June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapter 64-65]

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Hanabi’s eyes widen as she thinks, “What did he just said? Choose [to use] you. Use you..use you..use..” [<- The ‘use’ wasn’t in the last chapter so I’m presuming that Hanabi misheard him the first time] Hanabi becomes gloomy. She angrily shouts what it meant. “What does that ‘use’ meant?!” Without turning to face her, Chikai casually says that of course it means using her just to get by. Hanabi goes into shock as she wonders if that is true. “Is it true? I’m..really stupid. *blushing and teary-eyed* Uno Chikai said those words..he told those words to me..I felt it!” [<- Ah..I think she is thinking that it is what she understood it and not what Chikai claims it to be.] Chikai then turns to look at her. She then looks away and closes her eyes. This infuriates Chikai. He starts walking backwards then asks, “How about here?” Hanabi looks at him and asks, “Huh?” Then, she turns away again and asks, “Wh..what?” Chikai becomes gloomy and angrier. He walks backwards again but hits the bushes behind him. This made Hanabi laugh as she exclaims what the heck he is doing. She looks surprised when Chikai asks, “From this distance..can you see my face clearly?” Hanabi didn’t reply. Chikai stands away from the bushes and says, “It’s too far. This so-called distance, do you know what it signifies?” Hanabi thinks, “What..? ..it is..the remote distance of the hearts?” Chikai shouts, “It means that [one] cannot do anything!” Embarrassed Hanabi exclaims in shock. Then, she thinks that it is true. She says, “What..in the end..you’re still angry because [s/he] cannot kiss, right? You’re talking about that, right? Is that thing important compared to anything else?” Chikai bluntly replies, “It’s because I’m a guy.” Hanabi goes into shock again. Chikai asks, “Is it strange? Isn’t this very normal? Thinking of ‘that person’..then, I would think of ‘being with that person’? But you don’t think that way.” Hanabi is surprised that she exclaims, “! About that..” Chikai interrupts to say, “Do you want to deny it? Then..give me proof.” With that, Chikai turns around to leave. Hanabi is left standing while wondering about that proof.

Meanwhile, Shinichi follows Mii inside her house. Shinichi talks non-stop to Mii’s mother. “Ah, hello, I’m intruding again. [<- being polite] Ah- Don’t bother with any tea-whatever! Ah, I don’t mean that you couldn’t come into Mii’s room [as if we are doing something else]! I’m still not totally accepted, [but] Mii is also very serious, so you don’t have to worry!” He enters Mii’s room after Mii did. Mii’s mother just somewhat smiles and thinks that even if Mii is her daughter, she doesn’t understand Mii’s taste. Inside the room, Shinichi falls on the floor and laments that he’s too nervous and no matter how many times [this happened], he’s still nervous that he feels like falling over. Mii doesn’t have any reaction. She tells him that she’s going to change her clothes. Shinichi stands up and says that he understands, he’ll go to the balcony. With the window/door curtains are closed, Shinichi stands outside the balcony. He then looks up to see a teddy bear pillow [/cushion] hanging to dry. He remembers that it is the one he gave her during their date before. This had made Shinichi really happy. When Mii says that he can come in, Shinichi brings in the pillow and says that it is dry already. Mii tells him not to casually take her things because it’s gross. Shinichi is shocked. He apologizes for not being meticulous enough since he thought that she wouldn’t mind but she is right since it is something that sticks to her skin every night. Mii angrily shouts that’s gross. While Shinichi is holding the pillow to her, Mii punches it. Shinichi exclaims why, then says that it is a good punch. Blushing a bit, he says that it is the same with him for he had kept that scarf and chocolate day’ disguise decoration [<- fake glasses]. “..So..come to my house, too..you still haven’t come over, I want to introduce you to my parents.” Mii looks at him and then away as she says, “I won’t go, too troublesome.” This made Shinichi drop the pillow on the floor. Flustered, Shinichi asks, “Tro..troublesome?” Mii tells him that she is more relaxed at her house. Shinichi protests, “Though that is true, but if it is like that, then, forever, nothing will change, right? It’s zero if you don’t do anything! Escaping is also zero! It’s like that!” Then, Mii blurts out, “If you don’t like it, then let’s break up.” Shinichi [probably] looks surprise [since I cannot see his expression because of the glasses ^^;] that he asks, “..Mii..do you want to break up?” Mii’s reaction isn’t shown and she didn’t answer. While picking up the pillow, Shinichi says, “..what..it turns out that I’m the only one who’s feeling happy..I’m..really like a fool.. *shoves the pillow at Mii* Mii is such a big idiot--!” Shinichi picks up his bag and tearfully rushes out of the room. Mii holds the pillow and mutters, “..indeed..too yielding *teary-eyed* Too yielding..”

At home, Chikai talks to Cleo, “Cleo-chan, is this young master too childish?” Then, elsewhere, Hanabi is looking thoughtful. Narration: “What should I do..do to confirm this feeling? How can I prove love, this abstract thing?” After some time, Hanabi’s sisters are preparing to leave their house, Minato tells Anzu that lately, Chikai isn’t walking Hanabi to school. Anzu sighs and says that for Chikai, in the end, Hanabi is too difficult [to handle]... Minato comments, “Guys are that kind of creatures.” Anzu agrees. Then, somewhere else, Hanabi sneezes out loud. [<- belief that if one sneezes for no reason, s/he is being talked about, usually in a negative way] Hanabi wonders if it’s because of the flower pollens. At 1800m from school, Hanabi still doesn’t feel awful about school. At 500m from school, Hanabi thinks that there are many fun things in school. At 0m from school, in the end, something that is impossible is really impossible since Hanabi feels the same as when she first came to school. “And, I thought it became a bit better.” Hanabi becomes gloomy as she remembers Chikai asking her for proof. She looks around the blurry images of the guys around. “Prove one’s feelings? How to do that? How..to do that..” In the sewing from, Hanabi keeps on thinking until she is dizzy. She suddenly stands up and shouts, “I don’t know!” The teacher then asks if Hanabi has a problem. Surprised, Hanabi says that there is none. Then, all four girls look melancholic. Meanwhile, in the carpentry workshop, Chikai and buddies are comforting almost invisible Shinichi. Someone says that love is really difficult. Arashi tells Shinichi that in the end, that girl is too hard to handle for him. Shinichi replies, “Yes, perhaps, but I like her! She’s really cute!” Thinking that Shinichi meant external appearance, Arashi tells Shinichi that Mii is indeed cute but.. Shinichi exclaims that she also that kind of cute. “But what I’m saying is it’s the cute that means ‘making one want to pamper her’. Arashi and Soutarou mutter his name. [<- he’s hopeless] Chikai casually says that he understands. While someone is telling Arashi and Soutarou that he has psychic powers and it seems that Shinichi is about to disappear, Shinichi is teary-eyed. He exclaims that it is right and it’s love. Chikai tells him not to say what’s love for it’s gross.

During lunch break, Atsumi finds herself walking towards the place where Sasa usually pass by. She notices him by the corner. She is about to call him when three freshman girls call out to him. Atsumi quickly shrinks back to the corner to hide herself. The freshmen are happy that Sasa turned around. Atsumi thinks that she’s eavesdropping again. The girls tell Sasa that he’s cute or rather, he’s quite handsome. This made Sasa smile. The enamored girls ask if he has a girlfriend or perhaps someone he likes. Sasa looks surprised. After a long pause, Sasa says that he does have someone he likes and it’s a guy. After some nervous smile, the girls laugh and tell him not to joke around nor change the topic. Sasa just smiles and tells them that it is true. The girls continue with their nervous smile and say is that so. One of the girls tells the others that they should leave already. While passing by Atsumi, they mutter that it’s gross. After they left, Atsumi goes to Sasa then holds his hands from behind. Sasa turns around to face her. He is somewhat flustered-sad to see her crying. Sasa turns away [from her] again and says, “..Atsumi..Atsumi..strong, and very kind.” [<- I’m not sure if Sasa said all of that or the other half is Atsumi. If all of it is Sasa, then he is imitating what she told him before ^^] Narration: “[That] feeling really and truly exists! The pain in my heart makes me realize this a bit. It tells me that ‘it is here’.” Then, there is a scene of Kareshi together with Masato, invisible Shinichi, serious-no emotion Mii and somewhat sad Hanabi walking at that secret path alone. At Alon store, Atsumi calls out to Gen and says, “Boss..Sasa-kun, has me to accompany him! Even if Sasa-kun doesn’t accompany me, I will still accompany Sasa-kun..!” Narration: “If..[this] feeling exists..” By the river side, Nanpa sees Chikai playing with Cleo at the river bank. Nanpa happily thinks that it is those two. He is about to go to them but Hanabi restrains him. He turns around to see a somewhat flustered Hanabi looking at the other two. Hanabi can clearly see Chikai’s different expressions as he plays catch ball with Cleo. Chikai then turns around and he see her. Sad-blushing Hanabi mentally calls out ‘Uno Chikai’ in her head. She then mutters, “I like you.”

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