June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 56-57]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 22, 2010

Chikai opens the door and Yukine greets him by saying that it has been a long time since they have seen each other. The door opens then closes. Chikai had come out but it seems Yukine is surprised that she wasn’t invited in. She lowers her head and stutters while saying that she tried emailing him but it won’t send so he must have changed his email. Chikai just says, ‘ah ah’. [It’s like a yes] This seems to surprise Yukine that she looks somewhat sad. She looks up and says, “..that..I already know..my shortcomings, and also..I couldn’t forget about you..about this. *looks flustered* ..is it already too late?” While looking at Yukine, Chikai says, ‘ah ah’ Yukine asks, “..because of Hanabi?” Chikai lowers his eyes and says, ‘ah ah’. Yukine replies, “..is that so..I understand..I’m sorry, for saying such strange things now..I’m sor..” She suddenly turns around and starts running. Chikai chases after her and manages to stop her by holding her arm. He asks if she is alright. Yukine says, “..alright..that is impossible..*she turns around crying* it’s impossible for me to be alright..” This surprises Chikai that Yukine manages to break free and run off. At home, Hanabi looks at Chikai’s phonebook contact on her cellphone. It turns out that Chikai changed his email from Yukine’s birthday of ‘1223’ to ‘qoo’. She is surprised when her cellphone rings. Chikai replied back that there’s no need to thank him. Hanabi holds her phone tight and blushes. Meanwhile, at the mall, Gen looks at the Atsumi and others. Atsumi seems to remember what Sasa said that if it’s ‘ordinary friends’ he feels it isn’t that. It is as if time had stopped as they all look at Gen. Gen breaks into a smile and greets, hi. He says that Gummi [like gummy bear or any soft candy; his nick for Atsumi] is also there and also *pause* those strong-looking guys. Atsumi just greets him with a ‘good work’. The two other guys greet him back. Still smiling, he waves them goodbye and left. Atsumi looks a bit flustered as Sasa looks at Gen while he leaves. A bit teary eyed Atsumi turns around to apologize to the two guys. She tells them not to mention about that matter again. The two guys then agree.

Atsumi watches the two guys walk on the street from the window while Sasa is sitting nearby. Atsumi says that it is a mistake to invite them for the reception that they misunderstood things. Sasa asks her why she invited them. Atsumi says that it is because they seem to be the type who’ll eat anything. Sasa is speechless. Atsumi admits that honestly, she wanted to invite Sasa but she is still only..only become from super fat to chubby. Atsumi shows the fat on her belly that she can pinch whereas before, nothing can be pinched. Pointing to Sasa’s side, Atsumi exclaims, “So! That place, I feel that the current me still doesn’t have the qualifications [to stay there]. *Sasa looks surprised* but if you ask, ‘is it alright to be at those two guys’s side’..Ah-! I’m super rude! I’m sorry, Shirotori-kun and Sotome-kun. But back to what I’m saying! *looking sad as she remembers Sasa looking at Gen’s direction* I’m really, still the difference is far..” She is surprised when Sasa gives her a little package and says, “Happy White Day.” She opens it and it is filled with French macaroons. Flustered and teary-eyed Atsumi says that these sweets will bring her farther from the goal that she’s working hard on. Sasa just gently looks at her. [Not too sure but I think] Sasa puts a macaroon on her mouth [or she ate one herself]. She then says, “See..Because it’s too sweet, it made my heart beat wildly..” The next day, Hanabi and Chikai are walking to school. Hanabi thanks him for the candies yesterday. Chikai says that if she would want to thank him then at least look at him. Hanabi apologizes that she won’t look. They walk on quietly. Hanabi seems to be walking with her eyes closed as she berates herself to at least talk about something. Chikai looks at her like that then looks in front. Chikai tells her that he won’t be walking her to school after this because from tomorrow on, she can go to school on her own and he already finished his school work so it is also unnecessary for him to go to school. “And also you, to be like this, there is also no meaning for you to be together with me.” Hanabi thinks there is a meaning. Looking flustered, she tells him without looking at him that she wants to be with him. He looks at her as she closes her eyes and says, “But, being like this, is also..you don’t want to be with the me who is like this.” She thinks, “There is..definitely, a meaning! Perhaps..” Chikai admits that he doesn’t want. This surprises Hanabi.

Flustered Hanabi says to forget about fetching her and she still has school work to finish and well, it has no meaning for him to go to school if he already finished his. “Not even daring to look at your face, it is also no meaning to be with me who is like this.” Chikai’s expression isn’t shown but he bluntly says, “None--” This stuns Hanabi. She becomes flustered again and thinks that she won’t dare look at him and if she doesn’t look at him, she won’t understand. But then perhaps, even if she looks, she still won’t be able to understand. “No matter if it’s Uno Chikai’s expression..or even his heart.” Hanabi is frustrated as she holds her bag tight while Chikai walks on ahead. Later on, the four friends ask about each other’s White Day. Emotionless Mii says that it’s nothing special. Somewhat blushing, Kareshi says that it’s the usual. Smiling Atsumi says that she received macaroons in return. Gloomy Hanabi says that it’s really good that she got something..and also some words that pricks like a needle [like having an acupuncture]. After a while, someone shouts, “K..kissed?” Aghast Hanabi shouts, “Idiot! Ah! You’re too loud!” Atsumi exclaims, “But..you feel it’s disgusting? What does that mean!” Kareshi says that it is possible and it’s normal at the start for this is Hanabi they are talking about after all. Everyone is surprised when Mii says, “Kiss..is really good.” She explains that it is very easy for she just have to tightly close her eyes then she can convey the feeling to the other. She then admits that it is to lessen her disgust with Glasses [nick for Shinichi] that is why she’s doing it. Everyone is speechless. Hanabi timidly says that closing one’s eyes then convey the feeling is useless for her. She thinks that if she won’t dare look then she couldn’t convey. Gripping her fist, she says, “Even if I provoked him to anger, but this romance shouldn’t end like this! I also don’t want it to end like this!” The next day, Hanabi goes out of her house. Nanpa barks to tell her that Chikai didn’t come again. Hanabi is somewhat sad even if she knew he won’t be coming. She decided that she should just groom/train her love during the time when they cannot see each other. She then seems to pep herself about a very good TOKIO [Japanese band] song about taking a big leap and go just like what a father should do to feed his family. “I don’t let it end this way!”

In school, Hanabi looks really disgusted as she tighten her ponytail on her bangs then starts walking through section B. She greets the guys while keep on walking with her head up. The guys are looking at her. Whenever a guy says, ‘it’s a girl’, she’ll greet back, ‘How are you’. Arashi and Soutaro, Chikai’s friends, see her. Hanabi thinks, “Why? Even if I still feel that disgusted behind my back, but there is a ‘like’ that will soon come from my heart.” At the sewing room, Hanabi falls on the table and gloomily greets Atsumi a good morning. Hanabi says that for training, she took a detour. “If I can overcome this guys phobia, I can dare look at Uno Chikai, dare come close to Uno Chikai.” With determination, Hanabi says that during the time she’ll go to school alone, she’ll keep on taking a detour to the other classes and she will try to do some other things, too. She then asks Atsumi to recommend a manga to her that can make her think ‘guys are not bad at all’. Atsumi just calls Hanabi’s name. Hanabi thinks that she wants to once again see that miracle in front of her eyes. Meanwhile, Chikai is walking his dog when he spots Yukine while walking beside her bicycle that has a lot of groceries. Cleo sees her that she barks. This has surprised Yukine that she loses her grip on the bicycle. Chikai comes to help her keep the bicycle steady. Chikai asks why she bought a lot of things. Yukine says that it is because her mother has been hospitalized and she has to prepare things. Cleo is happily wagging her tail at Yukine. While Yukine is telling Chikai that it isn’t really heavy, he gives her Cleo’s leash. He then walks along with the bicycle. Narration: “As if my life depended on it, I walked through school where there are all guys. Then, I borrowed some manga and understood different types of guys from shounen and shoujo manga. Even if I’m not resistant with manga guys and it isn’t the same with real ones. Then, it’s now the graduation day.” Hanabi looks at the doorway. Nanpa tells her that Chikai still didn’t come. She pats Nanpa’s head and bids it goodbye. She thinks that this is nothing and she’s just testing about waiting for him. “How could he come when we haven’t reconciled yet. I should quickly overcome this guy phobia! And then, become the me who has the right to reconcile with him. Hey, Uno Chikai- walking through the road to school alone is quite far. Does Uno Chikai also think so?” Chikai is walking alone to school and reads his email on the phone. It is from Yukine. “It’s really nice that you told me your email address..Thank you, it makes me feel really relieved.”


  1. I'M SO SO SORRY IF I OFFEND YOU IN ANY WAYS-I LOVE READING YOUR SUMMARIES-BUT There are parts where I don't understand what you're trying to say...? Since I see quite alot of grammatical errors, I find it very confusing. Ahhh I'm so sorry- I'm trying my best to understand what you're trying to say though

    1. Thanks for reading them ^-^

      Tell me what part you don't understand so that I can revise them/explain them to you.

      Anyway, it's okay..I can only say that I did my best at that time. ^^