June 13, 2011

Honey Hunt [Chapter 28]

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At a office of A Meteorite Production, Inc, Keiichi is informed by Ibukaki through phone that he managed to contact h.a.’s manager and was told that Qta has left and will be going to the hotel where Takayuki is. Even if today is Qta’s rest day, he will still go and Keiichi is right about trying to contact Qta. 

Ibukaki has already informed Takayuki about it and he’s [Ibukaki] currently waiting for Qta at the lounge. Keiichi says that he’ll leave everything to Ibukaki including the possible trouble/hassle that might come out later on. Ibukaki tells Keiichi that he knew that it was Keiichi who hinted this proposal to Takayuki. 
Keiichi says that he just prepared some things and Takayuki won’t be seeing an artist he doesn’t like. Ibukai protests that even so, it was him who gave that music for Takayuki to listen to, and that is why things progressed to what it is now. “Ah, sorry, there’s one more important thing, Onozuka-shi was really expecting to eat together with his daughter..”

At the hotel, sitting in front of a grand piano, Takayuki looks at a picture of young Yura and says, “Yura..” And, currently, the person in question is crying her eyes out. Driving her home, Haruka shouts for her to quit crying. Still crying, Yura apologizes for making him drive her home when he just arrived home. 
Haruka laments that he should have driven his own car to their house if he knew this would happen. It just infuriates him that he has to drive Qta’s car. Yura apologizes again since he didn’t have time to talk with his mother. Haruka tells her that doesn’t matter and he still doesn’t know what happened between her and Qta.

“So, didn’t I tell you to give up on that guy. See, he made you cry so soon! Qta, that idiot!” Yura defends Qta by saying that it is because she thought too highly about her first love and it is inevitable that work comes first. Haruka asks if this is about Qta putting more importance to her father than her.

Feeling sad for Yura, Haruka pats her head. This surprises Yura. Haru asks, “..about that, if for Qta, your father is more important than you, what will you do?” Haruka remembers Shin telling him maintain a good position and use an opportunity to let the girl know that ‘I am here’. Haru thinks that this is that opportunity.

He tells Yura, “It’s best for you to give up on Qta, then find..some other guy..who would look up to you rather than your father.” Yura starts crying even more. This has shocked-aghast Haruka. Patting her head, he tells her not to cry over what he said. He thinks that this is bad because he was in a rush and this time, it wasn’t Qta who made her cry but him. 

Haruka explains that for Qta, Onozuka Takayuki is his other outlet. When Qta was young, he idolizes Onozuka like a god and the reason Qta got into the music industry is also because of the influence of Yura’s father. Flashback: While Haruka is playing some video games, Qta is holding a CD and asked him if he had heard of it. Haruka asked if it is an anime music. 
Qta said that it is something that their maid is listening to. He wanted to listen to it in their father’s recording room. Haruka told him not to go because that is way scary and their father will definitely be furious. Qta said that the music is really awesome that just by listening to it, it feels like one is high up in the clouds.

“Closing my eyes, and listening to this music, it’s like something soft has enveloped me. In all my life, this is the first time I’ve experienced this.” End flashback. Sitting at the hotel’s lobby, with nostalgia, Qta tells his manager that the first music [he heard] has really ‘gripped’ him so from then on, he’ll lock himself up in the recording room just to listen to that music for a whole day. His manager asks if this was when he was in elementary. Qta says that he’s right.

His manager says that Qta’s father should have been very angry because he used to be a very strict and meticulous person especially in dealing with his sons. Qta agrees for before, he almost didn’t go to school anymore. At first, he says that it is because he is very busy doing modeling work with Haruka but he takes it back since they ended up not doing modeling because their father doesn’t like it. His father had firmly forced them to enroll in a prestigious international school.

Thanks to Haruka’s luck which is better than his, Haruka wasn’t able to pass the entrance exam so he gets to study at their old school. Around that time, Haruka is also invited by Jone-san to his company. Since that school is multi-language, Qta totally wasn’t able to understand what everyone is saying so he wasn’t able to blend with the others and ended up with no friends.

“Later on, because I hate school, I don’t want to go there anymore. As a result, my father really hates me. My mother, too, they don’t even want to talk with me. At that time, when I’m lonely, it’s Onozuka Takayuki’s music that accompanies me.” After a pause, Qta apologizes to his manager for talking too much. 
Qta’s manager says that it is okay since there is nothing wrong for him to be like an ordinary 19 year old guy at times. While holding his head, Qta says that if he didn’t engage in some talk, he’ll feel nervous and this is such a strange feeling that this is the first time he had experienced this. He thinks that he isn’t this nervous even during concerts.

Back at the car [which I think, is parked by the street], Haruka tells Yura that this is a special situation for Qta and it doesn’t really meant that Takayuki is more important than Yura since originally, the two of them [Yura and dad] couldn’t be compared to each other. Yura asks Haruka if her father is really that great because she didn’t know. 

Haruka says that Yura is more amazing that she’ll ask that because her father is known by whole of Japan to have won the Oscar music awards. Yura says that it has nothing to do about that since she already knew that. “He’s always isn’t at home, he already has another woman, and that cruel father left me with no home after the divorce. What’s good about his music?! I actually think that Minamitani-kun..h.a.’s music and Haruka-kun’s concert music to be much better.”

Haruka blushes and asks how she could unexpectedly praise him. Yura insists that is what she really thought. Haruka tells her, okay and tells her to calm down. Yura then asks Haruka why he is laughing for did she said something that caused that. Looking at her and resting his head on the steering wheel,

Haruka says, “No. It’s just that you finally stopped crying and, for you to say such bad words at your superstar father with such gusto. You’re really interesting.” Yura blushes as she exclaims, “‘Bad words’! I’m only saying the truth! Are those bad words?” Haruka laughs and says that it doesn’t matter for he didn’t say that is a bad thing. 
 Yura is a bit miffed at Haruka for laughing but Haruka thinks that is better, rather than for Yura to be crying. Haruka looks away and blushes. “Heavens~ she’s so cute.” Yura mutters that she isn’t saying bad words. Haruka says, “Alright! I’m going to drive now.” Haruka thinks that it is dangerous if they continue being alone like this. 

Haruka says that even if, they aren’t quite far from her office, he’ll just drive her home. Yura calls out to him. Haruka turns around to face her. Blushing and smiling, Yura says, “Even if I’m really frustrated, but thanks to what happened just now, I have somewhat perked up.” Haruka blushes and thinks, “This is really bad..she’s so cute.” Haruka bends over and kisses surprised Yura on the lips.

Finally, Qta is in front of the presidential suite to meet with Takayuki. Qta is so nervous that he walks in a stiff way. While trying to calm himself, he hears some piano music. It surprises them as his manager tells him that this is Qta’s music. Ibukaki tells him that Takayuki has been listening to that music in his ipod all this time. 

Qta goes inside and sees, Takayuki playing the piano. Takayuki glances at him and says that music is quite good. This surprises Qta. Takayuki asks him to sit down. “What do you think of this revision? Do you like it? What do you think of it?” Takayuki is surprised when Qta starts singing. Takayuki says that isn’t bad at all. He decides to slow down a certain part. 

Qta’s manager is amazed at how Qta managed to ‘adapt to that situation’. Ibukaki says that it is quite a luxury for the two of them to see those two together. Qta’s manager says that he thought that Takayuki is someone who is hard to get along with but he turns out to be quite friendly. Ibukaki whispers to him that isn’t true for Takayuki does have a temper which makes it hard for others to get along with him but it seems that there is fate[? Can’t read, blurry] between them.
After they played, Qta’s manager starts clapping and says that is really great and perfect. Ibukaki tries to stop him. Takayuki tells the manager to be quiet for he only wants talk with Qta alone. Qta’s manager quickly apologizes. Ibukaki apologizes and says that they know so they will just to go to the other room.

After they left, Qta nervous introduces himself. Takayuki smiles and says that he knows and thanks for his CD. “Yura should be very shock.” This surprises Qta. Takayuki says that Qta has a younger twin brother who is in Jones company. “Growing up to be quite graceful [/handsome; not sure whom he is referring to] isn’t surprising. Yura didn’t tell me these kinds of things. I was quite shock to read from the internet regarding the news between you two that I quickly asked a staff about it.”

Qta seems clueless over what Takayuki is talking about so he apologizes [that he doesn’t understand]. Takayuki sadly says that it is quite rare for him to return to the country. “I never imagined that while I haven’t seen my daughter yet, I unexpectedly seen her boyfriend first. It’s very good, Minamitani-kun, [you] can always see Yura. I’m very envious.” The last scene is Haruka breaks off the kiss. Both look surprised – she because he kissed her and he because of what he had done.

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