June 13, 2011

Honey Hunt [Chapter 29]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 6, 2010

Yura covers her mouth as she asks Haruka why he kissed her. While he is still thinking for an answer, Yura asks if that is just his way of comforting her. ^^; Haruka is flustered as he looks away. [I think it is] Yura asking if it is for ‘support’ and if he’s just trying to cheer her up. She tells him not to fool her around at a time like this and before, he also did that with that hug while she’s depressed. 

Haruka exclaims that it isn’t so and it is only the first one that is a joke. “Why I did that, you really don’t know?” Flustered and nervous, Yura says, “But..about that..” Haruka just needs to rub it in by saying that she’s really slow. Too bad for him, Qta has called Yura to apologize for suddenly leaving. Yura hopes that means Qta is coming back to see her.

Just when Yura is about to say where she is, Qta tells her that he is with her father at some hotel. “Would you like to come and see your father, too?” Qta apologizes for being the one who met her daddy first. He asks if she had already left or is she still at his house where he can pick her up. Yura exerts her will by telling Qta that she doesn’t want to see her father and Qta doesn’t understand her. 

Qta seems puzzled over Yura’s outburst. Yura hanged up on him and seems to be in the verge of tears. While Haruka can only say, “Ah..ah..Onozuka..wait..”, Yura says that both twins are the same, for she really couldn’t comprehend them. Yura then goes out of his car and walks away. Haruka couldn’t run after her when some people had noticed him and wonders if it is Knight’s Haruka. Haruka drives away as he berates himself as stupid for he already knew he shouldn’t be impatient.
Crying, Yura heads to the company and blames everything to his father since until just now, she had always been happy. “It’s as if in a flash, the magic has been removed.” Yura sees Keiichi in front of her. Keiichi asks her what the matter is. Yura holds on Keiichi’s sleeve and says, “..thank goodness..I was still thinking what I should do if you are also at my father’s place..” 

Yura tells him that her father likes Qta’s music and called him away just when she really did her best to attain this break [no work day], Qta also quickly just left her. After a pause, Keiichi just says is that so. Yura asks him if he met her father and if he mentioned before about wanting to see Qta. She also asks him if her father will be taking Qta to recording until he leaves. 

Keiichi denies that he knows about it because her father is currently being handled by Ibukaki and it is only until recently, he learned about what happened with Qta. Keiichi says that from how he knows her father, there is a possibility for him to make an album though he couldn’t guarantee that Qta will also be recording with him.

That is because Qta is also a famous man who is also very busy thus, his schedule [regarding working with Takayuki] isn’t definite yet. Yura lets go of Keiichi as Keiichi wonders out loud which Qta will choose Yura or her father, to be with during his precious free time. While Keiichi walks away a bit, Yura looks sad. She wonders why is Keiichi and Haruka the same..everyone is.. 
Yura asks him why he said it that way. Keiichi says that he only given them permission to go steady but that doesn’t mean that he’ll support them. He tells her if that love game is over, she should just use her energy to work. Yura exclaims what he meant that it is just a game. He just tells her that there will be another audition next month and she should focus her energy on getting that role. 

Keiichi tells her that they should head home first. He asks her to wait outside as he drives the car out. Seeing Yura cry, Keiichi turns away and thinks that this situation is what he anticipated which is why he carried out that plan, but seeing her cry, he feels like he might waver on his decision. So like that, Qta didn’t contact her again whether it’s through phone or email.
At home, Yura is depressed as she tells Nanase that it seems that everyone hates her and maybe even Qta is angry at her. “It’s all my father’s fault. It is because he’s here that things are like this..” Bringing her a cup of hot drink, Nanase tells her that if she is really bothered by it then, she doesn’t take the initiative to call.

Yura thinks that Qta is probably still at her father’s place and he seems so happy on the phone. Yura then whines to Nanase that Keiichi is still angry about them going steady that he told her to focus her energy regarding work. Nanase urges her to continue talking since Keiichi won’t hear them because he’s currently taking a bath. Nanase thinks that 60% of what Keiichi said is because he’s jealous. 

Nanase tells Yura that Keiichi isn’t angry but he’s just concerned about her. Nanase also mentions that audition is really good for he read about it on the net and Haruka will also be in it. Since Yura is blushing really red, Nanase asks her what Haruka did. Yura tells him about not understanding what Haruka said, that it isn’t a joke.

While Keiichi is taking a shower [fan service/almost didn’t recognized him with the glasses ^^;], they were interrupted when there is a doorbell. Yura rushes to answer it. Nanase tells her to check first since it might be reporters. Yura says that it might also be her father.
As Yura runs off, Nanase thinks that Yura is a liar for if it is her father, she won’t be rushing in a hurry to answer it. As she goes to answer the door, she doesn’t want to expect but it could be her father or even Haruka. “But..but..”

She looks at the screen and it is indeed Qta. Yura goes to him at the gate. Qta tells her to wear a coat else she’ll catch a cold. She quickly hugs him as she thinks that he really came. “He chose me!” Qta hugs her tight and says that he thought she would snub him since this is the first time he has seen her get that angry. “I’m really sorry!”

Yura tells him that the truth is she is still angry since that was the first time she was just discarded like that while at someone else’s place. Qta apologizes again. He then tells her that more than that, he just got something that seemed like a dream. He apologizes again to Yura and asks her to let him be stubborn [/selfish] one more time. 

Yura wonders if he wants her to see her father again. To her surprise, Qta tells her that he’ll be going to New York. Yura’s father has invited Qta to work with him regarding a new album. Since Qta wanted to quickly work with her father, he had already consulted with his company about this. [It’s quite blurred in this part but I think] 

Qta says that he will just finish off the remaining of his work go as early as he can but at most, he would go next month. Yura asks if they are going to have a long distance relationship and she won’t be able to bear that. Qta somewhat smiles and says, “So, come with me. Let’s go to New York together, Yura.”

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