June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 27]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 7, 2009

Kotori is shock by what Risa meant by going steady while Risa is clinging on Yukito like a leech. She is also shock that Yukito isn’t saying anything about it. Risa’s boyfriend holds up her hand exclaims what Risa is talking about when they are already going steady. He tells her that she is acting weird so just let go of that other guy. Risa tries to pulls away from him and shout for him to let her go. Yukito holds the shoulder of the boyfriend and tells him not to make a fuss in that place, how about they go talk in some other place. Yukito just looks at surprised Kotori and walks away. With a somewhat sneering smile, Risa apologizes to stunned Kotori before following Yukito. Kotori can only stand there and watch as Yukito and others walk away. At home, Kotori is moping in her bedroom while waiting for Yukito’s call. She gloomily wonders where they went, what they are doing and why is it with Risa. She mutters that he could have at least write her a message because if he didn’t contact her quickly, her imagination will go wild and if Risa really likes Yukito and right now, the two of them are alone then maybe Yukito might be fickle and.. She imagines the two being lovey-dovey. This made Kotori gloomier so she hugs her dog stuffed toy and mutters that she will also be lovey-dovey with Ken-ken. Her phone suddenly rings. She shouts, “Yukito!” That hurts Yukito’s ears. He tells her not to shout else she’ll destroy his eardrums. Kotori sweatdrops and thinks that she currently feels a little bit happy right now. She is a bit embarrassed and tries to explain but Yukito apologizes to her about what happened earlier – he just left without saying anything to her.

Yukito explains that it is because he is pretending to be Risa’s boyfriend so if Kotori is with him, it might be exposed. He says that he just got Risa and her boyfriend to properly talk to each other and after it is settled, he left. Kotori thinks that she is really anger and wanted to say a lot of things but still, even if Yukito seems like he is just making an excuse, she already feels happy upon hearing his voice. Kotori smiles and thanks him for specially calling her. “Are you concerned about me?” Blushing, Yukito says that he wasn’t but rather, he thinks that she probably has lost her temper. Kotori denies she lost her temper and says that she is okay because she is playing with Ken-ken so there is no time for her to lose her temper. This surprised Yukito that he asks who this so-called Ken-ken is. Kotori tries to explain but upon looking at her stuffed toy sitting proudly on the bed, Kotori stutters that Ken-ken is her childhood friend who is a bit wild. Yukito looks flustered and he says that is nice. He wonders who Ken-ken is, then imagines him as some good-looking guy. After hanging up, Kotori gloomily says that she can’t say that it is just a dog [toy]. Yukito is then called out by smiling Risa who asks if he just called Kotori. She thanks him for helping her and she knew that if it is him, he will definitely help. Yukito tells her not to do that rude thing again. Even if she wants to break up, she can’t just say that kind of alibi out of the blue because the other person won’t believe it. Risa says that even so, she is still a bit concerned. Yukito asks what it is. She then tells him something. Kotori narrates that the truth is, the unhappy feeling in her heart has not yet disappeared.

During lunch, Yukito exclaims that her Doraemon-themed [Suneo and Shizuka chars] lunchbox for him is really great and if she really made it. Yukito is a bit concern why the bento box is like that. He says that he’ll take a picture of it first to show it off to Abe and others before eating it. Kotori says that will be embarrassing but Yukito still takes a picture of it. Kotori thinks that she had made the bento box like Yukito’s brother’s and since Yukito likes it so... She sadly looks at Yukito who is busy wondering which one he will eat first. She is really bothered by what happened yesterday, what happened with Risa, what they talked about, there are many things that she wants to ask but if she asked, he’ll probably think that she’s being annoying and seeing him happy like that, she can’t bring herself to ask him. Yukito is surprised when Kotori suddenly holds his arm tight. This made Yukito blush and call out her nickname. She also blushes. Yukito then tells her that if she is too near him, he can’t eat. Kotori quickly lets go and apologizes. Yukito tries to touch her but when Kotori turns around, he pretends that he is catching some mosquito. He tries to ask about Ken-ken but when Kotori says, ‘huh?’, he drops the topic. In the classroom, Kotori looks at her hand and thinks that she unconsciously held on Yukito’s arm just like what Risa did before. The students are leaving as the homeroom teacher tells them to review for the exam. Kotori sadly sweeps the floor when Yukito tells her that he’ll be waiting for her at the gate after she finished her cleaning duty. She then overhears some guys talking about a pretty girl at the gate and she seems to be from a different school. Kotori only becomes interested when they say that Yukito is with that girl. She looks out the window to see that it is indeed Risa with Yukito. Kotori clenches her fist.

Afterwards, Kotori goes to the gate and Risa says that Kotori is here. Risa tells them that she is sorry about what happened yesterday and as an apology, she is going to treat both of them out to anything they want to eat. This surprises Kotori. Risa asks Yukito if she can. A bit flustered, Yukito agrees. Kotori angrily thinks that Yukito is like that again, no matter what Risa says, he agrees. While they were walking, as usual, Kotori is being left out since Risa and Yukito are talking together and walking ahead of Kotori. Kotori thinks that she is getting used to this kind of situation and she feels that Risa’s apology is insincere. She wonders if it is just her imagination. Risa then asks Kotori why she doesn’t look happy since the start. She says that Kotori is really quite mature that it is quite surprising that she is going steady with Yukito. [Mature about not making a fuss even if Risa is doing all those things?] Yukito says why she is saying that as if it sounds bad [= made him look bad]. He tells Risa that she said that she is going to treat them to anything, right. Risa exclaims of course not and tells him to have mercy on her wallet. Kotori closes her eyes and thinks that it is the same as before, she feels like a third wheel. “I do not want to be in this place but then, I don’t want to leave those two alone. I do not want that there will be a time wherein those two are doing something that I do not know. There are many things that I should say..if she said something that I can’t reply to, then it will just repeat everything all over again. I already know this but, my feelings are becoming heavier and heavier. I can’t do anything..I really hate..the current me.” Yukito looks back and notices Kotori looking gloomy. He is about to say something when a promo girl who is giving coupons, calls out to Risa and address her as ‘the couple’ [meaning Risa and Yukito]. She invites them to go check out their place since there is a buy-one-take-one promo. Risa happily takes the coupon and tells Yukito that they go eat there since she got a lovers’ coupon. Risa giggles that girl thought that they are lovers and wonders if other people think of them the same way, too. Kotori finally has had enough. She forces a smile and quickly tells them that she has something to do so she’ll go ahead. She quickly runs off. Yukito tries to call her back but can only watch Kotori leave. Risa is smiling. Kotori mopes in her bedroom. She calls herself useless for running away again because she doesn’t want to see those two having fun. She hugs Ken-ken. She wonders why Yukito didn’t notice it at all. She hates this matter concerning Risa even if this same situation has happened before. She then thinks, no it’s because she didn’t say it clearly before for Yukito not to talk with Risa nor see her. “The two of them does seem to be more like lovers compared to when he is with me. They look more natural..”

In school, Abe and friend are shock to see Yukito’s bento box – skull with bones. Yukito gloomily wonders why it is like that. Abe happily exclaims that from now on, he’ll eagerly anticipate what Yukito’s bento box will be like everyday. Yukito exclaims what’s to expect [about it]. Yukito’s other friend [whose name I still don’t know ^^;] asks if this bento box is made by Kotori and maybe there is something that Kotori is unhappy about. Abe asks Yukito what he did to Kotori that she can’t openly accuse him about it. Yukito asks what he meant by that. Abe says that he heard it from others that a girl from another school came to see Yukito twice. Yukito says that she is just a junior high friend. Abe says that even if it is a friend, one won’t just go to their school. Yukito says that there are just some things that they talked about. Abe says that it would be better not to attract any misunderstanding and Kotori would also feel uncomfortable about it. Yukito lamely says that they are really just friends and there is nothing beyond it. Abe says that it’s good if there is no other thing. Outside, where they usually eat lunch near the clock, Kotori holds her bomb onigiri and wonders if Yukito opened his bento box by now. She begins to regret making that kind of bento box that she wonders how is she going to return back to the classroom. She thinks that she put in that bento all her frustrations and not being able to say anything. She is surprised when someone calls out, “Kuja--I found you.” Gloomily holding the bento box, Yukito gloomily says, “This-- Thank you.” Yukito sits down and asks where Natsume is. Kotori says that she is off to work so Natsume didn’t go to school. After they ate lunch, Yukito says that Risa is quite concerned when Kotori suddenly just left. Kotori clenches her fist and wonders why he came there to talk about Risa. Yukito asks why Kotori left yesterday. Kotori just repeats, ‘why’. Yukito says that maybe there is something that Kotori wanted to say. Kotori is flustered yet didn’t say anything. Yukito explains that he already told her before that there is nothing between him and Risa, they are only friends. Kotori says that maybe it is for him but what about Risa. “Before and yesterday too, it is too obvious that she likes you. Will it be..always like this?” She wonders if she will always feel uneasy. Yukito rumples her hair and says what’s up with that look and asks if she is okay. Kotori tries to say something when Yukito suddenly hugs her and kisses her.

That made Kotori’s eyes look blank. [She’s allergic to force affection ^^;] Kotori pushes him away and shouts his name. She tells him that she doesn’t want to do that right now and she doesn’t want him to change the topic [get away with it] using his kisses. Yukito is surprised that he asks her what she meant by that. Kotori realizes that Yukito doesn’t understand her feelings. She asks him until when is she going to endure that thing concerning Risa – Risa holding his arm, the two talking and forgetting about her, forgetting that she even existed, can she only just look at them with her eyes wide open. Yukito tries to explain again but Kotori interrupts by saying that he is just going to say again that they are only friends. She says that if they are just ordinary friends, would they be able to just calmly be ‘lovey-dovey’ in front of one’s girlfriend. “And, if I clearly bring it up and say you shouldn’t..do not see Matsushima-classmate again, will you be able to do it?” Yukito looks at her in surprise. Kotori says that he can’t answer and maybe it would be better if he just go steady with Risa because he should be happier with Risa and the two of them are more suitable. Yukito grabs Kotori’s hand and exclaims that if she said that again, he’ll get angry because he just told her that he and Risa are only friends. “Aren’t you the same? Like before, I thought that you wanted to get close to me but in the end, you avoided me and being like this. Isn’t that also very confusing?! Why don’t you explain that to me.” Yukito realizes what he is saying that he tells her to stop and not talk about that topic anymore. Kotori says that she now knows why there are times when he kisses her and hugs her and her heart doesn’t beat a special way and it’s because their way of thinking is different. Kotori is stunned with this realization and thinks, “Yes, that’s how it is..so..” After some pause, Yukito darkly smiles and says, “...really..then, let’s break up, right?”

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