June 13, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapters 52-54]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 15, 2009

Peeking from behind the shoe lockers, Maria tries to psyche herself that it is no big deal to just go over and greet Shin who is getting his school shoes from the lockers. She tells herself that she’ll just lightly taps his shoulder and greets him a good morning. Just when she is about to call him, Shintaro comes out from behind her greets her a good morning. Maria is surprised by this and Shin notices them. When Shintaro sees Shin, he asks Maria if she is going to greet Shin. Maria looks a bit angry but she didn’t reply. Shin quickly looks away and leaves. Shintaro asks if he just hindered Maria. Maria says that it’s good that he knows it. Shintaro becomes gloomy. Maria tells him not to be depressed over a small thing because she isn’t that cruel to him. Shintaro tries to go to her but Maria pushes his face away and says that she isn’t that close to him either so he should maintain his distance. Blushing, Shintaro says that she is quite confusing so what does she want him to do. Maria shouts that he is the one making her act that way. Shintaro happily says since he is making her confused, that means she starts to care/notice his existence. This made Maria leave him and later on, he is following her again. Maria thinks that Shintaro is the same before, who tries to get near her and if he has an opportunity, he will try to touch her. Shintaro then tells her that he thought she is wearing something beautiful but it turns out that her hair is just well-maintained. Touching Maria’s hair, he says that it is really beautiful. Maria pinches his hand hard and walks away. Going in her classroom, Maria thinks that she also has started to get used to it or rather, she started to get used to the idea of one’s physical distance to each other can also shorten one’s thoughts/hearts [with each other]. In the classroom, Maria touches Tomoyo’s flyaway hair and tells her about it. Maria helps her fix it using a wet handkerchief. Tomoyo thanks her and Maria blushes. Tomoyo then tells Maria that Maria’s hair is always smooth and shiny and her curled locks are always perfect. Ayu appears and says that is not worth mentioning if compared to her perfect hairstyle which took her 2 hours to fix everyday. Ayu then points at Maria and tells her that her hairstyle makes her look like a mushroom. Mushroom as in Maria’s head is the mushroom’s cap while her body is the stem. Tomoyo giggles. Ayu offers to fix Maria’s hair like hers. Maria refuses. Tomoyo starts to suggest about giving Maria a ponytail style. She holds Maria’s hair to form a ponytail. Ayu says that Maria will look like a kid that way. Soon, the two girls are suggesting and fussing about all sorts of new hairstyles for Maria. Maria just slightly blushes and thinks that lately, she wants to touch other and for others to touch her. “Even if I don’t want to admit it, this is the influence of Kurosu Shintaro.” Shin watches them nearby.

In a secluded place in school, Shintaro asks why Shin brought him there and is it to lecture him. Shin asks why he is trying to get close to that girl. Shintaro asks if he meant Maria and there is no need for him to use that kind of method. Shin exclaims that he is asking if Shintaro likes Maria or not. Shintaro says that he is interested in Maria and after seeing her for the first time on television, he felt something for her. He tells surprised Shin that Maria will definitely become someone who is close to him compared to others. Shintaro says that he feelss that he is the only one who thinks that way and even if they are similar, their taste is different but one can say that they can mutually understand each other so he wants to understand more and that is what he is doing right now. “But, I still don’t know what will happen afterwards. Is it to treat her as a respected sempai? Or make her as my sole possession?” Shin tells him that if he is only interested then it’s best for him not to make any moves/do something to Maria. Shintaro asks why. Shin says that it will just cause trouble to Maria and if Shintaro is thinking of Maria, he shouldn’t go near Maria. Shin says, “Understood?” then prepares to leave. Shin is surprised when Shintaro tells him that he is very self-centered. Shin turns around. Shintaro says if Shin plans to continue on being like this, chasing away the guys who try to get near Maria. “You won’t do anything yourself. Are you trying to make Kawai-sempai be always alone like this?” Shin asks what does he knows/understand. Shintaro says that he doesn’t understand. “You don’t want Kawai-sempai to belong to other people. I don’t understand why you would want to monopolize her like this.” Shin looks flustered. Shintaro continues, “Honestly, you like her, right? Then you should just make her stay at your side, right? It is irritating for you to do these things behind one’s back. Doing this kind of thing is realy vile of [you]..” Shin then shouts that he just doesn’t want Maria to remember her past and question herself why she was always alone before. Shintaro asks what he meant by that. Shin has no choice but to tell him that Maria’s mother is tormented by something and for a long time, her spirit/mood is really confusing [like contradicting]. “She wanted to commit suicide with Maria but in the end, couldn’t bring herself to kill Maria so she died while hugging Maria so from then on, Maria is afraid of people touching her and afraid of people hugging her to comfort her. If that happens, she will just keep on crying and saying ‘sorry’. So, she is always alone in order to forget everything [that had happened]. It isn’t easy to forget the pain so it is best for her not to remember it again.” Shintaro says that he understands but then where did Shin heard this from. Shin says from the nun in Maria’s former school. Shintaro asks why this nun knows about this. Shin says that the nun and Maria’s mother are friends. Shintaro asks if he believes all of what this nun said and if there is any basis to this. Shin exclaims that he also investigated it and he found out that it isn’t a lie.

Shintaro says that Shin doesn’t seem to be an idiot who would just accept what other people say. “In short, you are still avoiding, avoiding Kawai-sempai but you also want to monopolize her. You’re really selfish.” Shin angrily grabs his collar and says, “Why you..” Shintaro says, “If it’s me, no matter what happens to the one I like, I will not keep a distance from her. I would want to hug her and have sex with her. No matter what happens, we will undertake it together. Worry about it together. Overcome this together.” Shin shouts that it is easy for him to just say things like that. With a cold, confident look, Shintaro tells flustered Shin, “Then, I’ll show it to you. I’m not the same as you who won’t say what is in your heart. That is not my style.” Shin lets him go. Shintaro asks Shin if only he and Shin knows about this. Still looks flustered but a bit tense, Shin didn’t reply. Shintaro says if it is so, then it is good because if Yuusuke knows then it will be quite troublesome because Yuusuke is really amazing since if he [Shintaro] is Maria, he would have fallen for Yuusuke. Shin can only grit his teeth in frustration. In class, Shintaro happily asks if they can go out and have fun this Sunday. Maria flatly turns him down. Shintaro complains how she could simply say that and she should at least pretend to think about it. “I’m really hurt.” Maria says, “Liar.” then calls out to Tomoe to give her the notebook. Maria tells Shintaro that basing on his tone of voice, it is his ‘it is alright if you reject me’ tone. Shintaro admits that is true. He mutters that honestly, he is also very nervous also about going to their classroom and also doing his best to ask her. Maria asks him what he said. Shintaro says that it is nothing and asks her about watching a movie on Sunday. To Maria and Shintaro’s surprise, Shin says that she can’t because she is going out with him on Sunday. Tomoyo, Shintaro and Maria ask if that is true. Shin is a bit surprised by the reaction. Shintaro asks why Maria doesn’t know about it. Shin nervously says that he is planning to tell her. Shintaro asks where they are going. Shin nervously tries to think of a place. Shintaro says that he hasn’t decided yet so he must be just trying to hinder them. Yuusuke quickly helps out Shin by telling them that everyone will be going to Shin’s villa. “I and Shin have already discussed about it. We’ll leave on Saturday so that we can stay overnight there.” Everyone is surprised by this. Yuusuke tells them that he wanted to consult them about it first but then, Shin has already rushed to tell them. Ayu raises up her hand and exclaims if Yuusuke is going and it will be an overnight stay then she will also go. Ayu grabs Maria’s collar and demands that she go, too. Shin calls out Yuusuke’s name who smiles at him and puts his finger on his lips – quiet/secret sign. The two guys were surprised when Shintaro asks, “Not bad—Can I go with you? Sempai” Yuusuke happily says that he can. Shin tries to protest but Yuusuke tells him that it is better this way rather for them [Shintaro-Maria] to be together alone. “More people can be more lively, and..don’t you also think that it is much better to ‘get along with everyone and be on friendly terms’.” Ayu happily tells Yuusuke that all the girls [of their group] will be going. Yuusuke goes to the girls. Ayu says that they will meet at Yokohama station on Saturday. She then asks where Shin’s villa is located. While they are talking, Shintaro tells Shin that it seems everyone is anxious including Yuusuke and at one side, he can see a side of Shin’s vague approach and anyone would be anxious [by it]. He stops talking when he notices Shin’s serious expression. Shin says, “Perhaps it is like that. I’m a coward. Or perhaps, I’m timid. I have already decided. I will always be protecting her like this, in secret.”

In class, Maria isn’t too pleased to hear Shintaro screaming out loud to her from below while he in his PE class. He excitedly asks if she is already prepared for their trip on Saturday. “The place is in Shonan [according to wiki, is the name of a region along the coast of Sagami Bay in central Japan.] So, it will definitely be near the seaside. I really anticipate the swimsuit that Kawai-sempai will be wearing.” Maria snubs him so he kept on shouting if she heard her. Shintaro’s classmates are whispering to each other. It turns out that Maria snub him because her homeroom teacher is still that awful homeroom teacher she had during first year. The homeroom teacher blames Maria for Shintaro’s shouting which disturbs the class so he is going to punish her by pulling the weeds in school yard. Tomoyo complains that the one who is shouting wasn’t Maria. Maria just says out loud that she knows already and she is already used to this kind of low-level relationship [with the teacher]. Some of her classmates giggled that the insecure teacher starts shouting who just laughed and for them to come up front. Maria thinks that Shintaro isn’t in the same grade level as they are so they see each other only occasionally but it seems to her that he is always alone. Shintaro goes to Maria and happily says that she came down just to talk to him. He apologizes for not receiving/welcoming her. Maria just says that he’s too noisy. Maria is busy pulling the weeds with her bare hands near the water fountain and behind the outside corridor. [It seems the teacher wanted her to pull the weeds right now instead of being in class ^^;] Maria thinks that Shintaro really likes to get close with people yet he doesn’t want to blend in with others. “When I was alone, I wanted to have a group of friends.” Shintaro offers to help her. Maria tells him not to skip his PE class. He tells her that it is okay for even if he isn’t there, no one will be bothered by it. Maria wonders if this kind of situation wherein Shintaro doesn’t have any friends is okay. While the two are talking, Shin passes by the outside corridor and sees them together.

In the classroom, Tomoyo comments that the villa is in Shonan and Shin’s family is really rich. Yuusuke says but of course, Shin’s father is a world-renowned conductor and they have a private beach. Ayu is really excited about this so she happily tells them that they should go buy swimsuits. She asks Yuusuke what color he would want her to wear. Maria says that if it is Yuusuke, he would say definitely say that ‘whatever color Ayu likes to wear would be the most prettiest’. The other two girls blush. Ayu exclaims over making her feel disgusted when Maria called her by her name. Yuusuke says that he wants Ayu to wear yellow, Tomoyo green and Maria red. Ayu happily says that she will buy a yellow suit. Yuusuke says that he is just casually saying that. He tells Maria to try it out, imposing on others what one likes. Maria says that it isn’t really imposing but if it is a suggestion, then it can be used as a reference later on. Yuusuke says that if it is a reference then how about asking Shin’s opinion. This surprises Shin. Yuusuke asks Shin what color of swimsuit he would want Maria to wear. Shin mouths, “Wh--" [no sound] then he looks surprised at slightly blushing Maria. Shin starts blushing that he quickly looks away and says that he isn’t interested. Maria asks if he was just visualizing it just now. This made Shin’s face redder. [Luckily for him, he is looking away.] Maria exclaims for him not to be embarrassed by that since in this situation, it is quite normal to visualize what kind of swimsuit a girl will wear. “No one will think that Meguro is a lewd wolf.” Tomoyo tries to tell Maria not to say it that way. Shin quickly leaves the room. Yuusuke laughs and says that Shin has escaped. Ayu comments that Shin is unexpectedly pure. Maria is blushing a bit and thinks that based on his mouth, Shin seems to be going to say ‘white’. [She can read lips] Yuusuke glances at Maria then tells them that they will meet at Yokohama station at 12 o’clock on Saturday. He asks how they are going to tell Shintaro. Maria offers to be the one to tell him. Tomoyo asks if she isn’t going to buy a swimsuit. Maria says that she will and just wait for her at the school gate. While walking in the hallway, Maria blushes and looks happy that everyone will be going to buy swimsuits.

Maria goes to section 1-B and she didn’t find Shintaro so she wonders if he already left but then, he always act as her bodyguard so now, when she goes to see him, he isn’t there. She notices a couple of girls and asks them what Shintaro is like during class. Maria is puzzled when the two girls look at each other. They say that they aren’t really sure but it seems that Shintaro doesn’t want to get close to them and it seems he really likes to be alone. The other girl says that it is more like it is hard to get close to him and Shintaro isn’t always in class. Soon, the two girls tell each other that they are concerned about him and always observing him. [I guess they are attracted to him.] Maria realizes that it isn’t a case of Shintaro not needing friends but rather, he is still choosing friends. She goes to the school gate to find Shintaro and her friends waiting for her. Shintaro happily says that today he is waiting for her at the gate. He wanted to go with them to buy the swimsuits. Maria sweatdrops. Tomoyo tells Maria that if they buy the suits according to what Yuusuke suggested then they will be like the colors of a traffic stoplight. Maria says that is true. She is still confirming to herself that Shin said white. At the swimsuit store, she decides to buy something white but she doesn’t know what kind of style Shin would like – bikini or one piece suit. Holding a one piece suit, Maria begins to doubt if Shin said white or maybe it is scarlet red or silver and maybe he is saying ‘I don’t know’. Her thought are interrupted when Shintaro calls out to her and tells her to try out this suit. Maria thinks that she is really concerned about this guy named Kurosu Shintaro. Holding a thong swimsuit, Shintaro says that it is a bikini that suits her and it is really great since it is also saves on cloth. Maria tells him not to hold that thing. Tomoyo comments that Shintaro is really straightforward. Ayu calls him a pervert. [I think the small arrow says that Shintaro isn’t embarrassed at all.] Shintaro tells them that he came to advise them on what swimsuit to buy. Shooing him away, Ayu tells Shintaro that there is no need because she is going to buy a yellow swimsuit. It seems that Tomoyo isn’t going to buy green. Holding a mannequin with a [black] bikini, Shintaro tells Maria to try it out. Maria tells him to quit joking around. Shintaro grabs her arms and tells her that he isn’t joking and it isn’t good to restrict herself. He exclaims that if one isn’t adventurous, one won’t progress and she should dare to find her new self. Maria seems to have accepted his suggestion for she wanted a ‘new self’.

In the dressing room, Maria tells herself not to be embarrassed by it even if it seems like one is wearing an underwear. She comes out for them to see. Everyone including the girls are blushing. [Yup, she looks great in it and Shintaro is one lucky guy.] Seeing their reaction, Maria thinks that it is really strange [on her]. Shintaro approaches her and quickly pulls the curtain to hide her back in. Shintaro angrily shouts why she is exposing herself like that as if she wants to tell others, ‘come eat me’ and all the world’s wolves would want to do that. Maria asks if he thinks that suit is.. Shintaro tells her to wait for he’ll go find some other suit for her to try. Shintaro gives her a one piece suit. Shintaro says that it suits her more. Maria says that it seems like her PE swimsuit uniform. Shintaro answers that this way, it won’t attract wolves to go near her and it will more or less gives her a ‘strong’ impression. Maria thinks that she should choose something that won’t make others unhappy. Maria is about to say that she will buy that when Tomoyo tells her that she doesn’t think that is Maria’s style and it isn’t the style that Maria likes. Maria says that it is because she wasn’t the one who chose it. Shintaro exclaims is that so then she should have said it earlier because it is no good if she doesn’t like it herself. He covers the curtain and tells her to change again. Ayu gets angry and asks if this is a swimsuit fashion show. She exclaims that Maria should just be the one to choose the swimsuit that she wants. “If you keep on choosing for her, it will just be troublesome!” Shintaro apologizes for this and asks Maria what kind of style she likes. Tomoyo tells him that Maria likes loli-style. Shintaro asks for something more concrete than that. Blushing, Maria tells him that it should give people a ‘dreamy/illusion’ feeling and most important of all, it has to be white. In the end, Maria wears a white bikini with lots of lace. Maria seems to like it because it looks cute. The other two girls give their approval that it is indeed nice and suits Maria. Maria has decided to buy that one and apologizes to Shintaro for keep on insisting on white color. To the girls’ surprise, Shintaro tells her that she is forbidden to wear a swimsuit for she shouldn’t just easily let others see her wearing that. Maria shouts in protest that he is currently there and looking at her. Shintaro says that he is different but it is forbidden for others. Maria shouts about not casually deciding things just because based on what he thinks. Shintaro exclaims that he has really changed his views. “Because I don’t want other people to see!” Shintaro covers his mouth and Maria looks surprised at him. The other two girls blush. Shintaro blushes and stutters as he tries to say something. Then he says that it seems that he is infatuated [fallen in love] with her.

That night, Maria is packing her things. Maria thinks that Shintaro is lonely by himself so he tries to get close to her and right now, she still doesn’t know if Shintaro wants to have a group of friends or not. Maria arrives at the station where the others are waiting. Tomoyo exclaims that it is good that it is a sunny day. Shin is about to say something to Maria but she goes directly to Shintaro and says that she wanted to say something to him about yesterday. Shintaro tells her that it is okay and not to mind it too much since he knows that Maria only thinks of him as a kouhai. He happily says that even if it is like that, she should stop him from liking her. Yuusuke asks them if Shintaro has confessed. Ayu confirms this and he did it in front of all of them. Just like Yuusuke, Shin is just slightly flustered. Shintaro tells Maria that it is okay since from the start, he is only a kouhai. “But I have a goal and that is to become sempai’s lover, not just be a kouhai or friend. Other than that, I don’t have any other demand.” Then, Maria realizes that it is okay for Shintaro to be all alone by himself but he wants to find that special someone who will belong only to him. While walking towards a beach house, Shintaro says that the waves are hitting the shore, the sky is blue, and at the side of the sea is like a flower blooming in spring, their home sweet home. “Let us spend together the first night that we can’t forget, Kawai-sempai ♥” Maria slaps his hand away before it can touch her shoulder. Maria says that she is going to turn hostile on him. Shintaro happily says that they coordinate together but Maria tells him that if she did that then, he will seriously do it. Shintaro nervously asks how she knew of his plan. Maria says that his body movement shows that kind of intention. [Sorry, that was a bit confusing but I guess Maria already knows the kind of tricks Shintaro will pull just to touch her.] Shintaro happily says that she really understands him and Maria says that she doesn’t want to understand him even for one bit. Maria thinks that she has already rejected his confession so why doesn’t Shintaro felt even a bit awkward. Maria wonders why she feels relax when she is with Shintaro. Tomoyo comments that the house looks huge. Ayu is talking with Yuusuke. While Shintaro is going to say something to Maria, Maria then turns to Shin and asks if he usually goes there. He looks away and says that he used to before. He tells her that when his father is going to conduct and he needs to find inspiration, his father goes there so when he was young, he usually went there with his father but since elementary, he studied abroad so he wasn’t able to go there again. Blushing a bit, Maria says, young Shin. Shin asks what it is. Maria looks away and says that it is nothing and he is definitely a gloomy kid then. Shin just angrily says, ‘hey’ then his expression softens as he blushes a bit. Maria is also blushing a bit and she thinks that talking with Shin makes her heart beat wildly. Shintaro watches them quietly from behind.

Inside the house, Ayu comments that it is also huge inside. Shin tells them to leave their things in the bedroom first. Shin opens a door inside and a lot of smoke came out. Ayu exclaims what’s with the smoke. There is an unkempt guy coughing or making some scary sounds near the grand piano with lots of music sheets on the floor. They were all stunned when Shin calls out to the guy as ‘father’. [And, I guess Shin got his looks from his mother =P ] The smoke is from Shin’s father’s smoking. Shin apologizes to him and says that he didn’t know that he is there. With a dizzy look, Shin’s father tells him that he’s noisy and he shouldn’t disturb him when he is really stressed out. Shin’s father seems to reach out that made Ayu quickly go back behind. Tomoyo is also scared that she is standing/clinging behind Maria. Shin tells him that he already told him days earlier that he will be going to use that place on Saturday and he [father] said that it is alright. His father kept on shouting that he didn’t hear it. [7x] Maria tries to tell him to calm down but Shintaro interrupts and tells Shin’s father what’s up with him for he should at least look at his son in the eye. Shin is a bit flustered that he tells Shintaro not to say it anymore because his father is always like that when he is feeling low because of work. Shintaro asks if he is thinking of himself as an artist. Shin exclaims that he isn’t because his father is already an artist. Shintaro says that even so, he doesn’t care how great Shin’s father is. “Is he an artist who doesn’t care about humiliating his own son in front of his friends? You’re quite pitiful, Meguro-sempai.” Shin tries to defend his father but to his surprise, his father apologizes for making them see him like that. He says that it is quite rare for Shin to bring his friends there so forget about it. He put out his cigarette in the ashtray and pats Shintaro’s shoulder. He laughs and says that Shintaro is such an interesting guy. Shin looks surprised while Maria is worried about Shin.

Outside, while Maria and others minus Shin are setting up the table near the beach and inflating some tubes, Tomoyo says that she is really surprised because she didn’t expect him to be the world renowned Meguro Seiji and she guess that a genius can also be a weirdo. Shintaro comments about Shin being treated like an outsider. Yuusuke says that it is because Shin’s father is really amazing so Shin would want to somewhat rebel/go against just like he would with his father. Maria asks if he meant that bearded monk. Yuusuke says that’s right for his father would always say that the ‘yuu’ from ‘yuusuke’ is from the ‘yuu’ of ‘yuuga’ [which means graceful or elegant. FYI, VK’s ‘Yuu’-ki is also that same kanji. If it is ‘yuu’ alone, it means ‘superior’ =P ] so it is very troublesome. Shintaro says that he doesn’t understand that because he really likes his father. [I think] Yuusuke says that to forget about it because each family’s situation cannot be fully understand by others. Shintaro asks if that is so. Maria is listening to them then tells them that she is going in the house to check on Shin’s situation. Shintaro looks displeased as she watches Maria running back to the house. Shin is picking up the music sheets and Maria offers to help him. She asks if those are his father’s music sheets and if they only need to arrange it in accordance to the pages. Shin declines her help. Maria insists that it will be faster if they do it together. Holding a music sheet, Maria then exclaims that she knows that piece, it’s ‘Ave Maria’ which they sang during worship service in St. Katria. Shin suddenly snaps that there is no need [for her to help]. This surprises Maria and Shin looks flustered. Shin apologizes for always making her see him make a fool of himself. He says that it should be very obvious that in front of his father, he has a very deep inferiority complex. “In front of my father, I will [instinctively] cower. I hate myself for not being able to continue my father’s artistic talent and I think that deep down in his heart, he has already given up on me.” Maria tells him that she likes his piano playing. “When you were playing before at the choir competition, you made me feel relax and calm.” Shin tells her that there is no need to comfort him. Maria says that is her real feelings. “I still want to hear you play, right now, I want to hear you play. That’s right, you should play this [piece] right now. Aren’t there a lot of music sheets here? I want to hear your music.” Shin blushes a bit then looks away to tell her that it isn’t ‘his music’ because essentially, it doesn’t have his style. [Ah, that meant that it can’t be called his music because there is no distinct style to it that he can claim as his own.] He tells her that is enough and she should just go out to swim where the others are waiting. To his surprise, Maria starts singing. She pulls him to the piano and in the end, Shin relents and plays. Maria narrates, “No, I can feel ‘Shin’s music’. That feeling of gentle, inner restraint, softly, quietly, watching over by one’s side. Yes. This is the music that makes one feel really at ease. I absolutely like this music...this is what Shin’s music is like.” Shintaro has seen them from the window and Shin’s father has heard the playing and singing. Blushing a bit, Maria is happily singing. Also blushing a bit, Shin smiles a bit while playing.

They were interrupted when Seiji goes in the music room and tells them to continue including that feeling they have. “The feeling of happiness. Ave Maria is a piece that makes one feel happy. Very happy--” So, Shin continues to play and Maria continues to sing. After they finished, Seiji says that he didn’t realize that Ave Maria can be played in a lively manner. The two are surprised [I think because he just told them to play/sing it that way]. He pats Maria’s shoulders and laughs to say that it is really like that and it is very interesting. [Approval of her singing or as future daughter-in-law? ^^;] He tells them that he is going back to Yokohama. Before leaving, he tells Shin that this is the first time he heard that unique and pretty good music from him. Shin blushes then he notices that Maria is happily smiling for him. He quickly looks away, embarrassed. Maria thinks that is a very impressive opinion/review about Meguro Shin’s music. Shintaro looks a bit sad about this. Soon, the sun is setting and they are all preparing the barbecue at the porch. Tomoyo asks Maria to get the bottles of beverage/whatever. [Too small, can’t read ^^;] While holding the bottles, Shintaro tells her that it seems she is really happy while she is singing a while ago. Maria apologizes and asks if it is too noisy. Shintaro exclaims that it isn’t so because it is really nice to listen to that he is surprised by it. He then thinks that isn’t what he wanted to say. He tells Maria that it is obvious that she likes Shin and from head to toe, she is emiting ‘I like Shin’ scent. Maria is surprised by that and says that she isn’t what she wanted/she didn’t intend to do that. Shintaro says that if she is like that, Shin might let that go into his head and Shin is already used to her treating him well. “He already knows that you like him but still he won’t respond to you that it seems like it is just a one-sided kind of ‘like’.” Maria suddenly shouts his name or rather surname out loud which surprises Yuusuke and the other two girls. Maria looking a bit angry tells Shintaro that she never thought that he would say it that way, not even once. Maria looks away and says, “I don’t know what you are fidgety about. I only know that you are just letting your imagination go wild about everything...” To her surprise, Shintaro holds her and made her face him as he leans to kiss her.

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