June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 29]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 25, 2009

Kotori is surprised when Yukito holds her hand. She calls his name as he looks at her then he closes his eyes again. He then says, “About..that..hmm..ah..” so Kotori thinks that he is just half-asleep. Kotori mutters what’s up with that. She realizes that Yukito is holding her hand tight. She tries to pull it in order to free herself but it is futile. She wants to get out of that situation before Yukito wakes up else it will be quite awkward/embarrassing. Kotori is surprised when Yukito pulls her hand and kisses it. This freaks out Kotori. *bang* Kotori has pulled her hand away aggressively that Yukito is flipped/turned over. [it would be funny if he also fell off the bed =P ] Kotori runs at the hallway and wonders what’s up with that, just now. “Is he just half-asleep? Is it just a coincidence? Surely, it just by chance, he didn’t deliberately do that..I shouldn’t mind it..” Next scene, Kotori gets her exam papers with grades – 30, 40, etc. Kotori becomes gloomy and slumps her head on the table. “This really sucks..” She wonders if there is some sort of lesson from that clinic incident when she doesn’t want to think about stuff regarding Yukito. “Yukito totally doesn’t care about me anymore—I’m the only one who’s being indecisive, it is also futile [to keep on thinking about this]..” At the hallway, Abe happily greets Yukito to ask how his exams were and can he see them. Yukito just lamely says that there is nothing to see about that thing. Abe learns why because Yukito’s grades are – 28, 22, etc. [Lol, they are indeed 2 Kaiji-s so the same ^^] Abe says that what he said is really true. Yukito tells him that he’s too cruel for saying that too honestly. Looking a bit tense, Abe asks if Yukito’s grades are like that because of ‘that’. Yukito asks what so Abe drops the topic and changes it by asking what happened to that important thing. Yukito doesn’t know what he is referring to so Abe tells him about that guy who gave that paper to Kotori. This surprises Yukito then he looks out the window. Abe says that based on the guy’s uniform, he is from Kousen [formerly translated as Kouzumi] High School so what does Yukito plan to do. “Is it okay? Are you just going to turn the blind eye?” After a pause, Yukito [face not shown] says, “…I don’t plan to do anything..it has nothing to do with me..” Abe laughs and says that even if he said that, Yukito really got a major shock at that time. Yukito looks flustered so Abe apologizes. Yukito tries to laugh it off and says that this is good since that guy is somewhat of a match with Kotori. [Hehe, and they think the same way, too =P ] Abe looks concerned and just says to forget it. “There seems to be some sort of significance to this but perhaps, this is a good thing. Although I’m not exactly sure why you guys broke up but Yukito really doesn’t understand Kaji’s feelings. You don’t know what kind of feelings Kotori had while seeing you together with your female friend--” Yukito just looks slightly thoughtful.

After school dismissal, Kotori peeks out from the gate to check if Yukito had already left. She gloomily thinks that she shouldn’t be doing this just because she doesn’t want to meet him on her way home. After thinking that it is okay to go home, she heads out and to her shock, she sees Risa there. Risa happily greets her. Kotori has a ‘what the--’ kind of look on her face. At a pedestrian overpass, Kotori asks what Risa wants to talk about. Risa turns around and asks, “I heard that you broke up with Yukito, is that true?” Kotori is taken aback by her question. Risa says, “I heard some rumors about it so I want to confirm it with you. ” Kotori is flustered as she wonders why Risa is peculiarly concerned about it. Risa asks if it is true since she didn’t deny it. Looking down, Kotori replies that she feels that she has no obligation to answer Risa’s question. Risa seems displeased with her answer. Risa then says, “Unexpectedly, you guys easily broke up.. I can still think of other kinds of troubles, I never thought that it is easy to ruin your relationship [with Yukito]. It can make one feel quite disappointment, don’t you think so? It’s so boring--” Kotori is stunned as she thinks, “What..what does she mean by that..could it be..that all those stuff that she has been doing until now..are all deliberate?” Risa continues, “[Because you guys easily break up, I] wasn’t able to fully enjoy it. [/doing those things]” That seems to have confirmed Kotori’s suspicions as she still looks stunned. It’s already dark when Yukito arrives home. He passes by the gate and remembers Abe asking him about what could Kotori be feeling when he is with a female friend. A bit flustered, Yukito wonders what’s with Abe for him to say that. He is surprised when someone behind him greets him a good evening and asks if he changed his route home. Yukito turns around to see Risa. He looks surprised then he asks why she is there. Risa whines, “what—of course, I’m here to see you.” Yukito asks, “Ha? See me? Why?” Risa pouts and says, “Ah..geez..you’re unexpectedly surprised..you are really slow[-witted]..” He is surprised when Risa comments that he changed his hair color back to its original color. A bit flustered, Yukito just mutters yes. Trying to touch his hair, Risa says that it seems that kind of look is more suitable. “I like you like this, I feel that this is more like Yukito..” Before she can touch his hair, Yukito quickly looks away. He looks flustered and Risa looks startled. Risa then points to the door and exclaims, “..ah, ghost..what is that?!” Yukito is surprised by that so he quickly looks at the door to see his brother, Masaya peeking out the slightly opened door. [Lol, it does look kind of creepy] Yukito thinks that his brother saw everything and wonders if what Masaya is doing is really frightening.

Inside the house, Masaya says that it is quite unexpected for Yukito to flirt in front of their house’s gate, out in the open. Flustered, Yukito quickly denies that he is flirting. Masaya tells him, “At our house’s gate, doing some lovey-dovey with a girl other than your girlfriend..you are one slick operator for a first year high student.” Embarrassed, Yukito exclaims for Masya to quit emphasizing ‘house gate’. Smiling, Masaya says, “Speaking of that..I seem to have seen that girl before..could it be that you have broken up with Kotori?” Yukito didn’t reply so Masaya asks if it is true and he was only thinking of teasing him like before. Masaya touches Yukito’s shoulder as if to comfort him then says, “..Yukito.” He put his arm around Yukito’s shoulder and says, “Bento..I [your bro] can still..make bento for you,” Yukito angrily says, “There-is-no-need- [for you to do that] You really infuriate me.” Masaya seems to be thinking as he says, “But, ah, really, break up already, so she is single again.” Still flustered, Yukito tells his brother, “I will not allow you to attempt to do something bad to that girl..I won’t allow you..to lay your hand on her.” Masaya looks surprised. He says, “Of course…………………not.” Yukito exclaims what’s with that long pause and does he really have some sort of bad intention since he [Yukito] is really curious. Masaya answers, “You are already with some other girl, and you are still saying that kind of words? Since you already broke up with her, then it shouldn’t matter anymore, right? Even if I lay my hand on her, what is it to you? Ah, that girl just now is totally the opposite of Kotori. It seems that she is the ‘strong’ [headstrong] type. Did you change your taste?” Yukito turns around and exclaims that Masaya doesn’t need to concern himself with that. With lots of sparkles, Masaya smiles brightly and says, “Don’t worry. I’m only happy just because you are now single so don’t misunderstand. In other words—as long as your relationship with girls isn’t superior to mine, I don’t care at all.” [Hehe.. =P] Yukito can only mutter that his stinky brother is harboring evil intentions. Masaya then asks what had happened for weren’t they [Kaiji-s] really in love. “Weren’t you still very happy a few days ago? You--don’t care anymore?” Yukito pauses then remembers Kotori telling him that even if he kissed her, she wasn’t moved and maybe it is because the way they think isn’t the same [not conveyed to each other]. Yukito says, “To care or not, [it doesn’t matter] anyway, it is all over--” Yukito thinks that everything has returned to what it was before. At home, Kotori hugs her pillow and thinks about what Risa said that they easily broke up because their feelings for each other aren’t in that [deep] level yet. “I wasn’t able to say anything to refute that..although I’m very frustrated [don’t want to lose], but what she said is true—the reason we broke up isn’t just because of Matsushima-classmate. If I and Yukito were able to interlink our feelings much more, much deeper, then it would have been okay…” Kotori notices Keshikeshi peeking at the door. She thinks that he is looking at her. She then imagines human Keshikeshi seducing her. ^^; He holds up her chin and says, “Cheer up..I totally accept..everything about you..” Kotori blushes and calls his name as he is about to kiss her. She then holds Keshikeshi dog and gloomily thinks, “Ah--..this is bad..this is very bad..if I continue on being like this, I will just become like an escaping ostrich..sure enough, Yukito will be going steady with Matsushima…if that is true then, I..”

At the hallway, Natsume asks Kotori how were her exams. Kotori says that it is so-so. Natsume says that it will soon be last term exams. Kotori agrees for only a month left. Kotori is surprised when someone calls out to Yukito. Yukito just passes by the two girls. Natsume looks a bit worried about Kotori. She then tells Kotori that tomorrow they will be changing to summer uniform. Kotori affirms this. Natsume smiles and asks if she is free tonight and would she help her out about something. The next scene is a fabulous-looking beauty parlor. Kotori asks Natsume about that place. Natsume says that it is her mother’s shop. Natsume says that her mother is quite big in the beauty salon industry and today, she already asked permission so there is no need for Kotori to worry. This surprises Kotori and she remembers Natsume suggesting to her about getting a ‘fresh’ hairstyle since they are going to change to their summer uniform. “—Natsume, although you just casually say that..but I totally feel that this place isn’t just an ordinary type of parlor..” Natsume and a hairstylist call Kotori to follow them. Sitting on the chair, the hairstylist asks what kind of haircut she would want. Natsume tells the hairstylist that she’ll leave it up to him but since it will be summer soon, it would be good to make it look fresh. “Don’t make it too gorgeous, just make it naturally look a bit cute and a bit mature looking.” Then, a couple of girls tell Kotori to give her hands to them as they will do her manicure. Kotori is a bit aghast as she thinks, “This really feels..it’s so obvious..that this isn’t as simple as a haircut..” Kotori calls out to Natsume but she is surprised when Natsume declares, “Make him regret!” [Operation Regret starts!] Looking really determined, Natsume exclaims, “We’ll make Kaiji Yukito see more of your cute side, [then/and] that guy only deserves to be depressed for the rest of his life! After seeing you, he’ll be ‘shock by your beauty’, be dumbfound, his heart to be totally shaken, then, he’ll fall over heels in love with you! [We’ll] definitely make him experience a rude awakening [that it’s too late for regrets]! Right.” Kotori seems to realize something about what Natsume is doing for her so she didn’t protest anymore. Soon, it is finished. Kotori’s hair is now a bit wavy and she has make-up. Natsume is totally pleased as she comments that Kotori looks cute. Giving her a thumbs up, Natsume says, “It’s good, Kotori, it’s really great!” Kotori looks at herself and thinks, “Make-up, a different hairstyle..my nails, too..[which are nicely decorated]. It feels that it’s not me anymore but in reality, I am still me.” Kotori blushes and smiles. Natsume happily says that it’s good that she can finally show her natural smile. Kotori is embarrassed about doing that kind of expression. Natsume smiles and says that girls doing that kind of thing [makeover] can uplift one’s spirits and she feels excited when she sees people go through a makeover. Kotori realizes that Natsume was worried about her and in order to cheer her up, Natsume did this for her. Blushing, Kotori holds Natsume’s hand and says, “I’m sorry for making you worry, thanks…”

In school, Abe rushes to the clinic and calls out to Yukito repeatedly. Yukito is sleeping/lying on the bed as Abe shouts, “This is really bad!” Yukito complains what’s with Abe for being so noisy so early in the morning. Abe shouts, “This isn’t the time for sleeping! That! It is definitely that!” Yukito shouts that he’s too close to him and what is it. Yukito is surprised when Abe says, “Kaiji..could have..already gotten a boyfriend..” Yukito sees Kotori. Yukito’s reaction goes: stare at her <- dumbfound/shock, blushing while looking left and right <- heart totally shaken, flustered and a bit agitated <- wavering and finally, gloomy <- depressed. [Operation success! ^^] While Yukito is standing in front of the door, a student behind him tells Yukito to go in the classroom if he is going in because there are a lot of people behind [wanting to go in]. Just then, the door opens and it is Kotori. The two are surprised to see each other. Yukito looks flustered but he quickly walks away. Kotori looks a bit sad about this. While angrily walking, Yukito thinks, “What is that..that is..when she’s with me [in front of me], she never put on make-up, why does she suddenly..?! Why would she do that..for whom did she do those things?” He then remembers the guy from Kousen High. He stands still and is speechless. After school, it is raining hard. Kotori overhears some students saying that they have no umbrella. Kotori thinks that she also doesn’t have one. She notices Yukito holding an umbrella then walks ahead of her. She just speechlessly looks at him. After walking a bit of distance, Yukito turns around and says, “Come here.”

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