June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 21]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 13, 2010

Cover page: “When Her highness the princess has awaken, His highness the prince is..?” Anna closes her eyes as she remembers Sou asking her what a guy would feel if the girl one likes is told to date some other girl. She hears Sou’s footsteps as he walks in the hallway. Anna quickly runs out the classroom and shouts after Sou to wait and she’s sorry. “If you don’t want to date Ayane, about that.. no one is forcing you to go. I’m sorry, I’ve once again didn’t think and just acted..” Sou angrily turns toward her and shouts that she’s too noisy and quit following him. “This isn’t being forced because I do want to go. Ah-ya, I’m really anticipating Sunday already.” Anna says, “Not that, so I’ve said not to just let things go [and do as I’ve asked].” Sou angrily says that he isn’t letting go and there’s nothing to talk about. Anna is holding on to Sou as she tensely shouts for him to calm down. While Sou is angrily trying to get Anna off him, they met up with Nanoka and Aya. The two girls look surprised over the scene. [..okay Nanoko looked shocked.] Anna is aghast that they are there. Sou then smiles and tells Aya, “I’m eagerly anticipating Sunday. It has been a long time so let’s have fun together until it hurts.” Sou wakes away and leaves puzzled Aya. Aya tries to ask Anna what’s with Sunday. Nanoka is shaking in anger as she says, “What, just now..could it be that Nagase-kun..because it seems that there is no hope with Anna that he would want to go back to what it was before with Aya-chan? I cannot believe it!! Until now, does he think that in the end, it’s comparatively easy for me to permit Aya-chan [to be with him]?! It’s better for you to totally collapse after being treated poorly by the person you like. You poop!!!” Nanoka is breathing hard to catch her breath for shouting nonstop. The two girls are shock by her outburst while [I think] Anna imagines Sou being called poop. Anna asks Nanoka if in the end, the stuff about wanting Sou and Ayane be reconciled again is a lie. Anna thinks that about the two being twins is totally not true but then, does it mean that Aya-chan still liking Sou and Nanoka wants to support them are all..

Nanoka sighs and mutters if she has already been exposed. Nanoka admits to shock Anna that all of it is just a lie. “Because even if I really like Aya-chan but that poop Nagase-whatever, I utterly detest him. It would be better for that guy to become unhappy. Ah, but about you, I don’t hate you. In order to bully poop Nagase, I’ve used you. Sorry about that. But, I never thought that you’ll also believe that ‘separated twins’ story. I ought to say that Anna, you are really unbelievable!” Displeased Aya asked Nanoka what she meant by that. Nanoka goes into shock for she forgot that Aya is there with her. Aya sternly asks Nanoka what that change back to what it was before, date and separated twins all meant. “Nanoka, I didn’t say those kinds of things, right?” Flustered Nanoka is silent then mutters that Aya didn’t say.. Nanoka shouts, “It’s because Aya-chan won’t say anything to me!!” Nanoka then runs off while Aya tries to call her. While walking in the streets, Aya apologizes to Anna for she didn’t notice Nanoka was doing that kind of thing. Anna tells her that it isn’t something that Aya ought to apologize for. Aya says that it isn’t so because she is also at fault. “Ever since from the start, whenever I get along with other people, Nanoka would always be at loggerheads [/being difficult] with that person. Before while I was going steady with Sou, Nanoka would be difficult with and would always have emit hostility towards Sou. I didn’t know why she hated Sou so much, that until now, to my surprise, she still hates him that much.. Ah, but that going steady thing is really already in the past. *freaks out* We mutually parted ways amicably and there’s no hate [/grudge], it has totally ended and right now, there’s.. *thinking* what is good to say about this *flustered* Thus, this incident, [I] got in a quarrel with Sou, right?!” Anna somewhat laughs as she thinks that Aya is amusing. She tells Aya, “About—that, no, rather than saying that..Sou is angry because I only look at the thing in front of me..” Anna then looks depressed.

Wanting to cheer her up, Aya had an idea that she exclaims, “That’s right, Anna, you should also go [with us] together on Sunday!!” Anna is surprised and asks, “ ‘Together’..? Eh? You would really go on a date with Sou?!” Aya says that since things turned out this way, she wants to go on that date in order for her not to be tormented by this. “And, Anna, can you tell Sou that ‘actually, that whole date thing is also a lie’?!” Anna looks aghast as she thinks that she couldn’t. Aya says that’s right and she couldn’t do it either. Looking sad, she continues to say that Sou definitely wants to go on that date with no reason at all [/stubbornly] because he wants to protect himself.. Anna thinks that Aya is amazing because she really knows Sou well. Aya tells Anna, “Sou will definitely go on that date and let’s use it as a good opportunity for the two of you to make up!! I think it is more natural if I’m the one who clarify things to Sou.” Anna protests to the idea by saying that if she come along, she’ll be like a third wheel between them and Sou would definitely.. Aya says that they’ll just get another guy so that it would be a double date in order for it to ‘mean that it’s a nothing-has-changed type of date’. “I’ll ask HINATA.” Anna looks surprised. Aya is saying that if it’s HINATA then.. “Oh no, the bus has already arrived!! Sorry, but I have to ride that bus. You’re going to ride the train, right.” Anna tries to ask Aya which HINATA is she referring to but Aya just shouts that she’ll just contact her again before running off. Anna just sweatdrops and thinks that Aya just said, ‘ask HINATA’. In the bathtub, Anna wonders if Aya has already met Hinata and could it be it was when Aya is going steady with Sou. “Ah, no way. One would normally think that it is our class’ Hinata..the one who always sleep while sitting, and he’s a childhood friend with Nanoka and Aya. Hinata won’t specially come from Tokyo even if it is a distance wherein one can return within the day unless of course, he rides on the Shinkansen. It’s impossible for him to come but..” She remembers when she jokingly asked Hinata if something happens and she contacts him would he come to help even though they are living near each other. Hinata smiled and replied that he would, even if it’s far away. Looking sad, Anna thinks, “Hinata, come and help me..” After going out of the bathroom, she notices that she has a message. She is surprised to see that it is a message from Hinata – “I eagerly anticipate this coming Sunday.”

In front of Bandai City [that is located in Niigata so this might be the setting of the story], Sou looks speechless and gloomy. Aya is standing between the two. Anna looks at the side and thinks that the mood is really heavy. Sou darkly asks why the girl at that side came and just looking at the mood, she is really a hindrance. Anna goes into shock then recovers. She angrily says, “I’ve already said that what I did was wrong and I’ve already apologized so many times that I forgot how many times it was, yet that kind of attitude..still always being angry. In the end, you’re a small ass [type of] guy. No wonder you’re poop Nagase.” Aya nervous tries to stop them. Sou angrily answers, “Ha? How come you’re angry, too? As a girl, it’s really frightening that you can say ass and poop. In the end, you’re not a refined lady-like girl- In this way, Ayane, you’re really perfect *puts his arm around Ayane* unlike that person at that side.” Anna angrily shouts for him to quit saying ‘person at that side’. “Ayane, is Hinata coming?!” Aya says yes though it seems that he will be a bit late but he’ll be here soon. Sou goes into shock that Hinata will also come. Aya happily says that he’s already here. Waving out, Aya calls out to HINATA. After looking at the side, Hinata looks at Aya and calls out to her. Breathing hard from running, Hinata apologizes that he overslept. Aya says that she thought that would happen that is why she wondered in the morning if she ought to call him or not. Aya looks at the two and says, “He’s classmate with the two of you so you should know him. My childhood friend, Kazami Hinata--..” Aya stops midway upon seeing Sou and Anna’s shock faces. After a pause, Aya asks what it is. Crossing his arms, Sou wonders who that guy is. Aghast Anna nervously laughs and says, “Ah ha, is that so-- ‘HINATA’ originally meant Kazami-kun ☆” Sou sighs and says that ordinarily, one would think that Hinata won’t come. Wanting to cry Anna exclaims that even if it is like so but Hinata wrote to her that ‘I eagerly anticipate Sunday’. She quickly calls Hinata. Hinata is still in bed as he reaches out to his ringing cellphone. He groggily says hello. Anna exclaims, “Hinata?! Aren’t you coming here today?!” After a pause, Hinata asks what she is saying. Anna asks him what he meant about that ‘anticipating Sunday’ email. Hinata opens his eyes and tries to recall. He then says, “Ah..that meant that Kamimura [Paper village] Zoo will have a special on squirrels so I cant wait [to watch it.]..” [Okay, I’ll stick with squirrels instead of chipmunks as to what Coco is since wiki goes with squirrels, too ^^;]

At that time, Hinata is watching tv and saw the commercial that next time in Kamimura Zoo show, it will be a special on squirrels while Anna is crying for Hinata to sense that she’s in a crisis. End flashback. Anna is totally shock that she has totally misunderstood him. Hinata tells her that he isn’t good in writing long messages. Anna thinks, “It’s because I thought that Hinata will come that is why I came here relaxed..but us, four are...” Anna <-> Sou are in the middle of a quarrel. Anna <-> Hinata haven’t talk with each other before. Sou <-> Hinata have not greeted each other. Sou <-> Aya are ex-lovers. Aghast Anna says, “..Hinata, don’t you feel that you want to come here right now— or maybe, you feel homesick? Eh, Hinata..Hinata!? *Hinata has fallen asleep* Ah- wait!! Hello!!” Anna couldn’t believe that Hinata has fallen asleep while they were in the middle of a conversation. Aya apologizes to Anna for making her misunderstand and she should have clearly told her so. Anna timidly tells her that no, it isn’t her fault. Aya is happy that Anna had somewhat cheered up and that she ought to fully cheer up since they are going to have fun today. “Let’s go watch a movie. Everyone, what do you want to watch-?” Holding up his hand, Sou looks deadpan and says, “I want to watch the Pokemon movie.” Anna has an ‘I cannot believe it’ look while Aya exclaims that Sou still likes Pokemon. Sou asks why she said ‘still likes’ when he is going to like it forever. Anna looks surprised as she watches the two. Aya is asking Sou if he even watches the Pokemon movies. Sou calls her an idiot for if one doesn’t watch the movie, then one cannot subdue the elf. [<- I don’t know what he is referring to..a plot in the movie? or he got to watch them all =P] Aya exclaims is that so, that is why the kids are watching it. Anna thinks, “What-- he even said ‘there’s nothing to talk about’ when they are getting along really well.” While she is looking at them, Hinata is looking at her. Then, Anna glances at the side to see Hinata a bit flustered and surprised. He quickly looks away. Anna is puzzled. Aya goes to them and asks them what movie they want to watch. To Anna’s surprise, Hinata says that it is okay with him to watch Pokemon. Anna tries to say that she doesn’t quite understand Pokemon. Sou turns around and angrily says that person at that side to go can go watch some other movie. Anna is aghast as Aya shouts at Sou to wait and that’s enough. Sou hits Aya on the head and says that she’s too noisy. Anna looks sad. She thinks, “What-- what- I obviously came here today to make up with Sou..Sou’s such an idiot--” And, Hinata steals another glance at Anna.

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