June 13, 2011

Honey Hunt [Chapter 27]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 22, 2009

On the television, Takayuki is being interviewed by a lot of media people as the announcer gives a brief description of Takayuki’s series of concert and his return concert now in Tokyo. They will then have a press conference. Ryouko is watching it on her cellphone. She informs about it to Yura in the dressing room about the huge publicity that her father is getting because it has been a long time since he came back to the country.

Reading her script, Yura says that compared to her father, [memorizing] the script for today’s shooting is more important to her. Yura asks if she gets this with one take, she’ll be free for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow, there will be talk with director Nakazono. Ryouko apologizes for interrupting her and tells her that she’s right.

She comments that Yura is quite energetic. Yura happily says, ‘yes!’ because she and Qta decided to meet tomorrow even if it’s just in the afternoon. She wants to be sure that she’ll be free during that time. A guy then calls out to her that it’s time for her shooting. Before Yura can leave, her phone rings.

It is just an email from Qta who greets her a good morning, even if it’s already afternoon, and he’s quite gloomy at the recording studio because he doesn’t have time to conceptualize an idea. He ends it by mentioning about the meeting tomorrow. Yura is happy about this. Ryouko calls her to hurry. Regarding about whether she’s free or not, Yura decides to beg Keiichi if he doesn’t allow her.

At the hallway, Yura asks Ryouko if Keiichi will return home after his work because she has something to tell him. Yura sadly comments that ever since her father returned, Keiichi is busy with other things. Ryouko comments that is true since their company worked with Takayuki so now that he has returned to the country, Keiichi, as president of their company, will be accompanying Takayuki. 

Ryouko comments that there is also something that Keiichi wants to tell Yura and that is, Takayuki wants to see her. At the filming set, while Yura is getting ready for the shooting, she thinks that she doesn’t care anything about her father and her father has no business with her either. For her, her promise [date?] with Qta is the most important so she’ll do her best to finish up her work.
During shooting, Keiichi drops by the set. Keiichi[?] comments that Yura’s acting is improving smoothly. Ryouko asks when did Keiichi arrive and is it okay to leave Takayuki. Keiichi says that the press conference has ended so they brought Takayuki to the hotel already. What’s left are just minor stuff so he left it up to some other guy named Ibukaki[?]. 

Keiichi tells her about Yura’s improvement in acting. Ryouko agrees and attributes it to Yura’s hard work. She tells Keiichi that Yura has something to tell him. During the shooting break, Yura notices Keiichi so she quickly goes to him. Keiichi tells her that she did well regarding delivering the lines and acting. 

Yura blushes a bit and she thinks that it feels strange because she feels at ease just to see Keiichi again ever since they are separated [don’t see each other) because he is busy with some other work for some time. Yura thanks him. Keiichi tells her that the press conference has just ended and he thinks that it is better for her to see and talk with ‘him’. 

Yura tells him that if he meant her father, she doesn’t want to see him. She remembered her talk with her mother regarding college and custody rights. Yura says that when they had a divorce and while she is very uneasy, he didn’t come back to see her. She also thinks that her father already has a new wife and child. Yura tells Keiichi that they have nothing to talk about. 

Keiichi tells her that Takayuki always wanted to see her and he was waiting for her to call him. Keiichi asks her to at least meet with her father while he is still in Japan. “He asked if you can eat dinner with him tomorrow night.” Yura is flustered as she tells him that she can’t tomorrow and it has nothing to do with her dislike for her father but rather, tomorrow she already has an appointment after work.

After a pause, Keiichi asks, “with Minamitani-kun?” Yura asks if she can go. To Yura’s surprise, Keiichi agrees. He reminds her of the conditions he gave her before and if she is going to be late, after 11pm, he’ll ask Nanase to fetch her. Keiichi says that it can’t be helped if she has other plans so he’ll find and set up another time for her to meet with her father. 

Yura is being called to the set again so before going, Yura happily thanks Keiichi and tells him that she’ll definitely follow his conditions. After she left, Ryouko asks Keiichi if this is okay because her excitement about her first love totally dominates [everything]. Ryouko admits that it is helping Yura in doing her best at work but is it really okay that Keiichi can easily say it’s okay.
Pushing up his eyeglasses, Keiichi says, “It’s alright, everything has a time limit.” [← do not underestimate the power of a manager who has connections =P ] This surprises Ryouko. Keiichi excuses himself and says that he has to call up someone. Ryouko tells him to wait and what he meant by that time limit, if he did something. 

Keiichi tells her not to worry. “As a manager, I just did some investigation so that as much as possible, everything will end perfectly.” Meanwhile Yura is very happy for being able to properly talk with Keiichi. [← totally oblivious about what’s going to happen.]

So, the love couple are in a car with Qta driving. Qta says that he’s really happy to be with her that he already put his cellphone on silent mode so that they won’t be disturbed. He then happily asks her to let him see her face. Yura exclaims for him to look in front [else they’ll be in a car accident]. Qta apologizes and says that it isn’t fair that she’s always looking at him.

Yura says that it is because it’s the first time that she has seen him drive a car. She thinks he’s so cool. Qta just laughs and says he occasionally drives but because of that, his driving skill sucks that if she doesn’t hold tight [seatbelt?], it will be dangerous. Yura thinks that she has gradually understands Qta about his ‘easy-going’ personality. 

Qta brings her to his house. Yura becomes a bit nervous if she can just go in without bringing a gift. Qta says that it is alright since she just came from work. Yura is still overly nervous about it that she worries about being disliked by his mother if she didn’t bring something. She begins to wonder if his parents are there and perhaps, even Haruka.

She then remembers that Haruka lives at some other apartment. Qta assures her that it’s alright for there are only servants there. His father always comes home late and his mother isn’t at home tonight. Just as he said that, his mother comes out of the house and asks Qta if that is his friend. ^^;; Qta is surprised to see her and asks why she is there.
 His mother tells him that her ikebana [flower arrangement] lesson is cancelled because the teacher has some other business to attend to. His mother recognizes Yura and exclaims that both of them are indeed going steady. Yura thinks that his mother is very beautiful. She quickly bows and introduces herself.

His mother tells her that it is okay and she is happy to meet her, too since she’s so cuter in real life than on the television. His mother invites Yura to chat with her but Qta stops them and tells Yura to go with him. He tells his mother not to mind them. His mother whines that she wants to talk with Yura. 

Qta pulls Yura up the stairs while his mother asks if she can email to show off to her friends and since Yura is there, how about telling Haruka about it. Qta tells her not to and if it’s too noisy, they’ll go have fun elsewhere. Qta apologizes to Yura for his nosy mother. Yura says that she would want to spend some time to walk with her, too. 

Qta tells her that there’s no need. He pulls her into his room and hugs her. He then says that finally, he can touch her. Qta then say stuff about wanting to touch her, etc that he feels like he’s becoming a pervert. Yura confesses that she feels and thinks the same way, too. After saying the parts of their bodies that they want to touch, they start kissing.
Just when Yura is already aroused, Qta’s phone starts ringing. To Yura’s shock, Qta quickly pulls away from her and apologizes that this is a call that he has to answer. While Qta is talking on the phone, Yura is thinking that she has heard that music of Qta’s ringtone before. After talking on the phone,  Yura is in a surprise when Qta asks her if it’s true that his father has returned to the country.

[This part is really blurry but I think Yura fills him in about the things she heard as to what Takayuki was doing like the press conference yesterday.] Qta is already kneeling on the floor and he feels like it is some sort of ‘trance’. [His expression is like ‘wow, my idol is finally here’; it’s like he’s in a high that I find it really amusing->funny. ^^;;]  
Yura misread this expression that she asks what did her father do to him. Qta tells her that Takayuki really likes his music and he finally got to have a meeting with Takayuki, to arrange for a possible collaboration. To Yura’s shock, Qta agreed to meet with Takayuki tonight. [Lol, that’s a good one, Keiichi]. 

Before Qta goes out of the door, Qta apologizes again and says that he’ll definitely make it up to her. Since he doesn’t know when he’ll be back, he told her to just ask his mother to help her call a taxi. Door closed with Yura looking totally shock. Yura goes out and tries to call Qta at the stairs but Qta can only apologize to her.

His mother tells Qta that she just emailed Haruka. Qta apologizes to his mother and asks her to please call a taxi to send Yura home since he has an urgent business. His mother is also surprised and tries to call him to wait/stop but it’s also useless. After Qta left, Yura nervously smiles and wonders if this is for real when they were just lovey-dovey a while ago.

She then realizes that the ringtone a while ago is her father’s music. Qta’s mother has prepared tea and asks if Yura would want to have tea with her. Yura manages to decline and says that she’s also leaving since Qta has left. She bows and apologizes for intruding. Yura is already at the door and she apologizes again as Qta’s mother tries to dissuade her from leaving.

The door opens so Qta’s mother exclaims that Qta has returned. Yura says that it is unlikely. She turns around and is surprised to see Haruka. Removing his glasses, Haruka just says that his mother told him to come and he feared that she won’t stop nagging so he came. He realizes that her mother told him so because Yura came.

After seeing Haruka, Yura finally breaks down and cries that Qta has really left. Haruka is somewhat surprised and nervous as he asks her why she is crying.

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