June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 35-36]

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Walking home while holding hands, Masato is about to tell something to Kareshi but when she smiles and asks, yes? He seems to have changed the topic and just asks if she is going to buy something since there is a special sale on that day. At the hospital, Shinichi has removed his glasses and is about to touch Mii. Mii looks surprised by this. To Shinichi’s surprise, Mii quickly presses the nurse call and asks for help. Shinichi panics and quickly tells the nurse that everything is okay and he is quite alive and energetic. Shinichi sighs in relief. Mii asks if he can only think of such a nonsense method to make her forget. She angrily shouts, “You should have some strong point that only you would have, stupid glasses!” She quickly leaves, leaving Shinichi blushing and a bit sad. [Hehe, Shinichi actually doesn’t look bad without his glasses =P ] He realizes that Mii has not yet totally forgotten about Chikai as she claims. At the penthouse, after being asked if she is going to give up, Hanabi removes the blanket from them and says that she can’t give up. Hanabi thinks that those words just slid out of her tongue and it is already a feeling that one cannot just give up just by saying it. Then, Atsumi is walking home. She takes out the Pinky candy that Hanabi probably gave her. She puts some on her hand then blushes upon seeing that the heart shape candies. Soon, it is the Nanayo store opening. There are many people coming to the school to buy their items. In their booth, Hanabi tries to help welcome the customers but ends up feeling aghast because of the male students, who belong to her group, are beside her while they sell their products. Atsumi just tells Hanabi to just concentrate on selling the goods because the customers are all attracted to the other side. At the booth beside theirs, Mii is dressed up as a princess. The older ladies are amused by her and want to take a picture. They are also interested with the other guy – Chikai in pirate costume. Some rude guy tries to get between the girls who are admiring Chikai to take a picture of Mii. Chikai tells them not to fight over taking a picture. He also tells the people who are taking pictures to buy something from their store.

Hanabi looks at the two then laments that they look good together. Shinichi is happy to see Mii looking good in the outfit but he also laments that the two looks good together. This made Shinichi start shouting that he is her boyfriend. Two other guys hold on to him and say that they know but this is only for today and even if he doesn’t look that bad, he isn’t good enough to attract the customers. Hanabi’s boss visits Sasa’s booth and comments about the stuff he is selling. Sasa asks what about his store. The boss says that he closed it because he usually goes to Nanayo to look for new stuff to sell in his store. He asks Sasa what he recommends. Sasa says everything. The boss says that he can’t depend on him. Sasa muses that the boss didn’t seem to be the workaholic type. The boss rubs his hair and calls him a brat. Sasa is smiling. The two gossiping girls [who spread the secret] notice this. While still selling stuff, Atsumi suggests to Hanabi that later on, they walk around. Hanabi quickly agrees because she wants to leave that booth. Atsumi says that she wants to see Sasa’s place. Hanabi is about to say something when they overheard someone asking if that is Mii. Three girls recognize Mii who used to go to their junior high. They say that Mii is still cute as before and while playing a princess, she only needs to wear that dress and not do anything. They also say that she haven’t changed and surely, she is still popular because Nanayo school is mostly composed of guys. “If it’s Mii, then you’re still very picky because you are quite popular among the girls in first year junior high. It’s really great. Makes one envious of you. Becoming really cute is a good advantage.” Mii didn’t reply. [It seems to me that they are being sarcastic] Noticing that things aren’t well, Hanabi tells Atsumi that they should go to Mii. Atsumi agrees. Before they can go to Mii, Chikai is already standing in front of Mii as if to defend her from the other girls. Hanabi, Atsumi and Shinichi see this and they look surprised. Hanabi thinks that she cannot give up but if Mii’s feelings are still not in the past..

The three girls are surprised and ask if this is some sort of performance. Pointing his toy wooden sword at them, Chikai asks, “Do you want to be arrested? Princesses.” The three girls blush and think that it is okay to be arrested by him. Chikai rounds them up and leads them to their store. He tells them that he won’t let them go unless they buy something. One of the girls exclaims if this is a new way of soliciting customers to buy. She mutters that even if she said that, she still lets herself being led by him. Still standing there, Mii looks serious. Wearing the fake glasses, Shinichi calls out her name. Mii asks if he usually wears it. Shinichi asks if it isn’t funny. Mii says that it is very annoying. Shinichi exclaims in shock that she was the one who gave it to him. Mii tells him to find some other way to make her laugh. Shinichi exclaims, “Yes, master!” [master like teacher] Hanabi really looks stunned. When Atsumi calls her name, Hanabi laughs and says that she shouldn’t have gone there. She then bumps into a guy. She screams out loud that surprises the guy. Apparently, Hanabi is wondering what if Mii still likes Chikai. At the store, Shinichi asks a favor from Chikai for him not to be cool. Chikai asks what. Shinichi says that Chikai must have thought that it is such a modest [pathetic?] request but it doesn’t matter for the truth is he is very modest. Chikai says that he didn’t say anything. “Being modest is also a kind of cool.” Shinichi blushes a bit. Chikai then says no matter what he does, he can only make it cool so he is a bit envious of Shinichi. Shinichi asks why he doesn’t feel like Chikai is actually envious of him. Later on, a couple of girls tell Hanabi and Atsumi about the fortune-telling booth which was the principal’s idea. Hanabi says that she’ll check it out later. One of the girls warns her to prepare herself before going because it seems the fortune-teller is quite accurate. There are three fortune-telling booths and there is a long queue in all three booths, mostly female. There is a principal mascot holding a sign of paid fortune-telling. The four girls, except Mii, are quite intrigued by it. Then, the mascot guy leads them to one of the booths.

On top of the booth, there is a sign Luminasi Mei. A veiled woman looks at her crystal ball and says, “I can see it Luminasi...you..you failed in losing weight luminasi..” Atsumi exclaims how she knew. Mei didn’t answer. Atsumi admits that she gave up losing weight because the person she likes already likes someone else. Mei asks if she confessed. Atsumi laughs and says she didn’t. Mei shouts, “Then, you should work harder luminasi..!!” Next session, Mei says, “You have..a long-time boyfriend luminasi..” Kareshi asks how she knew. Mei asks if the progress has been going smoothly. Kareshi says it is okay but then, it is without a little problem. Kareshi explains to her that it is okay because they have love. Mei exclaims, “You shouldn’t be so calm luminasi..dropping your guard is dangerous luminasi..!!” Next session, Mei says, “You are hiding your true self luminasi..” No reaction from Mii. Mei asks, “..luminasi?” Mii asks what kind of talk is that. After a pause, Mei says, “If you keep on running away..then one day everyone is going to leave you luminasi..!!” Last session, Mei says, “You..are currently in love luminasi..” Hanabi looks surprised and thinks that half of the people can be in love and not in love. Hanabi admits that she is. Mei says, “You have a love rival luminasi.” Hanabi looks surprised again and thinks that it is half accurate. Mei says, “Looking at your expression, you already know of the existence of that person, luminasi? Right, the love rival..is right beside you luminasi..!!!” When the four girls go out, they are now in a dark mood except for Atsumi. [Lol] Kareshi says that luminasi is a bit accurate. Hanabi asks Atsumi if luminasi has influenced her. Atsumi just laughs. Mii says that what luminasi said can be told to anyone. Kareshi agrees for that is the technique of fortune-tellers. They all remembered what was told to them. Atsumi quickly says that she is going somewhere first but she’ll come back. After running for a while, Atsumi blushes and asks herself what she is planning to do. She then overhears a girl telling someone that the one Sasa likes is definitely that guy. Atsumi goes to Sasa’s booth. Seeing Sasa’s happy expression while with the boss, Atsumi realizes that Sasa likes the boss. Meanwhile, Kareshi is walking when Masato from his store calls out to her. Masato asks how her store is doing. Kareshi says that it is doing well because of the cosplay. Masato just says is that so. Since Kareshi just looks at him and didn’t say anything, he asks what it is. Kareshi blushes then smiles. She says that it is nothing and tells him to keep it up until the end. Masato says he will. After Kareshi left, one of his group mates ask Masato if they didn’t break up yet. Masato exclaims of course not. The group mate just says okay. Then, a cute short haired girl calls out to Masato and smiles.

Elsewhere, Mii overhears some guys whispering about wanting to greet her but she is Nanayo’s rare girl and they heard that she is quite scary. The guy decides to go ahead. The guy is about to talk to Mii when Shinichi and the other guys exclaims that Mii is ‘theirs’. Shinichi shouts that she is his. The other guys say that for them, she is a rare girl student [of their school so has to be protected from students of different school]. Hanabi blushes a little and looks at Mii. Chikai who is sitting below, beside her booth voice-over what Hanabi is probably thinking, “That’s really good. I also want to be that popular.” Chikai is about to eat an onigiri. Hanabi shouts that she doesn’t think that way and she doesn’t want to be popular with guys. Chikai asks, really for she just wants to be popular to him. Hanabi blushes. To her shock, Chikai says that it is impossible. Hanabi wonders if this kind of situation is okay. “I cannot give up. But, if Mii is like that..” She notices that Mii is about to look towards her direction, she quickly bends down. Mii turns around and didn’t see Hanabi at her booth. Chikai looks somewhat surprised. He then asks her if she is weighing things with her conscience. Hanabi exclaims that there is no special reason why she is hiding. Chikai just looks at Hanabi who is thinking that she cannot let Mii see the scene of her being quite happy while beside Chikai. “I don’t want her to be hurt.” The four girls then walk together to eat lunch. Atsumi exclaims that she is so tired from work that she wants to eat and it is more satisfactory than when one didn’t do anything and becomes hungry. Hanabi agrees and asks where they should eat, at the classroom perhaps. Then, Mii tells Hanabi that looking at her and Chikai together, it seems that Hanabi is very happy. This surprises the three girls. While Mii is looking at her, Hanabi looks away and says that when they are together, it is usually the time when Chikai is always teasing her. “That guy is a S[adist], he is just teasing me.” Hanabi is about to ask something to Mii, probably if she still likes Chikai but Mii is already walking upstairs. Mii asks, “Hanabi, could you be misunderstanding something? Compared to that guy, if you ask me, friends are more important! It is also true in this situation! You love idiot!” Hanabi is stunned by Mii’s outburst that she has an expression like ‘huh, love idiot.’ Atsumi and Kareshi look nervous.

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