June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 32]

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Looking at Keigo, Kotori realizes that he is the one who gave her that note before. Blushing Kotori looks down while blushing Keigo looks at the side. Kotori wonders what she should do because she had just put that note aside and she also hasn’t replied to him yet. Kotori’s co-workers greet Keigo and ask what’s up, does he plan to work there again. Keigo says no but rather, he just dropped by to see how they are doing since he has some business nearby. Upon seeing the others looking at him with doggy eyes and blushing, Keigo asks what’s up with that look. They tell him that he’s very talented and he came at the right time. Keigo is a bit speechless. Later on, Keigo is dressed up in their uniform. Someone informs the others that, six months ago, Keigo has been working there so for today, he’s going to help them temporarily until that busy hours are over. Keigo greets everyone and says that he came so sudden and he’ll be under their care. This surprises Kotori. She looks somewhat depressed since she won’t dare look at him. Yukito looks a bit flustered. Haruna says that she’ll leave the cashier jobs to Kotori and Keigo and if they can’t cope, they can just call for help in the kitchen for someone who is not that busy. “Everyone, gambatte!” At the cashier counter, Kotori is still flustered since she is wondering what could Keigo be thinking since she had just ignored his note and she fears that she might press the wrong button (for the menu) at the cashier. Keigo says, “..Miss Kaji..right?” Kotori quickly exclaims, “yes..YES!” Keigo giggle-smile and says that it seems that she is too nervous. “I heard that you had just come to work here.” Kotori says that is true. He tells her that he used to work there as a cashier so he’s quite experienced and there is no need for her to be anxious. “Just leave most of the customers to me. You only need to courteously accept the customers. Okay?” Kotori exclaims okay. Keigo says that’s good. After exchanging some more polite greetings, Kotori tells herself that now isn’t the time to think too much, for right now, she should just do her best in work and.. She touches the bracelet that Yukito gave her. She closes her eyes then becomes energized. “Okay! Gambatte!” Keigo smiles while looking at her.

Later on, after the peak hours, the others thank Keigo for his big help and he can leave the rest to them. Keigo bids them goodbye as well as Kotori. She wasn’t able to talk much with him because she has a customer who orders meal A. Afterwards, Kotori stands outside the door. She thinks that Keigo has helped her and yet, she wasn’t able to thank him. She thinks that he didn’t mention about the note and he treated her normally. “Could it be that he didn’t recognize that it is me? Is that how it is? I feel a bit at ease yet a bit sad..such complex feelings.” She wonders if Yukito has recognized Keigo. The door suddenly opens as Yukito says that he’s going to go out that way. Yukito apologizes to Kotori and walks away. Kotori sadly thinks that she wanted to go home with him but is it okay for her to take the initiative. “Forget it, even if he made the first move before, it will just give me expect too much. If there is no alibi, it’s very hard to say it..” She notices the bracelet that Yukito gave her. She quickly calls out to Yukito but Yukito has already turned towards her and asks if she’s going home, and if she doesn’t hurry, he’ll leave her. While walking together, Kotori blushes as she looks at him. Kotori thinks that compared to the usual, it feels more natural when they talk now. Yukito then asks her what she is looking at for she’s glancing around. Kotori just tells him that it’s great that the peak hours at the restaurant are finally over. Yukito just says that she’s right. After a pause, Yukito says, “That guy is..” When Kotori asks huh, Yukito just smiles and says that it is nothing. Changing the topic, Yukito says that she’s becoming really good at her job because she seems more calm. Kotori says that she’s happy to hear that. The two laugh and agree that it is a good thing that Yamagami isn’t there else she will be messing things up. Holding her hand up to show the bracelet, Kotori says, “..but, it is possible that it is also because of this..from Yukito, I got courage..” Yukito looks surprised to see Kotori smiling and blushing while she looks at the bracelet. Kotori apologizes and says that she’ll return it to him. Before she can take it off, he touches her hand and tells her, “There’s no need..you can wear it.” Kotori is puzzled as Yukito seems to be lost in thought. He snaps out of it when Kotori calls out to him..his surname. He quickly looks away and says that he doesn’t need it so she can have it. Kotori tries to protest but Yukito says that if she doesn’t want it then she can throw it away. Kotori replies how could she.

Yukito changes the topic again by asking where her house is. Kotori says that it is that side. She apologizes for it would seem that he is walking her home. Yukito says no, but rather, he’s other job is nearby so this is convenient/by chance. Kotori says, is that so. She becomes a bit sad because it is ‘by chance’ again. She then says that is okay for him to walk her until there so goodbye. Yukito also bids her goodbye. They parted ways. As Kotori goes into her house, Yukito is watching her from the corner. He says that’s good, she already went in. He sighs then he looks at his watch. He exclaims that he’s going to be late for work. He thinks that if they continue to be together, things will be bad and he had started to think of all sorts of things. While running to his work, he wonders what he is thinking for he almost said, ‘Every time you looked at it, you’ll remember me’. “Ah! Abnormal? Am I abnormal? Is that what it is?! No! No! My motive is purely just to work to earn money, get a motorcycle driving licence, and then, be with that girl again..” He remembers Abe’s warning about the possibility of some other guy stealing away Kotori during the summer break. Flustered and angry, Yukito shouts, “I know! Geez, why did that girl suddenly become that cute!” The scene changes to Kotori going in the staff room and asking Haruna what she’s looking at. Haruna holds up a poster and says that it is a fireworks display. She asks if Kotori wants to go. It will be held at the beach tomorrow. Haruna says that those who don’t have work afterwards will be going. “Would you want to go?” Kotori asks if she can. Haruna says but of course, because the more people went, the more fun it will be. She also says that it will be a good opportunity for them, co-workers, to improve their relationship. Kotori looks at the poster and thinks that since the summer break, all she did is take extra classes at school and work so she hasn’t gone to such events. Since she didn’t have any plans in joining such events in summer, this is good news for her. “If I have a boyfriend, then I’ll really anticipate it..” She blushes and becomes shock when she imagines herself almost kissing with Yukito as fireworks lit at the background.

She wonders what it is Yukito. “That’s right..lately..we haven’t kissed..I really want..to kiss..” She then mopes at the corner. “*shock* Darn..what am I thinking..we have already broken up! I’ve already dumped Yukito, so why am I still thinking such things? Ah, what is the meaning of this? Am I longing?! Is that it? I’m a lewd girl?! Lewd girl?! I’m starting to hate myself.” Harana asks if Kotori is okay because she was beet red earlier, then she looks greenish now. Kotori just says, ah..ah then she is really embarrassed. “Will Yukito be going..if he’ll also go, then I’ll be very happy..” Her heart beats loud when Haruna calls out to Yukito. Haruna asks Yukito if he’ll also go to watch the fireworks display. Kotori happily thinks that Haruna did well. Yukito says that he wanted to go but he has another work elsewhere. He just tells her that if there are any other events, then she can just ask him again. Kotori looks a bit disappointed. After Yukito left, Haruna talks with a co-worker about Yukito having another job. The male co-worker says that it seems that Yukito wants to buy a motorcycle for he said that he will try to get a motorcycle driving licence. Haruna comments that Yukito is really working hard. To Kotori’s surprise, the co-worker says that Yukito told him that after buying the motorcycle, he would get the girl he likes to ride behind him. Haruna asks if Yukito has a girlfriend. The co-worker says that regarding the motorcycle thing is like a dream so he thinks that it is a one-sided love. Haruna says that is quite unexpected because Yukito is very simple [naive/ pure] and very cute. Kotori begins to think that Yukito already has someone whom he likes and the specific goal for buying that motorcycle is this – to ride with the girl he likes. “Could it be that wish bracelet is also..” She remembers Yukito saying that he doesn’t need it anymore so Kotori thinks that the meaning behind it is that he already got his wish. Kotori looks flustered. [Before she can become depressed..], she is surprised when Keigo enters the staff room and greets everybody. Haruna exclaims that they were all waiting for him. Keigo says that from today on, he’ll be once again under their care. Kotori glances at their direction and thinks, “Eh?” Later on, as Keigo is walking with some co-workers, they say that things are really different if experienced Keigo is there since everything went smoothly today. Keigo asks if that is true and he’s really happy for them to say that. He stops midway when he glances at the side to see Yamagami reprimanding Kotori.

Yamagami is reprimanding Kotori as to what’s wrong with her today since she’s always lost in thought. He said that he has already told her that she should concentrate in doing her best at work. Kotori apologizes. Yamagami tells her that she usually make mistakes when she does that but it’s a good thing that she didn’t make a mistake today. “But..the total amount of time you were lost in thought is is 15 minutes and 29 seconds.” Someone exclaims, “Huh? How accurate!” Yamagami glares at Keigo. Keigo tensely thinks, “Ah. Uh-oh.” Soon, Yamagami is lecturing both Kotori and Keigo. Later on, Kotori apologizes to Keigo that she got him also reprimanded. Keigo says that it is alright and it is his fault. “It’s also Yamagami’s. Reprimanding newbies in that tone of voice, anyone would be nervous, right?” Kotori says that she’s going to get off work. Kotori is surprised when Keigo suddenly calls out to her. Blushing, he says, “That..about that note..it might not be appropriate for me to ask about it now..but since you didn’t reply back, is that your answer?” The two are blushing. Kotori apologizes and explains that it’s her first time to get a note like that. “I don’t know what to do about it, that I always just put it aside..” Keigo then says, “Ah..but, you already have a boyfriend, right? I didn’t expect that you’ll be working together with your boyfriend, I was a bit surprised..if that is so, then you’ll definitely do not want to email some other guy, right?” Kotori blushes and thinks how she should answer this. “I’m no longer going steady with Yukito and all of the other co-workers know about this. It will also be strange if I’ve lied to him. During this time, I should clearly explain things to him clearly..” Kotori tells Keigo, “We’ve already broken up..when I received your note, we have already broken up. But..right now, I’m not in the mood to think about such things, I’m sorry..” Keigo says, “..really..but, that’s good..I thought that you had totally snubbed me. But since you said it that way, then I have something to look forward to. I’ll do my best..” Kotori blushes as she asks, how could that be. “We don’t even know each other yet, not one bit. How could you say that..” He then holds her shoulder and with a determined expression, Keigo says, “Then, go ahead and know, know me. I’ll also know more about you. If you are going to reject me, then I want you to decide on it after you get to know me.” Walking home, Kotori wonders what she should do now. “I didn’t expect him to answer that way. I don’t know how I’m going to face him tomorrow. I don’t have confidence that I can still look at him like how I do normally. Why? I want to see Yukito..I want to see him soon..” She looks up and is surprised to see Masaya. She calls out to him. Masaya says that he’s surprised to see her. He asks her why she is there. Kotori tells him that she just got off work. She asks what about him. Holding a bag, serious looking Masaya says, “Me? I came to tease someone. Just joking, I’m just giving someone some comfort [food].” Kotori wonders what he meant earlier about teasing. She asks if it is for Yukito. Masaya says yes and he is working on two jobs and salary is much higher for night jobs. “He really wants to earn money quick that he also didn’t eat dinner last night. That guy..for whom he is working hard for?” Kotori looks flustered. She then laughs and says that Yukito is working near her house so she’ll just bring that lunch to him.

To her surprise, Masaya tells her that the place where Yukito is working is at the opposite direction of her house. Kotori begins to wonder if she heard wrong when Yukito said that his work is near her house. Smiling, Masaya says that the two of them [Kaij-s] are pretty foolish. “I think it is for the best for you, Kotori to bring this to him. Can I ask this of you? I still have other things to do. Here.” He gives the bag to her. Seeing Masaya smiling, Kotori wonders if Masaya is worried about her. After a pause, Kotori says that he is very nice. With a deadpan expression, Masaya says, “Of course.” Kotori sweatdrops. At a construction site, Yukito is working as a traffic diverter. [Ah, the one who waves a light stick to tell motorists that there is a construction there so drive at the side] Seeing Kotori, Yukito asks her why she is there. Holding the bag, Kotori nervously tells him that his brother told her to bring that to him. Holding the bag, Yukito nervously grumbles what Masaya is thinking. He says that he’s going off work soon so there is no need to bring that there. Yukito apologizes to Kotori for his brother being meddlesome since he made her bring it. He tells her to wait for a moment and he’ll walk her home. Yukito is puzzled when Kotori mutters that it isn’t meddlesome. Kotori just somewhat smiles and tells him if he could accompany her afterwards. Later on, the two are playing with fireworks. Kotori says that it’s very beautiful. Clueless Yukito just had to ask if Kotori likes playing with fireworks and why would she want to play it so suddenly. Kotori informs him that it is because he won’t be at the fireworks display tomorrow so she thought of this idea. She apologizes for making him accompany her. She thinks that she just wants to be with him for more time today. She says, “Because..I want to be with you..in watching the fireworks..” Blushing, Yukito asks what she meant by that and she shouldn’t say that easily else she’ll be misunderstood. Kotori asks what he means by easily misunderstood. Yukito blushes as he tells her not to emphasize that. After a pause, Yukito says that it has been a long time since he played with such fireworks. Kotori looks at him and thinks that the truth is, there are a lot of things that she wanted to ask him regarding the wish bracelet, his part time work, and the person he likes. “It’s so obvious that I’m uneasy that is why I wanted to see him because I don’t feel good about all of this..” Kotori is lost in thought as Yukito tells her that her fireworks have already died out. He suddenly pulls her to him as he exclaims that she is standing too near the candle and it’s dangerous. “It’s no joke if you get burned!” He blushes as Kotori holds on to him tightly. He wasn’t able to stop himself that he ends up hugging her.

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