June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapters 36-37]

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At the arcade, Yukito goes nearer to the stalker. He thinks that it is really the guy whom Risa used to go steady with. He then grabs the stalker’s shoulder and shouts, “Hey!” Meanwhile, while clasping her hands, Kotori looks at the Chupa Chups dispenser for she has entrusted her decision to it. “If 5 pieces come out, then I won’t let go of Yukito. If it didn’t come out then, I’ll let..” She prays hard while closing her eyes. After a pause, she is puzzled that nothing came out. She starts shaking the machine and asks mentally why nothing came out and could it be, that is the answer. Then, five pieces of Chupa Chups come out. She looks surprised as she takes the lollipops. She couldn’t believe that there are actually 5 pieces. She holds it tightly and looks flustered. She is surprised when suddenly Yukito passes by and shouts, “Hey, wait!” Kotori turns around and thinks that is Yukito’s voice. She looks out and sees someone running off. Just then, Keigo calls out and says that she hasn’t returned after a long time since going to the toilet so he got worried if something happened to her. He asks her what she is doing there. Kotori just apologizes and looks at the lollipops again. She wonders if it is just her imagination. Outside, the stalker is running and panting while standing below some wall. He wonders why that guy is chasing him. He is surprised when Yukito jumps from above and shouts for him to stop right there. Yukito falls on top of him. Ryosuke shouts if Yukito is alright and he also jumps down. Ryosuke falls on top of Yukito who is on top of the stalker. =P Yukito angrily shouts at Ryosuke not to jump, too. Ryosuke can only smile sheepishly. The stalker angrily shouts that it hurts and asks what his problem is. “Who are you?” Yukito is surprised by his question then he realizes that he had dyed his hair before when he met this guy. Yukito laughs and says, “That is true.” He then grabs the guy’s collar and demands to know why he is following Kotori. The guy pushes Yukito’s hand away and says that he doesn’t know for he is just following orders. He is told that ‘I just want to frighten her a bit, so it’s fine if you only follow/stalk her. If you do that right, then I’ll make up with you.’ Yukito asks if the one who told him that is Risa. When Yukito stands up in disbelief that the one who ordered the guy is Risa, he winces in pain. This made Ryosuke worried about him. At home, Kotori looks at her 5 new lollipops. She thinks that it is the same as before and it might just be a coincidence but nevertheless, she wonders if she can cling on this teeny tiny hope.

At the store, Kotori learns from Haruna that Yukito is absent today because he got injured. Haruna assures her that when Yukito gets well, he will be back at work so it will be alright though Yamagami is furious that Yukito isn’t taking care of himself. Kotori begins to wonder what happened to Yukito after work. Haruna teases Kotori that she is worried about Yukito because she called him ‘Yukito’ instead of the usual ‘Kaji’. Everyone is surprised when Keigo greets Kotori by saying that he is really happy about yesterday. The other guys begin to ask shocked Kotori if they are going steady and this isn’t something to hide, and what happened. Blushing Kotori calls out to Keigo to explain but Keigo just smiles and says that it is a secret. Haruna then quickly tells everyone that they are too loud and Yamagami is coming. They quickly disperse and go back to work. At the storage room, Keigo asks Kotori if she is angry. Kotori says that she’s not really angry but rather it is troublesome. Keigo asks why. Kotori repeats what he said. She then says it isn’t and why he asks ‘why’ but she is really troubled if he says that in front of the others since they might misunderstand. She is surprised when Keigo’s face is right in front of her. He then smiles and says that she’s cute even if she’s angry. He takes a box and asks if she is concerned about Yukito. Kotori didn’t hear him say when he mutters that he’s trying to strengthen his ‘line/hope?’ Meanwhile, gloomy Yukito is stuck in bed with a bandaged foot. Abe happily greets him that it’s been a long time. Yukito leans on his arm and asks why he is suddenly greeting him now. Abe asks if he doesn’t like it and it has been a long time. He drops the topic and asks what happened to Yukito’s foot. Putting on a smiling face, Yukito says that it is nothing, he just happen to twist his ankle and it will heal up soon. Abe asks Yukito what’s happening with him. He just got a fever earlier to the point of being bedridden and now, he got himself injured. Someone says, “It is definitely girl-related. It really cannot be helped that he is really worried about the stalker, right?” It is Ryosuke who is standing by the door while eating an umaibou. Abe and Yukito looks at Ryosuke as he just casual goes in and read some magazines at the side. Abe says that it seems that he has seen that guy before who is currently treating Yukito’s house as if it is his own house. He asks if it is Yukito’s friend or others will be coming. Yukito just tell Abe not to mind Ryosuke. He asks Abe why he came there for. Abe says that it is nothing special and he just wants to see him then casually ask if he would want to go to the festival. Abe then whispers that before that, is the girl Ryosuke referring to is Kotori. This made Yukito blush in surprise. Abe asks how come he got injured like that. Yukito seems to try to blame Ryosuke for it. [This part is blurry] Ryosuke asks why him. Yukito seems to say that it became worse because of him. Abe asks Yukito to explain things in detail and did he make Kotori cry again. Yukito is shock. Ryosuke offers to explain things to Abe about what happened. Yukito shouts that he doesn’t even know what’s really happening. Soon, Masaya enters Yukito’s room to find it really messy. He becomes dark and seems to ask Yukito what just happened. Yukito can only apologize and said something like he is helpless to stop it.

Later in the day, Yukito is really bored. He thinks that it will be time to go home after work and surely, Keigo will be walking with Kotori home. He berates himself for being depressed over it when he was the one who asked Keigo to do that. I think he remembers Ryosuke telling him that Keigo has a tendency to move fast on Kotori and it might lead to other things. Yukito thinks that Ryosuke is right and Keigo tend to think of lewd things and things might become dangerous for Kotori. Yukito begins to go crazy over his imagination of some censored stuff that they might be doing. =P He is flustered over the possibility of Kotori going steady with Keigo. “If that happened, what should I do? *He grips his blanket tight* In the end..I do not want that..I do not want her to smile like that with Keigo, no..even if it is some other guy and it isn’t Keigo..I do not like it.” After work, Keigo is depressed that Haruna is going home with them and she is standing between him and Kotori. Haruna calls him rude and if he has any complaints, he should just go home alone. Keigo doesn’t want to do that either. Kotori apologizes to Haruna but Haruna assures her that it is alright and didn’t she tell Kotori to just inform her if there is something troubling her. Kotori thinks that the stalker doesn’t seem to come today but then, being alone with Keigo also makes her uneasy. Keigo asks what they were talking about. Haruna tells him to be nice and good. Keigo is infuriated by that. Haruna then asks Keigo about what happened to the DVD he lent from her because the contents has been switched. Keigo claims it is a surprise that Haruna angrily asks what he meant by surprise. Kotori then gets a message. She wonders who it is then upon reading, she smiles. At a cafe, Kotori happily meets Natsume who has now dyed her short hair black. She mentions that Natsume changed her hairstyle again and it suits her. Natsume happily greets her back and apologizes that it has been a long time for she doesn’t have much free time. Kotori says that it is alright and she is really happy and thankful for the email. Kotori is sitting down on the table together with Natsume. Sitting on the opposite side, Abe asks about Kotori’s work and if she is used to it. Kotori says she is and it has been a long time since she has seen him. Kotori then says that it seems to be just her imagination but it seems there is another one whom she hasn’t seen for a long time is also there. Sitting beside Abe, Ryosuke greets Kotori. Kotori just greets back. Natsume then kept on saying that she really, really wants to know of the reason why that guy [Ryosuke] is there. Abe says that he has seen Ryosuke before while hanging out with Yukito and yesterday, he bumped into Ryosuke at Yukito’s place. Yukito seems to be a bit irritated for some reason. This surprises Kotori that she quickly asks if Yukito is alright. Abe looks at Ryosuke. Ryosuke then says that it is serious that it seems he has broken his bone and it is complicated that it is broken into pieces. Worried, Kotori asks if it is really that serious. Abe says it is very serious, of course, it is serious, it’s super duper serious that he can no longer get out of bed.

Suddenly Natsume kicks/steps on the two guys’ foot hard and they are wearing sandals. Kotori is puzzled why they are wincing in pain while Natsume is staring at them and somewhat smiles. Kotori becomes depressed that Yukito is badly injured. Abe changes his story that it isn’t very clear but then Yukito is very energetic that it will quickly get well. Natsume says that is right for didn’t her co-workers told her that he’ll get back to work once he’s recovered. Kotori says she’s right but does a broken bone heal so fast. Ryosuke says that one cannot say for sure when it comes to Yukito because after all, idiots get well quickly. Natsume corrects him that it is about idiots don’t catch colds. Abe says that even so, he wonders if he can go to the festival. Natsume tells Kotori that they talked it over and on Saturday, they will go to the festival together with Abe so can Kotori come with them or she is busy at work. Kotori says that she can come on Saturday. Natsume is happy about this. Abe says that as the saying goes, the more the merrier so how about Kotori bringing along the one whom she really wants to go with. They all look and smile at her as Kotori realizes whom they are referring to. She blushes. They then bid each other goodbye and they’ll just contact each other when they are going to meet. Before they separate, Abe is shock when Ryosuke calls out to Kotori that he and Yukito has already resolved her stalker so she can now relax. Abe reprimands him that Yukito told them not to mention that. Ryosuke asks if that’s true but then, forget it, this is good. Ryosuke then tells Kotori, “Back to what I’m saying, you should thank me, right?” Abe still cannot believe that Ryosuke told her and just says goodbye. Kotori blushes upon knowing this. At some playground, Risa asks Yukito why he called her out. Yukito says that she should know the reason. Risa asks what it is, did he come in the name of justice. Yukito says, “I’m sorry. I hasn’t realized it that things had come to the point for you to do this kind of thing, I’m sorry.” Yukito thinks that he also had not noticed Risa’s uneasiness. This made Risa surprised then she looks serious. She says, “What do you mean by that..are you belittling me? Are you misunderstanding something?” Yukito looks at her. Risa looks away and says, “The way you said it is as if I like you and it seems that you are sympathizing me. That really puts me in a bad mood.” Yukito looks somewhat surprised. With a haughty look, Risa says, “Ah ah, forget about it, slow-witted Yukito cannot understand.” Risa tells him that from her point of view, she is indifferent with Kotori but only, it feels that Yukito can easily be ripped off. Yukito asks why. Risa informs him that during junior high, popular Yukito doesn’t notice or watch her no matter what she does yet he is easily stirred up by this old fashioned otaku girl. “I had never been rejected by anyone so it made me really in a bad mood that I lost to that kind of girl.” Yukito looks surprised then says she is really amazing to say all sorts of meaning to it that he is speechless. Risa tells him that sentence doesn’t seem to be a compliment. He asks her if what she just said is true. Risa says that it is true. Yukito laughs and says really, so that’s it. Risa asks why he is laughing and if he is belittling her again. Yukito looks serious and says no, he is just laughing over his misunderstanding and how slow-witted he was. “—Matsushima.. *he holds her shoulders* there won’t be a next time, right? If it happened again, I will absolutely not forgive you. *sad smile* ..but, it is me who made you do that kind of thing..sorry.” He then leaves. Risa looks down and flustered.

At the fastfood chain, Kotori thinks that she got the 5 lollipops and everyone else is helping her so what’s left is for her to be honest and get the courage to invite Yukito to the festival. She is surprised when Yukito enters the room. They greet each other. She stares at his food and thinks that he walks in a balance way and it is really surprising that he healed up really quick in such a short time. She wanted to ask about his injury but he told the others not to tell her about it so maybe it is because of her that he is hurt. Then, they talk at the same time which made them feel awkward and embarrassed. She then tells him to say it first but Yukito insists that she say it first. Yukito then says, “No! It’s better..I’ll say it first!” Blushing while looking away, Yukito asks, “...this coming Saturday, do you want to go with me to the festival? But then, let me say that there are some people coming along..” Kotori thinks that is what she wanted to say and they were thinking of the same thing. She also thinks that this is no big deal and she shouldn’t think of it as fate but then, at that place, the two of them might be together again. Yukito asks what Kotori thinks about it. Blushing Kotori says, okay. Yukito blushes over this, too. He then asks what she wanted to tell him earlier. Kotori looks down while telling him that it is the same thing. Yukito says, really. He looks away and thinks that he seems like a girl for blushing like that. Holding her wrist with the bracelet, she tells him that she wanted to say something to him until then. She thinks that even if she isn’t ready yet, she is going to tell him what she thinks. Yukito tells her that he also has something that he wanted to tell her. The two look at each other. Outside the door, Keigo is eavesdropping over them. Haruna then calls out to him and asks what he is doing. He changes the topic by pushing her aside and says that there is something he wants to talk with her about. Keigo looks somewhat sad. At home, standing at the door, the two Kaji-s wonder if they should anticipate about ‘have something to tell you’. They are both scared if it is something about the other will be going steady with someone else/Keigo. They both become gloomy if that is what the other will say. Kotori thinks that even if it is like that, she is going to tell Yukito what she is thinking right now and it might be just for her own satisfaction but she want to be honest in front of Yukito. Flashback: Human Kenken pats her shoulder. Kotori tells him that she has found the answer and the answer to what he said before is, ‘just be honest’. Kenken smiles and says that since she found that answer, it should be correct. Kotori says ya, I know. While dog Kenken is speechless, Kotori is aghast that it is bad if she always do that [play pretend with Kenken]. End flashback. The two Kaji-s decide to cheer up and hope for the best. Kotori thinks that she should think of what to wear for she wants to look cute and have a smile when she sees him. Yukito doesn’t want to encounter the same failure after confessing. Masaya tells him what he is standing in front on the door for, why doesn’t he come in. Yukito decides to be someone who has the right to stand beside Kotori. They both think, “We would be more honest!”

At MK burger where they work, Yukito is reading a book about riding a motorcycle. Haruna pats his shoulder and darkly says that he’s really doing his best. He suddenly screams when she is there then he is relieved that it is just Haruna. Haruna says that he’s quite cruel with that kind of reaction and it is nothing to hide about. “Is it for Kotori?” Yukito blushes red and denies it. Haruna says that he’s quite cute since his face is really red. Yukito asks if she is teasing him. Haruna denies it and says that she just wants to know if he would want to get his license before his birthday. She suggests that he go practice in a driving school a week before his birthday so that it would be much easier for him to master it. When it seems that Yukito didn’t get what she is implying, Haruna explains to him, “If your girlfriend learns that you are doing this for her and on your birthday, you got your license, won’t she be really be moved by it? That’s why I’m saying this ♥” This surprises Yukito that he blushes really red again. Haruna then tells him to do his best. Still blushing Yukito wonders if Haruna is teasing him and what does she know, for she just made him anxious since all of what she said is true. Soon, it is Kotori’s break time. Keigo takes the opportunity to talk with her. Outside, Kotori timidly asks what he wants to say. Keigo apologizes and tells her not to be nervous but he just has something important to ask her. While thinking that made her more nervous, she asks him what it is. Keigo smiles and invites her to go to the festival that will be held on Saturday. Kotori apologizes and says that she has already made an appointment with some other person. Keigo’s expression isn’t shown but he is frowning. He then smiles and tells her to forget about it. Kotori is puzzled when Keigo quickly leaves and goes back in. She wonders what happened for it seems that he isn’t the usual Keigo. Her thoughts were interrupted when Abe calls out to her. He asks her what happened that it seems her mood is heavy. Kotori asks why he is there. He tells her that he just happened to be nearby so he’ll just tell her the time and place where they’ll meet for the festival. He asks if it is convenient for her to talk right now. Kotori says that it is her break time. Smiling Abe says that is nice so how did it go regarding her invitation with the person whom she wants to go with. “Who did you invite?” Blushing, Kotori says that he already knows who it is. Abe laughs and says that is true. She smiles and thanks him. She says that she has made them worry and if it weren’t for their push from behind, she wouldn’t have quickly resolved as to what to do. “So, thank you. *smiles* Even if I do not know of the outcome, but I will do my best in order to make up [with Yukito].” Kotori is surprised when Abe smiles and pats her head. He says that it is really good that she can now say the things, that she has been thinking. He advises her to use that kind of attitude when she faces Yukito. Kotori says yes and there is something important she wants to ask him. He asks what it is. Blushing, Kotori asks what Yukito’s favorite color is.

At the festival, Abe happily says that in the end, girls wearing yukata are really beautiful. Ryosuke says that it really makes one feel relax and carefree. Kotori and Natsume are all dressed up. Kotori feels a bit embarrassed. Ryosuke asks Natsume how she could grow her hair so fast. Natsume tells him that it is a wig. Kotori looks at Natsume and thinks that she is really beautiful that everyone is looking at Natsume. Kotori is depressed that she had used up all she had for this somewhat expensive yukata yet she thinks that she might look childish in it. She is surprised and embarrassed when Abe exclaims that is the reason why she asked what is Yukito’s favorite color..that guy likes white. Flustered Kotori asks why he is suddenly saying that. Abe laughs and hopes that Yukito can go to the festival. Ryosuke then asks where Yukito is. Abe says that Yukito still has another job and will be there around 18:30 so he will catch up or be late a bit. Someone says that couldn’t be helped then they should wait for him. Kotori thinks that Yukito will be a little late and it must be hard for him to do a lot of work. She touches her bird pendant and thinks that she wants to see him soon and make him see her yukata. She is also a bit embarrassed to be thinking of Yukito this way. Meanwhile, Yukito has just finished his work and looks at his watch. It is already past 18:30 but he hopes to quickly change and run so that he can catch up with the others. Just then, a man calls him and says that it is good that he hasn’t left yet. It turns out that one of the men suddenly got sick. He apologizes and asks Yukito if he can go overtime. While the others were waiting that Yukito is too slow, Natsume mentions that it seems that it is going to rain. Kotori looks up the sky and says that she is right. Abe’s phone starts ringing. He says that it might be Yukito. After Abe is finished talking to Yukito, Ryosuke asks what Yukito said. Abe says that there is a bit of a problem at work and it will be very late when he finishes. They ask each other what they should do, if they should wait or just leave Yukito and have fun on their own. Kotori is depressed when she notices everyone is looking at her. She tells them to go ahead and she’ll just continue to wait for Yukito. Natsume offers to accompany her. Kotori insists that there is no need for that, and it might rain so Natsume should use this rare occasion [free time] to enjoy herself. Abe doesn’t want to leave a girl by herself. Ryosuke says that they should go because if they are there, it will just make Kotori and Yukito uneasy. Natsume is relunctant but Kotori tells her that there are many people there and she can call them if something happens. Natsume asks if she is sure, and she better call when there is a weirdo around. Ryosuke says that before they come back, she isn’t to reckless go/do anything. Kotori says, ya. Abe then whispers to Kotori that Yukito said that even if he is late, he will definitely come. “He wants me to tell you—‘wait for me’.” This made Kotori blush. Before leaving, Abe tells her to pay attention to her safety. Kotori looks up and hopes that it won’t rain. Soon, it is already 20:17. She looks depressed and she really wants to see him soon. She tells herself not to be depressed. Suddenly, it starts raining. Everyone scrambles for cover. Kotori continues to wait and soon almost all the people had left. She holds her arm and she looks sad. Then someone holds her shoulder. She turns around and calls out Yukito’s name. Someone is holding an umbrella to her. “Won’t you catch a cold?” Kotori is surprised to see Keigo.

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