June 13, 2011

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapters 6-11]

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Chapter 6: Looking towards some building in front, Haku calls out to Yona that they can already see the Wind tribe, Fuuga no Miyako. At the gate, there are two guards are sound asleep. Haku kicks them awake. They ask what happened. Haku asks, how could the tribe’s patrol these days sleep at noon. They greet, Haku-sama back. Black haired guy is Teu while the light haired guy is Hende. Teu calls out that it has been a long time. “It has been 10 years already. So why are you here?” Hende asks if it’s because Haku is already fired. Haku says that they are still lazing around like always and it’s been three years only [not 10 years]. The two tell him that they are just doing the philosophy of the wind tribe which is to do as one wishes, just like the wind so they were sleeping. Haku wonders as to who assigned these two on patrol. Soon, everyone starts greeting Haku – it has been a long time, when he arrived and he has become manlier. Haku just thinks it seems that they haven’t heard about what happened at the capital and the soldiers from the castle haven’t gone there. They start asking about the girl Haku is with and if she is Haku’s woman. Haku tells them not to wildly guess like that since she is just a court lady-in-training from the castle. The people are disappointed about it but they continue to ask what her name is and where she is from. Yona then faints. Some people are holding up and ask what happened and she’s such a weak girl. Haku goes to Yona and carries her. He tells them to first prepare some food and bed for her. The others are blushing over what Haku did that Hende thinks that he treats that girl very gently. While walking inside, Haku asks where Mundoku is. To his surprise, Hende tells him that Mundoku is in the Hiryuu castle. Sensing that Haku didn’t know about it, Hende explains that the capital has sent a message about an urgent 5 tribe meeting. Hende had always been puzzled as to why they would still call Mundoku when Haku is already in the castle so it seems that Haku is fired.

Explanation: The five tribe meeting happens when the head of each of the 5 tribes talk things together. Kouka consists of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Sky tribes. The Sky tribe is the clan/tribe of the royal family and it is situated in the middle of the kingdom. Each tribe’s leader has the title of ‘General’ who is the strongest among soldiers/fighters who protects the country and the tribe. End explanation. In Hiryuu castle, ‘Kuuto’, the capital city of Kouka, someone exclaimed about the king being dead. I Gunte, general of Earth tribe, exclaimed that he was puzzled why he was urgently called and he couldn’t believe that it is about the king’s death. An Jungi, general of the Water tribe, asks if Princess Yona and General Haku’s whereabouts are unknown and what has been happening in the capital city. Kan Sujin, general of Fire tribe, asks Mundoku if he knows about Haku’s whereabouts. Mundoku, head of wind tribe, asks Sujin what he is trying to imply. Sujin says that within Hiryuu castle, there are rumors going around that General Haku has murdered His Majesty and took Princess Yona as hostage and escaped. He accused the Wind tribe of plotting a rebellion. Then, there are some discussions. Someone said that it isn’t confirmed yet since their whereabouts aren’t known and they still don’t know what had happened. Another one said that Raiju* has already surpassed his strength at age 13 so he cannot easily die. [*Raiju is Haku’s nickname based on the Japanese lightning monster that is usually calm but goes wild during storms. A very fitting nickname =P Another reason is because Haku can move fast.] Another one said that he heard that a good number of soldiers under General Haku were gravely injured. Mundoku just silently listen to everything.

Suwon tells them to calm down. He confirmed to them that the king has been murdered three days ago and Princess Yona and General Haku’s whereabouts are unknown. They are currently searching for those two and they can just leave it all to them [Suwon’s group]. There is a general of Sky tribe, Han Judo who just listens and watches them. [seiryou didn’t translate this part but I think it is someone who isn’t royalty and still the strongest among the tribe.] Suwon tells them that if the two are found, please inform the capital about it. He doesn’t permit them to harm those two nor make the situation publicly known. Gunte tries to protest but Suwon says that if it is publicly known, it will create domestic strife which might cause an internal war between the tribes. There is already some domestic unrest right now. The north’s Kai Empire and the south’s two countries of Shin and Sei might terrorize their country. The urgent priority right now is to gather the strength of all five tribes in order to make Kouka into a strong country so that the other countries won’t dare invade it. Jungi admits that because of Iru’s avoidance of war, some parts of the country are sliced up to offer up as tribute. Gunte says that their country’s prestige has already fallen to the time when there is still a civil war in their country. Sujin suggests that they need a new king. Mundoku looks serious [like I know where this discussion is heading]. Suwon’s adviser, Keishuku interrupts to inform them that right now Princess Yona is missing and currently, there is only one who has royal blood in his veins and that is Suwon. Someone says that Suwon is the son of Iru’s brother, Yuhon and he’s a crown prince so there is no problem in making him into the new king. Sujin says that if Suwon becomes king, he and the Fire tribe will whole-hearted assist the new king. He asks about the other tribe’s opinion. Gunte and Jungi have no objections. Suwon then looks at Mundoku. Mundoku just exclaims out loud that he’s sleepy from hearing such a difficult topic. He stands up and says he’s going home.

Keishuku protests that they aren’t finished talking. Mundoku replies that he isn’t a general anymore so they should just talk about it when Haku comes back. Mundoku glares when Keishuku says that if he doesn’t recognize Suwon as the new king, it will make people more suspicious that the Wind tribe is scheming something. Suwon diffuses the tension by saying that he cannot become the king without all five tribes’ approval yet they cannot let the country be without a king even for a day. “What should be done in order to attain your approval?” Mundoku says that it is only through marriage with Princess Yona for him to formally become the king of Kouka. “Then, I’m be more than delighted to give you a congratulatory gift.” Suwon looks somewhat sad. Mundoku continued, “Haku will not just leave the capital without any reason. This old man cannot agree for His Majesty Suwon to ascend the throne this way.” With a cold-serious look, Suwon informs him that three days after, the ceremony for the new king will commence. “If the Wind tribe’s approval isn’t attained, then we cannot hold the ceremony. But, I believe that three days after, Mundoku-sama will definitely grace us with your presence – for the people of Fuuga no Miyako.” [Blackmail] With his back still turned from Suwon, Mundoku says, “It is really regrettable, Your Majesty Suwon. I’ve always thought of you like Haku, and treated you like my own grandson.” Suwon just look somewhat sad-serious. Later on, above the castle walls, Suwon thanks Sujin for his work in supporting him. The meeting has advanced as predicted and they already anticipated that the Wind tribe will object. Sujin asks if it’s a bit too naive about not chasing after the princess and Haku for they might tell everyone the truth. Suwon tells him that Haku isn’t an idiot. Spreading the truth will only lead to chaos and it will endanger the princess’ life. “In order to protect the princess, Haku will do his utmost best to disappear without a trace. General Sujin, in order to prevent the Wind tribe from counterattacking, initiate that part of the plan.” Sujin replied, as you ordered. He thanked Sujin then noticed Mundoku riding his horse out of the capital. He looks down with a serious-sad look and says, “I’m very happy upon hearing that you treat me as a grandson, Mudoku-sensei.”

Back at Fuuga, Yona wakes up and wonders where she is. She notices that her clothes are changed and something smells good. After seeing the tray of food, she eats something [congee?] from the pot and becomes teary-eyed. A young boy comes in and asks why she is crying. “Is it yucky..?” Yona shakes her head and says that it is because it is warm. The boy says that she is a weird person for crying because it is warm. Yona says that it made her remember her father. The boy wipes her tear and introduces himself as Teyon, Haku’s younger brother. Yona seems puzzled that Haku has a younger brother. Teyon asks if she’s Haku’s friend. Yona says, generally. Hende and Teu exclaim if it’s just friends. Teu cries why is it like that..not lover or a sweetheart. Hende says if it’s only friends then she definitely don’t see/feel anything for him. “Poor Haku, he always be singl..” Haku has already hit him down with the staff and asks if he wants his eyes gorged out. Haku asks Yona as to who is her friend. Yona is about to say that he’s her attendant but Haku quickly covers her mouth and whispers that her name is Rina. She is to pretend to be a court lady-in-training. “In this place, I’ll treat you as a court lady, understand?” Yona whispers okay. Haku says that is good. The two look at the two guys who are making ‘shock-blushing’ faces while they cover Teyon’s eyes. This made Haku angrily shout at them as to why they are covering Teyon’s eyes when they aren’t doing anything inappropriate. Teyon asks Yona what kind of person his brother is at the capital because when he was three years old, Haku had became a general and went to protect the princess. “I don’t know much about brother.” Yona says that in the city, he’s a rude attendant, no..insensitive..generally very arrogant..ah, it should be..not one bit cute..” While she says that, Haku goes from stunned to slightly irritated. Before she can add more, Haku tells her that is good, he understands so there is no need for her to continue. The two guys are laughing out loud over this. Teu exclaims about Haku being called as ‘not cute’. Haku says that he seems to be having so much fun so he better come here [so that he can hit him]. Yona thinks that everyone is smiling, laughing and quite noisy. “This is the place where Haku grew up.” Haku is surprised to see Yona smiling. He looks somewhat happy about this while looking at Yona talking with Teyon.

Later on, outside, an older woman calls out to Rina. After a pause, Yona remembers that she’s calling her. The woman says that she is always lost in thought. She asks if ‘Rina’ slept well last night and he heard that she is a court lady from the capital. At the capital, she must know how to sew, sweep/clean things, do laundry, play an instrument and dance else she’ll be driven away. “Are you in training? Like this [not knowing anything], you’re unsuitable to become a woman~~” The woman gives her a huge pile of clothes to laundry in order for her to start learning things. Yona asks how it should be washed. The woman who is walking away, tells her of course, to wash it by the river. Yona is trying to ask where the river is when Haku takes half of the pile of clothes and says, “It’s this way, court lady-sama.” Haku asks her what’s up since she’s quiet. Yona says that she knows how to play an instrument and dance a bit. Haku says that is right but she is totally out of tune. Yona is a bit flustered. Haku mutters that she has recovered a bit. When she asks what it is, he says it is nothing. Yona comments that Haku actually had a younger brother who is so cute unlike Haku. Haku tells her that Teyon is like him, who was picked by grandpa because his grandpa cannot just abandon orphans but unlike him, Teyon’s body is very weak so he needs to be specially care for by everyone. Teyon had exhausted himself a little yesterday. He then says that they are there. Upon reaching the riverside, He puts down the clothes and says that they will wash the clothes there. “This river is the Wind tribe’s life source, you better treasure..” Looking at the river, Yona says that she cannot wash. Haku tells her not to complain when she haven’t even tried it yet. Yona says that it is because there is no water. Haku looks at the river wherein only some water is only flowing in it. Haku mutters that the river had dried up.

Chapter 7: Haku looks ‘cute evil-pissed off’ while he scribbles something on the ground with a stick. Yona is looking at what he is writing. Teu and some guy call out to Haku that there is no water in the river when there isn’t even a drought these days. That river is their life source. Haku tells them that he already knows so he sent Hende to go upstream to check it out. They ask him what he is doing. He says that if the river water continues to dry up, they have no option but to buy water from the merchants. “And, even if, we go to some far place to get water, it will still use up a lot of manpower. Talking about spending..hehehe, I want to laugh.” He looks scary-funny here. Teu comments that Haku is calculating the money. Teyon innocently asks that he heard that the reason why Haku is protecting the princess is because of money. “Is that true?” To Yona’s shock, Haku says, “If it isn’t for that, why else would I [do that]?” Someone shouts that Elder Mundoku has come back. Haku drops this stick as he and Yona go to meet him. Haku calls out to him and Mundoku is surprised to see the two. He quickly goes to hug Yona and says that it’s really good that she is safe and sound. He couldn’t believe that the king is dead and that both she and Haku have left the capital. He is really regretful that he wasn’t there at that time to protect them. Yona then says she is in pain because he is hugging her too tight. He lets her go and comments that it seems that she has grown thin. Yona denies it and says that she had a lot of delicious and warm food there. “They were all delicious and it’s the first time I ate them. The Wind tribe is like Mundoku, very warm that makes one at ease.” Mundoku seems happy to hear that. He then sees Haku. He wants to hug Haku but Haku stops him by poking Mundoku’s forehead with his finger. Haku greets him, “Hello, old geezer.” Mundoku exclaims how he could evade his loving embrace. Haku says that he is already receiving it using his finger. Teyon exclaims that he wants it, too.

They were interrupted when someone shouted what happened to Hende. They see Hende beaten up and injured. Hende greets Mundoku back. They rush to him and ask what happened. Hende just laughs and says that he was defeated. When he went upstream, he is shock for it turned out that some guys from the Fire tribe had blocked the waterway. He doesn’t know what it is about and if it a new way of provocation. He didn’t know that those people have weapons so in the end, it became a minor scuffle. Teu exclaims what the Fire tribe is thinking. Some people ask if Fire tribe wants to start a war with them. They ask Haku to allow them to go and face those guys. Mundoku shouts for them to stop and not do anything to the Fire tribe men. They protest why when they blocked up their river and killed off Hende..if this continues Fuuga will.. Sitting by the tree, Hende mutters that he is still alive =P Mundoku tells them to be quiet. They shouldn’t worry about the river water but first, they should get Hende treated. Teu says yes and drags Hende away. Mundoku tells them that it is a warning because they planned to make Suwon king. Haku exclaims his shock about this plan of the Fire tribe. Mundoku explains that the Fire tribe and Suwon are venting their anger on him/them because he doesn’t acknowledge Suwon to become the next king so they decided to pressure him. Yona looks stunned as she thinks, “That guy..to become..the king of Kouka. The Suwon who killed my father..will become this country’s king?!” She shivered as she holds herself. Mundoku pats her head and asks if she is alright. He tells her that he won’t acknowledge Suwon because if he acknowledges him as king, it’s the same as acknowledging the suspicion that Haku has killed the king. Yona is shock to hear this but Haku has already somewhat expected it since charging him for the crime is the best way to handle the situation. Mundoku tells them not to worry because he won’t let the Fire tribe continue to do what they please. Yona wonders if they really shouldn’t worry.

Outside the Wind tribe, Tejun asks a soldier if there has been any activity from the Wind tribe. The soldier tells him that things have become difficult for the Wind tribe because the river is stopped and if things continue like this, it will definitely.. Tejun thinks that this method is too naive for what will happen if there is still no response even after the river is blocked. The soldier says that is what the general has ordered. Tejun says that he remembers that there is a group of merchants who regularly go to the Wind tribe. If they sell water to the tribe then, what the Fire Tribe did would have gone to waste. He orders the soldier to finish off the merchants before they arrive at the wind village. The soldier protests by asking if it would be rude to the general for them to do this on their own initiative. Tejun shouts that they should just do it so that it would seem that some bandits did it. The soldier asks why he is so impatient about. Angry and teary-eyed, Tejun says if he got princess Yona, the throne would be his and at that time, if Haku didn’t come to hinder him.. [He’s nursing a grudge] At Yona’s room, she thinks that she doesn’t want to analyze things but while she’s living, she will inevitably be aware of Suwon’s presence and Suwon wants to ascend the throne. The other tribes had already agreed except the Wind tribe but what will happen to the Wind tribe if.. Teyon then calls out to her and asks if she is hungry. [It’s because she is bending down in deep thought; as if her stomach is aching] He tells her that the food is ready. Yona protests that there isn’t enough water yet they are serving her that much. Teyon says that it is okay because Haku told him that they should make ‘Rina’ fat. He tells her that guests of the tribe should be given some good things so that later on, they can collect money from them, that is after all the Wind tribe’s policy <- Haku’s policy. =P Yona is surprised when Teyon suddenly fell down while happily talking with her. Haku and Mundoku come in to ask what happened. Yona tells them that Teyon just collapsed. While Teyon is in pain, Mundoku says that it flared-up again. He explains that Teyon’s lungs aren’t well since he was young so at times, he suddenly had a hard time breathing. Mundoku tells her not to worry for after drinking some medicine he’ll be alright. Haku says that the problem is the merchants who are supposed to come that day with the medicine haven’t arrived yet.

Someone then shouts to them about the news that the merchants were attacked on their way there. Teu asks what happened to the merchants. The person says that the merchants were gravely injured and all their merchandise has been destroyed. Teu asks if that means that they also won’t have any way of the getting water. Holding on to Teyon, Yona asks about his medicine. Everyone just look frustrated. The people start cursing the Fire tribe about how they would dare look down on them and they cannot forgive them. They urge Haku and Mundoku to give them the orders to fight back. Yona starts thinking that the Fire tribe is being supported behind by the royal clan so if the Wind tribe became their enemy, it won’t end well for the Wind tribe. She looks at Teyon who is breathing hard and hugs him as she thinks that she doesn’t want to see anyone die anymore. Bandaged Hende pats Yona’s head and smiles. Hende tells the hot-blooded fools to calm down. Teu shouts that he is the one who should cool down. Hende shouts that they should first distinguish what’s important and right now, that is Teyon’s medicine. He volunteers to go to the forest for he saw a herbal doctor there. Teu asks if he plans on going there even if he is gravely injured. Hende says that it is because he is the fastest horseback rider in all the Wind tribe. He asks permission from Haku who told him not to forget to haggle over the price of the medicine. Hende rushes off in a dash. Teu comments that Hende is still reckless as before. Haku calls everyone’s attention. “I understand everyone’s anger but the Fire tribe posses a considerable amount of armed forces. Right now, I won’t permit you to start a war. Regarding this, I’ll definitely think of a way. Even as the river way hasn’t totally dried up, you should just live your lives up to me. Just shut up and wait. This is Wind Tribe leader, Son Haku’s order!” Teu and others look stunned. Then, they wonder out loud if they heard him right, did he just say ‘order’. That general who hates troublesome stuff to the point of not wanting to do anything. Haku would unexpectedly.. They start screaming that he’s so cool and a couple of guys cling on to Haku. =P Haku mutters that per touch costs 100 ‘ling’. [‘ling’ in Chinese, that’s their currency.] Mundoku just watches them and Yona seems somewhat relieved. Someone shouts that if there is no water then they’ll just drink wine.

Haku bends down to Yona and says that it seems that she has also recovered. Yona asks him if there is anything that she can do. He somewhat smiles then to her shock, he says that as a court lady, she should do her best in trying to make herself pretty. Yona angrily asks, “Wha..” Pulling a pretty woman to him, Haku tells her to look at this girl who is as old as Yona is but in all places, it isn’t the same [because that girl is sexy and has sex appeal =P]. Yona tells him that she is being serious. Haku pinches her cheek and says, “I appreciate the thought. It is enough for you to just stay here in Fuuga no Miyako and live leisurely.” At night, while everyone is sleeping, Haku wakes up and goes to Mundoku’s room. Holding out a small bottle of wine, he asks Mundoku about having a drink. After pouring some to drink, Mundoku comments that it is quite rare that Haku would unexpectedly bring some good wine for him to drink. Haku says, “No, that’s from the collection in your wine cellar, old geezer.” Mundoku spits out his drink. =P Haku says that’s a waste. Mundoku asks him why he came. Haku says that he is a bit worried because if grandpa is left alone, he’ll definitely be the type to charge into the castle with a halberd. Mundoku says that he has no right to say such things to someone else. Haku says that this is too much of a burden for Mundoku. Mundoku just grunts. Haku continues, “I have a request. Please recognize Suwon as the new king. Lately, she is smiling a bit that I felt that I was right about bringing her here.” He somewhat bows to Mundoku. “There is also another request. Please do not let the capital know about Princess Yona. Just let her stay here in Fuuga no Miyako throughout her life and live as one of the Wind Tribe.” To his shock, Mundoku refuses. Haku darkly says, “Old geezer..” Mundoku says that if it is a wish from his grandson, he cannot promise it for he doesn’t want him to take such a ‘letting things be’ approach. “But if it’s the command of the tribe head, then I can’t help listen..” Looking serious, Haku says, “This is Wind Tribe’s head Son Haku’s last command.” Mundoku looks somewhat sad as a tear falls down on his face. He replies, “As you wish.”

Chapter 8: Haku is going through a pile of weapons. He comments that he needs something small. The weapon shop owner calls out to him and asks what he is doing in the middle of the night, going through his merchandise. Haku apologizes for waking him up. The owner says that isn’t the problem but rather, even the door is broken. [It seems that Haku has kicked it open ^^;] Haku says that he wants a dagger and a bow. The owner asks if he is going to hunt. Haku says, “About that..I’m just going out but generally, I won’t come back after a while.” Haku apologizes for the trouble and throws a bag of money to the owner. The owner is surprise that Haku is paying him since he usually just put it in his grandfather’s tab. Haku says, “Boss, I gave you a lot of trouble, you better live a long life.” The owner comments that it seems that idiot Raiju has calmed down a bit. Yona wakes up when he hears someone shouting that Hende has come back. She goes to see Teyon who is now drinking his medicine. She asks if he is alright. Teu comments that Hende is really fast. Lying down, Hende just says to leave things to him. Yona keeps on asking if Teyon is in pain and what else does he want. Teyon just smiles and thanks them for he is already okay. Yona and others think that he’s so cute that they glomp him. Seeing Hende fainting, Teu says that he’ll go see the group of merchants and he’ll bring this corpse there. Hende comments that he’s still alive. [It’s a running joke ^^;] As Yona watches Teu carrying Hende off, a woman bumps into her. The older woman who is carrying a lot of blankets/futon tells Yona to help her. She complains that it is all thanks to the Fire tribe who has gone amok that a lot of people are injured. This surprises Yona.

Inside a room, Yona sees many injured people and thinks that all these wounded merchants are caused by the Fire tribe. Hende falls down/leans on Yona then she overhears someone lamenting about why such a thing happened and for 20 years, he has been guarding/bring up this business. “What wrong did we commit..” The old woman tells him that it is better to be alive and at this time, just let them be responsible in taking care of them so don’t cry anymore. Hende apologizes for falling on her because he suddenly feels woozy. He is surprise to see Yona teary-eyed. She thinks, “When obviously these people isn’t related at all..did the Fire tribe did this unscrupulous act just to get Suwon crowned? This unreasonable thing is also allowed? Is it you? Is it you who allowed this? Suwon.” Hende misinterprets her tears that he tries to cheer her up by saying that it will be alright since they have Haku and Mundoku and those two think of everyone as family. Yona mutters, “Family..” Hende says, “That is right, the whole Wind tribe is one huge family so Rina is already part of our family.” Yona starts crying again that Teu teases that Hende made her cry. Hende fretfully says that Haku will kill him for this. Yona smiles and thinks, “Haku, Mundoku and all these nice people of the Wind tribe. Even if they are in pain and angry, they will still keep on smiling throughout everything like an unyielding wind. I don’t want these people to be involved.” They are surprised when Yona starts to look determined.

Running throughout the place, Yona wonders where Haku and Mundoku are. She then sees Teyon by the window. She is surprised to see someone patting Teyon’s head and Teyon is teary eyed. Teyon sees her that he quickly wipes his tear away. He asks her why she is there. Yona smiles and says that she comes to thank him. Teyon is puzzled then surprised when Yona prostrates down and says, “Thank you for the warm food. Thank you for wiping my tears. Thank you for cheering me up. Thanks you..for looking after me.” Teyon asks if she is leaving. “I thought that Rina is going to always stay here. *pause* So, that’s it..” He pulls his hat down and starts crying. Yona thinks even if Teyon almost died that night, still even with such a frail body, he never made her felt his pain. “His smile and strength, has given me..courage.” Yona hugs Teyon and then, she holds his hands. She tells him, “I..will not forget Teyon and the people here..pay attention to your health, take care.” After she left, sad Teyon looks out the window and says, “I’m sorry, Haku-ani [brother]. I obviously just promised you that I’ll protect Rina but it seems..in the end, I couldn’t protect her.” Somewhere else, Haku is carrying some weapons and walks towards the gate where Teu is guarding. “Okay, I’m going. Teu, it seems that today you are guarding the gate seriously. Teu replies back that since the dependable guy isn’t around anymore so he can now sleep. Haku shouts for him not to sleep. Teu asks where he is going. Haku says that he is leaving that place. Teu says, “Ah-- bon voyage. ..are you serious?” While continuing to walk, Haku says, “As a result, it won’t be long that you’ll become the head of the Wind tribe.” Teu shouts that he doesn’t want to and it’s too troublesome. “Aside from that, there is still some other things that I want to talk about..are you just leaving Rina without a care?” Haku says that he also thought of seeing her again one last time. “In short, I’m leaving that girl to you.” Teu comments that it is such a huge responsibility to take care of a confused princess. Haku asks if he already noticed. Teu just pretends to sleep.

[Here’s another scene that I like..] Haku is surprised to Yona calling out to him. “Haku-! I’m leaving this place. You’ll also come [with me]!” After recovering from his surprise, he asks again what she just said. Yona says that she’s leaving. “Staying here will just get Fuuga no Miyako involved in the dispute.” Haku replies, “Go back. I’ve already told my wish to the elder so this place is already safe. You can just stay here and live a peaceful life.” Yona asks what about him. “I don’t recall permitting you to leave.” Haku answers, “I don’t need your permission. I’m no longer a general nor your escort. Right now, I can freely travel with no obligation to look after you. Even if it’s only you, Suwon will definitely not let anyone lay a hand on you.” Haku starts to walk but Yona stops him by going in front of him with her arms outstretched. Haku tells her to move but Yona says, “I’ve already decided.” Haku says that no matter what she is thinking, he’s not going to bring her with him. Yona didn’t budge. Haku asks, “Then— money? Do you have money? If you have some then bring it out so that I’ll have no option but to protect you. So, I’ll ask you, the current you, can you pay me money in exchange for my work?” He holds her hand and says, “Ah, perhaps –you would want to use your body?” Yona slightly scowls. She replies, “I don’t have anything that I can give you.” Haku let her go and says, “It’s good that you understand. Okay, go back. Goodbye, Princess Yona.” Yona grabs his clothes and exclaims, “But I want you. Give Haku to me!” =P

This somewhat irks Haku as he covers his face and then, he sits on the ground. “..give whom to who. Geez..so stubborn. Ah-ah. Darn it, really puts me in a bad mood...so..” He looks at her with a somewhat smile and says, “You win, Your Highness.” Then they sense a dark aura behind. It is Mundoku preparing to shoot an arrow. Mundoku exclaims that he is there for a long time that he has heard everything. “You dare say such rude things repeatedly to the princess. For so many times, I really want to kill you..” Yona goes to him and says that she has been looking for him. Mundoku touches her face and says that he is once again sending off another grandchild to a journey. Yona happily tells him that everyone has also said that. “..that I’m part of the family. It made me really happy so, I’m leaving. Mundoku, please protect the Wind tribe.” Mundoku tells her, “Your Highness, please do not forget. If there is a day when you fall into despair again, when you need help, I and the Wind tribe will treat your enemy as ours and we’ll definitely stand by your side.” Narration: “No matter how far we are separated.” At Tejun’s place, a soldier calls out to Tejun. Teary-eyed Tejun tells him to inform him about it next time because he is depressed right now because his father got mad at him and scolded him that he shouldn’t do things on his own without any authority. The soldier says that this is good news for him because there is a report that they have seen Princess Yona in the vicinity of Fuuga no Miyako. Tejun asks if they are mistaken. The soldier says no because they saw a red haired girl and General Haku is accompanying her. They must have just left Fuuga no Miyako. Tejun hits his fist on the table and says that it is good that man [Haku] is there. He orders his men to assemble for they are going to capture Princess Yona.

Chapter 9: While pursuing Yona and Haku, Tejun learns that the two are headed towards the northern mountains. He wonders why they are headed towards that barren place. He ends up thinking that it doesn’t matter for the battle is going to start. At a mountain area, Haku is looking in front while Yona sits beside him. Yona asks what he is looking at. Haku says that there is nothing there. “The truth is, how can we even find a guy whose whereabouts are unknown.” Flashback: Mundoku pointed to a direction and told them that since ancient times, there is a ‘shinkan’ [Shinto priest] in Kouka country who can see the future. “Your Highness doesn’t know what should be done from today on so you should go see ‘shinkan-sama’. He will definitely show you the path where you must go.” End flashback. Haku tells YOna that he heard before that there is a shinkan living in the palace’s shrine. The shinkan is also closely related in the politics of the country but ever since His Majesty Yuhon suppressed the priest, the shinkan had left the capital city and started living in some secluded place. Yona thinks about the path she should take but right now, she should focus on keeping herself alive. Yona comments that the the shinkan lives in a secluded place but then, that isn’t a place wherein anyone can live. Haku teases her that if she lives in that place, she’ll quickly fall down the cliffs there but an average person can live here. Yona protests that it is also cold in the mountains. Haku tells her that the Fire tribe that dominates the north is situated in a more barren land than this. Yona thinks that she is the princess of this land yet the only place she knows well is Hiryuu castle. “Since I don’t know, I make a lot of stupid answers.” Haku tells her that if they don’t find any shelter nearby, they will have to sleep outdoors. Yona says that she is more or less used to that.

Shaking his halberd, Haku says that in comparison to the capital, it is colder there. Yona says that she’ll just huddle up with him to sleep. He throws away his halberd and looks at her to say that he might assault her. Yona is puzzled that Haku tells her that he’ll show her what that so-called assault is. He pulls the string from her cape and pulls down her hood. He then leans towards her neck. Yona protests for him to stop and what he is doing. It seems that he is listening to the mountain wall[?]. Haku tells her to be quiet, he heard footsteps. “..40..no, there are 50. It’s soldiers. It seems that we are already being chased, but though this isn’t something to be surprised about.” Yona becomes tense about being chased by soldiers. Haku pulls her hood up on her head. While playfully ‘dancing’ ahead, Haku says, “Your Highness, if you want to sleep here with me, you should hug me more comfortably because I couldn’t even bring myself to be interested in you to want to assault you.” Waving her arms in anger, Yona shouts what he just meant by that. Suddenly, Haku stands in front of her and says, “Okay. Preparation [*warm up = teasing? ^^;] is complete, it’s time to work! Do not depart from me, Your Highness.” The soldiers go down and surround them. Haku smiles and slashes them in one swing of his halberd. As they fall down, Yona remembers Suwon telling her that Haku’s fighting skill is like lightning. “If he is really serious in fighting, I’ll definitely lose to him.” Yona thinks that a while ago, Haku is suddenly in front of her. Tejun and others appear. Haku comments that it seems that it’s them, the Fire tribe. Tejun says, “Raiju’s strength has not diminished. General Son Haku and also Princess Yona. I, Fire tribe’s Kan Tejun have eagerly awaited for this moment after such a long time.” Haku points out to the mountains to Yona and says, “Look, Your Highness, there are a lot of nice scenery.”

Tejun starts whining and crying since Haku is snubbing him when he is talking to him so sincerely. Haku says, “Ha, what, so you are actually talking to me. I’m sorry but currently I’m no longer a general anymore and my surname is not Son.” Tejun says, “No, it’s alright, it is okay if you understand..eh? No longer general?” Haku tells Tejun that he is right for right now, he is just an ordinary travelling vagabond, Haku. “So whatever I do in the future, it also has nothing to do with Wind tribe. Please do not blame yourself [for that mistake], Your Highness, son of General Kan.” Holding his sword up, Tejun says, so that’s how it is but then he doesn’t care about the Wind tribe. “I only want to kill you and later on, get that princess there!” While holding on to Yona, Haku waves his halberd to hit away the arrows. Haku keeps on fighting and evading while he holds on to Yona with one of his arm. [Pretty cool ^^] Tejun just keeps shouting orders for the soldiers not to give Haku any time to rest and stop him. The soldiers say that they cannot get close. “Fire the arrows!” As Haku blocks them, Haku mutters, “Princess, you’ve grown fat.” [Lol] Yona tells him to stop talking nonsense. He then says that they are going to run now. They quickly run as Yona is scared because arrows and soldiers kept coming from all directions and if it weren’t for Haku.. She trips and someone shouts for them to aim their arrows at the princess. Haku uses himself to protect her and he got hit on the shoulder. Yona repeatedly calls out to him and asks if he is alright. Haku seems to be perspiring after he removed the arrow. He tells her to please not worry else he’ll feel uneasy [= not used to her concern]. Yona is angry since she was worried yet he’s still saying that. Carrying Yona, he jumps off high [probably uses his halberd for leverage] to evade the soldiers and runs off. A soldier says that Haku’s really great but another soldier shouts he shouldn’t admire Haku but chase after them.

Haku brings Yona to some place where there are bushes/plants to hide and tells her not to go out. Seeing some blood on her hands, Yona says that he’s bleeding. Haku tells her that it is just blood that’s splattered on her. Haku then runs off. Yona thinks that just now, he protected her so he was injured. She remembers Haku telling her that if they travel together, he has no choice but to protect her. She then overhears Tejun talking with an archer nearby. They are on top of the ‘cliff’ which is overlooking down to where Haku is fighting. Tejun asks where the princess ran off to. The archer says that Haku had most probably hid her. Tejun shouts that they find her and Raiju is also a man since he looks that he is already tired. The archer says that the tip of the arrow was poisoned. Yona is surprised to hear this. The archer says that an average person shouldn’t be able to move anymore so Haku is really such a scary guy. Tejun exclaims his shock for they aimed at the arrows at Yona. The archer says that they firmly believed that if they were to aim at the princess, Haku will use his body to block the arrow. Tejun orders the archer to aim another arrow at Haku when his back is towards them. This shocks Yona and thinks that Haku will be killed. She clenches her fist and remembers Haku telling her not to go out. She thinks, “That’s right. Even if I go out, I’ll just be a hindrance to Haku just like what happened earlier. It is better that I should just keep watch. Keep my breath still. It’s no problem at all because Haku is that strong. If it’s Haku, he’ll definitely be able to evade the arrow. I should just keep watch here and wait for Haku to come and get me. Haku will not die...” The archer is now aiming his arrow at Haku. Yona continues to think, “No! Why did I leave Fuuga no Miyako? In order to live a purposeless life with Haku protecting me? Then, I should have just stayed at Fuuga no Miyako. If this keeps up, I’ll only become Haku’s burden. What will happen if Haku is no longer around? Would I keep on being useless and when left alone, I can’t do anything? The shinkan would definitely show me the path where I should go from now on.”

Yona starts dashing towards the archer. “But, before I ask the shinkan, I should first look into my heart and ask myself [what I want to do]!” Yona uses her body to push down the archer from the cliff. Tejun is stunned when Yona turns to face her because she had a really fierce look. Tejun shudders and wonders what happened because when Yona left the capital, she looks very dispirited. Tejun says that he didn’t expect her to come see him on her own initiative. “I have something I want to tell you. Please do not put your guard up against me. I will not harm you. I’ve come to welcome you.” Yona asks, “Welcome..” Tejun tells her that tomorrow morning, Suwon will become the new king. Yona just looks at him. Tejun continues, “Such a pitiful princess. After His Majesty passed away, you also have to leave the capital and had some painful memories. If you come with me and let this known to everyone, then you can come out and pull down that repulsive Suwon from the throne as a revenge for His Majesty. So princess, please, you and me..” Yona replies, “Since you already know that much, why did the Fire Tribe have to pressure the Wind Tribe?” Tejun says that it is his father’s orders and not what he wanted. With a stern look, Yona asks, “Then why didn’t you just let the merchants be? If you know the truth, then before you strike at the Wind tribe, before you try to kill innocent Haku, what had you been doing?! Perhaps I’m an ignorant princess but from my own reasoning, I also don’t understand those who just blindly obey orders.” Tejun thinks that it is as if her pupils are burning that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Yona shouts, “Until now, I’m still not yet in the pits!” [= it’s more like I’m not yet that pushed down to the ground that I’ll desperately want to cling on to you.] Haku looks up and sees her. Tejun is nervous as he thinks that she should be a young, immature and weak princess yet like her hair, it seems that she’s also ‘aroused’ like a blazing fire.

Chapter 10: “It seems that it is a blazing hot flame. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Is she originally a princess who can show this kind of expression? During the times at the capital, I obviously just saw a young immature and weak ordinary young girl. Right now, she’s obviously just a princess who doesn’t have anything.” From below, while still fighting, Haku shouts that she’s an idiot. “Why did you come out?!” Haku suddenly buckles down a bit as he thinks that the poison has taken effect. He wasn’t able to evade the soldier that he got slashed on the chest area. Haku falls off the cliff as Yona shouts his name. Haku manages to grab hold of the ledge after dropping his halberd. Tejun happily exclaims, “That’s great! What’s next is hell! Fall down! Raiju!” Yona’s eyes went blank. She thinks, “Will die. If this keeps up, if this keeps up, if this keeps up, Haku will, Haku will, Haku will!” Tejun is surprised to see Yona starting to run towards Haku. Tejun shouts for her to wait. Tejun manages to grab her hair. While pulling her hair, he tells her not to do that for he won’t let her go to that man’s side. “You and I should be going together back to the capital.” Yona looks at the side and sees Tejun’s sword on his waist. She quickly grabs the sword and cuts off her hair. She sternly looks at shocked Tejun then runs off. Still holding her hair, Tejun just sits on the ground, looking nervous at what Yona just did. Still holding the sword, Yona slides down below while repeatedly thinking, “I will not let you kill [him].” She remembers her father dying in a pool of blood. “I absolutely will not [allow it]!” [I think of all 50 people chasing after them, probably excluding Tejun and two soldiers, all were killed by Haku and 1 by Yona.]

One of two soldiers says that being able to cut down General Haku, the number one warrior within Kouka is really a kind of an honor. Before the grinning soldier can give Haku the last blow, Yona shouts for him to move from Haku’s side. The soldier somewhat stops and mutters, princess. She is angry that he isn’t moving that she swings the sword at him and shouts for him to move away from Haku. The soldier manages to evade and prepares to fight back but Tejun shouts for them to stop and not hurt the princess. The soldier is about to protest but he is also stunned to see Yona’s stern expression that he wonders if this is really Princess Yona. Haku calls out to her. Yona bends down and tells her that she’ll help him right now. She then tries to pull him up in vain. Haku calls her stupid and tells her to quickly run away. “You can’t save me, quickly run some distance from..” Haku is surprised that tears are falling on his face. Yona exclaims, “I won’t! I absolutely won’t! Haku, if you die on me, I will not forgive you!” Haku looks surprised at her. Tejun goes down to where they are and shouts for his men as to what they are doing. “Get the princess away from Haku!” They all rush to grab Yona so Yona tries to muster all her strength to pull Haku up but the ground gives way. As Tejun fails to grab Yona’s cape, Yona and Haku fall down the cliff to the forest below. Tejun looks totally aghast and pale that the soldier becomes worried. Tejun starts shouting for them to go after the two to find and save the princess. They grab him before he also fall down and shout for him to calm down. “No one has ever set foot on this valley. Falling from such a high place, it’s impossible that she can still be saved! The princess, she is..already..” Tejun looks really tense and pale. He drops to his knees and looks up. He mutters Yona’s name while clenching tight Yona’s hair.

[Fallen down..]

At the palace, Keishuku apologizes to Suwon for interrupting but Fire tribe’s Kan Sujin’s son, Kan Tejun is here to see him. Later on, Suwon happily greets him and apologizes for making him wait. “So, what brings you here today?” Suwon then looks serious upon seeing Tejun’s really serious and dark look. Tejun apologizes for disturbing him on the day before the crowning ceremony. “But, I have something important..that I have to give you no matter what.” Tejun opens a handkerchief which holds Yona’s hair tied in a bundle. “Princess Yona..she has already passed away.” Upon seeing the hair, Suwon’s eyes look blank. While Suwon is holding the hair, Tejun tells him that at the Northern mountains, near the border of the Wind and Fire tribe, they had chased after General Haku and Princess Yona. “When we were on the verge of catching them..the two fell down the cliff..and drop down to the bottom..” Keishuku tells him that didn’t Suwon just order them that if they find those two, they are to inform the capital about it. “You unexpectedly chased after Princess Yona and went as far as killing her. This is a crime of sedition, Kan Tejun-sama.” While Suwon is still looking stunned, Tejun looks really remorseful as he mutters, “That’s right..it is I..who killed Her Highness..please declare me guilty.” Suwon just tells him to just rest for today in the capital because the coronation day is tomorrow and he wants Tejun to attend. Suwon walks away. Tejun frantically calls out to him to please punish him while Keishuku holds Tejun back from chasing after Suwon. Suwon keeps on walking and then stops walking. He looks at Yona’s hair and remembers his memories of Yona and Haku. He looks serious-sad as he clenches the hair tight. Back at the mountains, below the cliff is the forest. A boy is walking by the stream, singing and tossing his apple up and down. “It’s such a long~ long time ago~~♪ the red red big big sun has been eaten~~♪ the world is then envelop into darkness~~♪” He bites into his apple and then notices something at the side. He then whines, “..Ah how annoying, someone died over there.” He sees Haku ‘hugging’ Yona lying there below a tree.

Chapter 11: Suwon is bathing [or rather, I think it is the purification tradition before the coronation in some pool]. Keishuku calls out to him and tells him that the Wind tribe’s elder, Mundoku-sama had already arrived together with the Wind tribe’s next general. Suwon repeats, next general. Suwon then smiles and says that makes him anticipate as to what kind of person he is. Keishuku tells him that it is someone who is younger than General Haku and Wind tribe’s young generation are quite lively. Suwon goes up the pool and jokes that if the next general is compared to Keishuku, then Keishuku will be an old grandpa. Keishuku who is 25 years old says that he doesn’t want to be told that by him. Suwon looks up the sky and says that it is already daylight. Keishuku says that’s right and it is a suitable type of dawn sky for his coronation. Suwon just remembers Yona. At the ceremony, *dong* the gong is banged. Wearing royal robes, Suwon thinks that he had secretly vowed that one day he will definitely return to the seat of the capital. He closes his eyes and remembers Yona calling out to him from the window to quickly come up because today, there is some pear juice. Flashback: Haku slightly hit Suwon’s head with the staff and said that he is still the same, always lost in thought. Suwon said that he is jealous of Yona since she has Haku as her escort. Haku told him that he will definitely have one, too. Suwon said that he only wants Haku. [Hehe..seiryou comments that this is the same as what Yona declared later on so it seemed that Suwon and Yona are rivals in love. ^^;] Haku told him to become king. “You and Yona should get married and then, you become king.” Suwon fretfully says that it is impossible for him and Yona to marry. Haku asked, didn’t Suwon want him. Suwon finally gets it. Haku told him that no matter what he thinks, Suwon should just marry the princess in order to become the next king then he’ll recognize Suwon. “When that time comes, I’ll become your right hand. Until the world’s end, I’ll always stay beside the two of you. [Hehe..seiryou asks if that is Haku’s ‘forever becoming a third wheel’ vow. ^^;;] Of course, you should also provide for my food and lodging. In order to buy Kouka’s Raiju, one should have to pay a huge compensation.” Suwon just said, “Ya, ya, this is truly..” He leaned his head on Haku’s shoulder and thought, “I clearly know that when I become king, regardless if it’s Yona or Haku, it is unlikely that they will be at my side.” Suwon muttered that is such a wonderful dream. Yona came out again and told Suwon to hurry. Suwon told Haku, “Haku, you must definitely, protect Yona.” End flashback.

Narration: “During those warm days, I had some hesitation but right now, the ‘right hand’ is no longer here.” The gates opened and all the officials are lined up as Suwon walks straight to a building where an official is waiting. “The young girl who gave me warmth is also no longer here. Stepping over everything, giving up everything, I was able to finally come to this day.” The different generals of the tribes are watching Suwon walk by. Tejun still look downcast. People are talking that it’s the new king but he is still very young but in the end, he is still Yuhon’s son. Someone comments that since he is Yuhon’s son, he will definitely be a mighty king. Suwon bends down to an official who puts the crown on his head. He thinks, “So, from today on, I will no longer have any hesitation again!!” Someone announces that the five tribes have acknowledged Suwon. “And, thus I declare His Majesty Suwon, as Kouka’s Sky tribe’s eleventh king!” Sujin slightly bows and congratulates Suwon as the new king and pledged his and his tribe’s loyal allegiance to the king. As the other tribes’ generals congratulate Suwon, Suwon has different thoughts about them: The Fire tribe seems to want to help him on the surface but in reality, they long have been coveting the throne. The Earth tribe only submits to the strongest. The Water tribe usually just observes the situation. And then, the Wind tribe, even if because of being pressure that they came down here but within that tribe, there are many strong soldiers. If they learn of Haku’s death, he doesn’t know when they will start pointing their swords at him. The north’s Kai empire and the two countries of Shin and Sei at the south are also paying close attention to Kouka’s new king. But the top priority is for these different tribes’ strength to be assembled together. End thoughts. Mundoku bends down to him and says, “So that you would know, the seat of the capital doesn’t have a shinkan. But, the god/s in the heavens is/are still watching us. For Your Majesty to do this kind of sacrifice in order to achieve it this way, let this old man see this until the end so that I can convey it to His Majesty Iru who had went ahead.” Keishuku tries to protest but he stops upon seeing Suwon’s cold expression as he says that Mundoku is right. “Then please always keep watching until the end, Elder Mundoku. But whoever is watching at us from above, as far as I’m concerned, they don’t matter to me. I do not need any god/s strength but rather, [what I need] is man’s strength. *addressing to everyone* I will make the country of Kouka to be reborn into a country that is even stronger than during the times of our forefathers! If there is anyone who’ll try to obstruct my existence, even if it’s from the heavens above, I’ll still subdue them to the ground!” Everyone starts shouting, “Long Live the king!” Teu asks Mundoku if he can go home already because there are too many annoying people there. Mundoku just wonders when it started when Suwon had that kind of expression. He remembers young Suwon happily calling him to teach him how to use a halberd. “That gentle smile can no longer be seen..”

Someone thinks, “I hear a sound. A sound of many people. Who is in the middle of the crowd..? Suwon..?” Yona wakes up to see a boy [from the last chapter] squeezing the juice of a citrus fruit to her mouth. The boy asks, “You’re awake? Good, my hand is already tired. You eat it yourself.” He then shoves the slice of citrus fruit into Yona’s mouth. [^^;] With the fruit on her mouth, she mumbles who he is. While pounding some herbs, the boy says, “I’m called Yun. I’m just a bishounen [good looking guy] passing by, that’s all. There’s no need for you to remember that. Who are you guys? You don’t seem to be bandits. For you to still live after falling down the cliff, your will to live is quite strong.” Yona suddenly remembers that she fell from the cliff with Haku. She suddenly shouts where Haku is. Yun asks if she meant the black haired guy who fell down with her. “At that side..” Yona is aghast to see Haku totally bandaged – his chest and arms, and there is a bandage[?] on his eyes. Yona mutters his name. Yun says that he is still alive, barely. “I have already thought of a way to deal with the poison but the sword wound on the stomach and the whole body is gravely injured from the fall. A lot of ribs are broken which caused excessive internal bleeding. If the treatment came a moment too late, he undoubtedly would have died. Generally, it’s because he protected you while falling down the cliff since he was hugging you after you two fell down the ground.” Worried Yona clasped her hands [to pray?] and thinks of Haku. Yun asks why that guy would do his outmost effort to do that for her. “Are you guys lovers?” Yona shakes her head and says, “No, totally not so.” [Haku x Yona fans groan =P] Yun just thinks that he feels a bit sorry for Haku. Yona asks if this is the valley below and if Yun is living there. Yun says, pretty much. Yona asks if he is a doctor and she is looking for someone. She is interrupted when someone starts calling out to Yun. A dirty guy in a robe with somewhat curly hair which covers his eyes arrives. The dirty guy exclaims for Yun to listen to him. Yun shouts for him to stop and reprimands him as to why he is covered in mud from head to foot. Pushing him away with his foot, Yun tells him not to go near him. The dirty guy says that while he is praying to the heavens for everyone to be happy, he slipped and fell down. Yun says that he’s annoying and maybe he is already abandoned by the heavens. The guy starts crying. He then sees Yona. He goes to her and exclaims, “You’re already awake!! That’s great~~ Hello, my name is Ikusu. Somewhat like Yun-kun’s guardian type of person.” Yona says, “I’m..” She stops as she thinks that she shouldn’t give out her real name thought he doesn’t seem to be some bad person but then, this place is also quite near the Fire tribe. She is surprised to see Ikusu crying. He says that she has really gone through a lot of hardship. Yona says no because when she fell down, Haku protected her. Ikusu says that isn’t what he meant but rather, the start of her unexpected ‘resolution’ journey. Yona is puzzled. Ikusu continues that it is even harder for someone like Princess Yona. Yona asks why he knows about her. Ikusu tells her that the god/s told him. Ikusu then becomes tense. Yun reprimands Ikusu by calling him stupid since he just casually said that when Ikusu is suppose to be living in seclusion. She remembers Mundoku telling her that the shinkan is living somewhere in Wind tribe’s territory. Yona asks, “Could it be..” Ikusu suddenly becomes embarrassed as he says, “Oh dear, I originally wanted to be all neat when I greet Your Highness..” Yona thinks, “This person is..the shinkan!?”

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