June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 38]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 16, 2010

Narration in the cover: “He said, ‘I will definitely come’, I BELIEVE..” Kotori is surprised to see Keigo that she asks why he is there. Keigo smiles and says that it is a coincidence for he didn’t expect to meet her there. He tells her that he went there with his friend but in the end, they got separated. Kotori timidly says, is that so. He then asks what about her for she said that she is going to the festival with someone. “Did you also got separated from your friend?” While holding Yukito’s bracelet on her hand, flustered Kotori stutters that they didn’t. She then wishes Yukito to quickly come. Keigo notices her expression that he asks if the person whom she is supposed to meet didn’t come. Kotori looks surprised. Keigo tells her to go to some place to avoid the rain else she’ll catch a cold. Kotori declines. Putting a smile on her face, she tells him that it is alright and this rain is nothing because if she isn’t there.. She believes that Yukito will definitely come even if it is late and he told her to wait. To her surprise, Keigo holds her hand and leads her away. He exclaims how she can be alright with such a dejected look on her face. While Kotori tries to tell him to stop, Keigo turns around and tells him that she cannot be like that. This surprises-puzzles Kotori. It is now five minutes before 9pm. The man apologizes to Yukito for making him work overtime and it has been a really busy night. Yukito says that it is okay [being polite]. After bidding goodbye, Yukito goes out and thinks that this is bad since it is already very late. He thinks that even if Abe told Kotori to wait, it rained so there might be a possibility that she won’t be there anymore. He then thinks, no, she will definitely wait for him. Meanwhile, Kotori shouts that her hand hurts. This made Keigo stop walking. He turns to say that the rain has stopped. He regrets that he wasn’t able to continue on being with Kotori in a single umbrella. Kotori asks him what happened to him because he is acting strange and he is a bit forceful. Keigo sadly looks at her and asks if she really don’t know what’s up with him. Kotori is puzzled. Keigo says that didn’t he said that she cannot be like that. Kotori is surprised when Keigo suddenly holds her shoulder. This made her remember the time when Yukito did that while they were walking in the rain. When he is about to kiss her, she quickly pushes him away and shouts, no.

Kotori is really flustered. Keigo’s face isn’t shown then he smiles to tell Kotori that it won’t do if she didn’t constantly refuse like that. Kotori is puzzled. Keigo explains that since there is already a winner [favorite; honmei], if she kept on acting non-committal [no comment] towards him, he will gradually progress to the next level. “Do you understand?” Kotori finally tells him that she already likes someone else and when Keigo confessed to her, she had just broken up with that person. Her feelings are chaotic then, that she didn’t know what the best course of action is. “But, I still like that person, I couldn’t let go..I want to confess to him again..even if it might fail, I still want to clearly tell him..so, I cannot return Shitara-kun’s feelings,...I’m sorry. *sad smile* But, thank you for liking me.” Keigo says that’s very good for she had clearly told him about it. He tells her not to be like that again that he might get entangled/become restless about this [not knowing the true situation]. Kotori realizes what she has done that she apologizes to him for not telling things clearly to him before. Keigo somewhat smiles and asks if that bracelet she is wearing is related to the person she likes. This made Kotori blush really red as she tries to say something. Keigo tells her that perhaps she is unconscious of it, she usually fondly touches it so that is why he thought of it [that bracelet is from someone special]. Kotori is surprised about doing this unconsciously. Keigo somewhat teases her that it seems that she is really unconscious of it and her ‘being unaware’ is quite shocking. Blushing, Kotori apologizes again. Keigo tells her that it is alright and she can forget about it [this topic]. Smiling, Keigo says, “Sorry for doing such a forceful thing to you. Go look for that guy.” Kotori blushes as she holds the bracelet.

Yukito arrives at the empty stalls of the festival site/shrine. No one is there. He is flustered and sad as he thinks that Kotori has already left. He decides to call her on the phone but no one is answering. He looks depressed because it rained earlier and it is very late so for this to happen is normal. He thinks that since this is Kotori, she might still be nearby. He sighs and thinks that he couldn’t give up [do not want to lose hope]. At the streets, Keigo laments that Kotori did leave. He becomes gloomy that he calls Haruna on the cellphone to say that she should be free right now for he needs to be comforted. Haruna reprimands him for being rude to say ‘should be free right now’ for she is going out on a date. She asks him what happened that he ought to be comforted. Keigo can only lament why Haruna also had a date. Breathing hard from running, Kotori arrives back at the shrine. She looks around and no one is there. She wonders if he already went home or they missed each other or maybe, his work isn’t finished yet. Kotori decides to wait for him a bit more. She stands behind a pillar then notices that her yukata is soiled with mud because she ran in the rain. She couldn’t remove it. She mutters about wanting to let Yukito see her in a yukata which she rarely wears but he isn’t there. This made her start to cry. “..yukata, I originally wanted to show it to him..I originally wanted to tell him about my feelings..and see him, look directly in his eyes, clearly tell Yukito, ‘I like you’..” She is surprised when someone calls out her name. The guy is standing behind her and asks if it is Kotori who is bending down behind the pillar. Kotori turns around to see Yukito who says that it is a good thing that he came back to look for her. Kotori stands up then she quickly hides behind the pillar. Kotori looks flustered as Yukito calls her name again. Kotori tells him not to come near her. Yukito is taken aback by what that meant. Yukito asks her why. Kotori says that it is nothing and there is no need to ask why. It turns out that Kotori doesn’t want him to see her soiled yukata. Since it isn’t easy for him to look for her, she doesn’t want him to see her like that.

She is surprised when Yukito asks if she is angry. Yukito sadly says that it is inevitable because he invited her yet he is late. He made her wait for such a long time so of course, she is angry for waiting until it is very late. “I’m really selfish..” Flustered Kotori tries to tell him that she isn’t angry but it is about that yukata. He then laments that it is also inevitable that she doesn’t want to answer her cellphone in this kind of situation. Kotori is surprised by this. She quickly looks in her bag and realizes that she didn’t bring her cellphone. She thinks that she must have left it at home. Kotori is surprised when Yukito exclaims, “In short, I’m sorry! I originally planned to tell this while facing you but, it is alright for you to be like that while listening to me. Even if you hate me, it is alright..” This made Kotori shout back, “Wai..wait a minute! I don’t hate you, towards you, I’ve always..” Yukito looks surprised. Kotori blushes a bit as she looks at Yukito from behind the pillar. She says that even if they broke up, she couldn’t completely sever their ties [as lovers]. “Always thinking of Yukito, that I don’t know what is the best thing to do..after being apart from you, I’ve unexpectedly see my feelings clearly. I’ve realized that compared before, I come to become to become [/like you] more..I..I like you! Really like!” Yukito is surprised by this. The two Kaji-blushes. Kotori then says, “And..that..there..still..kiss..I feel that I still want to kiss only you..” This made Yukito ask, ha? Kotori tries to say that rather than ‘think’, it is more like being ‘aware’ and what the heck is she saying. Blushing Yukito asks if she is a person who can boldly say her opinion [tactless]. Flustered Kotori denies it. After a pause, Yukito says that she is quite cunning for he wanted to be the first one to say those things. Kotori asks, ‘What?’ He then says, “I also like you, always..always like you. From the day we broke up, this feeling hasn’t changed..” Kotori is surprised to hear this. Yukito approaches her and asks, “..I, Can I go to your side?” He then holds out his hand to touch Kotori.