June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 42-43]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 3, 2009

While holding hands, Hanabi happily pulls Chikai to see some other animal in zoo. She thinks that slowly but surely, she’ll increase her presence in his heart but then, she doesn’t have the luxury of time to do it very slowly because there is a time limit. She wonders how much she actually weighs in Chikai’s heart because before White Day, it is already less than a month. After work, Masato and Chidori walk home. Chidori asks if he isn’t going to see his girlfriend tonight. Masato says that he isn’t because she is definitely tired from work. Chidori comments that could be the reason why Kareshi gave her Valentine’s gift in the morning. Chidori happily smiles that the two of them [M&K] mutually think of each other. Masato somewhat sadly smiles and says that there are areas wherein they don’t mutually agree on. Chidori starts to frown when Masato says that he had proposed earlier to Kareshi and of course, they’ll marry after ‘graduation’. “In the end, she just told me that I’m ‘naive'. Ah, I also know the reason is that she has to think of her family. But it totally feels..like our feelings for each other has grown cold..so I’m very embarrassed and I won’t dare continue to talk more about it..and from then on, we never touched that topic again..” Suddenly Chidori grabs his collar and pulls him to her. She gives him a kiss on the lips. Holding on to him, Chidori says, “..If..you are with me, perhaps you’ll be happier?” Chidori looks at stunned Masato. She apologizes and tells him to just forget that. She waves goodbye and leaves, leaving still stunned and blushing Masato. Kareshi is holding the heart pompom that teacher Mei has given her. Mei has given everyone different colored hearts before and she said that everyone has chosen their own color. Kareshi checks the meaning of the color violet. It means ‘paralysis/numbness’. Kareshi wonders if she did something wrong. There is a narration about one cannot afford to do things leisurely.

The next day, Chikai is dressing up. While he is putting his tie, he notices the box of fortune cookies that Hanabi gave him. He eats one and the fortune says, “Today..you might encounter something happy.” Chikai is speechless. He decides to eat another one and it says, “Today..you might encounter something blissful.” After a pause, Chikai breaks into a laugh as he says that it is all about good things. At the auditorium, the principal tells everyone that the group which has the most outstanding performance is group 1-A. That is Chikai’s group. Atsumi tells Hanabi that it is because of the cosplay. Hanabi agrees that Mii looks cute. The principal then calls the representative for 1-A, that love team. Then, Shinichi shouts to the principal to wait and as an educator, he shouldn’t say such irresponsible things. Pointing to himself, Shinichi exclaims, “Mii’s better half is me!” Mii is silently angry. The students erupt in shouts with various reactions like they don’t know about it, they know, I’ve been beaten to it, etc. The principal tells Shinichi that during the Nanayo store, he wasn’t that prominent so he isn’t the representative. Shinichi cries that he’s quite cruel and he should at least remember him from now on. Someone laughs and wishes him luck [gambatte]. Blushing a bit, Hanabi wishes Shinichi some luck, too. She thinks that once one likes someone, one cannot be calm/go easy and as time passes by, she also cannot be calm. “—but, thinking about it..if I’ve reached the deadline and I wasn’t able to succeed in my goal, can I still do my best afterwards?” During lunch, Hanabi and Chikai are eating together in a secluded room. It seems like a storage room with all the stacked up desks and some boxes. Chikai comments that it is too quiet. Hanabi thinks that she found a subtle, slow way in order for her to take things leisurely. Chikai asks her if this is okay because the deadline is fast approaching. Hanabi nervously says that she has her own [way].. Chikai says that this is such a waste. “A room that no one uses, a private room. And the one in front of your eyes..me ♥ if you ‘attack’ me then that would resolve things.” Embarrassed, Hanabi exclaims that he obviously never imagined that she’ll do that. Chikai then says, “Forget it, even if there is still a month left, if something doesn’t bloom then in the end, it won’t bloom.” Hanabi asks him what won’t bloom. Chikai says, “If after a month, you can’t do it then you can’t do it forever, right?” Hanabi’s smile freezes on her face and she just lamely agrees with him. Hanabi thinks that she really cannot afford to take things leisurely.

Elsewhere, Sasa looks somewhat surprised at Atsumi who is giving him a small gift. Sasa accepts it and says if it is a Valentine’s gift. Atsumi stutters as she tells him that even if it is already over, and Sasa should have gotten a lot already. “..Because, I don’t want you to lump me together with the others...” Sasa laughs and says that it is okay. “Thank you!” This seems to have moved Atsumi that she gathers her courage. Blushing, she exclaims while closing her eyes, “Sasa-kun..you still have me..!” In section 1-I, Masato is looking away as he asks what’s up to Kareshi who came to visit him. Kareshi says that it is nothing, no special reason and it is because her friends aren’t around. While keep on looking away nervously, Masato says that she is right for Shinichi isn’t around and it is probably because of that announcement that they are now doing some lovey-dovey right now. He asks what about Hanabi and Atsumi, if they are busy and if something happened. Kareshi notices his behavior that she suddenly exclaims, “Masato, if you can’t even look at him, then we can’t talk properly! What’s going on?! You’re acting too strange! What’s up with you?!” Everyone is surprised by this outburst as Masato looks troubled and nervous. Later on, after eating, Hanabi and Chikai go out of the room. Hanabi salutes Chikai and exclaims, “Then, see you! After school, I’ll be waiting for you at that beautiful little road.” Chikai asks her where that is. They were interrupted when Arashi and Soutarou pass by. Chikai’s friends ask if they ate there together and this place is ‘empty’. It feels ‘naughty’ = they are doing some hanky-panky. Arashi then asks if they are going steady. Hanabi is surprised by this question and her feelings feel ‘flat’ when Chikai answered that they are not. She thinks that is true for this is allowed temporarily and there is no significance since ‘she merely got permission’ [to do this]. Arashi says, “but—will you do that, couldn’t there be a bit significance to it like you like her a little bit?” Hanabi goes into shock and thinks, “Don’t..don’t say anything more--!! I don’t want you to continue asking this question! I couldn’t even barely make this progress a bit! There is still a month left..make me do my best within the time period!!! ..why..at this time..” Hanabi waits for Chikai’s answer. The last scene are of Sasa-Atsumi, Masato-Kareshi and Mii who just scolded/lectured apologetic Shinichi.

In the next chapter, Chikai replies, “Ah...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~..perhaps?” Hanabi is surprised that she hears wedding bells..or rather, she imagined herself as a blushing new bride in a wedding gown. Arashi and Soutarou ask if that is true. They were surprised when Shinichi is crying [in joy] as he shouts, “Is that true-?!! Really, that’s great! From various aspects. Congrats to me.” While Shinichi is patting Chikai’s shoulder, Chikai just blankly says, “Ya—but--is it because of her decisiveness or is it because she makes one pity her a bit.” Hanabi is gloomy by that comment and an arrow points that she does make people sorry for her. Shinichi shouts, “What..What are you saying, Hanabi is really great! She’s such a nice girl, who turns out to be beautiful and she’s a good partner.” Chikai and other 2 friends wonder whom Shinichi is talking about. Hanabi exclaims, “I..I will..do my utmost best!” Hanabi thinks that even if it seems that the situation won’t change even if she did her best, but.. She realizes that they are all boys there. While Shinichi cries and says that Hanabi said it well, Hanabi quickly retreats and tells Chikai that she’ll see him after school. Blushing and a bit teary eyed, Hanabi covers her mouth and thinks, “..perhaps? That’s great! It isn’t zero.” Somewhere else, Sasa tells Atsumi that he already have someone he likes. Flustered and a bit teary eyed, Atsumi exclaims, “I know! ..I know..even if I’m not that great..but you also have me.” Then in section 1-I, Masato confesses, “..the truth is..I and Miss Chidori kissed.” Kareshi is flustered that she slaps Masato so hard that his glasses flew off. [Masato turns out to be somewhat good-looking and he looked somewhat like Soutarou except Masato’s bangs part in the middle ^^;] Masato is stunned as he holds his face where she slapped him. He is about to call her name but Kareshi says that he said before that he will wear ‘decorative/designer’* eyeglasses so that he will [look] the same as her. [*I know there is a term for it but basically, it’s eyeglasses with no grade] The other students are surprised to learn that Masato only wears decorative eyeglasses. Kareshi shouts, “When you obviously proposed to me!” Masato looks surprised.

Walking at the hallway, Hanabi is cheering herself up to do her best. Then, Kareshi bumps into her. Since Kareshi is carrying her bag, Hanabi asks if she is leaving. Kareshi says that she isn’t feeling well. Hanabi asks if she is alright and if she has a fever. Hanabi tries to touch her forehead but Kareshi lifts her hand for Hanabi not to touch her. Kareshi exclaims that she is alright. Looking away, Kareshi repeats that she is alright. Then, she leaves, making Hanabi a bit puzzled. Narration: “It’s only after things happened when I became conscious of it. I’m really like what Mii said, ‘a love idiot’. It is for seeing the important part the wrong way or perhaps [I’ve] ignored it.” Walking at the small path, Chikai asks why. Hanabi says there is no need to ask why, just don’t bring his bento tomorrow. Chikai says okay and he won’t ask the reason any more but he only eats delicious food. Blushing and looking away for Chikai has already guessed what she wanted to do, Hanabi just plays dumb and say that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. At the place where Masato works, Masato sadly looks at his phone but there are 0 messages and calls. Chiori somewhat smiles and says that Masato looks very listless. “Is that because of me?” Masato says that isn’t true. Chiori giggles and says that he’s so honest. She tells him that it is true and he shouldn’t be concerned about it, just forget it. Masato just worriedly says what he should do. Chiori’s smile vanishes [probably because he isn’t listening to her]. She then hugs him [well, his head] and says, “..Masato..” Masato seems surprised by this. Chiori’s face looks dark and emotionless. “Do you want to go to my house..?” The school bell rings. Hanabi and friends comment that Kareshi is absent since her seat is empty. Someone said that they emailed her but there is no reply so maybe she is very tired. They decided to visit Kareshi at home later on. Atsumi then informs Hanabi about the important thing she asked her yesterday. Hanabi asks if she got permission to use it. Atsumi says yes, the cooking room.

In the cooking room, Hanabi has prepared 10 dishes including rice and soup. She happily welcomes Chikai to her little restaurant. She tells him that she prepared most of it at home and just reheated them a bit. “Ah, I’ve used convenient and inexpensive ingredients, so don’t be shy, just eat up. ☆” [I think] she also said that her outfit is made in class [but the translation said bathrobe ^^;] While Chikai gestures his ‘itadakimasu’, he says that her motive is too obvious. “It’s ‘using mother’s taste [home cooking] to grab a guy’s stomach.!’” Hanabi admits that it is true but it isn’t just because of that. Chikai eats some and smiles. He says that one tastes delicious. Hanabi blushes and thinks, “See, I want you to show that kind of expression..but in the end, I basically did have that kind of motive. It’s alright! I’ll do my best!” Later on, Chikai can’t finish the food anymore that he seems to be nauseous. He tells her that even if he is in the growing stage, he still can’t eat all of it. Hanabi just apologizes to the ‘customer’. Pointing to a cabinet, Hanabi tells her that there are some empty bento boxes there and with those, he can pack and bring the food home. “Up there!” She points. Hanabi ends up apologizing again since Chikai has to stand on a chair to get the bento boxes. Chikai asks if he can get any of the boxes. Hanabi says yes because it seems that they are only used in preparation for the celebrations’ dishes. While taking one of the boxes, Chikai loses his balance. Hanabi exclaims, “Danger!” Chikai falls and Hanabi prepares to catch him. Narration: And, I, a ‘love idiot’ think like this, ‘Ah, love [is] happening?!’

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