June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 25]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 22, 2009

Kotori thinks that every touch of Yukito before makes her feel excited, warm and embarrassed and occasionally, she feels a different kind of feeling in her heart. “But why..why now..I don't feel a thing?” Yukito hugs Kotori who just blanks out. Yukito tells her that today she didn't tightly held him [just like before]. Kotori's brain has stopped thinking – blank. Yukito pulls away and calls out to her. That is only when Kotori snaps out of it and apologizes for momentarily blanking out. Yukito is puzzled when Kotori looks at him then she blushes. Yukito holds her hand and tells her that they go watch a movie. On their way to the theater, Kotori thinks that it isn't that she hates being touched by Yukito but rather, she feels different about it. While picking what movie to watch, Kotori remembers Yukito telling her that what happened yesterday is what he wanted to happen and that what happens when one goes steady so he really wants to touch her but if she rejects him, he will feel depressed. She becomes surprised then she blushes as she thinks that Yukito thinks that way yet she never thought of that. Still holding hands, Yukito asks if she wants some popcorn. Kotori says okay. Kotori freezes when she sees Matsushima among the crowd of people. Matsushima sees them and happily greets Yukito that they haven't seen each other since the arcade. “Are you going to watch a movie?” Yukito calls out to Matsushima. To Kotori's surprise, Yukito quickly drops her hand. Then, she notices Matsushima looking at her [somewhat like contempt]. Kotori wonders if it is just her imagination. Matsushima then tells Yukito that she has something to ask him. Kotori is a bit angry since she really doesn't understand Yukito. “Even if you don't want to be romantic in front of your friends, you shouldn't be so obvious in maintaining such a distance with me when it's in front of Matsushima. She obviously doesn't think of you as an ordinary friend.” She is surprised when she sees Matsushima looking at her. [Probably because Kotori doesn't look that jealous while she is all over Yukito] To Kotori's shock, Matsushima invites herself to watch a movie with them. To Kotori's horror, Yukito and Matsushima are sitting together as if they are like lovers having fun at the movies while she is sitting just at the side, beside Matsushima. “Why did it turn out like this? Isn't there something wrong with this kind of seating arrangement~~!?”

At the station, Yukito tells Kotori that the movie is interesting. Kotori just says it is. She is forcing herself to smile. She thinks that Yukito doesn't care/notice anything wrong about what happened earlier regarding Matsushima's behavior, she doesn't feel happy about Matsushima nor she is acting strange ever since what happened yesterday. They bid each other goodbye. To Kotori's surprise, Yukito turns around then gives her a kiss. Kotori goes blank then blushes in surprise. Yukito blushes a bit then bids her goodbye. Kotori covers her mouth and thinks that surprised her. She realizes that lately, Yukito has been doing the initiative that it seems quite fast. She wonders if that is normal. She wonders if this is the reason why she doesn't feel happy. “Yukito had said that he wants to hold more of me, is it because he likes me, isn't this suppose to make me happy? But what does he like about me? I really feel that is something that other people won't think of me because I don't have that kind of sex appeal and I'm not sexy. Looking at Matsushima, I'm jealous of her but when I'm kissed by Yukito, I don't feel happy about being kissed, what's wrong with me? What am I afraid of? Afraid to be kissed?” As she put her head on the pillow, she screams out in frustration that she doesn't understand it all. She looks at her dog [? or stuff toy, didn't know she had one ^^;] and kept repeating the word 'strong/force'. She then kisses the dog. She then happily thinks that she can do it and force herself to be 'moved'. The dog is speechless. Meanwhile, Yukito arrives home. He opens the gate then giggles to himself that they kissed twice today. He is surprised when someone calls out to him and says that he's disgusting for giggling about something. Yukito is embarrassed as he finds Ryosuke waiting for him at the door. In Yukito's room, Ryosuke complains that his house doesn't have his favorite snack. Yukito says if that is his motive then he shouldn't come. Ryosuke tells Yukito that he broke up with his girlfriend because he has some free time, he decided to get a part-time job then, he met a special girl who went to buy something.

While removing his necktie, Yukito asks him if he talked with the girl. Ryosuke says that he guessed right. He asks Yukito if there is a girl in his school that has really white skin and curly hair because she is wearing their uniform. Yukito asks if he came here today because of that. “Ah, I know. You didn't ask her name, right?” Twirling his hair, Ryosuke says that he is right, that is why he is dying with anticipation [to know]. Yukito says that it is quite rare that Ryosuke wasn't able to get the name. From his cellphone, Ryosuke shows him a picture of a side-view picture of Natsume wearing a wig. Yukito reprimands him for taking a picture while working. Looking at the picture, Yukito asks if she is really from their school for such a beauty should be pretty obvious in their school yet he can't quite see the face clearly because it is just a side-view shot. Ryosuke asks if he is pulling his leg. Yukito says that he isn't and he can ask around about the girl. Ryosuke takes his phone back and tells him to forget it since they might meet each other again at the restaurant and since he knows the school where she goes, they will see each other again soon. He then asks Yukito what about him. Yukito is puzzled. Ryosuke tells him what is with that giggle a while ago, did he did something lecherous. Yukito denies it but Ryosuke kept on pestering him about it that he is really curious if something happened between him and Kotori. “Did you do it?” Yukito says he didn't. After more pestering, Yukito finally tells him not to laugh but he thinks that he has become more experienced in kissing. Ryosuke is stunned. Yukito says that today when he kissed Kotori, she is blushing and kept on staring at him as if she is in a daze. In the scene of Kotori blushing and looking at him, lovingly is just Yukito's imagination. Yukito then says that Kotori then looks embarrassed and it happened twice so he has most probably become experienced in kissing. Yukito tells Ryosuke that honestly, before he wasn't able to get that kind of reaction so he wasn't too encouraged but it seems lately, he was able to make Kotori conscious about it and perhaps it is because of his technique. When Yukito looks up, he notices that Ryosuke isn't listening since he is just reading a porn magazine. Ryosuke angrily shouts how could he have experience and there is no way Yukito's technique is superior to his. Ryosuke shouts before when he kissed Yukito, he wasn't moved at all and he doesn't feel anything. Yukito shouts for him to shut up for even if Ryosuke is moved by his kiss, he won't feel happy about it and what do Ryosuke know about his technique. The two are fussing about as Ryosuke wants to test is once if Yukito's kiss can make him fall for him. Yukito shouts that he will make him fall for him until he is overwhelmed with emotion. Then, Ryosuke had fallen over Yukito and they almost kissed. The two feels ill then quickly part while making puking-disgusting sounds. Ryosuke shouts for him not to really kiss. Yukito shouts that he was the one who fell over him. Ryosuke shouts that he just lost his balance. The two calls each other an idiot. Outside the room, Yukito's brother is eavesdropping on them. “Being infatuated until..one is overwhelmed with emotion..?”

The next day, Yukito sees a bento box/packed lunch on the table. He asks if their mother isn't home and shouldn't it be lunch money on the table. His brother tells him that their mother already left for work and said that from today on, they are going to eat bento box and there is one for him on the table. Yukito asks why is it a bento box. He then sees a note from his mother that because of the economic crisis, from today on, he is going to eat bento box and no complaints. Yukito is aghast as he thinks that this is a decrease of allowance. At school, after putting her shoes in the shoe locker, Kotori wonders if today will be okay and will it be like before. She doesn't want Yukito notice that she is acting strange. She thinks that she doesn't want him to say that because of her reaction, he becomes depressed and she doesn't want him to hate her because of her reaction. “What should I do so that it will be like before? Because of Yukito's kiss, I will feel happy..?” On the hallway, the homeroom teacher greets her a good morning. She greets him back. He then sneezes so she asks if he has a cold. He says no, he has 'coldness' because the flowers are blooming this season and it is hard for people like him. [Kotori has misheard him for he said 'allergy' but she thought he said 'coldness' as in 'no libido'; it sounds alike in Japanese] Kotori becomes nervous and wonders if she has 'coldness'. During lunch break, Abe and friend are teasing glum-looking Yukito as they sit on the hallway. They say that it is rare for him to bring a bento box and is this his first time. Yukito says it is because of the economic crisis. One of them said that his mother thinks that making a bento box is too troublesome so she won't make him one. “What kind of food did you bring? How about sharing some?” Yukito says that it is best not to eat it. Yukito tells them that her mother's cooking level is very bad that he would rather buy a snack. The other friend asks Yukito to let him see the bento box as to what kind is it. Yukito tells him that there is nothing good to see. Yukito looks dark and everything then he lifts up the cover. It's a Doraemon-themed bento box. His friends are totally shock as Yukito quickly covers it again. He looks really gloomy and speechless. His friends say that is really great and if his mother made it. To their surprise, Yukito gloomily says that it was made by his brother. “That idiot~~what kind of joke is this!”

In another school, Yukito's brother laughs to himself that around this time, Yukito would have already opened it. A girl calls out to him, calling him Masaya and asks him to test the cookies she made. Masaya says she's great for making them and he'll try it. After eating one, he smiles and says, “It's delicious ♥ ” but he really thinks that it is too sweet. The girl is happy that he praises her baking. The girl asks him to try another one while Masaya is thinking that it is too fast for Yukito who is still in first year, to be able to infatuated someone until one is overwhelmed with emotion. “That crazy guy. I won't let you surpass me.” Back to Yukito, his friends who are eating onigiri/bread tell him that Yukito's brother is really skilled that it is quite shocking. They are also envious of Masaya's cooking skills. Yukito gloomy says he isn't envious and it has been a long time since he brought a bento box that he got careless because his brother is always teasing him in order to be happy. There is a scene of Masaya and young Yukito cooking together. Yukito tells them that both his parents have work and added to that, his mother isn't good at cooking so his brother is the one who cooks. “I'm grateful to him about this..but..he always deliberately tease me. He is quite happy whenever he sees my [embarrassed] expression. I really don't understand what he is thinking.” Flashback: There is a scene of young Yukito's bento box has huge 'fish lips' design. He is always embarrassed during elementary. A classmate, along with Ryosuke, laughs at his bento box. End flashback. “My brother's grades are always very good. My parents and teachers all have a good impression of him. He is also very intelligent. He has everything that I really could not even be compared to him. It's always like this--” There is a scene of shock younger Yukito when his [ex]girlfriend told him, “Yukito, I'm sorry, let's break up. I have fallen for your brother.” Yukito's mood turn a bit sad. Someone calls out his name. Yukito angrily looks and says, “Ha.ha?” Kotori freezes and Yukito is surprised that it is her. Kotori quickly turns around and apologizes. She exclaims that she just wants to eat lunch with him but then, maybe, let's forget it. This caught Yukito by surprise that he calls out to Kotori to wait a minute. Holding her arm, Yukito explains that he wasn't like that [bad mood] because of her but rather because of the bento box mold/design. Walking outside, Yukito says that it is quite rare for her to be the one to ask him to eat lunch. He asks if it is okay with Natsume. Kotori says yes and Natsume said that she has work in the afternoon. Yukito asks where should they eat. Before Kotori can say something, Yukito darkly says to find some place really quiet. Kotori asks how about the usual place. Yukito says that he also thinks that is better for he doesn't want people to see his bento box. Kotori is puzzled while Yukito looks flustered. Then, the two are in the small alley where they've kissed before after breaking the window. Kotori says that it is indeed quiet but isn't the place a bit too small/narrow. Yukito just says yes. Kotori's heart is beating fast and she wonders if she will also be moved today by Yukito. “It seems that there's no problem, right..? Maybe before was just a wrong feeling as to why my heart didn't beat fast. Ah, but, this heartbeat and the heartbeat during kissing is perhaps different.” She looks at Yukito who also looks back at her. He holds her shoulder and pulls her to him. The two are blushing. Yukito then looks stunned when Kotori kisses him on the cheek. He also has that blank look like she had before. Yukito seems puzzled-surprised while looking at somewhat downcast Kotori.

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