June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapter 34]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 30, 2009

After telling Mii about Shinichi's accident, Hanabi is surprised when Mii asked 'Who is that?'. Hanabi thinks that those are such cold words for Mii to say. Atsumi and Kareshi are puzzled as to what is happening between the two. Kareshi asks Hanabi if they are hiding something from them. Mii tells them that there is no need to ask Hanabi since she won't say it and she'll be just hard-pressed again. “I..used to like Uno Chikai.” This surprises the two and Hanabi looks a little flustered. At the hospital, Shinichi is visited by his friends. Arashi ends up laughing as to how did Shinichi ended that way. Shinichi has a little bandage on his head and he is wearing a knitted/bandage cap. Shinichi shouts that this is no laughing matter for how about they try getting a handful of their hair cut off. He exclaims that it hurts and there is even some blood. Chikai says that one shouldn't faint because of that. Shinichi angrily shouts back that he is so troubled that is why he fainted. He then says that it seems because he is jealous of Chikai that he dreamed of Chikai become 'specially cool'. He is referring to Chikai carrying unconscious Shinichi. To Shinichi's shock, Chikai and other tell him that is reality – it really did happen. They were interrupted when Hanabi calls out to them that she's there. Hanabi is feeling ill because there are many guys there. Shinichi is surprised as to how did Hanabi know. Chikai says that he was the one who informed her. Then, Hanabi pulls Mii inside the room. Shinichi is happy to see Mii. While walking home, Atsumi asks Kareshi if Mii nicely went to the hospital. Kareshi says yes though.. Atsumi says that she totally didn't notice it. Kareshi agrees with her. Atsumi wonders between Hanabi and Mii, who fell in love with Uno Chikai first. Kareshi says that in her opinion, it has nothing to do with that but rather, to what degree does one like the other party. Atsumi looks a bit sad yet didn't say anything.

Making space in his bed, Shinichi offers the two girls a sit because the place is small but then, the girls decline. Shinichi laughs and says that he never thought that Mii would come. Then, Arashi asks Soutarou if it is true about what he heard that Mii likes Chikai. Soutarou kicks his shin. Hanabi is a bit nervous. Chikai looks at Mii who tells them that she doesn't have any feelings for that guy. Arashi says that if it is like that then, there is no problem. Hanabi wonders if it is true. Arashi and Soutarou say that they are going ahead. Chikai says that he is going, too. He asks Hanabi if she is going, too. Hanabi tries to protest but Shinichi bids goodbye to everyone of them except for Mii. Hanabi looks at Mii then leaves. She wonders what she should do. Arashi and Soutarou talk about watching Mii and Shinichi who'll probably fight. Chikai just look at downcast Hanabi. Inside the room, Back in the room, Shinichi says that regarding what Mii said earlier, does that mean he can continue on doing his best [to woo her]. “It means that you no longer mind Chikai, right?!” To Shinichi's shock, Mii says that she never said that she forgave the careless stinky idiot. He then shouts for her to wait. He runs off and then comes back with his hair all cropped off. Blushing a bit, Shinichi shouts that even if they start at negative although he feels it to be at least 2, but next time, he'll do his best again starting from zero. Mii says that cutting his hair won't resolve it. Mii looks up the window then sees Chikai and Hanabi on the roof together. She quickly closes the curtains and says, “Quickly..make me forget.” At the roof, Hanabi asks why are they there. Chikai says that the sky and the view suits him. Hanabi just says really. She is glad that she wore her coat. She thanks him for emailing her and it seems that it isn't such a big wound. Chikai tells her that what he should have written is that Shinichi's hair got cut off that he fainted. Hanabi exclaims her shock upon learning that. She asks him why he didn't write it clearly. Chikai says that he thinks that it is no big deal for things turn out okay since those two will have progress. Hanabi is about to say something about it when the blanket hanged nearby to dry, gets blown away and covers the two of them. Hanabi is surprised to see Chikai looking at her. He goes near her and asks if she won't say that she'll give up. In the hospital room, Shinichi has removed his glasses and is about to touch Mii's face. Then, the last two scenes are Kareshi is walking with her boyfriend while Atsumi is looking at her Pinky candy box.

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