June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapters 42-43]

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At MK burger, Kotori is cheerfully working at the cashier. Haruna notices this that she asks Kotori if something good has happened. Flustered Kotori denies it. She then wonders if it is showing in her face. It is because she has reconciled with Yukito that is why she felt happy at work. She thinks that it is because she is feeling happy that is why, for some reason, she felt that she can do anything. Haruna teases her again about it. Then, Kotori notices that Yukito is looking at her. They blush at each other. The two quickly look away and think that they should prioritize work first and not just stare at each other. Later, Keigo congratulates Kotori for it seems that things had worked out smoothly for her and Yukito. Kotori thanks him for at that time, it is because he had pushed her to.. Keigo just quietly smiles. Keigo tells her that she is too polite for isn’t this the result of her courage. “But, if you ever got tired of Kaji-kun, you can come look for me anytime. Until then, I’m under your care.” Kotori sweatdrops in surprise over this. At the side, Keigo gloomily mutters that those two Kaji-s kept on exchanging flirting glances at each other. He sighs and laments that there is really no leeway to get himself in between them. Someone asks what ‘leeway’. Keigo is about to explain when he turns around to see that it was Yamagami who asked. Yamagami asks what happens afterwards. Keigo tries to say that it is nothing and it is just exchanging flirty glances.. Yamagami asks what he is saying. Keigo looks at puzzled Yamagami. Keigo starts imagine Yamagami telling him as to what he is doing dilly-dallying there when he should quickly get back to work and what Keigo is always talking about is just nonsense. Keigo covers his face and gloomily says that he knows, he knows what Yamagami wanted to tell him. Yamagami just says, “Huh? Shitara..” Keigo covers his ears and imagines Yamagami wanting to tell him to improve that attitude of his while he is free. Keigo tells Yamagami that is enough, even if he didn’t tell him, he already knows. [<- I think this is characteristic of Keigo that is the same with the two Kaji-s =P]

While walking home after work, Kotori tries to break the ice by saying that it has been a long time since they walked together like this. Yukito agrees with her. Kotori says that she feels a bit nervous. Yukito agrees with her again. Kotori looks at him and thinks that the day after tomorrow will be their birthday so would they be able to see each other. “I really want to celebrate it with him.. Yukito shouldn’t have forgotten about the birthday, right?” Yukito asks her what it is. Kotori says that it will soon be coming. When Yukito asked what it is, Kotori says that it will be the 27th soon. Yukito says ya, the 27th. Kotori looks at him with anticipation but she wonders why he hasn’t invited her and it seems as if he is in deep thought. Kotori begins to wonder if Yukito has forgotten all about it. Kotori quickly asks him if there is anything that he would want to have. She tells him that it would be a bit difficult if it is expensive but she would want to know what he wants. Yukito says that it doesn’t matter what it is because for him, it is the thought that counts. Kotori tries to protest but Yukito smiles and says that for them to reconcile, that is already enough for him. Kotori is touched by this. She then thinks that Yukito ought to know that it is their birthday on the 27th. She really wants to tell him that they should spend that day together but she wants Yukito to be the one to ask. She becomes gloomy since Yukito really looks as if he isn’t going to invite her. Kotori finally asks him if there is no way for them to meet on the 27th. A bit flustered, Yukito says no, they cannot but only.. Kotori looks at him and thinks, “but only..” Yukito apologizes and says that he has something to do on that day and he isn’t sure what time they can meet. “I will contact you. Can you wait for my call?” A bit tense, Kotori smiles and says is that so, he has something to do then it cannot be helped. Kotori tries not to show her disappointment since they just reconciled and it will be very awkward. Kotori somewhat looks down that Yukito calls her name. Mustering her acting skills, Kotori looks up and smiles to tell him it is okay, she’ll wait for his call.

At home, Kotori is sulking over this shock. Holding her pillow tight, Kotori wonders if Yukito is the type who doesn’t care about birthdays. She thinks that it isn’t like they totally aren’t going to see each other but with that restrained look on Yukito, even if they see each other, she cannot really have fun and enjoy herself. She laughs it off and says that it is good since she doesn’t have money anyway. She used up part of her money for that yukata during the festival and a new Doki Memo 3 game will be released on autumn. She then laments that she doesn’t know what to do and she doesn’t even know if they will see each other or not. She begins to think that she should have told Yukito that she wanted to spend their birthdays together. On the 27th of August, at some building, Yukito holds his driving license. He happily smiles and looks really pleased with himself. After looking it from various directions, he calls sleepy Abe and tells him that he got it on first try. Abe sits up and asks what he is saying. Yukito tells him that he has succeeded. Abe asks if he and Kotori have finally had that summer experience and took a huge step into adult stage..congrats. Yukito just happily tells him to be happy for him since he succeeded. Abe tells him that Yukito is already happy [so no need for him to do that] and he had played a game overnight so he’s dead tired and he’ll just listen to Yukito next time. Abe tries to bid him goodbye and good night but Yukito insists for Abe not to hang up since Abe would nag and grill him non-stop the next time they would talk and it would be quite troublesome [<- like passing through hardships. The word used is an idiom.]

At home, Kotori is really bored as she plays her Doki Memo game. She muses that she has played Hikaru for many times this past weeks already so maybe she should play someone else. She sighs and thinks that Yukito hasn’t contacted her and he’s probably at work. She thinks that it is really something that makes one sigh. She is surprised when someone says that she has already kept on sighing so many times and it is better for her to be thankful of things. A long haired guy holds her face and says, “Being depressed doesn’t suit you, lady.” Kotori exclaims that it is ‘Ashani*’. [*安莎妮 - an∙sha∙ni in Chinese and I cannot think of a name near that pronunciation. ^^; If you have a better name, tell me. He is a character in the game but I cannot quite read what his role except he is in charge of something like a title. He’s probably a rich kid-brotherly type of character.] Ashani asks if Kotori has always been thinking of herself from the start that is why she is sighing. Kotori sighs and tries to say that it is because.. Ashani stops her by lightly touching her nose and tells her that she’s sighing again. Ashani tells her not to only think of depressing things but of happier things. Kotori thinks that she and Yukito held hands, spent the summer festival together, saw Yukito’s smiling face, both of them laughing together, they reconciled and he told her that he likes her. Ashani asks if she has thought of a lot of things. “If the happier things that you thought of are a lot more than the sad things, then, things will be alright. It will definitely be alright..” Kotori is touched by what he said. Kotori looks at her DS wherein the screen has Ashani saying that it will be alright. Kotori thinks that before she isn’t good with this type of guy so she doesn’t play much of Ashani but it’s not bad at all. She decides to stop running away but right, Yukito ought to have things he had to do and it hasn’t ended yet. Looking determined, Kotori thinks that she will be happier when she thinks of their meeting. Suddenly her cellphone rings. She wonders if it is Yukito.

At the restaurant, with some drinks served, Kotori looks at Yukito’s license. Kotori is somewhat embarrassed as he pulls his hair bangs. Kotori looks a bit puzzled over it so Yukito explains that he got it today and no matter what, he wanted to get it on his birthday. “Even if it isn’t exactly a birthday gift, but my first priority is to drive with you so I went to test for..” Kotori remembers overhearing her co-workers talking before about Yukito having another job because he wanted to buy a motorcycle to ride with the person he likes. Yukito then points out to Kotori the motorcycle he rode to get there, though he borrowed it from his brother since his money is not yet enough to buy one. He tells her that even if he practiced a lot, he still won’t dare go to a far place but he would want to ride it with her. Blushing Kotori says, is that so and if that is how it is, he should have told her first about it because she thought that he doesn’t like celebrating birthdays. Yukito says that is because he would be embarrassed if he failed to get his license and if he passed, he could also surprise her about it. “You could say that it is pride, but I’m sorry..” Kotori lovingly smiles at him and says, “No, I’m very happy..thank you..” Yukito stands up and says that they should go. Even if they can only go to some place near but she can decide where she wants to go. Kotori tells him to wait for she wants to make some bento before going. She tells him that is the gift that she wants to give him though it isn’t exactly a gift and it would use up a lot of time but still, she wants to also do something for him. Yukito blushes and looks away. He then asks, “Then..how about going to my house?” Kotori looks surprised. Yukito asks again about going to his house to make the bento. “My brother went to prep school, and my parents usually come home late..” When Kotori is wondering if Yukito meant ‘that’, Yukito blushes and quickly exclaims that there is no different meaning to that. He explains that his house is nearer and there is a supermarket nearby, too. Flustered Yukito mutters that it seems that the more he explains, the more it gets worse. Yukito asks Kotori what she thinks. Kotori agrees to go.

Inside the house, Kotori politely exclaims, ‘I’m intruding’. She then comments that there is really no one home. The two slightly blushing Kaji-s look at each other then Kotori smiles and says that she’ll be using the kitchen. Yukito is puzzled when Kotori looks at him again. Kotori tensely thinks that this time, she shouldn’t fail. She decides to cook some rice first. She asks him where the rice cooker is. Yukito pulls it out of the sliding cabinet and says that it is here. While he is teaching her how to operate it, his eyes wander at Kotori’s neck that has the bird necklace then he sees part of her cleavage. Yukito immediately blushes then looks away. He thinks that it is bad for he thought of that time before when she was sick [<-sees part of the cleavage]. He wonders why Kotori is wearing the same type of clothes. Kotori is puzzled by his reaction that she calls out to him. Yukito asks her if there is something else she needs help in. Kotori says no, for this is a gift for him so he should just sit and wait. Yukito says is that so. Yukito sits down and looks at Kotori working in the kitchen. He closes his eyes then looks again. Kotori decides to make some easy to make food like fish floss [/dried fish powder] rice, tamagoyaki [fried egg] and Vienna sausages so that she won’t fail and she doesn’t have much time either. She feels extra nervous doing this. Meanwhile, while sitting on the sofa, Yukito looks at Kotori’s exposed back, bare neck and legs. He then looks at her face. He looks away then looks back at her. He thinks that he really cannot keep himself calm. Soon, he is standing up and approaches her. Just when he is about to hold/touch her, Kotori turns around. Yukito freezes and can only say, “Ah..” Kotori exclaims that he startled her and was he always standing there. Yukito gloomily says he wasn’t and he is just a bit worried. Kotori asks him if he is afraid of her failing in this. Blushing Yukito just says that he has that kind of feeling a bit. Kotori assures him that there is no need for him to look and he should just be good and just wait for it. Holding a clench fist, Yukito looks determined and says, ya. Then, he asks her if she really doesn’t need his help..no matter what it is. Kotori wonders if he really likes to help. He is surprised when Kotori asks him to please not to look at her, he can help but do not look at her. Yukito becomes gloomy-aghast over this. Kotori blushes and explains that it makes her feel embarrassed and just thinking that Yukito is always looking at her makes her feel nervous. Somewhat happy, Yukito says, okay..is that so. Kotori then exclaims that the pot is boiling over. Yukito shouts for her not to touch it but Kotori already did and she exclaims in pain. Yukito quickly pulls her away by hugging her from behind. He then quickly turns off the stove and tells her not to directly touch the pot. “Are you alright?” Kotori says yes, and she only touched it a little bit. Yukito asks her to let him see it. They touch each other’s hands then look at each other’s eyes.

Then, Yukito holds her hand and pulls her to him. He hugs her then breaks apart. Just when he is about to kiss her, they hear a ‘bang’ sound. They look at the door then they look at each other. Kotori asks what that sound was. Yukito says that he’ll go check it out. After he left, Kotori thinks that Yukito was about to kiss her and she felt that it’s quite regrettable that they didn’t. She blushes even more for thinking like that. Kotori snaps out of it when Yukito comes back and says that it seems that something fell on the hallway. They look at each other then Yukito asks about her finger. He asks if it is alright and do they have to put some ointment on it. He touches her again but she quickly pulls away and says that it is alright for she slightly touched the pot and he had quickly pulled her away from it. Yukito has a frozen smile. After a pause, he asks if it is really alright. She says yes. He asks again. She says yes, it really is. Yukito has a frozen smile again and says, is that so. Blushing Kotori says yes and they should continue cooking. Blushing Yukito frowns and thinks that he no longer has an alibi to touch her. Kotori thinks that she became indescribably nervous when she obviously hasn’t been this nervous before. She wonders if it is because of the almost kiss and actually, she would want them to continue. Kotori blushes and thinks that they are obviously alone today and it would be too tragic if they didn’t do anything. She wonders what only the two of them can do for today. “Even if I’m a bit nervous and somewhat embarrassed, I still anticipates something.. If I take the initiative to say this, won’t it feel a bit strange..how am I to say it, but if it’s like this then until we went home and still nothing has happened, if only I make a move..ugh..how could I have thought of something strange again..! I don’t know if Yukito, ..will still take the initiative again?” She turns around and exclaims in shock since Yukito is standing behind her. She asks him what it is. Yukito says that he told her about helping her so what can he help her in. Kotori tells him to saute the ground meat but not to overdo it. Yukito says okay. Kotori then asks him what he would like to have as a side dish. Even if the ingredients are limited but she would want to make one more dish. Yukito says how about something fried like meatballs or fried chicken. Kotori sweatdrops and says that it is all meat. Yukito tells her that he also likes potato salad. Kotori says that will do and if there are potatoes in the kitchen. Yukito says that there are. Kotori then asks if she can make the fish floss rice into onigiri [/rice balls] for convenience. While thinking that it sounds delicious, Yukito says it is okay.

While Yukito is cooking, he looks at Kotori who is peeling a potato with a knife. He comments that Kotori is quite good for she immediately thought of making tamagoyaki when cauliflower had been overcooked. Her technique is quite skilled and she knew that she can cook because she made that character bento box before but he never thought that she is this awesome. “Then, there would be no problem for you to become a bride, right?” Kotori is surprised that she blushes. She thinks, “Wha..what did he just say..Ah ah?!” Yukito asks her what it is. Blushing, Kotori tells him that he just said bride. Yukito becomes surprised by this. The two Kaji-s start to image things. Kotori thinks that she knows it wasn’t deliberate but..so called being married, is it this kind of feeling..pretty much. Kotori tensely wonders if one should take a bath first or eat first. Yukito is thinking naked apron. ^^; He snaps out of it when Kotori tells him that the meat will be burnt. Kotori tells him to lower the heat then put some soy sauce and sugar in it. Then slowly put in the broth and let it boil. Yukito apologizes for turning the meat lumpy and sticky. He says that he cannot even do a simple thing because it is usually his brother who cooks and he totally doesn’t have any interest in cooking. Kotori tells him that it is okay for him to just pay attention afterwards and that is also alright for him to just beat the meat to separate it. Kotori smiles and looks at him as Yukito concentrates on separating the meat. She then notices that he’s perspiring. He is surprised when she wipes his face with a handkerchief. Kotori apologizes for startling him for his face is filled with sweat. She asks if he minds. Blushing Yukito pauses before saying no and it would be better if she did it more. Kotori giggles and says that she’ll help him wipe off his perspiration. Still blushing Yukito feels that on contrary, he is sweating a lot more. Kotori then looks surprised and asks if he is alright since he is sweating more than he was a while ago. Yukito freaks out when she wipes his sweat inside his collar. While thinking what kind of play this is, blushing Yukito exclaims why she has to wipe there, too. Kotori is puzzled by his reaction and just says that it is because his perspiration drips down there. She tells out tense Yukito to keep his eyes on the pan so blushing Yukito did as told.

While wiping his sweat, Kotori muses to herself how cute Yukito is, to be sweating and cooking at the same time. She is surprised when Yukito says that he cannot take it anymore. He asks her to watch over the pan for a while. Kotori is shock upon seeing Yukito taking off his shirt and says that he just won’t stop sweating. Kotori blushes really red upon seeing him half-naked. Seeing her reaction, Yukito apologizes because in his family, they are mostly guys and he wasn’t careful for he thought this is something usual. Kotori turns away and tells him that it is alright for she is used to that since her father and her brother also does that. “I don’t feel anything different.” Yukito is somewhat disappointed over that reaction. Kotori nervously thinks that it was a lie, for she doesn’t feel anything if it’s her brother or her father but it is different if it’s Yukito. Yukito tells Kotori to let him continue cooking the food. Kotori tells him that it is alright for they just have to cool the meat down but instead, could he get some lunch boxes and plates. Yukito says okay. He tries to get the things in front of Kotori. Freaking out, Kotori thinks, “!! ?! Naked..naked body~~” Yukito shows her a lunch box and asks if that will be okay. Looking at it, Kotori says it will do. Yukito asks her what he should do next. When he asked if she is listening, Kotori snaps out of her thoughts and tells him to put the meat in the box to cool. Kotori thinks that right now, she is the one who’s perspiring. Yukito asks her what the matter is but she laughs it off and asks if he wants to be the food taster. Yukito blushes and says okay. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth. Kotori looks shock and wonders if Yukito wants her to feed him. Yukito urges her to hurry up. Kotori says okay. Taking a tamagoyaki, she tells him what it is and puts it in his mouth. Kotori is really tense for Yukito’s face and lips are so near. So, Yukito is eating it with his eyes closed and Kotori is pushing the food in with her eyes closed. Their eyes open wide when Yukito accidentally bites Kotori’s finger. The two blushing Kaji-s exclaim in shock. Yukito apologizes and asks if it hurts. Kotori looks at her finger and says that it doesn’t hurt and she’s alright. The two become silent. Yukito tells her that he isn’t feeling well because of sweating profusely so he’ll go take a shower.

After he left, Kotori looks at her bitten finger. She blushes really red upon thinking that Yukito’s lips are quite soft. She berates herself for acting so strange today. She didn’t notice that someone is watching her from behind the door. She turns around and there is another ‘bang’ sound. She looks at the door puzzled. Kotori wonders if she is just mistaken but it feels that someone is there. She wonders if it is Yukito. She decides to make the potato salad while he is taking a shower. She dreamily wonders what to do afterwards and will something happen. She blushes and wonders what she meant by that ‘something’. Meanwhile, Yukito is doing his shower mental monologue. =P He is also wondering what’s going to happen afterwards. He thinks the worse case scenario would be not doing anything. He finds it utterly boring to just ride the motorcycle, eat the bento, and that’s it. “I want it to be more passionate.. how problematic..I want to touch her, want to kiss her, want to do some lewd things, but I don’t want her to think that I’m some ferocious beast. Is this the feeling of a guy. *imagines cute Kotori* With her wearing that outfit, if she gets close to me, what should I do? I won’t dare look at her though I already did. If she looks as if she doesn’t want to, I couldn’t continue, right? But before, there are chances for us to continue but in the end, I failed. I cannot determine things just based on expression. So, in the end, I have to verify it, right? Even if she said before that there is no need to ask, but even if it’s like this..during the matsuri before, what was the mood when I kissed her? Ah~~Darn it~~” After taking a shower, half-naked Yukito returns to where Kotori is. He thinks that in the end, he wasn’t able to reach into a conclusion and just ended up taking a shower for a long time. He looks up and sees Kotori sleeping on the sofa. He blushes. Kotori wakes up and says that he has finished. She apologizes for feeling drowsy that she fell asleep. She is surprised when he suddenly hugs her. She blushes and calls his name. He calls her name. Then, they kiss then look lovingly at each other. Yukito apologizes that it was so sudden but doesn’t she want it. Kotori shakes her head sideways. Yukito is happy to over that. The two smile at each other.

They look at each other and leans closer for another kiss when they hear a creepy voice saying, “I’m..hungry..very hungry..” The two blushing Kaji-s look at the door to see Masaya peeking at them while having this creepy smile. They exclaim in shock as they call out his name. Later on, Masaya looks at the prepared food and says that it looks really delicious. Masaya asks who made it even though the answer is already obvious. Kotori smiles and tells him that she did but Yukito also helped. Masaya smiles brightly and says is that so, and Kotori is really good in cooking. The two Kaji-s look dark as they think that Masaya saw..absolutely saw them. Yukito thinks that his brother absolutely saw them kiss and that expression of his definitely shows that Masaya is plotting something. Sparkling Masaya smiles and tells them that it is good for he is hungry, really and truly hungry. Yukito tells him that is theirs. With a cold proud look, Masaya tells them, “I’m an examinee student [for college?], and compare to the two of you who are in the first year, I don’t have any free time to go lovey-dovey here, understood?” The two Kaji-s look tense-aghast. Later on, it seems to be dark already, Yukito apologizes to Kotori for a huge portion was taken by his brother when it was obviously something that she made for him. Holding a wrapped bento box, Kotori tells him that it is alright for they made a lot and the leftover is still enough for the two of them. Yukito apologizes again. Yukito suggests that they ride on the motorcycle to the nearby park to eat. Kotori agrees with him. As Yukito opens the garage, he is shock that the motorcycle is missing. Kotori is surprised, too. Yukito darkly thinks that it is that guy. Yukito angrily turns around and exclaims where his brother could have hidden the motorcycle. Kotori stops him by saying to forget it for today, and they should go. Yukito tries to protest but Kotori tells him that there is another chance next time and she’ll eagerly anticipate riding it with him next time. “And, for me to be able to be with you today already made me really happy, so let’s go so that I can still be with you for a while..” Yukito blushes and agrees with her. He holds her hand and agrees that this kind of birthday isn’t bad at all. In the last scene, while eating an onigiri, Masaya says that he won’t lend his motorcycle to impure kids. [<- I guess he doesn’t want to be an accomplice to ‘something’that might happen ^^; Nah, he is just a killjoy since he’s jealous =P ]


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  2. The video game character 'Ashani' is Anthony, a foreign exchange student from England (Chapter 2 of the series). Thanks for your post!

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