June 13, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapters 69-70]

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Narration: “Please hug me tightly, I want Meguro to forever and ever, be encircled in the middle [of my embrace].” After they break away, Shin hold/pats her head and thanks her. Blushing Maria shakes her head. She thinks, “That is obviously what I wanted to say, I want to say lots and lots of thanks to him. It would have been okay if I can use my mouth to say it. What should I do, in order for me to make a sound..” Shintarou looks displeased over this development. Back at the classroom, Yuusuke leads a toast for the success of their maid-music cafe. While Shin is holding a can of coffee, he asks Maria if it’s okay for her to drink yoghurt beverage [<- Yakult-type drink]. Maria holds his hand that is holding the coffee. He asks if she wants his coffee. He asks didn’t she hate sweet and okay, they’ll share. Yuusuke flashes a v-sign and happily congratulates them for becoming lovers ♡. Shin exclaims what he is saying. Yuusuke tells him not to be shy about it for it is so obvious. Tomoyo says that Maria is being spoiled by Shin. Ayu says that Shin looks shy. To the couple’s shock, they tell them that overall, the couple makes them feel disgusted [over their sweet lovey-dovey]. Shin is aghast and shaking from anger when Yuusuke tells the other girls that if Maria rejected Shin, he might have drop-dead. Tomoyo says that he’ll probably just be gloomy at home. Ayu says that there is a possibility that he would have become weak and then die. Shin darkly says that they are.. He stops when Yuusuke, who looks somewhat sad yet smiling, says, “Meguro, you should take good care of Maria, because it won’t do, if it isn’t you.” Shin is touched by what he said. Yuusuke holds his shoulder and tells him that there’s no need for them to go to the celebration party. “Just quickly go home and be lovey-dovey. Ah, but don’t harden up again, Meguro--” Shin goes into shock over that. As Shin gloomily leads Maria away, Tomoyo asks what it is and Yuusuke says that it is nothing, just something about Shin being ero/lewd.

While the two are walking, Maria had overheard what Yuusuke said that she begins to think that Shin is ‘really ero’. Flustered a bit, she begins to think that they are now already lovers so they should hold hands. She quickly grabs his hand but opps, it is his injured hand so she let go when Shin blurts out ‘ouch’. She mentally apologizes for that. She blushes when flustered Shin asks her if she would want to go to his house. In his room [I presume], while Shin is putting their bags at the side, he tells her that his father is currently on an overseas trip and his mother had accompanied his father. Looking at a bookcase, Maria stiffens upon thinking that there is physical contact during lovey-dovey and it is a must. Noticing her looking at the bookcase, Shin tells him that those are music sheet/score books and she can take her time to look at it. He has touched her shoulder that nervous Maria drops the music books on the floor. Shin apologizes and says that he didn’t mean to surprise her like that. She bends down and motions for Shin to wait. Maria gathers the music books together and put them on the floor. She thinks, “So, it is like that. ‘Meguro is really ero’ So..” She sighs and with sparkle in her eye with determination, she looks at him then suddenly hugs Shin to kiss him. “I will respond and show you, Meguro.” [Hehe..she earlier thought that Shin wanted to do it when he touched her shoulder ^^;] Since it is so sudden, blushing Shin pushes her away and shouts for her to wait. That made Maria lose her balance that she falls on the floor..on her butt. Aghast Shin quickly bends down and asks if she is alright. Shin apologizes and says that he didn’t mean to push her down. Maria blushes really red then wonders if she made a mistake. Shin is surprised by her expression that he giggled. He holds her shoulder and tells her to relax for he thought that if she goes home, he’ll be alone so he wanted her to come eat dinner with him. He says that she definitely thought that it is for some ero reason that he asked her to come over. Shin is aghast when Maria cutely nods her head.

Shin sighs and tells her to forget it for it is inevitable for her to think that way. He apologizes for what had happened at the music room before. Looking down, He tells her that he really regrets it for he was too self-centered and he knew that it is wrong. He looks at her and tells her that if she isn’t happy about it then it won’t do. “That’s right, I want that both our feelings are coordinated with each other. But I was only engrossed with my own feelings, as a result, I made you remember some painful memories and even made you lose your voice..I’m..really disappointing..” He stops when Maria suddenly holds to hug him. This made Shin blush. While Maria is comforting him, she thinks that she never thought that it is his fault and there is nothing that he needs to be this repentant to her. “He is so cute. His cool side and his not good side are all shown to me without reservations, I’m really happy.” Maria kisses his forehead. Maria looks as if she decided something. She then pushes him away. Shin looks at her as Maria starts to remove her necktie and her blouse. She then removes her bra. She thinks that she also wants to reveal herself to him, the her that she would show only to him. Shin blushes really red. Maria looks somewhat sad when Shin looks away. He then mutters that it’s very beautiful. Then, he asks her to please put her blouse on. Maria thinks that she wants to return his feelings and she wants to tell him that she also wants to show herself to him but the current her cannot use words to convey it and she couldn’t think of any other method. When Maria is becoming sad over Shin’s response, Shin tells her that it is because if she is like that, it would make him want to touch her. Maria is somewhat surprised by that. Her expression softens. To Shin’s surprise, Maria holds his injured hand and places it on her bare chest. He asks if he can. Maria nods. While Shin starts stroking her chest, Maria closes her eyes and thinks that it is okay for Shin [to do this], and only to him, she’ll show this. “I want to show a lot more things that only Meguro can see. Only Meguro’s..eyes..ah..”

Shin seems surprised over this. Maria then snaps out of it as she opens her eyes and wonders what she [did] just now. Shin touches her again and she goes ‘ah’ again. Shin looks surprised and Maria seems puzzled over it. Shin then goes closer to her and still touching her chest. Maria is really aroused by it. She mentally calls out, “Ah, Meguro, Meguro, Me..Shin. Shin. Shin. How infuriating, why, why can’t I call out his name? I want to say it out loud-!” Maria is teary-eyed and upset. She opens her eyes and to her surprise, Shin is smiling at her. He tells her, “I can wait, always until you get your voice back. Just now, you called my name. About that, I still want to hear it with your voice. *touches her face* Calling me with your voice, so until then, I can wait..” Maria then notices that his injured hand is shaking. She holds his hand. Shin tells her that if he moves that hand a bit intensely, it will go into a bit of tingling spasm like that and it probably hasn’t healed completely. He gets her blouse and tells her to wear it else she catches a cold. Maria looks stern as she thinks that he is lightly dismissing it since he is only worried about her and he isn’t a bit concerned about himself. While Shin is thinking of preparing dinner, Maria feels that she should quickly get her voice back and find the fastest way to do so. While she is wondering how on earth she is going to do that, she notices a piece of paper beside the music books she put on the floor a while ago. She wonders what it could be since it has fallen from between the books. She is surprised to see that it is newspaper clipping regarding the truth about a junior high student being raped on her way home by an American navy soldier. On the newspaper, the pictures of Maria’s mother with her eyes covered [to protect identity] and her father are shown. Narration: “The first thought that came to my mind at that time [is, in order to] get my voice back, I should clarify everything and then make a resolution.”

News item: This is about a girl from Yokosuka who is being raped. At a famous exclusive all-girls school, an A-student is in junior high (14 years old when it happened) is a cheerful, lively bishoujo [<- beautiful girl]. There’s no need to talk about within for outside school, there is a fan club established for her. On some month and day [<- the scans seems to be just ‘O’=zero regarding the month and day], around 9 o’clock, while she is on her way home to Yokosuka wherein the travel time is around an hour, the A-student is suddenly grabbed into a nearby car and raped there. The culprit is John Cross (20 years old at that time), an US navy soldier who is stationed at Yokosuka city. In accordance to the Japan-US [bases] agreement, the soldier wasn’t punished in Japan and while he is being a kept watch on, he was sent back to his country. End article. [Note: About Cross, the romanji/in Japan, it is as pronounced as Kurosu..just like Shintaro’s surname.] At home, while holding a drink, Maria looks at the clipping and sighs. She thinks that this man is her father. “Honestly, it doesn’t feel real as if this is all someone else’s story. Why is it that my feelings weren’t moved at all..” She is surprised when Shin who is sitting in front of her as he lightly knocks her head. Maria looks up and finds herself in the classroom. Shin asks her what happened for she looks as if she is about to cry. This surprises Maria. Shin asks her what happened. Maria shakes her head while thinking that she wonders if that was indeed her expression. Somewhat flustered Shin asks if she doesn’t think that he is reliable. Just when Maria is about to protest, Yuusuke passes by and tells Shin that it is quite strange to see him before their English class when it is obviously their homeroom teacher’s class. Yuusuke teases him if it is because Shin got a girlfriend that he became serious. Embarrassed Shin tells him to shut up for if he skip class, he won’t attain the necessary school credits. Yuusuke just laughs and says yeah, yeah, but Shin’s actually worried about no voice Maria.

In class, while that irritating homeroom teacher is lecturing, Maria is lost in thought about why Shin has that newspaper clipping. She has a lot of things that she wanted to ask him and would want him to ask her. She then blushes over Shin’s huge back. While doodling Shin’s back and face and even wrote his name [as to who is the one she’s drawing ^^;] on her notebook, Then, Maria thinks that she shouldn’t do that since she doesn’t want him to worry about her again. The teacher then turns around and asks Maria to answer the question. Maria is caught by surprise. The teacher starts to taunt Maria if the question is too hard to answer. It is his alma mater’s subject before. Maria wonders if the teacher is showing off. Shin sternly looks at the teacher and tells him that he ought to know that Maria cannot talk. The teacher asks if it is just an alibi for not answering the question. Shin says that it isn’t an alibi because Maria has written the answer on her notebook. The teacher tells Shin to read it for him. Reading from Maria’s notebook, Shin says in English, “Equality does not mean that the people are equal in terms of intellect, physical strength, wealth...” The other students are amazed at how fluent he said it while some dismiss it as inevitable because Shin is a repatriation kid. [<- son of someone who lived abroad before returning to the home country]. Irritated, the teacher tells Shin to sit down. Shin notices that Maria is nudging his sleeve. Maria thinks that her notebook is just filled with doodles. Shin smiles at her and says that her drawings are really awful. This made Maria blush as she covers her face with the notebook that Shin has returned to her. Maria thinks that she can refute the teacher’s sarcastic remarks on her own. “I obviously do not want him to be anxious about me.” In the canteen, Shin tells Maria that if she won’t eat rice during lunch, then she should just eat some ramen/noodles. Maria nods her head. Shin freaks out that Maria is putting too much 5 spice powder. Shin tries to take the bowl away from her since too much of that spice is bad for her throat. Narration: “I obviously do not want him to worry about me.” Unfortunately, Shin forgot that he is still injured that he hurt his hand [/the bowl is just hot] that he dropped the bowl. While the others are wondering if he is okay, Maria looks aghast-startled. Maria and Shin notice that his hand is shaking again. Shin quickly assures Maria that his hand only slipped and apologizes to her for frightening her over that ruckus. He adds that even if she is startled like that, she still didn’t make a single sound. Because of that, Maria decides to start helping Shin around by volunteering to be the one who’ll sweep the floor during cleaning duty and help him with the translation homework. She is worried over the possibility that he couldn’t play the piano anymore and she feels that she has to do something so that kind of outcome won’t happen. Then, Shin looks a bit flustered [for being helpless I presume] as Maria starts reading through some cooking books on making onigiri [rice balls] or sandwiches that can be eaten with one hand. Maria doesn’t want him to be worried about her so that he can concentrate his energy on getting better.

After school dismissal, Maria has decided to go to Yokosuka to quickly get her voice back and not make Shin worried about her anymore. Shin notices that Maria quickly grabbed her bag and headed out of the door. Shin exclaims for her to wait and if she is going home, he’ll.. Just when he is about to reach for her using his injured hand, Maria quickly backs away for she doesn’t want him to use that hand. Shin is surprised by that. Maria is flustered that she wasn’t careful. Shin asked again if he isn’t that reliable. “I know that because of that time before, you have become a bit strange. I originally wanted to wait for you to come and talk over things but I thought I’m too assertive. Even if I’m assertive with you like this, I can still do a bit of something for you.” Shin turns away just when Maria is about to call him. She stops midway and thinks that she is the same way, too, but she wants to be of help to him. At the train station, Maria buys a ticket. Shintaro appears behind her and asks where she is going. He suddenly takes her ticket and says that it is 540 yen, the same cost as his. “Could it be that you are going to Yokosuka?” Maria looks surprised. Shintaro happily says that he guessed right. “Then, let’s ride the train together, have a date in the train. ♡ My home is also in Yokosuka- *sparkles* In order to see sempai, everyday I waste an hour trip to school. *leaning close to Maria* Don’t I deserve a reward? Don’t I deserve a reward?” Maria thinks that he’s too close to her. “If I goes alone with Shintaro, it isn’t good towards Shin because I’m already Shin’s lover.” Shintaro happily tells Maria that they ought to quickly ride the train and does she want him to buy some Kiyoken shiumai [steamed dumpling; seems to be a famous brand of shiumai/siomai].

Looking serious, Maria shakes her head sideways then, she turns away. Shintaro seriously asks if she’s going home already and is it because she doesn’t want to be alone with him. “You want to go to Yokosuka to get yourself [/voice] back, right? Since this is a rare opportunity, I want to help.” Maria looks at him in surprise. She wonders if he knew something. Shintaro breaks into a smile again and says that he is a local there so he ought to be able to guide her around. “So, do not avoid it..” Breathing hard from running, Shin holds Maria’s shoulder and tells Shintaro that she isn’t avoiding it for Maria wants to forge on ahead. Maria turns around to face Shin and blushes. Shintaro looks surprised. Breathing hard Yuusuke arrives and tells Shin not to suddenly head out of the classroom after saying ‘[I] can’t, just not care’. It is because Yuusuke is so bothered by it that he ended up chasing after Shin. This seems to have touched Maria. Shin then tells Maria that she took that newspaper clipping from his house since it is no longer in the music score book and he had wanted to ask her about it these past few days. “But, you wanted to resolve it by yourself...That little bit really infuriates me! I am your boyfriend! Even if I won’t be of help, you should at least say, ‘Accompany me’ to me!” Blushing Maria looks surprised over this. Shin then tells her to wait there while he goes to buy a ticket. Yuusuke asks Shin to buy him a ticket, too. Shin shouts okay. Yuusuke smiles while Shintaro looks displeased and flustered. Narration: “‘Accompany me’, [means] ‘together with me’. The two of us going forward together, go [and] overcome.” While Shin is trying to see how much it costs at the ticket machine, he is surprised when Maria holds tightly on his right arm. This made Shin blush. He tries to tell her that if she holds on too tightly, he cannot move.. Maria holds on his arm tighter. This made Shin asks if she doesn’t want him to move. He notices her smiling and blushing. He seems to finally realize that she doesn’t want him to use his injured hand. Shin blushes a bit and stops objecting. Narration: “The two of us.”

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