June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 38-39]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 29, 2009

Hanabi is surprised when Chikai bows down and says “I’m sorry” to Mii. Chikai stands up again and says, “--..because I can’t do it. You should continue on focusing on Oyama [Shinichi].” Mii mutters why everyone is like that as if they are making some sort of mistake. She angrily kicks the garbage and scatters the pieces of paper all around. Hanabi and friends are shock while the other boys are happily looking at Mii because of the ‘panty shot’. Mii angrily shouts what’s up with that. “Why is it like I’m rejected when I obviously haven’t even confessed?! I..” Shinichi quickly goes over and stands in front of Mii. He exclaims at Chikai about what he is doing with his Mii. Chikai wonders why Shinichi is thinking that he did something to Mii. To everyone’s shock, Mii pulls Shinichi to her and kisses him on the cheek. Holding deflated Shinichi, Mii tells everyone, “And that’s..how it is!” Mii looks both ways then looks down as she remembers Mei/Ami warning her that one day everyone would leave her. Mii says in a soft voice, “..So..Hanabi..afterwards, let’s get along with each other.” Everyone bends with hands on the ears to hear what Mii is saying. Hanabi is flustered. Before Mii leaves, Hanabi shouts, “Of course, we will!” Ami looks at Hanabi from behind. She smiles and says that girls should aim high. Hanabi thinks that she cannot accept things that she can’t understand but then, it is because she doesn’t understand so she can’t accept it. A guy calls out to everyone to clean things up. Hanabi panics when a guy tries to help her with something. She just nervous thanks him. She wonders if this is good. She remembers what Ami said earlier about not understanding some things but still knowing the truth of things. Hanabi thinks that even if she isn’t an expert with guys but she can accept everyone a bit. She laments that it is because she isn’t very fair and considerate. [Okay, based on this, I guess Hanabi is still a bit hesitant about Chikai even if everything is okay now because he is a guy. Maybe about all those cannot understand stuff is about she cannot really understand why she likes him when she is scared of guys which is also something she can’t really understand why. Yet, in reality, she does know what she feels and somewhat understand what it means - why she likes Chikai among all the other guys.]

Some teddy bear products fall down the floor while store boss is putting them in a bag in his car. Atsumi picks them up for him. He calls her cotton candy girl. [No idea why because Atsumi works in a crepe store ^^;] Atsumi comments that the boss bought a lot. The boss tells her that the handmade products by the students there are very good/well-made so every year, he goes there to patronize the products. Atsumi thanks him for patronizing the products. The boss just laughs. Atsumi then asks him if he is close with Sasa. The boss just looks at her. Just then, Ami arrives and asks if they know each other. This surprises Atsumi. While walking home, Masato tells Kareshi that Chidori came today. Kareshi asks if it is the one whom he works part-time with. Masato says that’s the one. Kareshi says that there are many female customers so she didn’t notice. She asks if Chidori went there along with his other co-workers. Masato says no, she came alone. While Masato is still talking about groceries, Kareshi looks at Masato and asks, “Alone?” Masato says that’s right which is surprising since it is a huge event and it seems that Chidori really likes it. Walking home with Mii, Shinichi is in a ‘flowery mood’. Mii says him that she wants to tell him something clearly and that is, right now, he has slightly gotten hold of the key but if he careless did something stupid, his victory will become defeat. Shinichi becomes gloomy about this but he blushes when Mii wishes him in doing his best. Shinichi happily calls out her name. [Then, I think there’s a blood splatter ^^;;] Chikai goes down the window and sees Hanabi waiting from him in their secret path. They walk together in silence. Hanabi is blushing a bit and probably wondering what to say. Chikai lightly knocks her on the head. Hanabi is teary-eyed then shouts at him that it hurts. She thinks, “There are some things that one will definitely cherish even before obtaining it.”

In cooking class, Atsumi happily exclaims about the delicious looking [chocolate] desserts and the enticing smell of cocoa that can melt one’s heart. “Welcome! Sweet Valentine’s Day!” A couple of girls call out to Atsumi to give them a taste test of their chocolate since Atsumi’s tongue is really great. Atsumi happily agrees to do so. Hanabi praises Kareshi’s cake. Kareshi says it’s just the same type of cake as the others and she is just practicing. She iced her cake with lots of hearts and a chibi face of Masato. Hanabi happily exclaims that if she gives that to Masato, he will definitely be surprised. Kareshi asks if she is trying too hard. Hanabi says that it’s really good and beautiful. Kareshi blushes a bit yet she seems a little nervous. The teacher asks Mii if that is.. Mii says that she melted the chocolates and made it into one piece. It is a chocolate bar with an icing drawing of a pair of glasses. Hanabi blushes a bit upon seeing it. Mii says that she is going to give that to Shinichi so what about hers. Hanabi just smiles. At the forest path, Chikai, who seems to be waiting for her, asks if Hanabi is going to give him chocolates. Hanabi feels tense and thinks, “Here it comes. Yes, yes, I want to give them to you!” [Hehe, the author probably made her daughter draw Hanabi again =P ] Chikai says that it is going to be Valentine’s Day soon and today, the sweet smell has drifted at their side [of the building]. Hanabi tells him that it is just a school assignment and she’ll give him the real one on the day itself. Chikai tells her that he’ll accept it if it can be eaten and she should feel grateful. Hanabi blushes and sweatdrops as she gives him a bag of Cleo-shaped and designed chocolates. Hanabi waits for his reaction. Chikai’s eyes widen. He shouts, “Can this be eaten? This kind of things! Idiot!” This shocks Hanabi that she asks, wha-what. She is surprised to see Chikai blushing while looking away. He asks, “Can this be eaten?” This made Hanabi smile. Just then, her cellphone rings. She says that it is her older sister. She excuses herself and answers the phone. Hanabi becomes tense so after hanging up the phone, Chikai asks what the matter is. Hanabi tells him that Nanpa is missing. She begins to wonder where he could be since this has never happened before. Chikai grabs her wrist and tells her if it’s doggie then they should quickly go.

While running around town to look for Nanpa, there are only two things in Hanabi’s mind – Nanpa who is missing and Chikai who is holding her. Then, they find dirty Nanpa running around by the river bank. Hanabi angrily shouts, “Nanpa! What are you doing?! Quickly come here!” Hanabi runs to get to him but Nanpa also runs. When Hanabi stops, Nanpa stops. Hanabi runs again and Nanpa runs again. Hanabi is too tired and angry that she can’t chase after Nanpa. Holding up a piece of Cleo chocolate, Chikai shouts, “Nanpa! Look, dog biscuit!” This surprises Hanabi. Chikai pretends to eat the chocolate while shouting, “‘Ah’ ‘Delicious’ ‘Ah, yum yum’” Nanpa thinks that it is some sort of catch ball game. He runs back so the two tries to catch him. Hanabi hugs Nanpa and says that she finally caught him. She opens her eyes and finds herself on the ground. She realizes that they are on top of Chikai. Hanabi freaks out. Breathing hard, Chikai says, “Very..agile..” Blushing, Hanabi looks away and apologizes. She gets off Chikai. Nanpa just look at the two. Walking home together with Hanabi, Chikai is carrying Nanpa. Hanabi asks if Nanpa is heavy. Chikai replies that he’s unexpectedly heavy. Hanabi blushes as she looks at both Chikai and Nanpa. To Hanabi’s anger, Nanpa pukes water on her. ^^;; At Hanabi’s house, holding on to Nanpa, Minato [Hanabi’s older sister] exclaims where did Nanpa go. “I was looking all over the place for you, you idiot, Nanpa! But, I’m sorry for not realizing that the collar is loose.” Looking a bit concerned, Hanabi’s mother asks Chikai if he also helped look for Nanpa. Chikai says that it is just a winter exercise since he perspired a bit. Her mother exclaims that he is such a nice kid. “Thanks for being so enthusiastic [in searching]!” Hanabi is a bit embarrassed that her mother is in such a high mood. Her mother exclaims that they have become very dirty. Chikai tells her that he is fine. Her mother exclaims, “What are you saying! Quickly take it off!” To Hanabi’s horror, her mother starts to take Chikai’s coat off him. Hanabi shouts for her mother to stop. Her mother exclaims to Chikai that it will be her disgrace as a woman if she lets him go back home wearing such dirty clothes when they are the reason for it. Chikai tries to say that even if she say that.. Minato tells her mother that it’s quite rude to be always standing in the courtyard. Their mother exclaims that is right. She then quickly invites Chikai inside. This totally shocks Hanabi. Nanpa thinks he is lucky because he doesn’t have to take a bath.

Inside, Hanabi’s mother is taking pictures of Chikai in different outfits – Western suit, golf clothes, summer yukata and formal wear [black suit]. Hanabi’s mother blushes and says that Chikai looks great in all of them. Chikai is posing in accordance to the clothes he is wearing. Minato is taking a video of it. Hanabi shouts for them to quit playing dress up with her father’s clothes that they even brought out his summer clothes. She exclaims that they are extremely rude. Later on, while ironing a shirt, Hanabi’s mother apologizes for doing those things on her own. She explains that it is because they don’t have any boys in the family and even if there was, ‘he’ won’t be as good-looking as Chikai. Hanabi exclaims why she is smiling when she is talking of such depressing things [I guess her mother really wanted a son]. Her mother says, “The most important thing is that Hanabi unexpectedly brought home a guy.” Blushing a bit, Hanabi tells her not to exaggerate. Hanabi thinks that perhaps what is harder to endure is that a guy is wearing her father’s clothes and being addressed by her family. [I think she meant that she will have more hope about Chikai since it seems that he is now part of the family.] Minato arrives back and says that according to the laundry shop, it will be done tomorrow evening. Drinking a hot beverage, Chikai thanks her. He asks if they should wash Nanpa. Hanabi tells him that they’ll do that later on. Chikai asks won’t the mud be hard to remove if it dried. To Hanabi’s aghast, with Minato’s approval, Hanabi’s mother suggest that both Chikai and Hanabi wash Nanpa. Hanabi thinks, “There’s a guy beside me.” In the bathroom, Hanabi wets Nanpa’s fur. She explains to Chikai that she made the water pressure from the shower head very small to wet Nanpa’s body so that he won’t hate it so much. Nanpa thinks that there is no escaping taking a bath. Chikai says that it seems that Nanpa hates the sound of the shower though it isn’t from experience. Hanabi asks why. Chikai says that it is because Cleo likes to take a bath and occasionally, they take a bath together. Hanabi blushes and exclaims, “Bath together?!” It seems that Cleo is in a dish while Chikai is in the bathtub. Hanabi exclaims that must have felt nice. Chikai says, kind of. Hanabi happily says, “It surely is.” She thinks, “I have Chikai beside me..”

After washing, Nanpa shakes off the water. Hanabi exclaims since the water splashes on them. Chikai comments that the absorption of water is also totally different from Cleo. [Bigger dog = more water] While Hanabi is apologizes since they are all wet, wet Chikai looks at her so she wasn’t able to finish what she is saying because she is blushing really red. Probably because Hanabi shouted a while ago, her father comes in and asks what happened. Pause. Behind Hanabi’s father is his family and they are looking at Hanabi + Chikai + Nanpa. Back at the living room, Hanabi’s father and sisters are drying up Nanpa. Hanabi’s mother gives Hanabi and Chikai another glass of drink. Hanabi’s mother explains that it is because Hanabi is the second daughter. Her father has a resistance to this kind of thing even if it isn’t stubborn resistant type but still, his feelings are more or less complicated. “Especially towards his daughter’s boyfriend ♥” Pause. After explaining, Hanabi’s mother exclaims out loud, “Wha! What! It’s not so?!” She says that it is because before, Hanabi is thoroughly enthusiastic while making the bento boxes and is thoroughly enthusiastic in dressing up before going out. Hanabi shouts for her to stop saying those things because it is very embarrassing. Her mother continues, “Isn’t today the same?! I thought that it is really like that! What is the meaning of this?” Chikai says that he did thought that perhaps she was thinking like that so from the start, she has been doing all those things. Embarrassed, Hanabi shouts for her mother not to quickly jump into conclusion. “It’s totally not that!” Hanabi thinks, “Enough! But, I also wish it is true.” Her sisters lost their enthusiasm about all this. Her father seems very happy about it that he is whistling a tune. Misato says that for Hanabi to unexpectedly be with a guy is already a miracle in itself. Anzu, her younger sister, says that she thought that this will never happen in Hanabi’s lifetime. Hanabi’s mother tells Chikai, “This really puzzles me. That’s right, if you are able to this type of things then it also means that you don’t hate Hanabi, right?” Hanabi’s father and Nanpa look at Hanabi’s mother who bows to Chikai and exclaims, “So! Please be Hanabi’s boyfriend!” Chikai just looks at Hanabi’s mother while Hanabi is stunned.

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