! Being impulsive [/an amateur] won’t do at all!!” This hits Masato like a slap. Flustered Masato says that even if he is being impulsive but his love for her surpasses a hundred people. Kareshi shouts, “Only one hundred?!” Masato shouts back, “A hundred million!!” Kareshi exclaims, “Only that much?!!” Flustered Masato exclaims back, “It’s endless-!!!” He goes into shock when Kareshi’s fist is right in front of his face [as if she is going to punch him]. Blushing Kareshi holds a ring with a flower on top and says, “Me, too.” Masato mutters that it is the ring he gave her. He takes the ring and says that she brought it. Bowing down, Kareshi says, “..so, there’s no need to marry immediately. Let’s temporarily maintain this ‘give up’ situation for some time. If it is still the same and you couldn’t forget. You still [want to] continue on striving hard for me. Until then, will you marry me.” While prostrating down, Kareshi is already holding up her hand for him to put the ring on her finger. Masato looks flustered.

Chikai and others are surprised by this. Crying almost invisible Shinichi exclaims that he also wants to marry Mii. Chikai is surprised as he asks why he suddenly became lively. Before leaving, Shinichi tells Chikai that more or less, that would also how Chikai will end up into. Chikai looks dark and aghast while the other two friends are speechless-sweatdrop. Chikai then looks serious-thoughtful. Outside the school building, Shinichi calls out to Mii who is going towards him. Mii calls out to him as glasses. Just when Shinichi is about to say something, Mii grabs his hand and says that they are going. At Oyama residence, Mii introduces herself to Shinichi’s mother. Looking aghast and angry, Mii shouts, “Actually, I’m currently going steady with Shinichi-kun. Sorry for being rude for visiting all of a sudden.” Shinichi is freaking out that Mii actually said it though her expression doesn’t seem to jive with what she’s saying. Later on, they are inside his room. Shinichi nervously welcome her in and tells her to sit wherever she likes. Looking out the window, Mii says, “Geez..because it’s like, that I feel it’s troublesome. I’ve fallen in love and it has become for real.” Almost invisible Shinichi says, “..just now..*holding her shoulder* didn’t you hate this?” Turning around, flustered Mii is teary-eyed and annoyed. She says, “It’s really troublesome.” Shinichi looks flustered and is no longer invisible. Mii smacks him on the face and says, “It’s because I think you’ll be happy that is why I did it. And, I always feel that those troublesome things would just become more and more so what is this [<-this visiting is nothing]. This kind of thing, isn’t it very obvious!!” He then hugs her.

At some planted area in school [not sure if it is the secret path], Atsumi holds out her hand to Sasa and says, “Please be my friend!!” Sasa says that she surprised him and weren’t they already friends. While they shake hands, Atsumi says, “No-- more closer than that. *Sasa looks surprised* We’ll go home together after school. [We’ll] go out together during weekends. When we are in pain, we’ll be at each other’s side and listen to the other’s suffering.” To Sasa’s surprise, flustered Atsumi carries him [princess-style] and says, “Support each other. Boy or girl, no matter which [gender] would support you, shouldn’t matter, right? I want to support..” Atsumi then falls down since Sasa is too heavy. Sasa stands up and asks her if she is alright. Flustered while looking away with closed eyes, Atsumi says, “Sasa, I like you.” Sasa happily smiles and pulls surprised Atsumi up. Narration: “This isn’t about not being able to move but rather, it’s called a feeling of not wanting to budge that is making oneself unable to move.” Hanabi looks surprised upon seeing Yukine waiting for her at the corner of the street. She quickly hides back to her corner and starts wondering why ‘Yukine’ is there. She looks at her feet and thinks, “Ah..the feet that would want to head back but it isn’t good to just walk away and retreat.” Hanabi goes out of the corner. Yukine turns and looks at her. Hanabi pulls up her bag. She looks determined as she heads toward Yukine. Then, there is just a scene of Chikai at the side.