June 13, 2011

Chitose Etc [Chapters 17-18]

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Chapter 17: Narration: “Akaishi Shun, 16 years old, born on April 18, Aries, blood type B. Although this is quite sudden, but I hope everyone would accompany me as I trace back my past. I got my first confession when I was in first year junior high. This girl from some other section suddenly gave me a letter. Because it is a girl whom I had never talked with before and I don’t wish to go steady, I never paid attention to it. In the end, that girl’s friend surrounded me and loudly scolded me nonstop.” Aghast Shun is surrounded by three girls. They shouted at him that he’s too cruel for snubbing their friend. They told him that it wasn’t easy for her to summon the courage to confess and what does he plan to do about it. After it was finished, Shun gloomily thought, “Why couldn’t they accept that ‘no answer is a kind of reply’? Girls are really scary..” Narration: “Because of that, I have become a bit afraid of girls. Afterwards, even if a lot more girls confessed, but I totally refused them all.” Shun shook his head and told the girl, “No, thank you.” Then, during my second year, it is around August when I met Narumi*.” [*Formerly Nami ^^; special thanks to Bebexiu for the help with this and the other names ^^] Shun opened the door and told Narumi that his sister went out so she isn’t there. Narumi said that it is strange because they are supposed to meet. She asked him if she can come in and wait inside. Shun seemed to be a bit hesitant. Later on, he is reading a book in his room. He heard a sound behind him. He turned around to see that Narumi has barged in his room. She commented that it is such a ‘spoil the fun/damage scenery’ room. [<- I don’t get it but maybe it is different from the rest of the other rooms] Shun angrily protested about her going in his room as she pleases. Narumi giggled and confessed that she actually came today to see him. “Before when we group together [as classmates] to work on our assignments here, I have noticed you and I really like you. Your parents are at work today and Kanan went out on a date. I know that you are all alone in the house.” While wide-eyed Shun looked at her, Narumi held his hand and put it on her chest. She seductively said, “Hey, you haven’t done it with a girl, right? Since you’re already in your second year junior high already, I can teach you.”

Shun thought, “What’s up with this girl, even if I want to, but..even I’m a bit afraid of girls around me, but this girl..I should say this girl’s body, reckless and interesting, so..” Shun asked, “..Is it really okay?” Narumi happily said, “Yes ♡” Narration: “So I willingly accepted her teaching. Later on, I’ll occasionally go to her house (of course when her family isn’t at home). By the way, about my relationship with my sister Kanan, even if I won’t say that it is bad but it isn’t that specially good, basically, there’s nothing much to talk about. So, I think that she doesn’t know about the thing between me and Narumi. Narumi and my sister don’t seem to be special close friends. During high school, I got in Haisawa Academy. My first choice is Toritsu [metropolitan] High but because on the entrance exam day, I got gastroenteritis that I wasn’t able to take the test.” Shun felt ill that he wants to puke and his stomach hurts. Feeling well, Shun scratched his head and said, “Forget it, it’s nothing..Haisawa is only two stations away from my house, very near, and it seems that Haisawa’s school spirit[/tradition] is also very liberal.” Narration: “Even if I thought that way, but I’m a bit frustrated more or less, so I’m not that interested in going to school.” In bed, Shun woke up and looked at the clock. It is 8:03am. He thought that he overslept so he’ll just attend the second period class. While walking to school, he noticed a long haired black girl. He wondered if she also overslept. While watching her, he thought that her legs are very pretty, and her hair looks shiny and soft as if she is from a shampoo commercial. “But, the face ought to be not that good..” Shun walked by her. Then, the girl turned around to face him. Shun is surprised to see that he was wrong with his assumption. She slightly smiled at him. “Her weak smile burned my eyes.” He watched her head towards a different building. He thought that she is heading to the east side of school which is the acting section. “No wonder..what year is she in? I don’t know what her name is. This is the first time I felt this kind of feeling. From then on, I started to like going to school because I find joy in chasing after her figure. [<- looking for her at the hallways] Every time when our eyes meet, she will also directly look at me.” Then, the scene changes to Shun sitting on the bed with his polo shirt open and Narumi is semi-lying on the bed. Narumi asked, “Love at first sight?” Shun said that it is so. “A girl whose name I don’t know.” She asked if it’s from his school. Shun said yes. He told her that he feels that girl is definitely interested in him. Narumi just ‘hm--’

Narration: “One day, she took the initiative to talk with me.” The girl asked him if he had joined a club. Shun said no though during junior high, he joined a soccer club. She asked him if he wants to join the matsuri/festival club. She explained that after the tanabata activity, the third year students are going to retire from the club so they lack in manpower. The girl smiled and said “If you are interested, you can go to the club room after school to check it out.” Shun blushed a bit over this invitation. “I decided to try checking this club out.” Upon entering the room, he is surprised when a guy and a girl grabbed his arm tightly and shouted, “Guaranteed new member! We warmly welcome you!” Narration: “And, that is how I was forced to join the club. I also learned that she is a first year student named, Aihara Saaya.” Saaya is really happy that he joined the club. Narration: “The club still had two third year students, and second year’s Midoriko, first year’s Kanata and also, there’s Yuki. First year’s Furuya Yukito. Yuki is obviously an ordinary section student even if he has a pretty face, and always surrounded by girls or they would strike a conversation with him. Even if he seems a bit frivolous, but it seems that he’s a not-so-bad guy. So, we quickly became good friends.” One day in the clubroom, Shun managed to see a piece of paper that Yuki is holding. He exclaimed, “Ah, Yuki, did you get third place [of their year level/batch] in the midterm exam?” Yuki held the paper close to his chest and reprimanded lewd wolf Shun not to look. Shun sweatdropped and wondered if Yuki is an idiot. Shun praised Yuki that he is amazing and his brain is actually really good. He mentally thought that even if Yuki is a fickle guy. Yuki said that it isn’t like that. Shun told him that it is irritating for him to say that when he obviously got a ranking. Yuki said that isn’t what he meant but rather, it is because he really did his best to study. Surprised, Shun asked if he likes to study. Yuki said that it isn’t like that..he just wanted to study medicine. Shun asked why he got in Haisawa and not some more advantageous high school regarding that field. Yuki told him that there isn’t much difference if he went to that kind of school. While thinking that Yuki is a strange guy, Shun asked, “Ah—Really..?”

Narration: “If I’m going to talk about getting close with the most important Saaya, actually there is none. Because Saaya is the type who is strong, and the type who’ll speak her mind, I also don’t have patience, so we usually quarrel because of our different opinions.” During a meeting, Shun told Saaya that what they did is enough since it is easy to understand. Saaya insisted that his work is crude and he should re-do it. Shaking-aghast-angry Shun mentally thought that Saaya is such an arrogant girl. Still he blushed a bit while looking at Saaya. Narration: “But, I’m hopelessly attracted to her, that I couldn't stop but look at her direction.. On the day before the Tanabata festival, because there is a lot of work to be done, I always stayed up late at the clubroom with Saaya. When we are about to go home and it is because of a small thing, I said--” Shun told Saaya that she is really not cute. Saaya answered back that she doesn’t need him to say that she is cute. Shun angrily replied back, “Luckily, I actually still like you very much!” Saaya suddenly blushed really red. Shun is a bit confused as Saaya turned away to look away from him. He thought, “What, this..cute reaction. I..couldn’t resist.” Shun turned her around to him and he kissed her. Then, Saaya pushed him away and told him to wait. “This cannot be, wait a moment. I’m sorry, let me..think about it.” Shun looked surprise and wondered, “Think? Think of what?” During the Tanabata festival, Shun finally learned from Kanata that Saaya and Yuki are going steady. Kanata asked if he didn’t know but then, it was only later on when Shun joined the club. “We heard that they are together since [elementary] grade 5. We heard it from the very start.” Shun protested that Yuki and those girls.. Kanata told him that Yuki said before that Saaya is his heart’s desire [honmei] so those other girls are probably only female friends. Shun looked tense upon hearing that. Later on, at the club, Shun verified it to Saaya and she admitted that it is true. Shun asked if they are going to break up. Saaya said that they won’t break up. “I and Yuki will always be together. That is what the two of us have decided earlier on.” Shun is shocked. Blushing a bit, Saaya says, “I like you, I want you. From the first time we met, I thought that way. But, for me, Yuki-kun is the most important, so I’m sorry..” After a pause, Shun said, “...there’s something that I don’t quite understand. Were you just two-timing?” After a pause, Saaya says, “You can consider it that way..” This made Shun angry. Saaya can only futilely call him as Shun quickly went out and slammed the door. Saaya looked flustered and depressed.

Narration: “I didn’t quit from the club because I’m a bit frustrated and the third year students have all retired from the club. If I quit, then the club will be very hard at work. Or, maybe part of the reason is I wanted to see what will happen to these strange lovers until the end. From then on, I and Saaya would talk to the bare minimum. But, I do not know why I couldn’t bring myself to hate Yuki. That character of his really does profit at someone else’ expense..[<- I think Shun meant even if he had a falling out with Saaya, they are still friends so it’s Yuki’s profit]..forget it, that guy also doesn’t know anything. I wanted to pour out my troubles with Narumi, but I received her ‘I found a boyfriend, so let’s not meet again’ break-up announcement on the email.” Looking at his cellphone, Shun gloomily thought, “I also lost my sex partner..*sigh*.” Narration: “On September, there is a new transfer student.” The girl introduced herself to class as Kaneshiro Chitose from Okinawa and she’ll be under their care. Sitting beside him, Chitose asked Shun if he knows which section Furuya Yukito is. Shun said that he is in section 5. He asked if she knew Yuki. Chitose happily smiled and said, yes, a bit. Shun looked at her and thought that he had a premonition that this will cause a disturbance. Narration: “At that time, even if I dreamed, I would never think of it that she will unexpectedly become my first girlfriend.” I really like how this is narrated and it can actually be a one-shot story. Well, that is Shun’s relationship with girls so far and I must say that it sucks. ^^; It is amazing that after all that, the poor boy doesn’t have a trauma regarding having a relationship with girls. Geez, he was harassed, used and toyed around with, by different girls in a span of like 3-4 years. Somehow, the latter two girls really made him lose his innocence. I’m actually surprised to learn that Shun has a sister, too. Since the three other characters had older siblings, does it mean that Saaya would have a brother, too? ^^; I have a feeling that since Shun told Narumi about Saaya, Narumi thought that she should get herself a boyfriend so that she would be the one who’ll dump Shun first. Of course, that will be her source of regret later on. Interestingly, it seems that Yuki is ‘forced’ to go to that school for Saaya because of their agreement. Hm..I still wonder if Yuki will quit flirting with other girls if he goes steady with Chitose. This chapter has made me understand Shun’s position that I don’t quite dislike him anymore. Actually, now, I feel sorry for him that I would want him to be with Chitose. ^^; That last part narration is really nice..hopefully, she’ll be his last girlfriend, too..that will be a good ending here. =P

Chapter 18: Chitose is surprised when Yuki asked her if he can also get the same gift that Shun got. Blushing Chitose didn’t reply. She looked away from him. To her surprise, Yuki hold her arms and gives her a kiss. Chitose’s legs weaken that she falls on the ground. Blushing really red, Chitose wonders what Yuki is doing and why. She tries to call him but Yuki holds her face. He apologizes that he couldn’t control himself. He kisses her again and again. Chitose thinks that she feels dizzy, she is losing her strength and this thing is obviously not allowed. After Yuki finally stops, he asks her if she is okay and if she can stand. He helps her up. He apologizes that her clothes got dirtied. After a pause, teary-eyed Chitose asks, “Why? You’re too cruel..you obviously..have Saaya. I, do not want to be your..two-timing partner..” Chitose turns around to leave. Yuki calls out to her to wait. He holds her arm and hugs her. He says, “..it isn’t, this isn’t two-timing. I like you. I did my best to not make myself to like you..but I couldn’t do it. Chitose, I like you..” This made Chitose blush. She asks, “Bu..but..[what about] Saaya..?” Chitose is puzzled when Yuki tells her that the feeling between them [him and Saaya] is no longer love. “But because we have decided to be always be together, so I already thought of suppressing these feelings for you..but it won’t do. I couldn’t do it, for me to look on helplessly as you are belong to Shun..belong to any other guy, I have become strange because of jealousy.” This made Chitose blush again. He breaks away then asks her, “Do you still like me?” Chitose exclaims out loud, “What?!” While holding Chitose’s shoulder, Yuki says, “A while ago, you told Shun..to once again wait some time for you, that means that you still like me, right?” Blushing Chitose is tense yet she didn’t answer. Yuki calls out her name. What he said made Chitose shout at him to please not ask her that question. “The situation now isn’t the same as before..right now, I know that Saaya is your girlfriend, and I’m also friends with Saaya. Besides, I also started going steady with Akaishi-kun. Regarding you, I have already decided to forget about you..”

Yuki puts his fingers/hand on her lips and says, “No, I won’t let you say those words. I will talk with Saaya and tell her properly of my true thoughts. I will also apologize to Shun and ask for his forgiveness. I will definitely get you back, wait for me.” Chitose looks at him with a dreamy look. At the living room, Tadashi is drinking tea while reading a book when he heard something ‘plop’ near the door. He goes out and calls out to Chitose if she’s home. He goes into shock to see blushing Chitose lying on the floor while hugging her bag. He asks what happened and if she is alright. Chitose says that her chest hurts. Her brother exclaims, “What?!” Chitose says that it is alright and it isn’t an ailment. “It only feels very painful..” Tadashi comments that it is that other kind of pain. He helps her sit up and says that if she wants to lie down, she should go lie in her bed since it is cold there. Chitose mutters, yes. He tells her to take her shoes off. Lying on her bed, Chitose thinks, “Yuki-kun has fallen in love with me. He told me that he likes me. It’s like a dream. *looks surprised with eyes open* But Saaya— would I be stealing Yuki-kun from Saaya’s side? *aghast* I cannot [do that]..ah but, Yuki-kun said that his and Saaya’s feelings [for each other] isn’t love.. *sweatdrop* ah, then what is it, they still decided to be always be together, right? Besides, there is still Akaishi-kun! What will he say? He even nicely assisted me in forgetting about Yuki-kun, *sad* for things to reach until now, it will really be a letdown for him.. [<- or she had much to apologize to Shun] *hopeful* but, he always really respected my feelings towards Yuki-kun, and perhaps, he would be happy for me! *gloomy* Or he would be really angry..I couldn’t predict..*troubled* I..what is the best thing to do? Think, think, should I say goodbye to Akaishi-kun? Or should I say that to Yuki-kun— I don’t know..!” Aghast Chitose’s brain is already in its limit that it has burned out. Then, the scene changed to Yuki talking with Saaya on the phone. Yuki apologizes to her. Saaya asks Yuki if he wants to betray Misaki again. Yuki says that he doesn’t like this but if he doesn’t do this, it will hurt Chitose. Saaya asks that isn’t it okay that he confessed to Chitose. “Why couldn’t you control yourself?” Yuki tells her, “I have no way of suppressing this feeling..weren’t it the same with you before..” Saaya shouts, “I’ve already given up on that. I have hurt the person I like and chose you and yet, now you are also like this [/in this situation], you’re too cunning! *teary eyed* I absolutely won’t, I won’t break up with you.”


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