June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 40-41]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 15, 2009

Hanabi’s mother begs Chikai, “Can you? Please, go steady with Hanabi!” No reaction from Chikai. Hanabi is sweating profusely and thinks, “What is she saying—” Hanabi shouts for her mother not to say anymore. Hanabi’s father tells his wife that this is too presumptuous. Hanabi’s mother snaps at him that this is regarding his daughter’s life. [like, for her future] This made the father hug Nanpa and mope. ^^; With a pleading look, Hanabi’s mother says, “Is it okay? What do you think, Chikai-kun?” Hanabi’s sisters who are blushing a bit hope that they will have a handsome brother-in-law. Chikai says, “Ah..” Hanabi covers her ears and think that the answer is too obvious and she can’t believe that she will be rejected in front of her parents. She should be used to this because she had repeated in her mind all sorts of rejection lines that Chikai would tell her. Chikai says, “Then--Sure.” Hanabi uncovers her ears and looks surprised. Her mother and sisters are happily surprised. Her father is gloomy. Nanpa just stares at them. Hanabi thinks, “Ha?” Hanabi’s mother then comforts his husband to not be so gloomy. Picture..picture..so a picture to commemorate the occasion. They take a picture of Chikai and Hanabi’s father. They invite him for dinner then have a toast. [I find it amusing because it is like a shotgun marriage ^^;] They then happily bid Chikai goodbye. Hanabi’s mother pushes Hanabi out and tells her to walk her boyfriend. While walking, Hanabi still cannot believe what just happened. Hanabi starts to laugh and thanks Chikai for cooperating and surely it is hard to say no in front of other people’s parents. “Is this the so-called ‘if you ride on a tiger, it’s hard to get off*’? When Chikai-sama is in front of adults, he will also turn into Chikai-kun.” [*That is an idiom which means impossible to stop halfway] There is a pop-vein [angry] on Chikai who is walking ahead of her. Hanabi continues, “I can understand the situation so I’ll go and clearly explain things to them.” Chikai answers that obviously, she wants to go steady with him. This embarrasses Hanabi. Hanabi angrily shouts that he is a S[adist]. Chikai asks if he is so. Hanabi exclaims if it’s a wrong then it’s a wrong. [Idiom for make the best after a mistake] Chikai turns around to face her and tells her that even he can’t just casually lie in front of other people’s family. “So, how about we be like this (temporarily)?” Hanabi is surprised and mutters, “Temporarily?” Chikai says, “As boyfriend-girlfriend temporarily. If you want to be a real boyfriend-girlfriend, then you should make me have an idea of wanting to ‘kiss’ you.”

This made Hanabi surprised and think, “Ki—kiss!!?” Chikai tells her that the time limit will be until White Day. [March 14, one month after Valentine’s Day] “But, I think you won’t be able to do it. ♥” Hanabi just looks shock and stiffly waves Chikai goodbye. She thinks, “So-called kiss! Kiss!? Is it that kiss?!” At home, Nanpa licks Hanabi’s lips. She suddenly screams kiss that surprises Nanpa. Hanabi starts to wonder how she should do in order to make him want to kiss her. “Something that I have never done before even once, how should I know what to do!” The next day at school, Chikai and Hanabi are walking together at school. Chikai is aghast to see Hanabi pouting her lips. Chikai looks away and says that it is too obvious, too naive and too disgusting. Hanabi is embarrassed that she suddenly hits her lips to probably cover it. She exclaims that it is because she doesn’t know what she should do. Chikai then notices the Hanabi’s lower lip is slightly bleeding. Chikai says that it seems that she really doesn’t understand. As Chikai walks away, he tells her that before a kiss, she should first make his heart be moved by her. “Try first to make me be moved by you, idiot.” [Basically, make him fall in love with her] Then, Chikai adds that he thinks that she won’t be able to do it. Hanabi mutters, “Move one’s heart.” As he walks ahead, Hanabi is in a ‘high’ as she thinks so that’s it, before a kiss, she has to move his heart. “I only need to make Chikai Uno desire me, right?” Freeze. During the break, Hanabi calls out her friends and they group together at the hallway. She asks Kareshi and Mii as to how their respective partners moved their hearts. Kareshi can’t seem able to explain since she is embarrassed. Mii tells her that Shinichi’s perseverance has moved her heart. Atsumi asks Hanabi why she is asking about this. Hanabi tries to explain that even if it is temporarily, she didn’t expect things to turn out that way and regarding this, she can only say this.. She whispers to them what happened. The girls congratulate Hanabi and they are happy for her. Hanabi interrupts to say that it will be for real if she manages to move his heart until White Day. Mii tells her to do her best on Valentines’ Day. Hanabi blushes a bit and thinks, “I will do my best. But...what will move his heart?!” Hanabi tries to think of the moment when Chikai has moved her heart but it seems useless to think about it because even if she is treated like a dog, she is very happy and that guy is definitely no-good. [I think she meant Chikai is an awful guy but she still falls for him ^^; so how she falls for him can’t be used as basis to win Chikai’s heart.] “Now that I think about it, is it because one’s heart is moved so it turns into ‘like/love’ or is it because one likes, so the heart is moved?”

At home, Hanabi is baking something from a cookbook for Valentines’ Day. There are some clothes on the bed. After she is finished wrapping the baked goods, she is about to email Chikai. She wonders if his email is the same as before. [Part of Chikai’s email is Yukine’s birthday] She sends the message then thinks that even if she doesn’t understand things very much, but talking about kiss, she thinks that just moving his heart already seems far away. “If Chikai Uno’s heart still has parts of Yukine..” On Valentine’s day, ding-dong. Hanabi opens the door. It is Chikai who tells her family minus Minato that they are going out. On the way out, Chikai pats Nanpa’s head. He looks back at Hanabi and holds out his hand to her. Hanabi is puzzled. Chikai says, “Your hand.” Embarrassed, Hanabi asks if it is really okay, this is a really huge ‘charity’. Chikai tells her that this is an exception since it is a date, he is going to hold her hand. “This is my style.” Hanabi blushes and holds his hand. She thinks that [instead of him], it is her, whose heart is moved. Nanpa narrates to Hanabi that honestly, he knows how holding hands is really such a favorable thing. Chikai asks where they are going. Hanabi replies, “Let’s go to where you and Yukine used to go.” While looking at the two, holding hands, Nanpa narrates, “Although being free can be fun, but it makes me a bit lonely. Hanabi..Hanabi, do not leave me.” In the zoo, Hanabi says, what a cute color -> flamingo, what cute claws -> tiger, what cute eyes -> giraffe. While feeding some animals, Hanabi says, “How cute..” Chikai says that she is like an idiotic girl for always saying ‘cute’. Hanabi exclaims that it is because it’s really cute. “Anyone, no matter who, comes to this place will say that it is cute..” She then pauses and says, “..ah..I think..” Chikai tells her not to say it too many times then. Hanabi looks at Chikai and remembers asking him to go with her to where he went with Yukine before. “This is the place where Uno Chikai and Yukine had their first date.”

After finish feeding the animals, Hanabi exclaims that they go see the sea lions because it is going to be their feeding time soon. A sign says that they should wash their hands if they pat/fed the animals. Hanabi goes to the sink and realizes that water faucet closes the water flow if she lets go of it. To her surprise, Chikai presses down the water faucet and tells her, “—Quickly wash, you slow-witted girl.” Hanabi is surprised since there are some people who are waiting behind her. While Hanabi washes her hands, she wonders if Chikai also did this for Yukine. Then, she presses the water faucet for Chikai, she wonders if Yukine did the same thing as she did. “How did he smile? How was his heart moved? I have already prepared myself before going here. Although it’s for myself, perhaps his remaining painful memories..” Chikai walks ahead and holds out his hand to her. Hanabi takes his hand. Chikai complains that it is wet. Hanabi exclaims that his hand is wet, too. Elsewhere, Shinichi is crying tears of joy for the chocolate with glasses design given by Mii. Holding the chocolate, he says that it is really great for Mii unexpectedly gives him handmade chocolates. Mii just tells him to consider it as wasting/spending energy. Atsumi is greeting some people at the mall then sees Sasa going in the gift shop again. She is a bit flustered then says, “Sasa-kun..that is impossible..” At some store where Masato works, Masato exclaims if she is going to give this to him, too. Holding a bag, Masato says that she has already given that cake to him before. Kareshi says that this is something simpler than the other one including the ingredients. Masato blushes and thanks her. Masato tells her not to force herself too much and doesn’t she also have work later on. Kareshi blushes but they were interrupted by someone who calls out, ‘Good work’. Masato turns around and greets Chidori who is smiling at them. Kareshi freezes. Looking at the package, Chidori says that it is nice. “Is it a Valentine’s gift?” Masato says that it is. Chidori says, “How sweet. It’s really nice, that it makes one envious.” Masato opens the bag and wonders what is inside since it is heavier than it looks. “It’s a pound cake!” Kareshi is flustered and stunned upon seeing Chidori looking really serious and displeased at her. Since she is behind Masato, he didn’t see what Chidori just did. Chidori says that there are many customers coming in. Masato bids Kareshi goodbye since he has to go back to work. He thanks her and tells her that he will send her an email tonight. They went in and Kareshi just stood there.

Back at the zoo, the two are still holding hands while watching the sea lions. A guy suddenly goes near Hanabi, making her feel ill. Noticing this, Chikai quickly pulls her away from the guy. She blushes while Chikai says that girl/s are troublesome. Hanabi thinks, “It’s alright. It’s alright even if you say that I’m troublesome, say that I’m slow-witted, say that I’m an idiot who always say ‘cute’..Because right now, the one standing here is me.” At a bench, Hanabi gives her gift to Chikai while saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” She gives him fortune cookies which are slightly dog shaped. Chikai tells her that she knew that he can’t eat Cleo-chan so is she looking for a fight. Hanabi says that this time it doesn’t look very similar. [Not really dog shapes] “Eat one piece per day because inside, there is a strip of paper with a fortune.” Chikai breaks one cookie open and it reads, “You..might smile today!” Chikai says that it didn’t happen. Embarrassed, Hanabi shouts that good fortune isn’t what he feels inside but is something that might happen in reality. “A wish is not something that will become reality just by waiting. ..there is a reason for coming here today. This place, for you, should be ‘a place where I went with Yukine’, right? (How many times have you thought of Yukine today?) But, later on..it would be nice if it becomes ‘a place where I went with doggie’ (But next time..I’m afraid it will be okay, too, even if it’s just one place)..” [I invented the ‘doggie’ because in Chinese, it means a playboy ^^; I think it’s a name of a dog or something so I used something generic. About her last sentence, I think it is like they will only go to just one place where Chikai used to date with Yukine.] Chikai looks a bit surprised at her. With tears in her eyes, Hanabi says, “But, coincidentally, if I successfully made you remember too many memories, I’m sorry. And if you ask me, it’s also quite painful [for me.]” Hanabi thinks, “I don’t know of any technique to move his heart. But, compared to that, at first, I want Uno Chikai’s heart only to have a lot more space.” In the last scene, Chikai smiles. [Not sure if forced or if he is laughing at her ^^;] But whatever the reason, the fortune in the fortune cookie came true.

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