June 13, 2011

Futsumashi na Yome desu ga [Chapter 3]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 24, 2010

Charm 3: This feeling..what? Praying in front of his mother’s altar, Satsuki says, “Mom who is called up above, It’s me, Satsuki. It will soon be three years wherein I live all alone like this. Time flies so fast.” Someone is knocking on the door and it is getting louder. Satsuki continues to say, “Today is also peaceful like then.” There are more knocking on the door and someone shouts, “Hirazono! Quickly give back your father’s loan!” Ignoring the shouting and knocking, Satsuki insists, “It’s like the peacefulness of before.” The loan shark, with his buddy, knocks on the door and shouts that the deadline for payment of the loan has already passed. He looks surprised when a fat afro-hair landlady starts knocking on the door and shouts, “Hey, Satsuki, pay up this month’s rent!” Satsuki ignores her too and just prays, “Nothing is going on. It’s very peaceful.” The loan shark exclaims to the landlady that Satsuki ought to pay them first. The landlady asks who they are and she’ll call the police. The loan shark’s buddy says that if the police are called, it would be problematic. The landlady then kicks the loan shark’s face as she shouts, “Let me say, [Satsuki] ought to give me [the money] first!” While the loan shark is shouting about his tooth, Satsuki ends his prayer, “So, please be at ease. Protection...even if you don’t protect me, it’s okay, please just rest up.” Later on, Satsuki is walking with Aki to school. Satsuki apologizes to him for boldly barging to his house last night and about that issue, it is inevitable if Aki thinks that there is something wrong with him [Satsuki]. Satsuki looks at the ring on his finger and remembers Riene telling him that it is a marriage curse and if they didn’t have a married couple’s night once every month, a spirit will eat him. Aki tells Satsuki that he believes in him since Satsuki doesn’t lie and other than that, what’s with the numbers on the ring and he is a bit bothered about it since yesterday. Satsuki is surprised to hear this. He looks at the ring and does see some sort of numbers engraved on the ring. Aki tells him that it is 300833 now but last night, it was 301926. Satsuki comments that Aki can see it clearly though his own eyesight isn’t good. Aki tells him those numbers are very big and clear but put that aside, Satsuki should straightforwardly ask that exorcist girl to make things simpler. Satsuki remembers telling Riene off that he really hate her and made her teary-eyed since her love just annoys him. Aki calls out to Satsuki that Satsuki snaps out of it and says that it is nothing.

Someone is hiding behind the tree watching them. That someone has an afro-hairstyle with a bird on top of his head. [FF13? =P] Afro hair student then starts whining over that old woman in the parlor[?] to whom he said that he wants his hair ‘the usual’ and she ends up giving him a afro hairstyle. There is a picture of the old woman laughing while saying ‘Ryofu*’. [*Ryofu (良夫) is the invented name for this guy. It is either that or Yoshio or Nagao based on the kanji. I’m thinking that it is some sort of pun for ‘Afro’ and Ryofu seems to be the closest unless they mean some guy named Yoshio or Nagao who have afro hair. Basically, I think that’s the joke as to why the woman gave him that hairstyle =P] Somewhat long and light-haired guy laughs at Ryofu’s hairstyle and tells Hashiba [formerly Soyo; Satsuki’s bully] to look at Ryofu. Bored-looking Nagao just says, ‘ha?’ He then overhears a couple of guys saying that those three guys were the totally naked group. Hashiba looks at them that the two guys look tense since they are overheard. Hashiba is really furious over their clothes being ripped off by that strange girl. He exclaims if he sees Hirazono today, he’ll definitely go color him [black and blue] up a bit. He stops talking midway when he sees that Satsuki and Aki are already beside him and they are looking at his direction. Hashiba looks aghast and tense upon seeing Aki. Aki asks Hashiba what it is about Satsuki. Satsuki is puzzled when Aki confronts Hashiba. Aki asks tense-looking Hashiba, “Is your urinary incontinence* cured already?” [*cannot control one’s pee.] Hashiba freaks out over this. Still puzzled Satsuki calls out to Aki. Aki says that it is nothing and they should go already. After Aki and Satsuki left, Hashiba’s friend asks why he took back what he said earlier. Hashiba tensely says that it is because that guy, Aki, is there and he is the world’s hardest guy for him to deal with. His friend comments that Aki has the highest grades in their school and is the winner in an archery competition during junior high. Aki is also known for his politeness and elegance that the girls call him, ‘Breeze Prince’. Hashiba’s friend says that Aki looks weak in the aspect of fighting. Hashiba exclaims that it isn’t about being strong or weak for one cannot see how dangerous that guy is, just based on his appearance. “His appearance is a total sham! It was when I’m still in the elementary--..”

Flashback: Young Hashiba is kicking young Satsuki’s back as Satsuki is protecting Thunderbird*, the boar. [*formerly Raicho. In romanji, it is sandaabaado so I opted for the English name ^^; Satsuki has a weird naming sense ^^;;] “As usual, I made ‘thump thump’ sounds on Hirazono’s back until he cried. I was called to the gym’s warehouse by Kamina. I originally thought that if he dare meddle in other people’s business, I’m going to teach him a lesson too--..” In the warehouse, Hashiba called out to Aki. “Later on, I noticed something moving on my foot.” Hashiba freaked out because it was a snake. He tried to get out but the door won’t open because it is locked from outside. Hashiba started to bang the door in fear that he might die if the snake bit him. He is surprised when he heard Aki from outside the door asking, how much a human can endure if placed in an extreme situation. “Don’t you want to know?” Continuing to bang on the door, Hashiba shouted, “Hey! I’m really furious now, you bastard! I’ll kill you!” Aki replied back, “..I think that it is better for you to understand your current position. I’ll come back tomorrow, goodbye.” Hashiba can only shout Aki’s name as Aki left. Narration: “Gradually, the sound of footsteps faded away. Then, I felt something wet and slippery intertwining at my feet. In my utter desperation, I cannot control it anymore that I peed. *Young Hashiba is teary-eyed.* During that time, the door opened..Kamina is holding a camera which he used to take multiple photos of me.” There is a scene of Hashiba’s present friends looking shocked over this. “On the second day..my ‘lost of control’ photos are posted at the hallway that they have become the school’s center of attraction.” Hashiba was shock to see this. A boy was saying that it’s over for Hashiba and another boy is taking pictures of it using his cellphone. ^^; The girls are grossed out by it. Hashiba is then surprised to see Aki beside him. Aki is looking at the pictures and then said, “Hashiba-kun..this is such a disaster.” Weird out by Aki’s reaction, Hashiba asked, “Huh?” Aki exclaimed, “Who could have taken such photos with such an evil intention! Everyone, let’s tear down those pictures!” The girls blushed over what Aki said and thought that he is really nice and he is such a good guy. Young Satsuki even offered to help Aki. Pointing at Aki, Hashiba angrily shouted that it is Aki who posted those pictures up. Everyone didn’t believe him for how could Aki do such a thing. Flustered, Aki told the others that it is alright and he doesn’t mind being accused. Hashiba narrates, “I’ve realized that guy is a devil pretending to be an angel...later on, as revenge, I did to Hirazono what I did before, *Hashiba kicked Satsuki’s back* and Kamina would push me to fall down the well, push me down the garbage bin, and many other things [like placing a photo of Hashiba with a black ribbon around it (<- he’s dead) on his school desk, and insects? coming out his shoe locker.] End flashback.

Shaking while holding up a fist, Hashiba exclaims, “In short, he’s a really dreadful and dangerous bastard! The people around him are totally deceived by his superior [external] appearance!” Hashiba’s friends mutter that it is all Hashiba’s fault and how could he even say that. Ryofu asks the other guy, “Could it be that he won’t retaliate on Aki himself because Hashiba is afraid?” The friend gestures him to be quiet. Putting his hand on Hashiba’s shoulder, Ryofu says that it would be better for him not to tease Satsuki again and there is also that strange girl who might come out of the ground again. Hashiba is still all pumped up that he angrily shouts, “How could I lose to that dangerous guy! I’m not the same with Kamina, I will openly bully Hirazono!” Whisk, something flies by Hashiba’s face that causes a small wound on his cheek. Then, there is an arrow stuck in Ryofu’s hair. They see Aki holding a bow while standing beside a somewhat surprised Satsuki. Emitting dark aura, Aki says, “Sorry..I thought it is a target..maybe it is because a big competition is coming soon.” Pushing up his glasses, Satsuki says that what Aki said is true. Ryofu shouts, “Hey, glasses, no matter how you look at it, what he said is too far-fetched!” While Hashiba and Ryofu are fretting/fusing about, Fumikura [headphones guy] comments that those two are really idiots. He then looks at Satsuki. After a pause, he thinks, “..Forget it, anyway, it has nothing to do with me.” During math class, Satsuki kept on looking and thinking about the ring. His math teacher hits him on the head with a rolled up book and tell him not to stare off. She then gets him to answer the third question in page 43. At the restaurant where he is working, Satsuki serves seafood pasta to a customer. Seeing how the female customer cutely and happily eats the pasta in a refined manner, he remembers of Riene who tends to devour her food. Satsuki sadly thinks that he still doesn’t know if Riene has eaten something by now. On his way home, he glances at the garbage dump but Riene isn’t there. He arrives home and opens the light switch but it is still dark so he thinks that they cut off his electricity. Feeling tired, Satsuki sits on the floor and wonders if he is regretting it. “Is it because her pleading eyes are very similar with Thunderbird?”

In school, Daiki-sensei notices that his cousin, Satsuki is staring off somewhere. He puts a note on Satsuki’s desk. Satsuki opens the note and it says, “After class, see you at the usual place. *lipstick kiss on paper* Brother” Daiki goes into shock when aghast Satsuki immediately crumples the paper. At the science room, Daiki put some bread on the table and tells Satsuki that those are comfort food for him. He says that those were given by the obasan-s [grandmas] from stores and the canteen, and they even said, ‘Only for Daiki’. Somewhat blushing as he winks, Daiki adds, “The obasan-s are fighting over me, could it be that I’m, what is legendary called as, a ‘lady killer of mature women’. *Pokes Satsuki* Hehe, because I’m very popular, you’re jealous, right?” Daiki shuts up when bored Satsuki apologizes and says that he wasn’t listening. “What did you just say?” The two sit down on the chairs. Daiki coughs and then asks Satsuki if there is something troubling him. “Is it what you call troublesome? Or, is it something that makes you uneasy?” Thinking that he doesn’t trust Riene, Satsuki tells him that he has driven away a person who is bothering him yet that person has no place to go. Daiki tells him that he doesn’t know the details but rather than doing it halfway then feeling pity, he ought to do it thoroughly. He then laughs at himself for what he said seems be very teacher-like. Daiki explains to Satsuki that if someone takes in a troublesome person, there should also be some feeling of being responsible [for that person], and based on Satsuki’s circumstance, doing this would be quite difficult for him. “Although it does seem a bit fickle to just abandon that person without a care, but you shouldn’t feel guilty since that isn’t your responsibility. That is the problem of that person. If as a result, that person hates you, then one can only say that person hates the wrong person. But, if it’s your mother, maybe she’ll be a good person who’ll do it until the end.” Satsuki looks surprised then he remembered his mother. Then, Daiki puts a piece of bread in Satsuki’s mouth. Satsuki feels uneasy about that. Holding two meat buns, Daiki tells him to eat until he’s full to forget that troublesome thing. He then tries to show him that the buns look like breasts. ^^;; Satsuki sweatdrops and thinks that Daiki has his own way of being concerned but what he said is right. It will only cause more harm if he pities half-way and it will only bring him more stress. He doesn’t know what Riene is saying about him being her benefactor, and liking him. “It is right that I made her leave.”

While walking, he hears someone call him. He quickly turns around only to find an old woman carrying a huge cabinet behind her back. She asks him that she wants to inquire about where a certain place is. Satsuki ends up carrying the huge cabinet as he leads the granny to her son’s place since she plans to give that cabinet as a present. After he showed the way, the old woman carries the cabinet and goes off her way. While walking again, he remembers different expressions of Riene as he kept on telling himself that it doesn’t matter anymore since he won’t be seeing her ever again. While walking by the river, a man suddenly shouts that there is a pretty girl in the river. Satsuki quickly hoist himself up the railing to see clearly. Then, the man says that it turns out to be just a doll. The man then walks away. Satsuki didn’t notice that there is a sign that warns people not to lean on the railing. The railing gave way [or rather, it opens in the part where Satsuki is leaning on]. Satsuki loses his balance and falls down. Just as he is about to fall into the water, he suddenly sees someone above waving her huge staff. Then, Satsuki finds himself floating safely back above. After putting down Satsuki on the ground, Riene notices that Satsuki is looking at her. She quickly goes to the corner to hide then later on, peek out at him. After a pause, Satsuki calls her name. Riene is surprised and says, “Here!” She goes out and stands in front of him. She notices that it is raining. Looking up, Satsuki says, “The first time..when I met Satsuki, is also a rainy day like this...”

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