June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 58-59]

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Chikai says, “Won’t forget--” Soutarou says thanks for this year. Arashi says that thanks to them, he is really happy[/had fun]. Puzzled and happy Shinichi asks what they are saying and do they like him that much. Shinichi stands up and exclaims that this school doesn’t have division of classes [no change of section in the next school year] so they will always be together. Arashi tells Shinichi that he should just conform with the mood. Chikai says that Shinichi should be saying ‘I’ll be under your care during the second year’ type of stuff. Arashi tells Shinichi to be careful about being always like that, else the thing between him and Mii might become unpleasant [= something that will make him regret]. With hearts all over, Shinichi happily tells Arashi that regarding that, they are becoming more like a ‘married couple’. Arashi says that must be Shinichi’s own conclusion. Soutarou then asks Chikai if he has told that girl [Hanabi] that he won’t be coming to school during those free school periods. Chikai says that he did so what’s up. Arashi is puzzled then he says that maybe it is for some other thing because everyday, Hanabi has been passing by their class. Then, everyone is heading towards the gym/auditorium. Hanabi’s friends look at aghast-disgusted looking Hanabi who is using her hands to hold her eyes open. Hanabi says that she really wants to close her eyes because there are so many guys there. Kareshi says that it’s a good thing that today is the closing ceremony. Mii says that Hanabi’s face looks scary. Atsumi says that Hanabi is in ‘training/discipline’. Hanabi thinks that because of the ‘toughening exercises’ during the free school period, she thought that she had somewhat gotten used to this but in the end, it still won’t do. Looking at the blurry images of the guys, Hanabi thinks that she is obviously looking at them yet she doesn’t see or perhaps, she is obviously looking ahead but her optical nerve is rejecting it. Her eyes widen when she sees Chikai clearly up ahead among the blurry-looking guys. Chikai looks at her. Blushing Hanabi put down her hands. Chikai tells her, “Wait for me today.” This made Hanabi blush and she looks teary-eyed. As Chikai looks away, she shouts back, “Sure..!!” Her friends look surprised.

At the forested path, Hanabi looks ill as she is looking away from Chikai who is standing in front of her. Hanabi thinks that it feels that in this kind of situation, she should be happy but then, she isn’t. Chikai tells her that he heard that she went/passed by his class. Still looking away, Hanabi says that she also passed by the business/office worker section and the craftsmen section. “..I want to overcome my phobia of guys..” Chikai asks, “Is it for me?” After a pause, Hanabi says, “It isn’t for you..” Chikai interrupts by saying, “So, it isn’t for me.” This surprises Hanabi that she looks at Chikai who is looking at her. She is flustered that she looks away again. Hanabi says, “..wha..what..? But, in the end, this is my shortcoming, so if I can basically improve it then..” Chikai tells her that whatever happened to that [phobia] doesn’t matter at all. “Whether you hate or don’t hate other guys, fundamentally it doesn’t matter at all.” Hanabi is flustered and asks, “..Doesn’t matter?” Chikai says, “Do you think that if you can overcome this phobia, you won’t ‘resist’ [/be disgusted with] me anymore? What kind of theory is that? Do not lump me together with those other guys!” Chikai goes to Hanabi and holds her face so that she’ll look at him. He shouts, “Look at me! Is it the same?” Flustered and teary-eyed, Hanabi says, “Of course it isn’t the same..but..” Chikai looks blurry to her. She ends up looking away and pushing him away from her. With that, Chikai seems to have given up and he just walks away. Hanabi thinks, “Tell me..a way on how I can stand beside Uno Chikai...how I can stand in front of Uno Chikai.” At Alon where Hanabi works, Hanabi consults Gen about her problem about saying being disgusted after being kissed. Hanabi tells him that she couldn’t bear it that she said it out loud. Gen shouts that she’s a monster[/devil] and she’s so cruel. Hanabi says that is right, she is a monster. Gen tells her that for a guy, that is definitely a major shock. Flustered Hanabi just says that he’s right for this is she thought so. Gen theorizes that for Hanabi, that kiss, as a way of expressing one’s love, is probably such a huge leap forward. “In short, for you, that kiss is too sudden and too obscene!” Hanabi is shock over this observation. Gen then mutters that if from the start, there’s no problem with kissing then there is a possibility that things would increasingly bloom [ = like it will lead to other things.] Hanabi shouts what he is muttering there.

She then begins to wonder about it being an expression of love. Gen says, “..If, he is really interested in you, looking for a way to get near each other would one day, not matter. That thing called ‘loving heart’ has ‘coward’ and ‘challenger’ – two kinds of personality. Whichever method that you are going to do, depends on the circumstances of your ‘loving heart’ that is residing in ‘you’. –That is what Ami says ♥” Hanabi grips her fist and thinks that it depends on ‘her’. She then asks Gen to give her a 10 minute break. Gen happily wishes her gambatte. After she left, Gen wonders if he is an old man [oyaji] because Hanabi can talk with him regarding her kiss problem. Hanabi rushes out as she remembers Chikai telling her to ‘look at him’ and ‘is it the same’. She thinks it isn’t the same. She also thinks that ‘look at me!’ and the kiss before, are all expressions of love. Outside, Hanabi is breathing hard from running. She then calls up Chikai who is at a karaoke bar with his friends. Outside the singing booth, Chikai answers the phone. He seems surprised with all the heavy breathing and Hanabi saying, ‘K..’ Then, Hanabi shouts, “Kiss..Please kiss me!” Chikai is surprised. Then, a father who is carrying his daughter had just arrived in the area. He heard what Hanabi shouted that he quickly runs off with his daughter. Chikai asks if he is to do it right now on the phone. Embarrassed, Hanabi says no, but on spring break. “In short, I want to see you! See you upfront! When are you free?” Chikai answers, “..Tomorrow.” Aghast, Hanabi says that’s too early and she needs to prepare herself. Chikai tells her that if they meet next week, will anything change if they don’t see each other for a week. Hanabi looks surprised then looks thoughtful. She thinks that if she did it what she wanted, that will just prolong Chikai’s annoyed feelings. “I should quickly decide on this!” Hanabi says, “Tomorrow..I’ll be under your care.”

Blushing Hanabi returns to the store. Gen greets her that she is back. Hanabi couldn’t believe that she suddenly said, ‘I’ll be under your care’ but then, it shouldn’t be that different from saying ‘kiss me’. Saluting to Gen, Hanabi says that she put forward the ‘challenge’ request. Gen says that she’s really brave and it must have been a really sincere request. Gen then asks her how about she starts from french kiss. Hanabi looks aghast-nervous. Gen then asks if that handsome guy [Chikai] is from overseas. [I forgot the term ^^; but it is like he grew up from other countries and has returned back to the homeland.] Hanabi says that he shouldn’t be. Gen explains to her that only in Japan, a french kiss is done like a ‘superficial contact’ but in other countries, that would mean a very deep kiss. Shock, Hanabi exclaims that she didn’t know that and that is a fairly important knowledge. Hanabi then notices what Gen is doing. She asks if he is making birthday discount postcards and does he need her help. Gen says he has made them up to Sasa last week so she can start from there. Hanabi is pleasantly surprised that it will be Sasa’s birthday [March 28] soon. She happily asks if she can tell this to her friend. Gen says that they should protect the data of other people. Looking somewhat sad, he seems to change his mind from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. This puzzles Hanabi. Gen tells Hanabi that she should ask first her friend if she already knew about it. Hanabi happily says that she thinks that her friend ought to know about it. At home, Hanabi gets an email from Atsumi saying that it should be March 28, she knows about it and in the end, she ought to do her best. Hanabi happily thinks that Atsumi knew and no wonder she is Atsumi. Her father reprimands her not to use her cellphone while they are eating. Hanabi says, yes. Hanabi thinks that she’ll also do her best tomorrow. When she ate a piece of kamaboko [Japanese fish cake], she looks surprised. She thinks that it is lips because it has the flexibility and moist feeling of lips. She believes that things will be alright if she just thought of the lips as kamaboko. “I’ll be eating kamaboko tomorrow!” Hanabi bites a kamaboko again that Nanpa wonders why she bites then just be lost in thought. Flustered, Hanabi looks determined and thinks, “I’m coming! Kamamoko store!”

At Chikai’s house, Nanpa and Cleo are sitting outside the house’s door. A passer-by asks if the Uno household got another dog. The two dog just greet each other. Nanpa laments about coming all the way there and he ended up staying outside. Cleo says what is bad about it since the sun is bright and warm. Just when Cleo is suggesting for the two of them to.., she is surprised to see Nanpa lying down. She shouts if he is going to have an afternoon nap. She calls him a repeatedly fickle wild wolf. Nanpa says that he’s a dog and he’ll sleep in this place. He glances at the house and hopes that Chikai resolve Hanabi’s pain. In Chikai’s room, the two are facing each other while sitting on the floor. Chikai is looking at Hanabi while Hanabi is blushing and looking down. Chikai says if she is telling him to not use any kind of technique. Blushing Hanabi nods vigorously and says “..Because I think..about doing this slowly so that I can get used to it..I want to become the me who belongs to Uno Chikai..” Hanabi becomes tense when Chikai holds her hair. He tells her to raise up her head. Thinking that she won’t dare look, Hanabi asks if she can close her eyes. Chikai informs her that in that kind of situation, people do [/can] close their eyes. Closing her eyes, Hanabi holds up her head and Chikai kisses her. She keeps on thinking of kamamoko, kamamoko and kamamoko but in the end, she falls back to Chikai’s bed. She is flustered and teary-eyed. She thinks, “That isn’t a kamamoko! That’s more passionate [blazing hot] than kamamoko..but--” Chikai somewhat stands up and asks, “..who is kissing you?” This made Hanabi open up her eyes in surprise. She is puzzled. Chikai says, “Is it the me who is a ‘guy’? So, you felt that it is disgusting. Let me tell you, I am ‘me’, and I want to be called as ‘me’ an individual.” Hanabi has an ‘I know that’ expression. [Ah, it is like, she knows that is Chikai’s narcissistic side.] Chikai continues to say, “But honestly speaking, for you, to some extent, I am still just a ‘guy’.” This somewhat puzzles Hanabi that she wonders what he meant by that. Slightly flustered, Chikai says, “You still haven’t deeply like[/love] me.” After saying that, Chikai somewhat scowls while looking at her. Flustered Hanabi tries to deny it and say that is impossible. They were interrupted when Chikai’s cellphone starts ringing. They look at the cellphone that is on Chikai’s desk. Hanabi tells him that it is okay for him to answer that first. Chikai stands up and looks at the phone to know who is calling. Chikai looks somewhat surprised but he didn’t answer it. Hanabi suddenly realizes who is calling. While the phone is still ringing, Hanabi asks, “...‘Yukine’..?”

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