June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapters 16-17]

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[Chapter 16]: While walking to school, Anna is reading some English notes. [what certain words in English means in Japanese or in this case, Chinese] Her female friends call out to her. Rui* comments that Anna is really diligent to study while walking to school. [*Ah, I’m really sorry but it turns out that other friend is called Rui not Ryuu who is Sou’s sister. ^^;;] Anna says that it is because she has entrance exams the day after tomorrow. Rui has already been confirmed and recommended [by the school]. Princess feels that the one she tested in earlier is quite good and of course, Anna is nervous about hers. Rui says that until now, she is still isn’t used to it – the situation of Anna going to school alone. Anna looks surprised and says that she is still talking about that when she started going to school alone since second semester. Rui says that even so, she is still not used to it. Princess happily says that she understands for there is still a tendency to think, ‘there’s Sou-kun and Hinata-kun’ [with Anna] even until today. Narration: “Since we were young, I grew up with Sou and Hinata in the same building so this kind of thing is also a first. Ever since that day in summer, I didn’t say a word to Hinata. Even if I usually see Sou and Hinata together, but that place doesn’t have me anymore. Before I knew it, seasons have changed and it will be graduation soon.” At the gym for some graduation practice, Anna says that it is cold there. Rui says that the graduation ceremony is tomorrow and the entrance exams will be on the day after tomorrow so if Anna gets a cold now, she will be in real deep trouble. While Anna is holding to Rui and shouting that from her point of view, rather than say that the entrance exams are on the day after tomorrow.., Princess suddenly exclaims how cool/handsome Sou and Hinata are. Anna looks at the direction of the two guys who were chatting. Someone says that Sou will be going to Shinkoshi [新越] High and she heard that he got confirmed. Another one exclaims her disbelief for she thought that he’s going to Seisha [星瀉]. Someone replies that she thought so, too since Sou is really intelligent. Anna just looks at them and thinks that they are actually nearby. Princess comments that it turns out that Sou is also going for Shinkoshi. She asks Anna if that is the same school as the one that Rui got in. Princess comments that school seems to be in their school’s recommendation list.

A couple of girls are talking about which school Hinata tested in. The other girl says that she heard that Hinata has enrolled at high school in Tokyo. The girl exclaims her disbelief and that the entrance exam is held very early. While Sou is pointing something to Hinata, Anna looks sad as she thinks that Hinata has already enrolled in that school. “Why? Why is it like this? Why do I have to hear this news from someone else?” Then, the two boys look at her direction. This quickly made Anna look away from them. Anna is aghast as she thinks this is bad for she had impulsively looked away from them. Sou angrily mutters, “That idiot.” Hinata’s expression looks blank. Sou is somewhat surprised when Hinata looks away. Sou looks serious and somewhat irritated. Back at the apartment, in Anna’s room, Sou comes in and tells Anna who is studying on her desk, “The awful girl over there, you should definitely come tomorrow morning.” Anna looks at him in surprise and says, “..Ha?” Pointing at her, Sou shouts, “We should at least go to school together on the last day so you better come!” Anna replies, “No..about that, Sou-kun? I already said it many times, I..” Sou darkly says, “I don’t care, idiot. The two of you decided on your own to go to school alone, and you guys won’t even give me a definite reason. You won’t even listen to my persuasions- Even if things are like this until now, I just bear it all and didn’t do anything but I’m really angry! Since the two of you are doing things on your own then in return I’ll also do things on my own! The day after tomorrow, Hinata will be riding the Shinkansen at night for Tokyo, so tomorrow is the last day.” Anna is stunned then looks somewhat sad as she remembers Hinata. She bows down and mutters, “But..” Sou angrily says what she is still saying that at this time. He is surprised when Anna shouts, “But, I’m afraid!” Anna thinks that she doesn’t want to see that kind of expression on Hinata’s face again, that expression which she saw for the first time on that day. Sou says, “Ah, I cannot give any advice because I don’t know what happened. Anyway, what I wanted to know is no longer that! What I want to know is do you want to mend things with Hinata?!” Anna is flustered and mutters, “about that,” She then shouts, “Of course, I want to!” Sou says, “Good, then it’s decided!” Anna then tries to protest again but Sou says, “Tomorrow, at 7:50am. If you dare not come, I’ll kill you in a gruesome way ♥ Bye!” With that, Sou leaves and slams the door. Anna thinks that he’s such a dictator. She becomes nervous as to what she should do tomorrow. She tells herself to calm down and she should think that this is something good since she can patch things up with Hinata. “Okay--,” she thinks.

The next day, in bed, she thinks that it is too noisy. Her cellphone is ringing. She answers the phone. After a pause, Sou asks her if she just woke up. “It’s already 8am.” Anna’s eyes widens in shock. She goes into her mother’s room and shouts what time is it. Her mother wakes up from her commotion and goes into panic since it is already 8am. Anna apologizes to Sou that her mother has overslept. “You guys should go on ahead, okay? If you guys wait for me, the three of us will be late.” There is a long pause that Anna asks, “Sou?” Sou replies, “Idi—ot” then hangs up the phone. Anna looks dark and aghast that she has been called an idiot. [and probably because it is true.] At the gym, the diplomas for section 1 is being given out. Sitting beside Anna, Princess tells Anna that she really surprised her for she thought that she is going to be absent on graduation day. Anna says that she just overslept. She laments why she has to oversleep on that day. Then, Hinata is called onstage to receive his diploma. Anna looks in surprise as she thinks that everything doesn’t seem to be real. With memories from childhood to the time when they are always together, Anna thinks, “We were always together...Is today really the last day..?” After the ceremony, Rui asks Princess where Anna is for they were supposed to take a picture together. Princess says that Anna suddenly dashed out and she doesn’t know where she is head off to. Running at the hallway, Anna thinks, “If it is like that, I do not want things to end this way..Even if Hinata will be going to Tokyo, but..” She sees Hinata in front of the door. She is about to call him but she freezes upon seeing Mari talking with Hinata. Mari notices her and calls out to Anna. She congratulates Anna for graduating. She happily asks Anna if she wants a picture with Hinata and she’ll help her take one. Looking down, flustered Anna says, “..No, I..” Mari tells her not to be shy and lend her the camera. Anna wonders what to do for she won’t dare look at Mari’s face and she also won’t dare look at Hinata’s face. “Please stop, don’t come close to me again--..” Anna and Mari are surprised when Hinata says that he’s going ahead. Hinata then starts walking away. Mari says that it seems that it is true that according to Hinata, since summer, he hasn’t talked with Anna. “Sorry, okay? It is because of me--” Anna backs away and shouts, “Stop!! ...Please do not touch me..” Hinata turns around to see Anna running at the opposite direction. Anna thinks, “No good, just from seeing this person, I felt like I’m being swallowed by a black vortex wherein I cannot control my emotions. That day will happen again..towards that kind of me, Hinata will definitely..”

Someone calls out to Anna. It is Sou who holds her hand and exclaims that he finally found her. Sou tells her that he went to her classroom but she wasn’t there so he thought she already went home. He then notices that she is teary-eyed that he asks what happened. Anna wipes her tears and says that it is nothing. She changes the topic by asking what happened to him for his uniform is all messed-up. His coat is open and there are no buttons. Anna asks if he plans to go home like that and even if he wants to be stubborn [/easygoing], he shouldn’t dress up like that. A couple of girls then arrive and one of them asks Sou for his button. [It is a tradition to get the buttons of your crush during graduation.] Sou darkly turns around and apologizes that there are no buttons left. The girl cries while her friend tells her that is why she said that she should have told Sou earlier. Sou turns around to Anna and asks if she has seen Hinata already. Anna says that on the last day to the last moment, she is still one step slower. Anna stops as tears keeps on falling. While thinking of the moment when they are together, she says, “Already..it doesn’t matter anymore..today is really the last day.” She is surprised when Sou holds her face and pulls her towards him. [I thought he’s going to kiss her ^^; but it turns out, he didn’t.] Sou tells her not to say any ‘last/end’-type of words again and if she dare say that again, he’s going to kill her in a gruesome way. The two are standing at the corridor near the window so everyone including Hinata who were outside the building can see them. The girls are exclaiming to look at Sou and Anna there and what are they doing. They wonder out loud if those two are going steady because if not, they won’t be acting like that there. Another girl exclaims, “Ah~ but no matter what is said, I totally think that Koshiro-classmate and Sou-kun are quite suitable for each other [as compared to Hinata]. Don’t they look as if, they really getting along with each other?” The other girl agrees. Sou is pinching Anna’s cheek and tells her to remember that. Anna mutters that it hurts. Hinata just looks at them then walks away at the opposite direction.

[Chapter 17]: While Sou is holding her face, Anna wonders why Sou [is like/saying that] when their [three of them] relationship has already reached the point of no return. Anna then pushes Sou away and shouts for him to distance a bit because his face is too close to hers. Anna is shock over Sou putting his face so close to her. Sou giggles and asks if she actually thought that he’s going to kiss her. “Too bad~ Sorry~ For making you anticipate it. Anna-chan is a H~” [H = pervert] Anna looks flustered as she can only say, ‘Darn it’. Sou says that is what he wanted to say because yesterday she obviously wanted to patch things up with Hinata yet today she is saying ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’. He tells her that she is like a cloudy weather that is undecided [whether to be sunny or rainy]. Sou sighs and says, “Anyway, you’re always going back that this is all ‘Mari-chan’ sensei wrong doing--” Anna is shaking in anger as she shouts what he meant by ‘anyway’. Sou tells her that Mari seems to want to get married. “When she reaches a certain age, she is also going to say bye-bye to this school. Hinata also knows about this.” Anna asks, “..Eh?” Sou adds, “What I’m saying is that Hinata and that woman aren’t going to get married. From the start of summer, fundamentally, that is what those two are saying.” Anna is totally shock. She feels dizzy while thinking, “Wh-wh-wha-wha-what?! Doing that kind of thing to Hinata then she’ll get married with another guy? Which planet did that person come from? Mari-chan planet? No no no, compared to this, what could Hinata be feeling..” Her thoughts are interrupted by Sou who says, “...really, it would be best for that woman to die.” Anna is speechless as Sou darkly explains that Mari’s boyfriend ran away from marriage [cannot commit] and became a jobless drifter. “In that kind of situation, he still couldn’t find a new job. Later on, this has been very much discussed in the neighborhood.” Anna is stunned and can only mutter, “Sou..?” Sou then shouts,“If this keeps up, won’t you lose to that woman?! It is really infuriating that we are being broken apart just because of those people’s moods!!” Anna got in the mood that she also shouts, “Da-darn it!! That person is saying some ‘it’s my fault, I’m sorry’ type of..” Sou darkly asks, “Ha ah--? That’s too fake.” Anna shouts ‘darn’ again. Sou exclaims, “Are you going to cower down to that person’s distorted wickness!!” Anna shouts back, “I absolutely won’t cower down!” Sou then exclaims, “Okay, go to where Hinata is!!” At that, Anna backs down and says not today. Sou reminds her that Hinata will be leaving to Tokyo tomorrow and if she didn’t go today.. Anna says that even if he said that, she still has entrance exams tomorrow so if she didn’t go home quickly to study, she will be in big trouble. “Isn’t Hinata going to ride the Shinkansen at night[/dusk]? I’ll just quickly go to the station afterwards. I will absolutely send him off!! Sou, you’ll be going too, right? Then, see you at station..” Before Anna leaves, Sou says, “You should absolutely come. Hinata definitely also wanted to mend things with you. Don’t disappoint him.” Anna smiles and waves goodbye. She wonders if Sou will still say that, if he knew that she deliberately tried to evade it. “I couldn’t say it even if I obviously don’t have time to worry about it.”

At a school, Anna seems to be in a good mood that she talks out loud to herself, “Preparation complete. Power up. All systems, go-!!” Her smile freezes when Princess comments, “This is the Anna who really looks cheerful on the outside.” Princess tells her even if it is just on the outside, it’s still very good that Anna is in the mood for the test. She is worried about Anna if she is okay since she is always pacing back and forth at the lines. Princess gets something from her bag. She says, “Here, gambatte!! It can definitely help!!!” It is a small bar of KitKat [chocolate-covered wafer]. Flustered Anna holds the chocolate and asks if she specially bought it. Princess happily tells her that today is Anna’s birthday so it is a ‘gambatte’ and ‘happy birthday’. Anna is teary-eyed then hugs Princess tight while exclaiming Princess’ name. While everyone is watching, Anna exclaims, “Thank you!! I thought that because everyone is busy with their studies that my birthday has been forgotten (cry)!!” Princess says that she isn’t too busy studying. That is 90% true. Anna continues to shout, “Thank you!! As expected, friends are indispensable!” Princess says ya but she doesn’t really like being sticky with another person so would Anna please move a bit. Anna lets her go then her cellphone rings. While Anna is checking her cellphone, Princess reminds her to turn her phone off during the test. Anna says ya. She then reads a message of ‘Happy Birthday’ from some unknown email. Princess says that someone else also remembered it. Anna replies, ya but she doesn’t know who send it. Princess wonders out loud that it could be Hinata. Just while Anna is thinking about this, a guy calls out, “Hinata!!” [It sounds like Hinata (ヒナタ).] Anna instinctively turns around but it turned out that guy is calling out some black-haired guy. The guy asks why ‘Hinata’ is late. ‘Hinata’ says that there’s traffic. Turning around again, Anna just laughs and says that surprised her and there’s no way Hinata will be there. “No, Hinata doesn’t even have a cellphone and he won’t also be sending me a message..” She is surprised again when Princess screams out loud that they are in the wrong testing area. Anna exclaims in disbelief and asks where it is. Princess then points while shouting where it should be. Looking at them, ‘Hinata’s friend comments what’s with those two who were so loud. ‘Hinata’ glances at them. And, the testing starts as Anna did her best.

Soon, the exams are finished. On the way home, Anna is talking with her mother on the phone. Her mother asks how the exams are. Anna tells her mother that she answered all the questions. She just thinks that she isn’t sure if her answers are right though. Her mother is very happy about it and tells her to come home quick for she’s going to buy some cake [for celebration]. Anna sighs and thinks that it is finally over. She then remembers the email message earlier. “It doesn’t seem okay to answer it with a ‘who are you?’ so maybe I should write some polite words.” She types back a message, “Thank you for your message. I’m very happy that you remembered my birthday.” She holds up her cellphone and sends it. She then thinks, “If I don’t hurry, if I don’t quickly go to the station, Hinata will leave already. But, what will happen when I arrive there? Will he turn around if I call his name?” Then, her cellphone rings again. She wonders if it is from the person she just emailed. She is surprised to read the answer = “I’ll remember Anna and Sou’s birthday-- throughout my life.” She finally realizes who it is. Someone then asks if it is alright for her to just stand around there. She turns around to see Sou on his bicycle. Sou darkly asks if she isn’t going to seriously send Hinata off and it turned out she is still dilly-dallying there. Sou asks if it is about not being in time and she doesn’t mind, he can give her a lift. Anna rides behind Sou on the bicycle and shouts for him to fly. At the station, it is now time to board the 16:13 train for Tokyo. Hinata’s mother[?] tells a somewhat reluctant Hinata that he has to ride that or else. Hinata follows his mother to the train as Anna and Sou are climbing up the stairs. Anna sees Hinata about to enter the train that she shouts, “Hinata!” Hinata turns around and looks surprised. Anna thinks, “There is something that I wanted to tell him. Something that I should tell him. It isn’t about ‘like’[/love] or ‘sorry’. I finally realize it.” While Hinata is standing at the door of the train, Anna shouts, “The three of us should still go out and have fun!!!! I and Sou will always be here. We will be here waiting for you!!” While teary-eyed and smiling, Anna continues, “So, even if you went to Tokyo, you should still do your best!!” The door has closed and Anna runs beside the train to see Hinata. From the window on the door, Anna is taken aback when Hinata smiles back and waves goodbye. With that, the train leaves. As tears are falling down, Anna is also smiling. While riding the bicycle with Sou back to their apartment, Anna asks when Hinata got a cellphone. Sou says two days ago and it seems that his parents said that he should have one since he’s going to Tokyo. Sou informs her that Hinata made him tell Anna’s email address. Anna then looks somewhat flustered. She then breaks into a smile and thanks Sou. She tells him that she’ll be under his care and she hadn’t asked him about that school [so they will be going in the same school]. Sou tells her that she hasn’t passed it yet. Anna can only shout that he’s a killjoy. Anna is surprised when Sou tells her that Hinata gave him her birthday present. She goes to Sou’s place. Sou then gives her a painting. Anna is delighted to see that it is a picture of the three of them posing in a classroom in their junior high uniform. Narration: “At first, for the three of us not to be together, spring is quite lonely. At present, he is very reliable. Something that won’t change exists here. Forever.”

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