June 13, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapter 55]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 10, 2009

Shintaro holds Maria’s face towards him as he leans as if to kiss her. Everyone looks surprised that they weren’t able to react. Maria says, “St..op Stop!” She puts her hand up and seems to have slapped him away. Maria is surprised by what she did as Shintaro complains that it hurts and she’s quite merciless but he anticipated that. Before he can finish what he is saying, Shin has already punched him which surprised the others – well, only Maria and Tomoyo are shown. Grabbing Shintaro’s collar, Shin angrily says that even if he [Shintaro] already knew, he still try to lay his hand on Maria. “Why don’t you disappear! Forever. Don’t come near her again!” Maria shouts at Shin not to use his hands used in playing the piano to hit Shintaro. Shintaro says that he is just joking since he isn’t seriously forcing Maria. “I just want to play a small practical joke.” Shin doesn’t believe him as he shouts that he’s lying. Shin is surprised when Maria says that Shintaro isn’t lying for he isn’t going to kiss because he didn’t use force. Maria says that she only pushed Shintaro away since Shintaro only wanted her to pay attention to him so he deliberately try to intimidate her. Shintaro didn’t answer. Shin asks if she is protecting Shintaro. Yuusuke breaks it up by telling Shin to let it pass if Maria said that’s what happened. “And also, you shouldn’t be that angry, right?” This surprises Shin. Pointing at Shintaro, Shin tells him that he, too, did something over the top. Shintaro timidly says that he just wants to honestly convey his feelings. Shin exclaims that Shintaro is a fool for trying to talk big shamelessly. Serious Yuusuke tells Shintaro that he understands him but everyone went there to have fun including Maria. Shintaro says that it seems he has also angered Yuusuke. “Did I ruin the mood that much?” Yuusuke just smiles and says that it isn’t so. But, Ayu shouts that is true and it is only because Yuusuke is so nice that he is embarrassed to say it bluntly. Shintaro sadly says, “Is that so...I understand. The one who dampened everyone’s spirits should disappear.” Shintaro starts to walk away. Yuusuke tries to call out to him but Shin tells him to let Shintaro be. Maria can only sadly watch Shintaro leave as Tomoyo tells her to help them barbecue.

Maria thinks that Shintaro is always alone and always anticipating. Remembering what Shintaro said about wanting her to be his lover and he has no other wish, she wonders why he has that kind of expression when he hasn’t blend in with anyone yet. [I think she means that Shintaro looks dejected when he hasn’t blended in with the others yet.] It’s already night at the beach. Shintaro is standing by the seashore near the beach table. Shintaro looks flustered that he kicks the table. He panics when the table is about to fall over so he quickly grabs it and fixes the umbrella again. He sighs and bends down while muttering about unexpectedly doing that for real. While carrying some plates, Maria asks the others about looking for Shintaro. Ayu tells her to leave Shintaro be for he’ll come back on his own. Maria protests that Shintaro hasn’t eaten any barbecue yet. Ayu tells her that he’ll just come back to eat. Yuusuke then tells Shin that he’ll help him tidy up outside. [I think, scans are a bit blurry there.] While the two guys went outside, Ayu tells Maria that she is still angry at Shintaro and also when they were buying swimsuits, he only looks after Maria. Maria says that it is because Ayu has decided to buy yellow swimsuit so she won’t listen to what the others will suggest. Embarrassed, Ayu shouts that akuma Maria is too fussy. While washing the dishes, Tomoyo says that she also thinks that Shintaro is a bit strange. She tells Maria that she should be angry when Shintaro mentioned about the first night and enjoying as a midnight snack, he tends to have an indecent feel/connotation to it. [I’ll be alternating words indecent and erotic but they all mean the same word.] Ayu asks if a midnight snack is indecent. Maria says that is just the way Shintaro communicates and there’s no malice in it. To Maria’s surprise, Tomoyo complains that Maria tends to side with Shintaro more. Looking away, Tomoyo says, “Ah—forget it, when I’m just very worried about you.” Maria tells her to wait and why she says it that way.

Washing the plate, Tomoyo angrily tells Maria to just go and get along with Shintaro. Maria tries to pacify Tomoyo and tells her that isn’t what she is saying. Ayu comments that Tomoyo is angry and it is because Shintaro likes Maria so she can’t hate him. Maria tries to say that it isn’t true but Ayu sides with Tomoyo and tells Maria that Shintaro is a sex maniac. Maria exclaims that guy is a bit indecent but.. Then, the two guys arrive and wonder what the fuss is about. While Maria and others are talking, Maria is thinking how is she going to tell them that Shintaro isn’t a bad guy and even if he is a bit indecent, although he is a bit indecent but..indecent, indecent Kurosu.. Everyone is stunned when Maria determinedly says, “For Erosu, obscenity is his strong point. Erosu’s obscenity is the open and candid type of indecency and Erosu doesn’t have any bad intention! That kind of indecency is a broad minded type of indecency, is Erosu’s stong point..” Shaking [trying to stop herself from laughing], Tomoyo asks her who is the Erosu she is referring to. This surprises Maria and she thinks, “indecent/erotic (Ero) + Kuro-(Su) → Erosu.” Maria blushes. Ayu laughs out loud that Maria got confused with the two words. Tomoyo also laughs out loud that Maria is unconscious of it yet she says it so naturally. Maria’s embarrassed reply is that it is because she’s so anxious. Smiling, Yuusuke also laughs and says that Erosu is a very fitting name so he’ll also call Shintaro as Erosu. Maria is surprised by this as she says that he’s quite bad. Yuusuke says that it is alright because calling Shintaro like that is a way for them to get along with each other. This surprises Maria. Yuusuke exclaims that they have decided to call Shintaro, Erosu. Ayu says that it can’t be helped because he makes a good laughing stock. Tomoyo says that after akuma/devil Maria and Nippachi, it’s a continuation of nicknames. Soon they all agree with Yuusuke’s suggestion about creating an opportunity to bring Shintaro back. While they are happily talking, Shin just sighs and let the others be. Maria thinks, “This is great, what is this? Laughing at one’s nickname can also carry out a lovely transform--”

At some forest area, Shintaro is already hungry but then he is embarrassed to go back. He overhears some laughter. He is surprised that everyone, except for Shin, is playing with firecrackers. Shintaro blushes and exclaims to himself, “Wearing swimsuits and lighting up firecrackers?! It seems that they are having fun! Ah—Kawai-sempai is very lively ♡ No wonder, it’s the swimsuit that I chose. It really suits Kawai-sempai. [An arrow points and says that it isn’t true] Eh?” Shintaro sees Shin sitting at the beach and looking at Maria. Shin is blushing a bit. Shintaro exclaims that Shin is stealing a glance and definitely underneath Shin’s skin is a wolf.. Shin suddenly looks away from Maria and Shin looks surprised as he remembers Shin angrily telling him not to go near Maria again. He looks a bit sad until he overhears Yuusuke saying that someone moved the umbrella on the beach table. He fixes it as Maria says that she didn’t notice and Yuusuke is really keen on details. Carrying a small cylinder, Tomoyo calls out to Maria that they light a fireworks’ rocket. Yuusuke offers to help them. Shintaro then sadly tells himself that is true, for everyone there, Maria is a very cherished ‘special’ person. The fireworks lit up in the sky. Maria and others see [stupid-looking] Shintaro looking at their direction. They exclaim that he is there. This seems to scare Shintaro that he tries to run away as he wonders why they are after him. Yuusuke manages to catch him. Shintaro comments that Yuusuke runs fast. Shintaro is surprised when Yuusuke shouts, “I’ve caught you! Erosu.” Shintaro mutters, “Ero?” then starts looking left and right. Yuusuke tells Shintaro that he is referring to him. Looking back, Yuusuke happily tells the others, “See! He did come. Using an indecent/erotic method is the way to entice and capture Erosu. Girls wearing cute swimsuits is the ultimate ecstasy ☆” Ayu teases Yuusuke for saying this in front of Erosu. Tomoyo says that they used fireworks in order to create an erotic ambiance. Shintaro looks a bit confused as he exclaims, “Who the heck is Erosu!” The three say, “You’re really slow[-witted]!” Shin seems to just sweatdrop. Maria offers her hand to Shintaro and says, “Welcome back.” After looking surprises, Shintaro breaks into a smile and says, “Ya.” Maria narrates that Shintaro is always alone before and for the Shintaro who is able to blend with the group, he looks really happy. “This isn’t just my misconception.” Maria then notices that Shintaro looks surprised. Shintaro says, “Sempai, at the back...the villa is on fire..?!” Near the barbecue at the porch, there is smoke.

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